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Tasha is a Korean American melancholy dreamer, wife to Matt, mom to three wild and wonderful humans. She writes about everyday life and cultural and ethnic identity, and writing has always been the way God has led her towards the hope of shalom. Her first book, Tell Me The Dream...

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  1. I really appreciate this, Tasha, the thought of letting pain speak truth. It’s so important and the only way to substantive healing, healing that doesn’t just shove hurt under the rug, that really works through and meets Jesus in it. Thanks for sharing your right-now with us. Grace to you through it. <3

    • Thank you, Dana. I’m grateful that the words resonated — for the confirmation that we aren’t alone. I long for that substantive healing and putting it that way helps when the road to get there is rough and seems unending.

  2. Heart felt and heart touching words…I too, sometimes sit and stare, feeling so alone. Afraid of all the hate, the evil, the disrespect, the strangeness that our lives have become. Everything seems so fragile…and the truth is that it always has been. I think all of us took way too much for granted and God chose to remind us of it. I for one, don’t think life will ever return to the norm before covid, but I’m praying it will be better because God will be in more peoples lives and hearts…every second on this earth is so very fragile, but God is our strength forever.

    • Kathy, Some days I’m afraid to hope for that better depth, but ultimately I cling to our God who brings us through pain and never leaves us, always keeping our best and beloved-ness in mind.

  3. I’m there with you where the grass meets and the heart aches and it all feels tangled. Your words are so real and beautiful, Tasha. Thank you for letting us in on your journey. It gives voice to a common wrestling in these uncommon times. So grateful we can remain tethered to Jesus no matter what comes.

    • Becky, I hate that it’s a common wrestling, and yet that simultaneously gives me hope that we can do this together. We aren’t alone though the days and minutes may drip with feelings of isolation and no way forward. We not only have our own hands, we have each other’s and the Father’s

  4. Tasha,

    These are tough, divisive times we live in. Everyone seems to be shouting loud their opinions about election, masks, etc. It can leave one feeling frazzled in a tangled mess. My way out is to pray about each situation. No complaining just submit the problem to God. He can handle anything. People will leave & go their way, but God’s love will never be untethered from us. Great post. Praying for you as you & your family move.

    Blessings 🙂

  5. Beautiful visual from one of my favorite songs… bind my heart to thee! And how when I get tangled up in the mess of this world, I am no longer tethered to the only One who can give me peace.

    • I love that image of our hearts bound to the one who created them in love. What a comfort—thank you.