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  1. I myself have longed for things in life. Not kids. Don’t get me wrong I love kids. Was a registered childminder for 19 years. Just not that brave to give birth. Even though I am married. I love all my Niece’s and Nephews. But I do feel your pain Samantha. Will say a prayer for you. As I have one friend who does not drive. I have another one who I don’t see that often as she is that busy with her own life. When we do meet up it good. My other friends I don’t drive live 86 miles away from me. I don’t see them that often. All the people in my Church are a lot older than me. I prayed to God asked him for another friend one we could be prayer partner go on prayer walks. Just have a laugh together and go for coffee. Then at times I get down about it. Then I say Dawn stop it. Be thankful you are alive to enjoy another day in God’s world. There are people all over the world a lot worse of than you. So I then perk myself up and say you know what I have a lot to be thankful for. So I then stop grumbling. But at the same time another friend would be nice. To go for coffee with be a prayer partner etc with. I have in the past prayed and asked God to send one like that saying my other friends as I said ones live 86 miles away one doesn’t drive like me. The other one I hardly ever see she busy but when I see her it is nice. She not the prayer type. We just catch up as not seen either for such a long time. But I got now I don’t grumble. As I think I a live God have given me another day to live in his beautiful world. I have roof over my head food on my table clothes on my back. When many a person all over the world have not got this. So I thank God for this. Plus thank God I am saved and that he Loves Me. Trust God for everything thing. Plus surrender all into his hands. You know what like the song you get on YouTube “What a friend we have in Jesus”. That is so so true. I and you have the best friend of all. So what more so I want. Love today’s reading. Keeping you all incourage in prayer xxx

    • Dawn, your commitment to gratitude is so beautiful! Thank you so much for your prayers and know that I’m praying for you today as well–that you would experience beautiful friendships here on earth, even as you experience the gift of friendship with Christ.

  2. Thanks for this reminder!

    I’m also in a painful place where I want to have kids, but I know it’s not the right time or the right circumstances (adoption is my Plan A). Meanwhile, about 10 of my friends gave birth this summer.

    I cried every day in April over this, and in July something started shifting along the same lines of this idea: I can’t have kids, but I can offer to homeschool other people’s kids this fall and help out overwhelmed parents! I’m so passionate and excited about this idea that’s been well received in my community, and I think it could have only come from God, holding me and saying, “See? I knew you’d make something good out of this pain.” <3

  3. Great balance in this post! It does seem no matter what gifts God gives us, we wind up longing for something more or something else. It’s so important to be grateful and productive in whatever season and whatever circumstance we are called. Yet we are human, and God knows our heart desires and fulfills them on His timetable and in accordance with His perfect plan. Sometimes, our heart aches and breaks in the waiting. Prayers with you for God’s best, dear Samantha!

    • Christina, amen to all of that! Waiting hurts but gratitude certainly keeps us from “staying stuck.”

      I so appreciate your prayers! Praying for you today, as well.

  4. You’re so right, waiting for something shouldn’t keep us from enjoying the beauty that is all around us right now. So often we miss the beauty that’s present even in the waiting, thinking that we can’t be happy until we have what we’re waiting for. The truth is that right here is EXACTLY where God wants us right now. His timing is always best even when it’s hard (not that I always like that, but honestly who does:). Thank you for this encouragement!

    M @ In Beautiful Chaos

  5. Samantha, I love your reflections here. Your perspective is so wise: there’s always something else to wait for, and our true heart’s desire doesn’t lie on this side of heaven. When my husband and I were living with infertility, we asked the Lord to help us wait well—trusting and glorifying Him. He was faithful in the waiting and in the answer, and in subsequent times of waiting since then. Thank you for this reminder today! Praying for you as you wait.

    • Jennifer, thank you so much for sharing your story! Seeing & hearing of God’s faithfulness in others’ lives is always refreshing.

      Thank you for the prayers, and know that I’m praying for you today as well. 🙂

  6. Samantha,

    The Christian life is full of waiting & longing. Mostly longing for our eternal home in Heaven. God knows the desires of our hearts. Sometimes He answers those prayers quickly. Others & mos often He has us wait. It is in the waiting that we turn to Him. We pray, ask for His guidance & seek His will. The other side of the coin is that He has plans for us. Plans we know nothing about but must participate in. While waiting on God to move-answer our petition-we should be obedient & trust Him. Trust that He knows best for us. He knows how he longs to use us for His glory. It is in the waiting that He is molding & making us more into His likeness. Let’s try to be patient & wait on the Lord. His ways are always best.

    Blessings 🙂

  7. Samantha,
    Thank you for this heartfelt and honest post. This was posted on my 40th birthday. I don’t have children or a husband yet but I am surrendering the outcome to God. I used idolize being a wife and mom in my 20s. Then in my early 30s I became a woman scorned and said never to marriage and kids. God started to renew my mind and heart to remind me he is the architect of my life. I love how you illustrated the beauty of Christ’s church. I like how your church has a family approach. My church does the same. Everyone is valuable no matter what season of life they are in and should be cherished. The wife and mom is not more valuable than the single professional. Thank you for displaying the beauty of obedience.

    • Happy belated birthday, Ada 🙂 And thank you for sharing your story! It is truly special to have a Church that feels like family & I’m so glad you’ve found that. Praying for you as God continues to work in your life & heart & mind.