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A writer of faith by day and mystery by night, Patricia Raybon is an award-winning Colorado author, essayist, and novelist who writes top-rated books and stories at the daring intersection of faith and race. More at patriciaraybon.com

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  1. Thank you for this, Patricia. Your comment (‘Even in our own homes, a woman might face verbal assault. A verbal abuser, says philosophy professor Dr. Berit Broggard, “will define your reality, decide what you can or cannot do, and treat you (in their eyes) as an ugly part of themselves, a part that they have to undermine in order to keep their own sense of self.”’) was so very helpful for me personally. For all those who, like me, have been affected in this way, please believe what Jesus says about you. Maybe that’s why the Samaritan woman’s encounter with Jesus is one of my favourite stories. God bless you, Patricia. Barbara

    • Blessings today, Barbara. Special thanks, indeed, for mentioning that quote by Dr. Broggard. I almost didn’t add it since the article isn’t about domestic violence. But I just couldn’t delete it. I’m so grateful to hear that it helped you personally. May the Lord’s great love for your remind your daily that He sees you–and you matter! With His wonderful love!

  2. When I teach about this, I love sharing with women the historical/archaeological evidence that ‘s found in first century grave sites where the spread of Christianity can be traced by the health and wholeness of the remains of women in those digs. Where Jesus’s teachings were followed there were fewer broken bones and less evidence of starvation and abuse among the women and the children from those cultures. That almost brings me to tears every time I think of it.

  3. Patricia,
    Having been on the receiving end of verbal and emotional abuse, I know firsthand how another’s words and actions can tear you down. If you hear something negative about yourself long enough, you begin to believe it’s true. Nothing could be farther from the truth. In God’s eyes we (women) are fearfully and wonderfully made. I find it interesting that the first person Jesus reveals himself to as the Messiah by saying, “I am He,” is the Samaritan woman at the well. The beginning of Jesus’ ministry starts with a woman who’s among the dregs of society. He doesn’t see her for her sins, He “re-sees” her with love and respect. He declares her worth to her. If we’ve been beaten down by the words of others, Jesus stands at the ready to redefine who we are in His eyes. Oh, that we would dig, eagerly, into His Word and find the words of truth He speaks over us and, in turn, give our lives to Him. Beautiful!
    Bev xx

    • Blessings dear Bev — and thank you for sharing. It hurts my heart to hear that you’ve experienced verbal and emotional abuse. As women, indeed, it serves us so beautifully to recall the Samaritan woman’s encounter with Jesus, especially in her cultural context. His revelation to her is simply world-changing. Oh, what a mighty savior! May we each remember every day that, in His sight, we are worthy of receiving His best. Both by word and deed. Sending much love today!

  4. Thank you Patricia for writing such a compassionate & loving view from our Lord. He’s the one that matters most of all right? I also grew up with people treating me horribly because I was Jewish. I along with my family was called so many hateful names & treated rudely. My Dad actually had all 4 tires of his car slashed one night while his car sat in the parking lot of his work! He got off at midnight to find this!!! I grew up in a suburb of Los Angeles back in the 60’s.
    When I became a Christian I learned of unconditional love & try to show this to my family & friends as well as people I meet anywhere, i.e., grocery stores waiting in line, at church with someone I don’t know, etc. I send out cards that I’ve purchased with DaySpring to encourage people.
    We need love & peace in our world today! People need Jesus!!!
    Lord bless you Patricia in your work & encouraging others!

    • Blessings, dear Barbara — and thanks for sharing your extraordinary story. I’m dismayed to read the horrible treatment that you and your family experienced. To hear how Jesus has healed your heart and sent you on a mission to show His unconditional love is uplifting and amazing. In this broken world, thank you for shining His light while showing women here how we can do the same. We must answer this call to love–in word and deed. I’m so grateful you shared here today!

  5. Patricia
    Sincere thanks for your sharing and the detailed spiritual insights which
    support women in living & journeying through their daily lives.

    Thank you to all that have commented. Your shared experiences and
    encouraging ways are oh so helpful.

    Peace, Love & Blessings as we all continue our journey.

    • Blessings, Mary — and I agree so much. The sharing here from others has been so helpful. I’m encouraging bye the personal reminders that, in Christ, we can arise in this world and love. Thanks so much for joining me in affirming that. His blessings on you!

  6. I have always believed Jesus gets women. He knows we are stronger than we seem, that is why we give birth, that is why we were first to the tomb, while the men hid, why we wanted to touch His coat and why defying the norm of sitting and listening to Him preach. I also read somewhere that Jesus meets women where we are. He knows better than anyone that women have way to much to do, to be able to spend 40 days in the dessert or to retreat to the mountains these are the luxuries of men not women. That is why Jesus met the woman at the well, He knew He had to meet her where she was in life. Men and Women each have a specific purpose in God’s plan but I also believe God wants His Bride to shine to be a light and as time marches on from biblical times to modern times the light of women just gets brighter and brighter with Our Lord and Savior Leading the Way!!!

    • Amen, dear Denise! I love your perspective. Like you, I didn’t want my article to be a statement about men vs. women. Still, as women, may we consider deeply how the Lord sees us and how he meets us, as you say, “where we are.” In this broken world, may He continue to light our way as we seek to share Him and serve! His blessing on you, indeed!

  7. Patricia we are all beautiful in Jesus eyes. I know I never had kids. I was not that brave to have any. But I do love them don’t get me wrong. I was a Registered Childminder for 19 years. But no not that brave to have any. But look at people like you. Who do give birth how brave you are. You women do something a man can’t. That is bring something beautiful into the world. That is life. Another beautiful human being. A we baby. That is a blessing that God gave most women. As there are some who can’t give birth. For what ever reason and that sad. When they so much want a child of their own. Jesus still see the that person not a failure. But as beautiful person with other talents. Yes they may be hurt. But if they are saved Jesus will help them through time heal. As it hard on them when they see family and friends with kids of their own. When they can’t have any. No matter how they try. Jesus see us all as special. It teaches us that we are loved. No matter what hard things we go through. Like the women at the well Jesus was there for her. He still showed her love. Jesus still loves us no matter what. Jesus don’t care what skin color we have. We will always be special to him. Plus Daughters of the king. Like the kids song I was taught at Sunday School. Jesus Love all the Children of the world Red and Yellow Black And White. We his Followers are to do the same. Love all people of all skin colors. You get the song on YouTube. It is a song. That applys for us as adults today. Especially if saved. Plus if you listen to the Father’s Love Letter On Line. On YouTube type in “The Father’s Love Letter” it will tell you just how much God love you why he loves you. It worth listening to. Love Patricia your readings and today’s. Still praying for you and your Daughter and her Family. Love Dawn Ferguson-Little xxx

    • Blessings, wonderful Dawn — and thank you so much! I’m excited to listen to the Father’s Love Letter. I’d not seen that before. Thank you so much for sharing that here. Thank you, as well, for always sharing your thoughts and comments here. As you speak here with your words, may many respect you and listen. I’m so grateful for you. Much peace and love, Patricia

    • Blessings, dear Annie, and thank you so much for affirming my humble thoughts here today. May the Lord keep leading us all in His love. With His beautiful peace, Patricia

  8. I’m so sorry you had that awful Twitter experience, Patricia. Yes, those angry words certainly DO hurt. Who knows what deep-seated reasons he had, but at some level you would expect he knew what he was doing. Which is heartbreaking.

    And unfortunately, I don’t think it’s just (certain) men against women, as lately I’ve seen plenty of women being ridiculously nasty to other women. I have been at the receiving end of that as well. But thank goodness we have Jesus’ example!

    So when people (no matter their gender) decide to fling their ugly words and bile at us, we can rest in Jesus’ acceptance and respect, and pray that someday they will be able to do the same. A lovely reminder!

    • Amen, dear Annie. In this present day, it’s all too common to see people — including women, as you mentioned — lashing out at others in the worst way. The Lord is calling us to higher ground. May we respond with His love and, as you say, rest in His acceptance of us, and in His respect for us — then inspire us to show the same to others. Thank you for affirming this pathway. May He lead us with His love, and may we follow! With His beautiful peace, Patricia

  9. Patricia,

    People are getting meaner these days. It seems no matter where you go–social media, TV talk shows, news, etc. people are putting each other down. We as Christians are called to a higher ground than that. We are called to love each other no matter what. Thank you for bringing up the Samaritan woman. Hers is an important story. I believe that Jesus talked to her for several reasons. First he knew she needed to be seen & loved. Secondly He knew she would go & tell others. Women want to share their goodness with others. That is exactly what she did. The old saying sticks & stones may break my bones but words will never hurt is but a lie. Words hurt. Words said in anger, prejudice or outright hatred are very hurtful to the receiver. Thankfully Jesus is there to help counter act those nasty words. He redefines who we are as women. Thank you for writing this very important post.

    Blessings 🙂

  10. Patricia, I love that you highlight the fact that Jesus spoke to women! And not only a stranger at a well (which is one of my favorite accounts in Scripture for all the reasons you mentioned), but Jesus also chose women as some of His closest friends: Mary and Martha, along with their brother Lazarus. Jesus loved them, spoke honestly with them, challenged them, heard from them, and came to them to weep together in their time of grief. What a friend we have in Jesus.