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  1. The repeated phrase through the Psalms, “Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good, for his steadfast love endures forever” stood out to me this summer. Just like parents repeat what is important for their children to understand, God repeats what is important for us to know. God must truly want us to know deep in our souls that He loves us. He wants us to trust that no matter how we feel or interpret our current circumstances, His steadfast, faithful, never-ending, constant love endures forever…He will always love us.

  2. This devotion puts into words my experience with
    God. So grateful I need books to keep going.
    Please give a phone number to stay in touch and
    order books.

  3. In Courage,

    God is with us always. Church should never be defined by buildings. Truth is we, the people, are the church. It doesn’t matter where you are or the time of day you can have church & worship Almighty God. I’ve danced in my kitchen to Stephen C. Chapman & praised God in the midst of a trial with aging dad. You can sing, pray, cry out to God anywhere you are. Pray on the way to or from work, sing loudly on way to church to get in the right frame of mind. Looking out at nature & seeing majestic mountains, bodies of water really brings His majesty & mystery home.

    Blessings 🙂

  4. I needed Summer in the Psalms. What a breath of fresh air in a turbulent and uncertain world. I particularly enjoyed the discussion on Thursdays and the insights each of the (in)courage team members drew from the week’s readings. David, in most cases, started each Psalm with presenting his honest and raw emotions before God, but He always ended each Psalm by praising God and giving Him thanks for His faithfulness. I would do well to immitate David’s example in my own life. Loved this Bible study!
    Bev xx

  5. Thank you for this awesome reminder….God is always with us and He speaks to us, but are we listening? These past 6 months have definitely given us more opportunities to be still, quiet before the Lord. With the lack of schedules and commitments, we found ourselves left to ponder life when all the noise had retreated. It was always there, we just chose to replace it with priorities of a different mind set. I pray it has brought us back to a place of dependency upon Him. Yes, let us look to His beautiful creation, the living room of our homes, our backyards and wherever we find ourselves to indeed worship our Lord who is worthy. Church is our hearts devoted in worship, especially in a time when corporate worship is out of reach for many. So you do church and enjoy His presence outside those four walls or within if that is where you find yourself.

  6. Thank you all so much for encouraging us with God’s message of His everlasting love, kindness and faithfulness. Distractions can block out what God is trying to tell us, but if we Be Still and listen His message becomes clear.
    Blessings to all,

  7. I loved your reflection and your thoughts in worshiping. Nature and a barn. It’s just wonderful.
    Marinalva Sickler

  8. Our Zoom Bible study this morning concluded with this – “Give thanks that we can worship in the presence of God anywhere and any time through the death ofJesus for us.” (Pathway- One Life Under God, week 4) And my husband and I loved the Jim Reeves song “My Cathedral” – very special. Thanks for this confirming post. Often pray in the car – (eyes open of course).
    I find these in-courage posts and many of the comments to follow, most comforting and inspirational. Thank you all.

  9. Oh Rachel, you know that God speaks to me through your gentle words…they always cause my soul to stir, comfort me, encourage me, inspire me and bless me.

  10. My favorite time to worship is in my garden when I see all the handiwork of the Creator. On my morning walks as I listen to the birds singing and flying in the beautiful blue skies. Yes I miss my corporate worship but as you said you do not need four walls to find church.