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Becky is an author, speaker, Bible teacher, mom of three loud boys, and the Community and Editorial Manager for (in)courage. She loves writing about anxiety, motherhood, and the kindness of God. Long naps, shady trails, and a good book make her really happy.

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  1. Becky,
    I’ve been practicing with a “new-to-me” way of praying that is putting the cart before the horse in a good way. I have been thanking God, in advance, for what He’s going to do or how He’s going to answer my prayer petitions. I’m pretty good at thanking Him after the fact, but I’ve been trying to be more proactive with my gratitude.
    Bev xx

    • Bev,

      I love this. I am much better at “after the answer” thankfulness than being thankful at being heard. Thank you for sharing as you have inspired me to add a new way to prayer.
      Peace and blessings to you,

  2. The Lord is answering still a prayer on finances. But the peace he gave was what was needed the most. I have thought so many times I need to remember this or share this answered prayer, a prayer journal would be a wonderful place to keep it all. I have done thankful journals in the past to keep focused on God’s goodness. There are some big answers in life that are hard to forget though. Praise the Lord he hears our prayers and we can feel his presence, love, grace and peace.

  3. I’ve been using the PrayerMate app. It sends me reminders and if I think of something I need to pray for I can add it anytime anywhere and actually remember to pray.

    I do love the idea of journaling my prayers which I used to do so I may have to add that to my routine. You certainly can’t have too many ways to pray!

  4. I would love a copy of your journal. I use to write out my prays but stop. Now that I am retired, want to got back to journaling again, I am widow of 3 years, and struggle with loneliness, I know I am not along, but the loneliness is overwhelming at times especially during this pandemic.

    • Gail, I will be praying for you today. Loneliness is this pandemic is very real. You are not alone. God is with us.

    • Gail, Your message grabbed my heart, and I’m praying for you. Sweet Sister, know your Heavenly Father is holding your hand.

    • I just finished reading The Path of Loneliness by Elisabeth Elliot and am starting through a second time, more slowly. I was so blessed and encouraged, and recommend it — even if you are not struggling with loneliness.

  5. I love to talk outloud to God, privately sharing my thoughts, desires and regrets with Him, as I walk for exercise. He is a great walking partner!

  6. Earlier this week, we prayed for a teenage girl from church and her friend that were in a bad car accident. As soon as we heard, we started getting the word out to pray. She was airlifted to the hospital. After xrays and tests the doctor said it’s a miracle she didn’t have any broken bones or internal injuries. Less than 24 hours later she was home recovering from a concussion and some lacerations! What a faithful God we serve

  7. Thank you for your words of encouragement. I am a “silver haired lady ” SOL (smiling out loud) and this year has been one of the hardest journeys I have experienced. But what I am learning is we can focus on the ‘what ifs’ or we can focus on the even ifs- fact God is with me . I want His presence to saturate my heart, mind, and soul. Gratitude dispels fear, worry, and anxiety.
    The format of the journal is a beautiful format to help keep our focus where it belongs. Journal+ The devotional = a perfect way to begin 2021.

  8. I have been participating in a study on Centering Prayer {Thomas Keating} with a small group from church via Zoom. My sacred word when practicing this type of prayer is “abide.” I have found this practice to be very calming. The intention is to be “at one” with God.

  9. My favorite place to pray and spend to time with God is early in the morning while the house is still quiet. It helps me to start off fresh and to leave yesterday’s issues in the past.

  10. I’m starting journaling prayers. It’s new for me. I’m a new Christian and learning how to do this and I think it will be helpful.

  11. My sister in law has enlarged thyroid glands and the doctors thought it might be cancer. I had been praying for it to not be. She had a biopsy a few days ago and found out yesterday that it isn’t!

  12. Always good to hear your thoughts, Becky. I am working at being more contemplative in my prayer life, leaving room for silence and listening. My default has been to treat prayer like a business meeting, complete with agenda…

  13. My favorite way to pray is taking a walk with Jesus around my neighborhood or a nearby park. I imagine Jesus walking next to me and ask him, what’s on your heart for me today?

  14. I have always heard about journaling your prayers but I always told myself that I didn’t need to, I could just work everything out in my head. Then one day I felt the nudge to try it and it has been such a blessing. Each morning and sometimes during the day when I feel overwhelmed, I stop and journal about what burden I am trying to carry. It is amazing how the words just flow one right after the other and I slowly feel the burden lighten. Then I wait in silence and listen for the Lord’s answer. In those moments he speaks words to my heart that don’t necessarily change the situation but they change my perspective.

  15. I also journal my prayers it helps slow me down and focus on my time with God and to draw near with less distraction and if I hadn’t written it down I might have missed how God was at work.

  16. Reading all the wonderful Devotions that come to me via emails draws me closer to God and praying to him.

  17. It’s been a rough year (divorce), but also an eye opening faith filled year. I’ve grown in my relationship with the father God. Journaling has been such an important part of my journey.

    • Good morning Wanda. I can relate. I’m divorced too , journaling helps in the process when times get hard . I’ll be praying for you.

  18. Good morning, I journal my prayers each night , along with listening to my favorite hymn . Last year , I was struggling with a job that I was at for 19.5 years. For months , my desire was to retire at year 20 and get another career path. Through tears I prayed daily . I was convinced that I was going to be delayed from my dream another year until I called the retirement office and they told me that I would be eligible in 6 short months! God answered my prayers! As a result, I graduated with my Master’s degree in the December 2019, retired and I’m in a glowing career where people tell me that I am the answer to their prayers!!!
    Journaling gives me peace and lets me know that God is there always.

  19. I need my time with Jesus more than oxygen. So, my coffee and I sit every morning in His presence. My conversation with God doesn’t end though…I continue it all day long. I love to pray out loud in my car driving to and from work. God has answered prayers for me on a daily basis, but the most recent “big” one was healing my grandbabies from RSV.

  20. Being outside in Gods’ beautiful creation. This seems to make my prayers humble and closure to Jesus’

  21. I love this. I used to journal my prayers. This year between having a knee replacement surgery and them recently hospitalized with Covid, it seems my life is upside down. I need to get back to a focused discipline of prayer.

  22. I have recently started blogging my thoughts and prayers. Not for everyone to see; just for me to look back and see on my laptop.

  23. I love to journal my prayers as well. It is such a good way to reflect and to see how God has answered and how you grow. Beautiful!

  24. I totally concur with your encouragement to journal …our thoughts , our praise , our prayers I have been journaling every morning for years Bless you for your words of encouragement and sincere authenticity
    Pastor Gwen Tackett

  25. In early November I found a therapist in my area. It’s the holidays again, and not having children or family it seems I tend to allow anxiety to be a constant visitor. I had seen the therapist once and during a quite time with the Lord I thought perhaps this year I could just sale through the holidays without anxiety. I was contemplating cancelling therapy when the phone rang. It was a member of the church we had attended, and after that conversation, anxiety showed up. My devotion that morning included the words, “Don’t let any set of circumstances intimidate you.
    The more challenging your day, the more of MY Power I place at your disposal.” (from Jesus Calling by Sarah Young). I knew the Lord had prepared me for the anxiety that followed after that phone call. Then, a few days later I received “The Hardest Thing About Anxiety and Depression” by Becky Keife in my in box, and I knew the Lord was letting me know that He was giving me the additional support I needed through someone I could really relate to. God The Father is the best father I’ve ever had who cares about everything I am experiencing. He will always and forever be there for me, as He will for anyone who will continue to hold on to His hand no matter what happens.

    • Robbie, My daughter has anxiety at a young age. I am praying for you ! Yes!! You are correct He is always there for you!! Some day are hard but you can get through!! Hold on to Jesus even if its only by the hem of His robe!! He loves you!!

  26. I love this idea and also try to do my list of people I pray for before my feet hit the floor. Last year was praying to find a church and got a card saying a plant church was being started!! This has been such a blessing. I have been able to join with other prayer warriors several times a week!! So thankful and so blessed to be part of this community.

  27. Back in 2005 we received the best answer to our prayers we received a phone call that we were becoming parents to our wonderful daughter!! She was handed to me by her birth mother. She is definitely my joy and a big answer to our prayers! We love her unconditionally!! Throughout this year she has become a beautiful young lady! I encourage her to journal, I have written a lot of prayers about her!! She does love Jesus!! Thank you !!

  28. I love that this enters into prayer by first offering thanksgiving. Prayer is an open dialogue with God as I go about my day, but sometimes I long to be more fervent in my everyday prayers.

  29. I like to write in a journal before going to bed each night. I’ve done that for years. My “Conversations” with God, is what I call it. It’s helped me through multiple hard times and helps me relax before closing my eyes. A multitude of emotions are found in these journals. Like you, I am surprised when looking back and reading some of my “Conversations” with God. I’ve found that when I pour my heart out to God with my words and questions, this is the time answers are given. Don’t hold back your heart when writing. God IS there! Thank you Becky!

  30. I like to pray before I start my workday at my desk (this was prior to loosing my job). Now I pray before I get out of bed and then when I sit at the kitchen table prior to studying for my Master’s Degree. When I found out I was loosing my job, I purchased a journal with the scripture “I know what plans I have for you” on the front cover. I committed to consistently journaling for 20 days, turning into 40, which led to over 60 consecutive days. My faith has and continues to be tested in many ways from loss of job, teaching kids who are home due to COVID, decreased efforts in my graduate classes, the lack of job interviews, and surgeries for husband and myself. Although I don’t know where this journey is going to end. The in (courage) devotions have encouraged me to remain dilgent, couragous, and prayful. I have found comfort in God’s word during this challenging time.

  31. I love prayer journaling because it keeps my focus where it needs to be–on God. I teach Sunday school and I’ve used the ACTS prayer model to teach my students…and to guide my own prayer life. ACTS–adoration, confession, thanksgiving, supplication.

  32. My favorite way to pray is at the end of the day, when the house is quiet after a long day, just crawling into bed and speaking in my head what I’m thankful for and what I’m worried about.

  33. A recent answer to prayer came in fore this week with an answer to my finances being resolved.

  34. We had some encouragement with my husband’s job search. Still praying, but it helps to see God working.

  35. Recently I felt a strong prompting to stop what I was doing and pray for my husband and son’s safety. Moments later, I got a text with photos of our truck in a tangled mess from a car accident. After speaking with my husband, I found out that they were both fine and that angels had protected them from on coming traffic on the highway. The truck was safely guided toward a guardrail where it got tangled and came to a halt. Not only that, but we had just been notified a day earlier that the passenger’s side airbag in the truck was defective and if deployed could have seriously injured my son. Thankfully the impact did not deploy the airbag. I have learned that when I feel the prompting to pray that it is essential that I obey. My husband and son are safe today because of an answered prayer.

  36. Simply want to say thank you for this ministry – The encouragement and love that comes thru the everyday devotionals

    So many times its the conviction, focus correction or boost I need to face the day.

    Thank you for consistently sharing God’s love in so many ways

  37. I enjoy praying out loud because it helps me really focus on what I am saying and what I am hearing back, especially when I am cleaning or doing tasks around my apartment. Thank you for another opportunity to win, {in}courage and thank you for your daily ministry!

  38. Over the past few weeks, I felt like my prayer life had dried up. I couldn’t find the words to pray audibly, but I’m always journaling. That’s when I decided to journal my prayers and pour out my heart on paper… from small to significant prayers, I prayed…

    Today, I prayed a simple prayer to find my husband’s lost EarPods and in going back to look where I’d previously searched, I found it. It was a simple reminder and encouragement that God hears every prayer and answers in His time. As a result, my faith in Him is slowly being restored

  39. I have a 40 minute drive to work in the early dawn hours Monday -Friday. many times I am alone on the highway with God, and I know I have an opportunity and window into heaven with Holy Spirit and the Lord! The spirit within me connects and I pray, lift a hand and look to heaven and the horizon and cry, sing, and pray over my family and country. These are special times and I cherish the preparation I am given before difficult days at work!

  40. I don’t usually journal my prayers, but in a small Bible study we do prayer requests and these I keep in a journal. It is fun to go back and see how different prayers have been answered. Because there have been many different answered prayers. And sometimes so differently than we even imagined they would be answered.

  41. I used to journal but I got out of the habit. Feeling guilty has made it hard to take it up again. Your message today reminded me the value of putting in writing, not only my prayers, but also how God moved. It’s a visible way for me to look back on God’s faithfulness in my life. Thank you so much for encouraging me today.

  42. I have been write-talking to God since my early 20s. My 58th bday is next week! Helps to clarify my thoughts, and look back and realize how He has helped me

  43. My favorite way to pray is to wake up very early before the day starts and just sit on the couch with Jesus. I talk to Him as if He were sitting right there next to me. (And He is). Talking and praying and giving thanks.

  44. Rejoice always, pray continually, give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus, being watchful, standing firm in the faith. To God be the glory for all He has done! Bless His Holy Name! Thank You God for You, thank You for the gift of prayer, thank You that the privilege of prayer is always mine, and the power of prayer is always Yours!

  45. This is the first comment I’ve made. Your prayer story matches mine. I don’t sit and have quiet time for prayers in the morning. I talk to God all day long. Praying out loud while doing dishes- in the bathroom, on walks with my dog and even between watching tv I’ll pause it and talk to God. I love that we can talk to him at any time of the day or night. I will start to journal my prayers too- that’s a great idea. I do see my prayers answered often- we are blessed.

  46. I Pray in the early morning hours, with a cup of coffee at the dining room table – I love the quiet – at times on my knees, as I have health concerns. The other way I pray is when is hear a worship song I pray the words back to Him !! THANKFUL God is so faithful

  47. love the idea of written prayers through journalling – I, too find myself praying continually throughout the day (in addition to the more “formal” prayers!)

  48. I love reading your devotionals & have written some prayer requests out to God in letter form to Him crying out for peace & comfort. Not only during this time of Covid but through the years it also seems to help writing down on paper from my heart. My husband of 46 years & I pray together regularly & I love that special time with him. We started this while we were dating & both come from families that are not Christian. We became Christians before we met, I was 17 & he was 20. God definitely orchestrated our love story & I’m so thankful that God opened my heart to Him. I was raised Jewish & my husband is 1/2 Jewish but raised by a strict Catholic mother. Lord bless you & thank you for encouraging me along the way weekly with your wonderful devotionals. I pass these on to my daughter, daughter-in-laws & friends!

  49. I would love this prayer journal ❤️ My favorite time to pray is in the morning when I get up. It gives me so much peace for the day ❤️ God is moving the mountains, in Jesus’ Name, amen!

  50. I have journaled prayers off and on for a few years. I’ve not done it in a while so thanks for the reminder. I do feel more grounded and connected when I do that. I am praying hard prayers right now and it will be good to have a record of them and the answers that I trust are coming. God bless you!

  51. Outside with Gods BEAUTIFUL Creation on display. Than I can see him answering prayers in the Beauty of a tree. A flower blooming. The smell of fresh cut grass. Birds flying. A toddler walking by. A couple of all ages walking hand in hand.
    Praise God!!!! Thank you Jesus!!!!! Look Up! Look Around! Pause…. & Breath in God & All his Wonders!

  52. Lately I’ve been trying to pray as I go throughout my day, whenever something happens or I need help with something I try to remember to ask God to help me.

  53. Thank you for sharing this wonderful Friday message Becky. I love to see God’s fingerprints on my life. I’m just now starting to his fingerprints on my grandbabies and oh what a blessing! I’ve only in last couple of years started to really journal…and you are right, when you look back and see “the awe-inspiring evidence of God’s hand at work” and answered prayers we are more than blessed to be God’s daughters \0/
    Have a wonderful blessed day sisters and Happy Thanksgiving

  54. I have started keeping a thankful journal where I only write things that happen I am especially thankful for and ways I’ve seen God move specifically. I have been trying to keep a regular journal in my First Place For Health journal but I have not been entirely consistent. I LOVE the Take Heart devotion book and have not seen the accompanying journal so would love the chance to win one!!

  55. I am so blessed with a new car. God is meeting my every need. I am so thankful.
    I need a dependable car and God provided.

  56. I am so thankful for God always being there for me… I recently separated from my husband. God provided a cute little cottage for me to live in. When my car no longer worked God guided me to my next car. I am blessed.

  57. I lost my husband in early March of 2020 to Pulmonary Fibrosis . God Blessed Us and Him in taking him before the CoVid as life for him would have been too much to endure ! Although, it was Rough and is still Rough I felt Blessed to have been able to be there with him before the CoVid Lockdown hit ! So many haven’t been able to be there with there loved ones in the end . I Thank God everynight for that Blessing along with a Prayer for the Couples I know in my Life ! I don’t want them to have to feel the Loss the Void I have felt his past year ! Along with My Thanks for my Blessings No matter the loss I also pray for the Elderly in my Life, My family, My immediate family and My church family! A Prayer of Blessings of Health, Safety and Protection Over Them ALL 🙂

  58. Im a high school student applying to college right now. In the process, I’ve definitely felt afraid for my future and scared to trust God with. A recent prayer that God answered was I was stuck on writing an essay for a long time – but over the weekend he helped me write it, showing me that even when I’m not enough, his plans for my future will always be enough for me.

  59. My favorite way to pray is with my 3 year old, I’m excited to learn l her and grow in our faith together

  60. a prayer journal is a wonderful way to have that connection and relationship with God. There is something so vulnerable and open about writing one’s feelings and thoughts in conversation and prayer to God.

  61. I’ve never tried a prayer journal and I’m still waiting on the prayer I’ve been praying for years to be answered.

  62. I have to admit I’ve never journaled but it’s something I’ve always wanted to start. I pray throughout the day and listen to Christian TV and music. Although I was laid off from my job in Sept. due to COVID, I am very blessed to have a place to live and food on the table. My heart goes out to all the suffering people due to COVID. Also, I had surgery 3 weeks ago and have recovered remarkably and I thank God for that. God bless you all and have a Blessed Thanksgiving and Merry Christmas. Stay safe. 🙂

  63. I am working hard at staying in prayer all day… To help with the anxiety and depression. It’s something that I now know I need to do to help benefit my family.

  64. I found myself Divorced after being married 22 years. My Husband was involved with someone else. I was so Broken after my Divorce I Prayed that God would bring a Christian Man who would Love me for me well I Prayed this Prayer Frequently but there were things that I needed to work on. Three years later I met the most Beautiful Man with a Incredible Heart for God. We have now been married 6 years and we are so Happy. I Thank God for His Beautiful Answer to My Prayers All the Time.

  65. Love this! Thank you, Becky! I love praying Scripture (especially the Psalms) and through songs. My favorite is when the two collide, when the song is God’s words set to music. There’s an indescribable connection there. And a sense of peace. No big answered prayers in this season. Lots of praying through hard things right now. But God is good. He’s got this!

  66. One of my prayer tools is a simple strip of paper that I record the names of people I want to pray for. I then take the strip and tape the ends together over my wrist. When I go out for a walk, run errands, or whatever, I can pray for each person’s needs throughout the day. My handmade prayer bracelet helps me to be intentional about praying for those in need.

  67. We pray before school, dinner and at bedtime. I pray at different times of the day as needed. The Lord answered a prayer for my hubby. He has been having stomach issues in and off the last 10 months, tests showed nothing wrong… it just went away! The Lord healed him!

  68. I’m not much of a person who journals on a regular basis, but I have written out prayers, please and praises to God and it seems cathartic! I prefer to talk to God as I walk outdoors, to see and observe things of His creation that I’ve somehow missed or never really looked at so closely. Looking up at the sky, the plants, flowers and trees helps me to grasp the Majesty of God, just in my “own little world”. However, this time alone with God allows me to hear His voice in my heart..to reassure me that He hears my daily cries on behalf of my daughters, my husband and those in my sphere. From the ashes, He has given me a new focus and ministrty even though the pain and sorrow and heart ache is still there…He is creating something beautiful from the ashes. Amazing Grace.

  69. When I worked outside the home; on the way to work started my day with His love and Presence.
    I am not a morning person; so I always (sorry about that LOL) started my day-hurrying around.
    I would pray out loud in the shower/ preparing quick oatmeal and getting dressed making sure
    all was taken care of and always placing as much priority I had with the Lord’s help -with my daughter.
    And my hubby early a.m. person, he was already at work. So out loud prayers at home and on the way
    and worship music. I think a form with my life of prayer – and communing with the Lord as been music.
    Singing chorus- and as the Lord brings someone in my heart and in my Spirit- I pray for them on that
    journey as well. Journaling usually is at night – of course- night person ! – After a twenty year hiatus,
    i returned completing the Master of Divinity program and entered into hospital chaplaincy ministry and I
    know as the Lord led me all the way- praying yes and I wrote down, “praying without ceasing Lord” yes
    that is it – – amen.

  70. I just started reading Take Heart and gave a copy to a friend. I’m encouraged by each entry :). This journal looks like a wonderful companion to the book. I’ve been journaling my prayers for 6 years now and love being able to go back and see how God is moving in my life. This is a lovely giveaway.

  71. I like to write my prayers. Recent answer to prayer was receiving information about some financial issues that were answered.

  72. I do some of my best praying while I drive. No noise or distractions and I can be as loud as I want.

  73. I’m thankful that our family of 8 (6 boys – 3 adopted and 3 fosters) are still healthy even while attending school (hybrid – 2 days a week). Also, our older children and their children are healthy as well (even the preemie who will be 5 this month!).

  74. My favorite way to pray is to be still and quiet- usually outside – talking my thoughts through with the Lord.

  75. recent answer to prayer which is a continuing prayer that I hope keeps getting answered this way: health of the thirteen ladies that I serve who live in two different group homes and the health of all of the staff serving them- no illness, no covid.

  76. After 15 years of stepping away from the church due to my son passing… my favorite way of pray is after fellowships with friends at our PWOC. It took me a long time to get back into the faith. I am blessed to have a neighbor drag me one day to church and it was exactly what I didn’t know I needed. God truly had a plan for you… sometimes you just have to let someone take your stubborn *** there.

  77. I pray the most when I’m walking my dog each morning and evening though I wish I would do it more throughout the day-I have to work on that!! I like the idea of writing my prayers down and then going back through them to see how God has answered them without me realizing it or answering them in a way i didn’t ‘plan’!

  78. My favorite way to pray is to write down my prayers in a journal. When I do this, I feel I am more able to focus. I have also been so blessed to be able to go back and look over my prayers over the years and be encouraged by God’s faithfulness.

  79. I love to pray with my husband & kids who are now tweens & teens before bed- We take turns each night, even though some nights don’t go as well as others. There have been individual heartfelt moments that are so special to pray & hear!

  80. I have been journaling prayers for years. I like to be able to go back and see how they were answered.

  81. My favorite ways to pray are when I’m driving on my way to work and when I wake up before my family. I need that quiet time!!

  82. So many prayers have been answered by God when I look back – jobs, healings, forgiveness etc. too often I don’t write the prayers down and so miss more opportunities to give God praise. I need to do that more.

  83. I prayed for a grandchild for so long . Then finally my beautiful Granddaughter came along . My little best friend . I think God was so happy for me and knew I had more love in my heart , he Sent me a Grandson too . My heart is complete . Praise God and I Thank him every day . ‍

  84. My favorite way to pray is also through writing it out. And to take it one step further when someone asks me to pray for them or if I tell them I am praying for them, I try to text that prayer out to them right away. A record for both of us.

  85. Giving praise for my work at home job which allowed me to continue working while dealing with COVID.

  86. I too love writing out my prayers! It helps me stay focused (less wondering mind) and writing it out gives me that sense of release to God.

  87. Love what you said, Becky. I’m a sporadic writer of my requests or just the special ways I see God working. But it is amazing to look back and see how God worked. And my heart surely needs to untangle the anxiousness I often feel in these uncertain times. Thank you for your writings. I enjoy reading them.

  88. I need you God to work on the relationship between me and my son. Please heal what has been broken and mend hearts. Help me to have compassion and understanding, yet being firm in my convictions about his behaviors.

  89. Thank you for your example of continual prayer…. I seek to set my mind and heart on things above through prayer… journaling has been a practice that helps me keep a record of God’s fingerprints in my days

  90. Becky,

    This post reminds me of the song “Let Us Pray” by Stephen C. Chapman. Chorus: Let us pray, let us pray, everywhere in every way Every moment of the day, it is the right time For the Father above, He is listening with love And He wants to answer us, so let us pray. God is telling us He is waiting to talk with us-listening with love. The movie War Room also came to mind. The scene where Clara talks to Elizabeth about prayer & writing down the prayers to watch God work. Writing out our prayers is a great way to remind us of God’s greatness-especially when trials come our way.

    There are two ways I pray. One is simple breath prayers. Breath in & say Jesus then breath out & say something like help me. Also love using bathroom/shower time as a “War Room”. I light a candle step into shower & being praying. Try to do ACTS system of prayer-Adoration, Confession, Thanksgiving & Supplication. Great post!

    Blessings 🙂

  91. Like the author, I journal my prayers on and off. Sometimes I may not do it for a few weeks or months and then I go back to it. I find it helps me process my thoughts and gives me focus in prayer.

  92. My quiet prayer time is usually at night when I get in bed. The last 4 years have been abundant with need for prayer-my mother’s Two year battle with dementia which ended with her death in 2017, my father in law’s battle with cancer and his death a year later, my father’s death in 2019 and my middle son’s battle with cancer that summer. (Thankfully he’s in remission). And then his wife-my dear daughter in law, diagnosed with cancer in early 2020 and her battle with chemo then a stem cell transplant from which she is still recovering. The brightest spot was the birth of their son in 2017 and the extra time I have been able to help with his care as they’ve recovered. We probably wouldn’t have had that time together if they hadn’t been ill. My quiet nighttime prayers and the blessings that have come from them has kept me going.

  93. Favorite way to pray- is just talking/crying out to the Lord! I’ve lost my way of journaling though so must pain of grief ( my son Jan. 15, 2016 & husband Dec. 26, 2019 ) my parents passed in 11/2001 & 01/2006 . I’m blessed with a daughter ,4 grandchildren ,1 brother/3 sisters & friends. But most people avoid Interaction with you because I don’t know what to say … it’s really sad! Only God knows Our heart, mind & souls and I do trust him though digging out of the pit to to him in the light & darkness of each day

  94. I’ve said my prayers since I was a child. Then, my whole little world fell apart a few months ago. I had everything I ever wanted or prayed for and now I don’t anymore. As a result, “my prayers” turned into a constant conversation with God. I talk to him like I talk to a friend – about anything and everything and one thing in particular (this particular thing I refer to as my miracle). I don’t know if that is the right way; it sure isn’t the pretty or formal way, but it is the only way I know how at this point. I haven’t gotten an answer yet, at least not in regards to my miracle. But every day I wake up and think maybe today is the day my miracle prayer will be answered. In the meantime, I give Him thanks for the prayers he has answered and constantly remind myself of something I read: God will never take something away from you without the intention of replacing it with something better. And I frequently pray to him something I read from this site: “Lord, You wrap me up safe.”

  95. The push and pull of this world stands hard against what I have in Jesus. I pray, I sing, I praise and then something happens that threatens my peace. I am so grateful to hear other voices of faith filled women that struggle with the same challenge in daily walk. God provides resources in so many ways. I am thankful for these women and how God is using their pen to paper. Let us continually be reminded of God’s goodness and faithfulness in our joy and in our pain.

  96. Praising the Lord for His healing touch on some of my friends that were sick with Covid. God is good. God is faithful!