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  1. One creative way we’ve found to show hospitality is to invite some different neighbors over for evening s’mores. We have a patio and a firepit in our backyard which allows for safe distancing. It’s been a fun way to get to know some of our neighbors and the kids love it.
    Bev xx

  2. My plan this holiday season with the help of God: is to do a video chat with my family in prayer, laughter and sharing of past memories and just to see and be in each other’s company. I have two great grands born during this Pandemic, I have only seen pictures of them. I wait on the day that I can physically see and hold them, hug them and kiss them, etc. I am Expecting Great Blessings from God during these challenging times of uncertainly. I claim Victory and Total Healing in the Precious Name of Jesus Christ my Lord today and throughout this Blessed time of Thanksgiving and Christmas into the New Year.. The Lord’s Name Be Praised. Amen Happy and Blessed Holiday Season to All God’s Angels ❤️ Peace and Blessings Always Susan Spears 11Chronicles 7:14, John 13:34 This is the Season of Love and Prayers….

  3. In Courage,

    For pastor appreciation month I made a chicken pot pie casserole & some bread. They were moving pastor’s wife’s mom down here. Trying to ease the burden of an already busy time. Last Sunday a friend & I stopped by a church family’s house to see how they were doing – wife may have cancer. They asked us to eat a meal with them & spend time. We stayed about 2-3 hours. I know it did the wife a lot of good to share memories with us. Today going to make 2 pumpkin breads for MIL & some friends. Also will either call or write some church friends & see how they are doing. Just wanting them to know we haven’t forgotten them. Praying hard for other churches & members who have Covid. I know it’s the little things we do for people that matter.

    Jesus was the ultimate gatherer of people. It wasn’t about a tidy house or the perfect meal. It was ALL about being with people & showing them they are loved no matter what. This season I plan to show Christ’s love to as many people as possible.

    Blessings 🙂

  4. My church is having a virtual ladies brunch. This event was born out of four women discussing the need for connection after a game night. I knew God was up to something when he organized the game night. The purpose of the brunch is to connect so the ladies can ultimately meet up on their own virtually or socially distant in person. The brunch will include a teaching, worship, small group sharing and prayer. Although we have to physically be socially distant, we don’t have to be spiritually distant.

  5. “Maybe this month we think less about opening our doors and more about gathering people closer to the heart of Jesus.” This made me teary eyed this morning as I begin to think what this holiday season will look like compared to years past. You’re right, it’s more about taking people by the heart and moving them closer to Jesus as we scoot closer ourselves. I love the idea of sharing meals and baked goods with others even if we can’t sit together for long. Maybe attaching a hand written card of encouragement and scripture with each gift? My wheels are turning now so thank you for this. I’m excited about getting creative and planning ahead and this will indeed help me look forward to the season instead of dreading it.

  6. Hospitality is showing the Love of Jesus to someone no one else would bother with or want to be with. Even just stopping to talk to that person that you know and they know they feel left out. They are still loved by Jesus. They are like you a child of Jesus. They probably know in their hearts they are not popular. They are properly not good looking or don’t talk that we’ll have depression. They applied for jobs no one wants them. They are saved. They say too you I am trusting God. I get the right job in the right time. All they want is for you to be a friend to them. Just listen to them. Like Jesus does show them that friendship love also like Jesus. I know someone like that. My heart goes out to her. I try when I can stop talk to her. Remember her in my prayers show her that I care. Like Jesus would and show her the love of Jesus too. When the coffee shops open again after they closed due the pandemic. I will meet up with her for tea or coffee and scone. Show her the love of Jesus that I care. She might want me to be a friend that listens to her and just be a friend to her. Like Jesus would. Then when I go home keep her in prayer. This is being a real who cares like Jesus would. But remembering. That all my friend tell me is just between me her and Jesus. As she would and be putting her trust in me. If does tell me anything. As I say she has lot of problems. I might not be able to fix them. But I can be a good friend to her be there for her and good listener to her. Keeping all to my too myself. God will really bless me for doing all this and showing her love like he would. Love today’s reading Dawn Ferguson-Little

  7. Truly a beautiful and inspiring post – our Church (in Australia) has been meeting on Zoom, but also we have been phoning people and also fortunate in being able to have an occasional coffee with a friend or friends.
    I love all the comments, those of Bev and Beth are always special and undertanding, and this comment by Dawn is especially lovely – you show such a loving and caring heart, Dawn. Glad to make your (everyone’s) acquaintance on line.