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Jennifer Dukes Lee is the author of several books, including Growing Slow. She and her husband live on the family farm, raising crops, pigs, and two humans. She’s a fan of dark chocolate, emojis, eighties music, bright lipstick, and Netflix binges. She wants to live life in such a way...

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  1. grey… I love Bible Jornaling
    I have Bibles with notes ready for my children
    I believe in writing it down
    I have a blog Lightening-the-Load.com
    Grey and May God richly bless you.

  2. Jennifer,
    I can’t think of a more perfect gift to give to your child – God’s magnificent Word with your “Amen” added to it. I remember having a conversation with my daughter and when I asked her what of mine she desired the most, it wasn’t my china, or my jewelry, or any priceless heirlooms, it was my Bible. She wanted my highlighted, scribbled in, tear-stained, well worn pages of my Bible. When we give our kids our legacy of how we’ve walked with God, we give them a piece of our soul. I’m tearing up, with you, as I read this beautiful story of love and faiith.
    Bev xo

  3. I would be happy with either color. I’m new to bible journaling and would love to have one!

  4. I have been looking for a Bible just like this so I can journal in it. I would love to have the pink one.

  5. This heart writing is worthy work. As we let the Lord write on our own hearts, the love ink seems to spill onto everyone else we meet.
    Thank you for these encouraging words of what truly matters,

  6. either one would be a lovely and needed step toward giving Jesus on to my own daughters….: how beautiful…

    • I am 3/4 through one Bible for our oldest daughter, and starting January 2021, I will begin a second Bible for our younger daughter. It’s been such a blessing to do this for the girls.

  7. What a wonderful and deep meaning gift. I’m sure that this is one book she will enjoy opening! God bless!

  8. I have never considered a journaling Bible. I write notes in the margins but I have always wondered the why of a journaling Bible. This is just beautiful! I think both colors are beautiful but grey is elegant.

    • Hi Mollie, Honestly, I hadn’t either, but I have been really enjoying writing more lengthy observations about the Scriptures, and doing this as a gift for a child makes it especially meaningful for me.

      • “Doing it for a child” or grandchild in my case. SUCH beautiful words. I raised three men with God’s help. Between them, they have given me four princesses! Each one holds a special spot in my heart. I would LOVE to gift either (well really ALL, because I will probably get three more) a grey one. Continue inspiring us as you have today and in the past. Blessings all around.

  9. What a beautiful way to send your child off to college! Thank you for sharing such an inspiring message. May God continue to bless you and your beautiful daughter! Pink for me!

  10. Thank you Jennifer for your wise & heartfelt words! I was not walking closely with the Lord when We raised our sons, but thankfully one is a Believer and I believe God will continue to draw the other. I am moved to write to him what you suggested!! I have many Bibles, but lingering in the Word and having a creative outlet is what I look forward to in my soon to be retirement. Either color would be fine should I be chosen.
    I have just the friend to gift one of these as well. Thank you!!

  11. Jennifer you’re heart and soul shine so sweetly I just cried! I was thinking if only my mom had known this and given me the deep sense of who I was in Christ.. maybe life would of been different in a godly way…BUT GOD covered me in His love and invitation in my 40’s and my three children also My mom accepted the Lord 5 years ago and went home to Heaven 18 months ago! Out of my 11 grandchildren I have 4 who understand and care who Jesus is.. but I and my husband always live and tell of our Jesus to all of them whenever we can. It’s never too late. You’re precious girl has so much identity in Christ imagine the truth she’ll share in her world and the lives she can encourage along the way with that chocked full advice from mama blessings to and through you and her! I’ve got one granddaughter in mind that’s going to need all the truth and peace Gods Word can give ( along with my own sentiments) lovely idea:) PINK!

    • Thank you so very much, Sadie! I am so happy to hear that God relentlessly chased after you, and you fell straight into His arms — and your mama! Oh my goodness. So grateful to hear this news!

    • Even just rewriting favorite Scriptures, or adding words like, “This really speaks to me today because I am feeling fearful,” or “I need to remember this verse on the days when I don’t know if God hears me.” Later on, when you flip through the pages, those words will speak back to you.

  12. I would love to have this Bible to journal in and leave for my grandchildren. I was saved as a young woman, but allowed myself to be hijacked by Satan and live in toxic and violent marriages while my children were growing up. God has forgiven me for not being a godly mother for them and setting an example. Now God is giving me a second (maybe third, fourth, or more) chance to live my life for Him as an example for my amazing grandchildren. I love to write, but have never had a Bible to journal in for them. Thank you so much for your ministry! God bless you! ❤️

    • God is a God of second chances — and 752nd chances! He is so good. Even when we fall away, He chases us down. So grateful that you shared a bit of your testimony here, and I think writing it out in the margins of a journaling Bible would be brilliant. You could point to particular Scriptures that have helped you along the way.

  13. Jennifer,

    Thank you for your words…to let my children know that God is the author of their story has always been important to me & I’m hoping they already know that Jesus is the best thing about their mother! I’m an avid reader but my bible is the book I hold closest to my heart & I want the same for my children. What a blessing that bible will be for your daughter! Either color would be a delight!


  14. I would love a grey Illustrating Bible. I have used a different Bible for years to write notes in the margins. What a wonderful gift for your daughter.

    • Thank you! And yes, it was so meaningful for both of us. I had to take it back for a while, so I can finish the writing. Still a few months to go in our one-year reading of the Bible.

  15. My youngest child and only girl heads to college one year from now. Thanks for the wonderful Inspiring idea! (& grey!)

    • You may know this already, but there are so many great one-year reading plans available online. And if you start now, you could have the Bible read and “journaled” by the time she heads off to college.

  16. Jennifer I love with all my heart what you have wrote today. I love to give my Dad and my Sisters and their Families and their kids the best gift of all. That is Salvation. As none of them are saved. My Dad believes when you die life is over. That is it. I think my other Sisters and their Husbands believe they get into heaven when die. I can’t tell them that they need to need to get saved. Even in a nice way. Or row go up. They say Dawn don’t preach keep you views on that too yourself. My Dad had sore leg a few weeks ago it getting better now. Because of tablets he is talking. Has to take them because of his age. One day I know in my heart of hearts my Dad was not pleased the person. I myself will never know who that person is that sent this too my Dad. The post came one day. This letter arrived. No name to say who it was from my Dad opened it along with the rest of the post. It was a we book about Salvation. My we sister was there that day. She had sorted out what post was for the bin. My Dad look at it said to me what is this. I said it a book someone has sent you about get saved. Or if you want to know about asking God into your heart. My Dad said oh here I don’t want it. I knew not to say anything. Or row go up. Then he said who sent it to me. I said Daddy I don’t know. But I thought it was good of them to myself. I knew what they were thinking. They were trying to get my Dad saved. I know God will bless the person for sending it my Dad. My we sister took it of him put in the pile of rubbish for the bin. In the bin it went. I was sad. As I pray for him. I did say a quite Prayer and thanked God for the person for sending it in the post to my Dad. I live my life as follower of Jesus in front of all of my family and their kids and my Dad them. I pray that one day I can give them the best give and lead them to coming to know Jesus for themselves. Especially my Dad. Who is 80 next year. I want nothing from him when he leaves this earth. Just to know this would be the best present he could ever leave me when his time up on earth one day. To know he saved. That is all I asked from him and my family. So the best thing I can do for now is live my life as follower of Jesus in front of them. Plus Pray for them. Know keep trusting in God’s perfect timing that one day they will come to know Jesus as their Saviour. As I read one day in Our Daily Bread. This gives me alot of hope not to give up. Not let the Old Devil win. Or whisper in my ear. Dawn their not coming so you might as well give up and don’t waist your time Praying anyone. No I will not give up like the Mother in Our Daily Bread. I read about. She Prayed for son for over 20 years. One day the front cover of the Our Daily Bread was on the kitchen table and the words of it convicted him and he got saved. So that Mother’s Prayers for over 20 years we’re not in vain. In the end God answered her Prayers and her son got saved. That gives me hope for my Dad and my Family and their kids. That I will see them saved one day in Gods perfect timing. One day they will see Jesus in me want what I have that is Jesus for themselves. Your Daughter is Just beautiful. May she be witness to her friends about Jesus. Thank you again for another beautiful reading. Thank you incourage for all you do keeping you all in my prayers all the way from Enniskillen Co Fermanagh N.Ireland. Xx

    • Dawn, It’s always good to hear from you. Thank you for sharing your heart with us. Your desire for others to know the Lord really shines through. Praying for your Dad today. Hugs from USA to Ireland!

  17. I love this idea of journaling throughout the margins of a Bible to give someone. I love to journal and write down my thoughts and things I’m going through so I can see how God has been there with me through it all. I would love to get the pink journal Bible!

  18. I’d like pink, my younger daughter’s favorite color. We just dropped her at college too for the first time and have entered the empty nester phase of our lives. Your post is beautiful- what a treasure you have given your daughter. I talked to mine last night and was so happy to hear that she is exploring campus ministry opportunities at her university. We give them a foundation and pray they continue to build on it. Great job, Mama!

  19. Grey; thanks for this today! What a wonderful gift. Very inspiring…write encouragement down. Love this!!

  20. I love the soft pink! I don’t live in the US, but have family I could ship it through. Thanks! Your words made me tear up, thinking I’m only 6 short years away from this stage of life, time goes too fast!

    • Spending time with Jesus daily is so very important. I would love a grey one and cherish each day, journaling God’s words spoken to me. Much joy in Christ!

  21. What a beautiful idea! I have made notes in my Bible for years but not In the way you have suggested. I would love to have a copy of the journaling Bible to write in specifically for my granddaughter. Thanks for sharing this awesome idea.
    I would like a grey one, please.

  22. I love this idea! My parents have been in ministry my whole life and now that I am rapidly approaching 40 in October of 2021, I find myself very reflective on the foundation they’ve given me since life has gone anything but as planned in those 20-year-old dreams of mine.:) Thank you for your writing, for your emails you send, and for your giveaways. I have received books from you throughout the years. Thanks for another opportunity to win. I would love the grey.

  23. Pink please! I started journaling about 2 years ago. Someone said “journaling is good because it slows down your RPMs so you can hear from God better.” I have found this to be sooo true! (-: Kerry

  24. I haven’t Journaled in a long time, and when I have it has been sparse . Thank you for the reminder of how important it is for the next generation for us to write our personal faith journey down!
    If I was Blessed to be the winner, of this beautiful Bible, Grey would be my choice, ( It is the closest to blue my favorite color!
    Thank you,
    Marianne Miller

  25. Gray.
    What a thoughtful idea. I’m going to do this for my two boys. They are still young enough that I have a few years to work on this. Thank you for such a powerful story and for the awesome giveaway.

  26. Oh Jennifer, what a special gift for your daughter. This has given me much food for thought even though my daughters are older – and now my granddaughter. I often think of this scripture in Deuteronomy: “And these words that I command you today shall be on your heart. You shall teach them diligently to your children, and shall talk of them when you sit in your house, and when you walk by the way, and when you lie down, and when you rise.” You have truly challenged us all! [my favorite Bible color would be the black]

  27. Pink, please.
    What a treasure you have given your daughter! I write notes in my Bible and my journal as I study and read my daily devotional emails, but they are mostly for my own reflection and prayer. Never thought about doing it for someone else. What a beautiful gift.
    When my grandmother passed, the only thing I asked for was her Bible.
    Love this!

  28. I love this idea, Jennifer! In fact, I just ordered a journaling Bible to get started on for my oldest granddaughter who graduates this year from high school. Of course, I would still love the one being given away here—after all, I have 3 more granddaughters and a grandson. Good thing they are all spread out over 14 years—I have some work to do!

  29. Pink for me! Thank you Jennifer for sponsoring this giveaway. Watt a close connection is developed through this journaling and leaving quotes. I pray for the winner of this Bible as they will be blessed!

  30. I’d love the pink one! Bible journaling has become such a precious part of my journey as an adult Christian. It allows me to really rest on a passage of scripture and let God speak. Thank you Jennifer for this wonderful reminder to give our children the gifts that last.

  31. Pink. That is an amazing gift to give your daughter!!!! What a blessing! One Bible that I used for awhile, I have to my cousin’s first born. It had all of my notes in it. She still says it is one of her favorite things!

  32. I love Bible journaling. These new Bibles are beautiful. I like the Psalms and Proverbs one too. I used the Luke one during Advent last year.

    Love the idea of making personalized notes in a Bible for your daughter or son.

    Yes, yes, and yes! I want my children to cling to Jesus and know who they are in Him.

    {I like the pink Bible.}

  33. I was diagnosed with breast cancer this summer & recently went through a bilateral mastectomy. As I face a long journey ahead of me, the PINK cover of the Illustrating Bible really speaks to me. I’ve been Bible journaling for a few years now & I hope someday, the filled up Bibles will become keepsakes for my 3 daughters.

  34. This was such a beautiful devotion. I have 3 grandsons and only 1 grand-daughter who LOVES pink 🙂 so if I won, I would definitely like it to be pink!

  35. What a precious gift. I would love to do this for each of my grandchildren starting with the oldest boy so I guess gray☺️.
    Thank you for sharing this special moment with your daughter, I’ve been there twice!

  36. How timely. I too have had many tears as my only daughter just moved away following graduation from optometry school. This was my push to start journaling in my mother’s bible for her in a few years. We just welcomed a granddaughter into the family, two weeks ago. Starting a pink bible for her is perfect . I need to not wait until they are all grown up. Thank you.

  37. Pink . . .
    Jennifer, I loved, LOVED this post. As my oldest is in his senior year, I’m wishing I’d thought to do something like this for him. There’s so much my husband and I want him to take into his future. Of course, boys are different from girls, but I’m now praying that God will show my husband and me the best way to convey our hearts and our wishes for him.

    I may still be tearing up a bit because of your post . . . 😉

  38. If every mother would leave her fingerprint dipped in holy ink behind…this world could be remade into righteous joy.
    A pink Bible at the ready!

  39. What a wonderful, thoughtful gift. I have an adopted US Navy son that I am close to. Right now he is active duty, and it doesn’t help that his schedule is up tempo (very busy). I miss him greatly. If I win, I would definitely write my “legacy love notes” to him in the grey journaling bible. ♥️

  40. Pink! I’d love to give one to my daughter some day too! Great idea. Our ministry is built on Bible reading and journaling, but a journaling Bible is special because it’s all there in one book. Dailytransformation.org

  41. I would love a pink bible.
    This sounds like such a great idea. I so need to do this for my young adult sons.

  42. This devotion really hit home with me. My son is a Senior in high school and will soon be going to college himself. What an uplifting message and it is so important to write things down. Thank you for this!

  43. I would love a grey one please.
    I too have an incoming college freshman this season, but with the pandemic, he’s opted to defer a year. Trusting and praying for the Lord to lead and shape his unplanned gap year!

  44. What a thoughtful gift idea for the most precious blessing in our lives!!
    I would ask to have the grey bible. thank you!

  45. What a beautiful idea writing for your child. Wish I had heard about it earlier. Guess it isn’t to late to start. I would love the pink one. My kids would all know it’s from me as it’s my favorite color. Thank you for inspiring me to journal more and with a purpose. I am blessed by this group

  46. I would love pink. This sounds like such a precious heirloom. Thank you for telling me about it!

  47. I’d like the pink one. I’m 50 and have been journaling since I was 15. I have never thought of journaling in my bible. I’m so vocal i’ve shared all my thoughts and what God’s doing in my life over and over again… maybe I should write some of it down.

  48. I’ve never been one to write my thoughts much, but I’ve also never heard it described as a way to “linger longer,” and that seems like a good reason to give it a try. Grey would be a nice color to start a journaling journey with.

  49. Thank you for your perfectly timed post. It has bolstered my confidence in my recent decision to pull my kids from their current school with its impersonal distant learning program which brings them to tears nearly everyday. I am a working mother of 7 who strongly agrees with everything you’ve said iin your post and is about to embark on a new homeschooling journey because I feel the most important lesson my children need to learn this year is that they are loved and God will be with them wherever life takes them. I think bible journaling will be how we start each day in our new homeschooling world.


  50. I would love a pink. Have not really ever done this journaling in one place. Probably why a number of papers typically fall out of my Bible! Lol. Thanks for the words today! Truly is the greatest gift we can give them and also ourselves! Truth!

  51. I would love to own Grey!! I don’t read the bible much. I would love to start reading every day and this would be a great way for me to not only discover the bible but to have plenty of room for my thoughts and questions. It’s just beautiful!!

  52. I would enjoy either color. I just became a stay at home grandmother to my first grandchild. It would be a wonderful way to spend my time during the quiet moments of nap time. Thank you!

  53. As I sit here bawling, my heart has been touched by these words – per the usual with the relatable Jennifer Dukes Lee! I would love the grey one. I think it would be beautiful to have now and begin journaling and give it to my son or daughter one day when they leave home. And I too believe that when we are allowed “margins” to be creative we get closer to the master creator who loves us. Love this and thank you for the opportunity to win one ❤️

  54. Pink. I’m reading Love Idol right now and I am so grateful for coming across your work after a desperate google search. I grateful for your transparency and complete trust in Christ. I have 3 under 3 and one in the oven and can’t wait to start something like this for them. Thank you!

  55. Pink would be wonderful. I love journaling and having a record of what God is showing me and the blessing of being able to go back and reread it.

    Thank you Jennifer for sharing your heart and what a beautiful gift the Bible must have been for your daughter! To have a piece of your heart so close as she starts this next season in her journey

  56. That is a beautiful thought and definitely the most precious gift I can give any of my children! I’d like a grey one because I want to do this for my son. He’s better with the written words of admonishment so this would be a perfect opportunity.

  57. Grey! My daughter is a junior and I will be doing this for her next year!! What a wonderful idea!!!

  58. This is beautiful. I have a young daughter, and I’m thinking of how I could start this now and continue as she grows. Thank you for sharing.
    My color choice would be grey.

  59. Grey! I love journaling as I have time with the Lord. I still have the Bible I was given in 8th grade (I’ll be 39 September 11th). I had it rebound because it’s so full of things I’ve learned and God has done. Notes and underlines are all through it.

    What a gift you gave your daughter! How special. Also, I’ve always thought about naming a daughter Jael.

  60. What an amazing gift! I would love to leave something like that for my daughter! If I win I would like a grey one.

  61. Tracing our faith for the next generation is so important and takes the work of the Holy Spirit in all the ordinary moments. It takes faith for me to believe that my words now can be instruments in God’s hand later in their lives.

    I hope I win a grey Bible to journal in! Thank you for encouraging us today!

  62. Grey
    This is such a beautiful reflection! My boys are grown but I’m going to do this for them…linger longer and leave a legacy ❤️

  63. Oh precious, Jennifer!!! You *know* you are singing my tune! I journal everywhere, absolutely everywhere (and my personal journals stack literally over my head, some 5’5″ high!), but journaling in my Bible has been most precious of all! And how much I love that I suggested my 90 y/o Mother (then around 75) do this too! She as many journals, but now has written in her bible margins. And this is the treasure I hope one day she will bequeath to me (and yet, I surely hope that is many years away)!! But HOW WONDERFUL to do this for Lydia NOW, and to have journaled with her specifically in mind! I can’t even imagine such a magnificent treasure for her. I pray you have begun a trend here (and though Sheridan has been graduated from college for a little while now), it’s something I could do for her. I just never thought of it (meaning, *for* her, not just giving her my old Bible). Bible journaling (and by that I mean writing and dating thoughts and prayers in its margins) is so incredibly vital and revealing–because our tracings, in reality, trace God’s presence, power, peace, and answers in our lives. It is we interacting with God’s Word and His living Word, Jesus, in the immediacy of our reading, and being changed by our communication in tangible ways. And of course, when we go back and note answers to our petitions, when those journal jottings to God,are even more tangible proof that He hears and heeds our cries!! I can’t wait to hear one day how this beautiful, time-consuming act of grace on your part, has changed and touched Lydia like nothing you have ever given her has or will. It’s truly one of the most exquisite things I’ve ever heard of (tears, here)! Thank you sooo much for sharing this generous gesture of your heart, and also the poignancy and vulnerability of your letting go.
    PS Were I to receive the Bible, I’d love gray. Much to my chagrin, the Bible where I did most my journaling has very thin pages, and my copious prayers on both sides of the pages have bled right into each other. Most I can barely read now. But still, they were real as I out-poured, and God heard and poured back, nonetheless. I saw this Illustrating Bible in a final closeout sale at LifeWay. Being retired, I decided to wait to see if it would be discounted further, but sadly, it was gone. But what I loved about it was its thick pages. I don’t think bleeding, glue, etc, would be an issue. 🙂

  64. Jennifer, thanks for sponsoring this giveaway. Grey for me. I have never journaled. I can’t imagine a better place to start than in a Bible.

  65. That’s so sweet, and such a wonderful idea! I’m sure she will always treasure that Bible from you. Thank you for the chance to win one, I’d like pink if I should be lucky enough to win.

  66. This story has brought me to my knees. The reality of not knowing the number of our days has been extremely evident during this season of a world-wide pandemic, but even more so for me as a dear friend of mine is struggling with a life altering diagnosis. It’s such a stark reminder that GOD knows. We don’t have to fear tomorrow. As a young Mom, my heart is so much for the next generation. This captivated everything I could ever hope to give each of my children. Thank you for sharing and challenging me to do similar for each of my three. I would love a grey cover!

  67. What a beautiful gift to your daughter. You are an amazing person and have a great gift as a writer! I would love to win a Bible – the color does not matter.

  68. I would love the pink Bible. I never knew how important Bible journaling was until I lay in bed with my youngest sister who was months away from passing on to her heavenly home. She had a grade 4 brain tumor and wanted me to read scripture to her. I was nervous. Would I know which passages would be uplifting for her? Should I just open her Bible and read where it happened to open? Well God helped me through that. My sister’s Bible was highlighted, underlined and notes on so many pages. I was truly blessed to have that sweet special time with her. I will cherish the memories forever. Her Bible will be a great keepsake for her children. When she was asked what she would like us to tell her children in 5, 10, 15 years, she stated “Have Jesus”. She passed away almost 6 months ago and I am confident that her journaling brought her closer to her Savior .

  69. I would love a pink one… Not my colour, but I would love to prepare a Bible like this for my beautiful granddaughter.

  70. As soon as I saw that this Bible came out, I added it to my wish list! It is gorgeous! I would definitely choose the pink. Thank you for offering a giveaway!

  71. I love this post so much! What an awesome way to pass on your faith to your daughter! I’m new to Bible journaling, but would love the pink version! Hugs to you in this season of your life. I have a prodigal daughter in her mid-twenties and so this is all bittersweet to me, but this mama’s prayers will never stop as long as I have breath.

  72. Pink. I’d love to make notes and give to my daughter ( first-born AND last-born) who will be embarking on her own adventure to college next fall. I’d indicate the verses I want her to remember before I give it to her, leaving space for her to journal her own thoughts.

    What a beautiful gift to your daughter, Thank you, Jennifer for sharing.

  73. I would love the pink one…what a wonderful idea to journal specifically for your daughter! My current bible is mostly scribbles and sermon notes. Thoughts from devotionals. Kind of all over the place—but then, that is sort of my trademark, lol. Mid conversation I tend to switch gears as I ponder things and blurt out what I am thinking; it may or may not have anything to do with what the rest of the family is along about! My husband fondly refers to it as “squirrel” syndrome…

  74. What an amazing gift that you gave to your daughter! You are such an encouragement to so many! I’m thankful that includes your own children! I would love to have a pink one! I would love to read thru and make notes for my granddaughter:) I had such an amazing relationship with my grandmother, and I remember what an impact her reading the Bible everyday had on me! I would love to pass that same special gift to my own granddaughter! Thank you for sharing such a beautiful idea!

  75. Either would be wonderful, but will say gray as then I could such a special gift to either my amazing son or my beautiful daughter in law. Thank you for sharing your heart and words. So many days they just seem to be the right ones I need to hear. God is sooo very good!

  76. “May His favor be upon you
    And a thousand generations
    And your family and your children
    And their children and their children…”
    Oh what a gift we have been given, and what a beautiful, memorable way to pass the gift on, leaving your messages alongside His Word for your girls!
    I thought of you this morning, JDL, as I picked up a fallen branch, a perfect “Y” from the ground. He is with you!
    Oh, how I would love to be able to journal in either a gray or pink Bible, with plenty of room for my thoughts, ramblings, and dates. And to then be able to leave it for my grands.

  77. What a beautifully written testament of your love for your daughter and our Lord.
    I pray over my young boys that they they stay on course, deeply committed to their faith in God.
    I’d love to do something like this Bible journaling gift for them, so grey would be my choice.

  78. Hello! What a wonderfully creative idea! I want to do this for my daughters/grandsons too!
    If I am selected I’d like a pink one.

  79. Pink! So beautiful. What an amazing legacy we can leave. Thanks for this beautiful idea!

  80. Pink – I do bible Journaling, but never thought about writing it down for the next generation. I’m so blessed by today’s reading and I will start writing my notes for my 3 children. I always believe that it is our duty to pass on God’s Word upto the 3rd generation, that is up to my grandchild and then its theirs to pass on to the next 3 gen.
    Thank you for thus timely message, now I can start writing…

  81. I would love to have a pink illustrating Bible! Pink is my favorite color, but as a 3x breast cancer survivor it holds a special significance in my heart. My Daughter is a young mother herself now, with both a 4-year old Son and a 1-year old Daughter. I would love to start an illustrated Bible and eventually gift it to her with the intent of her adding to it and someday gifting it to my Granddaughter.

  82. Grey. I’ve been doing Bible journaling for years, I just never knew it had a name. I always write in the margins of my Bible(s) of things that jump out at me, something the Holy Spirit has said to me, or a promise that God has applied to my life. My sons are grown with their own families now, but it is something I would love to start to give to my oldest grandson (he will be 11yrs. old on Sept. 10), it would be a wonderful gift to give him at Christmas.

  83. My daughter has already left home, but I still could make this for her before I die. I’m 64, but who knows how long we have left.
    I choose grey, because my daughter loves grey!
    Thanks for writing what I wish I would have written! It really brought back memories and a lump in my throat!

  84. I’ve always given bible story books to newborn babies. I love to write personal notes in them, reminding them they are always loved by there Heavenly Father.
    If I’m blessed to receive this I would prefer pink but grey is good too!

  85. I think having a loved one’s Bible would be an amazing treasure. I love either color. This sounds like an amazing Bible.

  86. What a beautiful story of a mother’s great love for her daughter. You each are so very blessed to have the other.

  87. Grey.
    What a wonderful gift, Jennifer. I wish I had done more faith filled activities with my daughter.
    I haven’t tried bible journaling, though I have occasionally written things like question marks or underlines. Maybe it’s time to linger longer on the word

  88. Pink! What a great idea to journal your thoughts and pass down. Would love to do this for my daughter ❤️

  89. Praying for you, Jennifer, as you send your daughter away to college with the lovingly completed journaling Bible you gave her. (We were driving our daughter to her freshman year of college right after 9/11). I don’t know that I could give up my current well-worn Bible with all the tear stains and dates in the margins of struggles and yet ways the Lord has been faithful. I would love to have a grey journaling Bible to pass along.

  90. 11 months from now, I’ll be sending my first to college. I’ve been crying since her Freshman year knowing this time would come too soon.
    What a beautiful gift to pass along, I’m going to borrow your idea and if we’re lucky to win a journal, that would be the “sweetner” for my Momma heart. Grey please.
    Thank you for championing godly women. ❤️

  91. What an amazing blessing to do this for your daughters! A precious treasure for them to keep always! Thank you Jennifer for sharing this idea with us and for the opportunity to win this Bible. You are a blessing! ❤️
    I am thinking gray…

  92. Grey
    I love bible journaling
    Looking back and seeing what the lord has stirred in my heart is such a gift I look forward to passing my bibles on to my girls.

  93. Oh my definitely pink. I have 5 granddaughters that I would l love to pass it on to one of them. Journaling is a great release of stress and also a way to draw closer to God.

  94. I would choose gray! Thank you for sharing this, I love this idea! What a treasure for your daughter.

  95. Pink- for my daughter turning 13. She is asking the most beautiful questions about life and I love this idea. I have my grandmother’s Bible with all of her notes and it is my most cherished possession. Her name was Marelle (Relle) and she taught me so much about Jesus before she passed. My daughter is named after her. (Ann Marelle). Pouring into the next generation is so important- I know because I was on the receiving end and it defined my life. 🙂

  96. Jennifer, this is beautiful. My son left just a few weeks ago to attend college out of state. I asked him to take three things with him. 1) a spiraled 3×5 cards with where I put bible verses that were special to me and believed would be encouraging to him while away at school 2) A small candle holder with a candle to remind him he is a light to the world and to shine where God has placed him and 3) a book I had given him for high school graduation with letters of encouragement, blessings and pictures from his past teachers, youth group leaders and our pastors to remind him he is loved by so many people who are praying for him and to remind him of who and whose he is.
    I like the gray bible:)

  97. I sent our daughter off to college with a journal already started. In it I had copied entries from another journal, a record of God’s faithfulness to our family–the prayers answered, God-incidences, blessings, His provision and protection, etc. That older journal I had begun when she was six years old. Any entries that related to her, I copied into this new journal–the prettiest one I could find. I worked on it all summer before she left that fall, and filled quite a few pages. Then I wrote a note to tuck inside, encouraging her to continue recording God’s faithfulness. When difficulties arise, it is strong medicine to remember all His glorious deeds on our behalf, to sing for joy at the works of His hands (Psalm 92:4)! P.S. Gray, please!

  98. I love this. I love how it can lay flat. I’ve done Bible journaling, but its so hard without a spiral binding. I would love to win gray.

  99. Jennifer, your words and love for your Lydia and your God are absolutely beautiful, as each one penetrated my heart, mind and soul! What an incredible testimonial send-off gift to your daughter in simply sharing your gifts from God through life’s blessings and trials (that I like to call blessings in disguise) wrapped by your heart, and now, wrapped around her at the threshold of a wonderful milestone! You are an amazing example of God’s love and His steadfast care and watch over us all. I have my first book for adults, DETOURED – My Ride Through Cancer with God as Chauffeur, releasing in early October 2020, and would love to have the Illustration Bible in the grey color, if I’m chosen. My book, DETOURED, was born from a paper napkin in my car’s glove compartment when God first planted the seed that began, and has now grown, into full fruition. My takeaways: 1) when God whispers, you write; and, 2) always keep a napkin in your car, if only for writing purposes! 🙂

  100. Jennifer, one thing that has become very clear to me is how precious our Bibles are to the next generation. I have my great grandmother’s, grandmother’s, and now my dear mom’s Bibles. Seeing scriptures underlined and elegantly written comments tell so much about the person’s heart and walk with God. Either color is lovely.

  101. Such a wonderful thing – to journal alongside God’s Word for your daughter and then give it to her as she launches out into the world. What a precious, unique, and priceless gift. It makes me regret that I didn’t do something like this for my girls who are both on their own already. But, I know it’s never too late to start! I would love the PINK one 🙂

  102. I love both colors! Definitely putting this on my wish list, prayer journaling is how I best communicate with/feel closest to God. So I’d love to try it Bible journaling.

  103. This is an amazing idea!! I would love to use this in a similar way for my grandchildren. I always loved the thought that my grandmothers prayers are still Protecting me-I so wish I could have received something like this from my
    Grandmothers .To kNow her thoughts aNd prayers for 20 grandchildren and 58 great grandchildren would have been such a blessing to us now. .
    so i would Love to pass this along to my Grandchildren with my
    Thoughts and prayers written with the scripture could be such a blessing and Reminder that Theough our faith we will be together again.

  104. I just saw this message I’m in NV, so I may be a bit late since it’s about 10:38pm PT. I would love this journaling bible, what a beautiful idea. Any color would work, pink sounds amazing! Thank you for you devotion to Jesus and faith.

  105. Thank you so much for sharing this with us…one of my daughters is a senior this year and I cannot think of any better gift to give her when she leaves for college!
    Here is finding 2 journaling Bibles…. one for her and one for me…. because I really want to linger longer in His Word!

  106. Jennifer,

    What a unique & perfect gift to give your child. They don’t need more stuff. They need your words of love/affirmation. They need to know that we love them dearly & that God loves them even more. This next generation needs to see a people who pray fervently, always & for everything. They need to know more about Jesus & how He will see us through each & every trial we face. Leaving a Godly legacy is something desperately needed in these days. I know a man who died last year suddenly. He left all of us a Godly legacy of prayer, church attendance, & love. He showed the world how to pray always in all situations. His faithfulness to God will not be forgotten but greatly missed.

    Blessings 🙂

  107. I absolutely love this idea!! My sweet daughter leaves for college in a year. I can’t think of anything better to give her. I love the gray Bible!! Xo

  108. I would love a pink one. I love this article. so greatly written and made me cry because I want the same for my babies. If I can leave them one thing on Earth when I leave its Jesus. I want them to know and love Jesus like I do.

  109. I did a similar thing for my children when they graduated from high school. I had written in the Bibles for a year or so & my husband did as well. We also asked 8 or so women from the church to highlight favourite passages & write messges in my daughters Bible and 8 or so men from the church to write in the Bible we gave our son. I’ve started a series of emails about recording in Bibles for children – https://feedmyfamilyblog.com/recording-in-bibles-to-gift-to-children/