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Becky is an author, speaker, Bible teacher, mom of three loud boys, and the Community and Editorial Manager for (in)courage. She loves writing about anxiety, motherhood, and the kindness of God. Long naps, shady trails, and a good book make her really happy.

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  1. Becky,
    My dad, who has passed away, called it the “lost art of letter writing.” That was long before cellphones and texting were even invented. There is just something about getting a snail mail note or letter that makes you feel like you’ve received something even warmer than a bear hug. It probably comes as no surprise that I like to send cards and notes of encouragement. What a perfect day to get out the old pen and paper and put words to our feelings. Joining with you in writing some notes that will hopefully lift the spirits of someone else. It is more blessed to give than to receive. Great post!
    Bev xx

    • Bev –
      Naturally, you were the first person that I thought of as I was reading this post. You have such a gift for encouraging us all through your comments.

      I consider myself blessed to have made this connection.

      Have a blessed day!

    • Bev, I love your heart and your words here. You’re so right…there’s something so special about snail mail! I see it in my kids’ faces too every time they get the rare letter or card addressed just to them. What a gift that we can help put that kind of smile on someone else’s face with just a little time and words of encouragement.

  2. Great post! It’s a timely reminder for me to get my pens out (yes, I color coordinate – imagine the smack my head emoji here!) and send some past due cards TODAY!! Your post also struck me with the thought of encouraging children, who’s lives have been turned upside down this year – and since many children aren’t taught cursive writing anymore a curly, swirly note might be just what they need! Two of my husband’s coworkers had babies this week so their encouragement may arrive as an emailed gift card. And I think I’ll email the hubs a piece of encouragement, too. He’s been in fire service for over 40 years and 9/11 is always a rough day for him.

    Thanks and Blessings to you all!

    • Indiane, I love all those ideas of ways to encourage people — especially those who maybe need that extra reminder that they are seen, remembered, loved when times are tough.

      And thank you for your husband’s service. I’m especially mindful of and grateful for all our amazing fire service-men and women and the families who support them, not only with the recent anniversary of 9/11 but also as a California resident who’s watching another fire season wreak havoc on our communities.

      Much love to you and yours!

  3. Becky you know what during the panmic me and my Husband were able a few months back. To encourage a good friend even though she is alot older than us. She is saved. We during the lockdown. Couldn’t go to see her. That was hard for her. As she had just lost her Husband her best friend. As kids don’t live near her. One come down to see her with Grandson when she can which is 100 miles away from her Mum. This friend She doesn’t drive. Husband was saved. So she has not lost all. I told her that in the card I sent her after her Husband passed away. He went into Hospital become he was not well. Then got home. Then after a week or so had to go back into Hospital again. This time it most have been God telling him. He not make it out again. As he told his wife. This time I will not be out again. The wife knew by the way he said it. She never see him out alive. She said to him don’t say that. That was so true. I told my friend in the card I sent her after she lost her Husband. You yes will miss your Husband. But you have good memories of days and times spent together. You have not lost all. You will see him again in Glory with Jesus. But next time he will have a brand new body with no more sickness or suffering. My friend took great comfort it that. Plus we could not go to her Husband furneral. Because of the Pandemic. My friend found that hard. Only family members there. So one day I wrote my friend a letter and sent her a we wooden heart in the letter it said on the heart. A hug for you because we can’t be there. On the card that I wrote the letter. It said Hold in your hand the heart as it a hug from me to you to show I care and you are very special too me. I wrote on the card a hug from us both me and my husband to say we are thinking of you in theses days. Plus keeping you in prayer. Doing those things meant more to my friend than giving her the crown jewels. She still has the we heart hug. That is how we Encouraged her. We also texted her. When we were able to meet up with her. We went to her house to see her when allowed. She was so glad to see us. I took her for coffee. Told her God is with her. It will take time. She thanked us for all we done for her. She doesn’t drive. My Husband out of the love of God took her to see the grave. To Encourage her. All these little things we did in the Love of God help people. Love today’s reading. Love Dawn Ferguson-Little xx

    • Dawn – what a beautiful encouragement and blessing you and your husband were to your friend!

    • Dawn, what a beautiful example of loving and encouraging others in Jesus’ name. No doubt your friend will cherish your encouragement for a very long time.

  4. Dear Becky,
    I’ll keep you and your friends in my prayers; what an emotional roller coaster you’ve been on lately! This was a lovely post. I’ve always sent cards and sometimes placed a small note inside to let the person know I care and share any news.
    I just received news this past week that my elderly aunt had a major stroke. She and my late uncle had no children and we’ve been close most of my life. Now I can’t even visit her to hold her hand, pray for her and tell her I love her. As a single person in these “rest in place” times, It can be difficult to be alone. Would you and the (in)courage community please reciprocate and pray for me as well? Thank you.

    Shalom, Sandy

  5. Yes, Becky, I have always treasured personal notes on cards I have received over the years and have saved many of them. There have been times I have gotten them out to re-read them. It is almost like a visit with them reading something they wrote many years ago, especially from people who are no longer living. Thanks for the reminder of what a blessing personal notes can be and during this time, perhaps even more so. Thanks to Bev and Dawn for their comments as always, so uplifting and encouraging and the other sisters as well.

  6. Thank you for the inspiration and suggestions, Becky. Another fun way to encourage: compliments for strangers. If I see a woman wearing a lovely scarf, I tell her so. If I see a polite child, I commend him and tell Mom what a great job she’s doing. Family or friends might comment on our clothing or kids, but when a stranger does–someone you wouldn’t expect to notice and who has no ulterior motive–it increases the value of the compliment, I think. And it brings on the smiles!

  7. Becky,

    There is a lack “real” communication these days. We use the excuse we are to busy. Jesus was super busy & still took the time for people. Send that text telling someone you’r praying for them, make the phone call, send the card. It really perks a person up. I’m with you on encouraging people. You will find me at work complimenting the EVS (cleaning) people, saying thank you to RNs & CNAs for helping a patient out. Yes it is their job, but it makes them feel good to know someone cares. You will hear me compliment others clothes, hairstyle, etc. On occasion I will send a snail mail card or letter to uplift someone. More often though I will text or email that person. Wanting to shine more of God’s light & love in this sin darkened world.

    Blessings 🙂

    • Hi Becky,
      One of my dislikes is when people say they don’t have time and I am to busy. Maybe if we managed our time better. Just take\make time to sit down and write a hand written card, email, call, or text. I have been writing hand writing and sending cards since I was a teenager.
      Last year I joined a Pen Pal ladies group on FB and we send cards as often as possible. I started creating my own handmade greeting cards. I retired two years ago and this is something that I challenged myself to do daily. It is a hobby that I truly enjoy. Since the COVID virus I see the need to send out a cards even more.
      Thank you for your blog.

      Sandy McDaniel
      Elgin, TX