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  1. Sometimes it good for you to show your kids you are human. That you have emotions too. You as a parent. Feel sadnesses always. I know you as parent don’t like your kids to see you sad. You as parents like to try a be big a brave in front of them. Always being happy having all the answers to the their we questions. Showing them every thing is ok. You have to tell them it ok to to sad as well as happy. It is ok to see your parents sad and happy. So you as parents have to pray to God to know what to say to your beautiful kids. When they see you sad. Not be afraid to tell them the truth. Mummy is Sad because she has because she has lost your Grandmother that was her Mummy too. But Jesus is with us all. Jesus will heal us and make us smile again. We will always miss her. But one day we will see her again in Heaven. It good for Mummy to cry as well. We all along with you kids have good memories of Granny. Days spent together if the kids knew her. Even if your kids were small. We can say to Jesus thank you for those days we had her on earth. Then give the kids a hug. Let the kids give you their Mum a hug. Tell the kids they have not lost all. They will one day see their Grandmother again and so will you in Heaven with Jesus. You have that to look forward too. I believe it good to show your kids you feel sadnesses too and feel happiness too and not to hide the sadness from them that you feel. Trying all the time to make them feel you are always happy. When you are not. It good for them to know that too. So they can give you a hug and say it ok for Mummy to be happy and sad at times. We love you and so does Jesus. Let them know you feel it too. Love today’s reading. Jesus himself felt saddness he let people know it to. He was human too. Love Dawn Ferguson-Little xxx

  2. This is a wise and well-written article. Thank you for writing something I know to be true and can share with others who need to hear this, also. Bless you.

  3. In Courage,

    Parents should never hide emotions. It is important for children to know that grief, crying, sadness, happiness are all a part of this life. They learn by watching you parents. Even little children have emotions & they need to learn how to express them. When a friend, loved dies or any trial hits & you are sad sit the children down & talk about it. Tell them to express their emotions. You both can comfort each other in that time. It will carry them into adult hood when trials will hit them. You may not be around to assist them, but they will have the knowledge to understand that crying is alright. It is suitable to cry in that moment. Let your children see you grieving, crying upset. They can help you get through it & in turn you can help them through their own griefs.

    Blessings 🙂

  4. We really do teach our children so much as they watch us grieve. We teach them that hard times happen to all, but we can get through them. Which helps them when they have their own trials as adults. It shows them God’s faithfulness. It teaches them they don’t always have to be happy to be loved. It teaches them so many things.