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Dorina is an author, speaker, teacher, foodie, and trail runner. She helps people chase God's glory down unexpected trails and flourish in their callings. Her most recent books are Breathing Through Grief and Chasing God's Glory. Dorina and her hubby Shawn are raising three courageous daughters in Central California.

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  1. Dorina,
    Before COVID even began, my husband and I faithfully took a walk with our beagle twice a day. There were many days (especially in winter) when we were out there by ourselves. But recently? Our neighborhood has entire families walking their dogs. It’s a fun time of meet and greet (socially distancing of course). We’ve gotten to know neighbors who, until now, our only exchange was a passing wave. I am a walking enthusiast. Nothing recharges my battery like getting out into God’s beautiful creation – especially this time of year. My blog is aptly called, “Walking Well With God,” (http://walkingwellwithgod.blogspot.com) because walking and talking with God is my favorite activity. Yes, the Lord sets the pace and establishes our steps.
    Bev xx

  2. Dorina,
    Thanks for the encouragement with this post. You have a beautiful gift of writing. Thank you and May God Bless you and yours! ❤️

  3. Such good encouragement! These days in our culture, in our relationships with each other and God (and how we push ourselves!) I feel like we are so much more eager to RUN than we are to walk. But we – I – need the slow moments desperately. I’m literally walking more these days and love that sometimes I’m alone with my heart and God and other times I’m with my son or mom or walking buddy. It really is a gift from God in so many ways and it’s been good for my physical heart as well as my spiritual heart. God is so good like that!!! Thank you for another reminder, Dorina.

  4. Dorina,

    I agree with Diane, you do write beautifully. I relate so much when you describe your experiences with nature. My sister is in heaven and each time I see the crescent moon shaped as a smile I think of her and how happy she is that she is no longer sick. Thank you for reminding us how special our walk with Jesus is. Have a wonderful day!

  5. When my husband was alive, we used to walk a lot around the neighborhood. Strangely, we were alone more than meeting people, but it was a freedom to enjoy the outdoors. Where I live now, is a senior’s community. I feel God’s connection even more now, as birds seem to be a connection to God. They have been in contact with me through the years, in unusual ways. So, defintely, seeing a bird nearby, I know God is close. I feel it.

  6. Dorina, this is beautiful. I love that you are a sunset chaser. I enjoy your discoveries on your walk in your neighborhood. Most of all I enjoy the way you weave scripture into these experiences. I “saw” you online at the conference last week. Maybe next time we can “meet” there. Until then I will begin to follow your path of words. Blessings to you!

  7. Dorina,

    This pandemic has brought people closer together than we’ve been in a while. It has made us slow down & given us time to get to know each other & our neighbors better. Far to often we find ourselves running ahead of Jesus. We seem to be a people always in a hurry to get to the next thing. All of us should slow down & let Jesus be the one to pace our lives. Follow His lead & examples. Never rush ahead. Just stroll. While strolling we can enjoy the beauty God shows us daily. I sense a connection when looking out at the mountains & fall colors. God is painting my area with bright vivid colors.

    Blessings 🙂

  8. What a Savior we have that He walked in our shoes. He understands and He is with us.
    Glory to God.
    Thank you for this challenging and encouraging meditation.
    God bless you richly.