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Jen encourages women to embrace both the beauty and bedlam of their everyday lives at BeautyandBedlam.com. A popular speaker, worship leader, and author of Just Open the Door: How One Invitation Can Change a Generation, Jen lives in North Carolina with her husband, five children, and a sofa for anyone...

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  1. Jen,
    When I read the news headlines, now more than ever, I’m drawn to putting my hope solely in God. We are tempted to place our confidence in ourselves, in a particular political figure, in everyone but the One in whom we need to trust. Reading through the Bible, I am reminded that God used both good and bad kings for His purpose and to fulfill Hie sovereign will. Nothing is beyond His power and strength. Also, when I read the news, I am made soberly aware of the need for a faith revival in our country and in our world. Fewer and fewer people are believing that the Bible is the irrefutable Word of God. The news headlines beckon me to share the hope that is in me with a world that needs to know the Good News. Believers, we were made for such a time as this. Let’s not blow our opportunities. Time stands still for no one. Very thought provoking post!
    Bev xx

    • You’ve hit my same sentiment – soberly aware of the need for faith revival in our country and world. Yes and Amen!!!

  2. This is so relevant for so many, especially me. Not long ago I was still getting lost in the news, losing hope, knowing it was negatively effecting me. I finally had enough and shut it all down. I remind myself all the time, do not engage in the arguments that ultimately have no end when they are built on opinions or even sometimes lies. Thank you for writing this so thoroughly and honestly, with actions we can take proactively during an incredibly challenging time. Praying this blog finds it way to those needing to hear your words.

    • Bonnie – you are so welcome. Those proactive actions are ones I need to remind myself and thus I wrote about them for me as well. 🙂

  3. I am overwhelmed, in the best possible way, by what you have shared! Rather than feeling the dark cloud of all that is constantly surrounding us, I am both buoyed and fortified by the truths, that our never-changing God, has promised. You have truly provided a way, through God’s Word, to navigate the storm and to rely on Him as our all in all!

    • Christa – I am so grateful this helped give some guidance as we navigate these storms together.

      Have a wonderful Wednesday. xoxox

  4. Jennifer we have to listen to the news to know what is going on in our world today that God made. It is good in one-way for us to listen to the news to know what happening in the world today. But as followers especially if we hear bad things happening in our world that God made. Not let them get to us. Scare us especially at this time we are in with this Covid 19. As then we are not really as Followers of God really trusting God son Jesus to take care of us. We are only letting the Old Devil Satan win and fill our minds with fear panic and worry. Especially if a Parent or if Married or not Married. If a Parent and got kids just back a school with all the changes at school they had to. You hear so much on the news. To with schools the way they have to put this and this in place to keep kids safe. You could get into your head am I wise as Parent sending my kids back to school. Will they be safe in school. Like Married with no kids or not Married with Covid 19. you do need to hear on the news but not let it get you into a panic. Say or think things like will I still have my Job for much longer the way things are going. Will my boss still be able to pay me. Or will I soon be paid of work. Who is it putting these doughts in your head. Making you panic and worry. Yes no one else especially if a follower of Jesus. That is right The Old Devil. That is were he wants you be. Worrying and Panicking when you listen to the news. But I say yes listen to news but Don’t let the Old Devil have the last laugh You Panicking over things like this when you hear the news. Go into Prayer for these things. Say We have a big big mighty God who will look after us all especially if followers of his. Pray for Yourself and all People and there Jobs that they will have enough money to pay their bill to stay safe. Parents not to worry about their Kids in school especially to with all the changes to do with Covid 19 that have been made in Schools. To keep them safe. Plus anything else you hear on the news. That God will keep you free from all Panicking and Worry. You will also stand on the Promises in his word the Bible as well as Prayer and not let the Old Devil fill your mind. But you will Trust God. Plus People will see to turn to God in Prayer in theses Days and trust God for everything. If not Saved see they need God come to know him for themselves. Thank you Jennifer for what you wrote. It is excellent. Love Dawn Ferguson-Little xx

  5. Wise words, Jen! I will take them to heart. May you and your loved ones be richly blessed during these troubled times.

    • Irene – thank you so much. May your loved ones be blessed as well and feel His peace in new and enduring ways.

  6. As a Christian Nigerian-American woman, my heart has been shattered in ways that I cannot fully articulate. I am thankful to love a God who loves me and doesn’t discount my value because of my race, gender or family of orgin. This year has been heartbreaking and painful for everyone for different reasons such as Covid-19 and its effects such as illness, social distancing, death, job loss and a new reality that is difficult to navigate at times. A divided nation, a polarizing election cycle and more have impacted us in ways that hurt. Yes, we are blessed beyond measure as Christians but we can be authentic and honest before God who created us and our emotions. The body of Christ should the most united group but at the moment there is division, pride and a lack of mercy making its way around the world.
    I will continue to stand on God and his undisputed word. I cannot put any person, place or thing above God and his word.

    I liked this devotional for many reasons. It kept the focus on God who should always be our number one priority. It reminded us to stay in his word. The bible is not only our blueprint for our lives but also how we equip ourselves. I also like how you called us to pray and not take a passive role I today’s current events. The devil was defeated by Jesus at Calvary and is a sore loser. So he will use devices to try to fool us. We as the body of Christ must make a decision to keep our eyes on our heavenly father no matter what. I Thank God for courageous and authentic women of God like you. Your devotional blessed me. May God give you even bigger stages to equip and encourage the body of Christ. God bless you!

    • Ada – Your first sentence stopped me in my tracks. To know your heart has been shattered and as I read the heartbreaking details you list, these are the times more than I ever I wish I could jump right across the screen and be a new friend in real life. I’d give you a big hug (although I guess I’d need to find out if you’re a hugger during this season ;)) and to not only agree with you on your vast value, but to thank you for continuing to stand on His Word .
      Thank you for your encouraging words and know that we are so grateful you are a part of this encourage community today.

      blessings x0x0x

  7. First, what a wise way your husband chose for handling the hot-button issue of current events! He is so right: the only place we can take all those hurtful emotions for true release and healing is to our sovereign God. Second, even if I might not spew verbal venom out loud or through my keyboard, I will often vent my frustrations and cynicisms to my husband, other family members, or even to myself. And that’s a sign of pride. My responses need to come from a place of humility and a contrite spirit (Isaiah 66:2b), and my first reaction needs to be prayer. Thank you for all these helpful scriptures, Jennifer!

  8. Jen,

    This post is post on for today’s world. Thank you for writing this & reminding us to turn back to God. The news & the reports get to me so much that I basically quit watching. I am fed up with everyone in congress no matter their party. This country now more than ever needs a revival. We as Christians are the ones to bring it about. We can start by praying for everyone from President Trump-& his family to all government leaders. They need Godly wisdom to help make wise choices for the people. Also as Christians we need to show this sin darkened world more of God’s love. Shine His light more brightly. People are hurting now & need us to show them the way in this crazy world. Let’s get on the bandwagon & do all the good you can, By all the means you can, In all the ways you can, In all the places you can, At all the times you can,
    To all the people you can, As long as ever you can.”

    Blessings 🙂