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  1. I feel like I have so many questions about my life and how to provide the best life for my daughter. I’m feeling really unsettled lately. Please pray for God to reveal his wisdom to me.

    • My prayer request is for healing. I have lived with chronic pain for 16 years. As I am aging and my body is deteriorating, I experience painful things on top of my chronic pain. The chronic pain is well managed but it is now with these additional painful things happening, I am worn down and weary and in a constant battle with depression. Thank you in advance for your prayers.

      • Leslie, I’m right there with you. I understand living with chronic pain and autoimmune disease. I pray that you will be reminded that you don’t have to carry this alone, even though it’s a lonely battle you’re in. You know that God gives strength for each new day. Everyday I must turn it over to God because I think I should handle it myself. But part of the lesson here for me is to allow God to do whatever His plan and pace is for me. So hard. He sees your perseverance and He loves you so much! God bless your day!

        • Amy, thank you for your prayer for Leslie–I am also challenged by autoimmune issues and your prayer blessed me too!!

          I pray that God continues to strengthen and encourage you every day as you submit to His sovereign will.

          May you feel the Shalom of God!!

      • Leslie, I will pray for you. My extended family has lived with a debilitating kidney disease. There have been many, many transplants and Hemo dialysis experienced. No one reaches 70 years old. I am 71 chronologically but physically probably 95. Pain is our constant companion from day one which is not at all easy. Yes, I will pray for you.

    • Elizabeth,
      God promises that if any of us lacks wisdom or discernment we can come to Him and He will answer. I know you’ve been praying for some time and I am praying too that God will reveal His will for you, to you. Keep going, with persistence and perseverance, before Him. Seek Him first, lean into Him and He will “add all these things unto you” in His timing. His timing is perfect. I’ve had to learn that His timing is not my timing. Sometimes He wants some One-on-one time with us first.
      Bev xo

    • Father God, please give Elizabeth the knowledge & wisdom that she needs to deal with any situation that she’s going through. Wrap Your loving arms around her & hold her & her daughter close. Let her know that You’ll never leave her or forsake her. Use her tears as soul cleansing agents & replace her doubts with positive affirmations. This I ask in Jesus’ name…Amen.

    • Elizabeth,

      Life is hard. Adding a pandemic, shelter at home & civil unrest complicates it. James tell us that If any of you lacks wisdom, you should ask God, who gives generously to all without finding fault, and it will be given to you. Asking God to guide you through your steps daily & give you wisdom to know His will for your family’s future. May you fully comprehend that He has plans for you. Jeremiah 29:11 “For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord. Plans to prosper you & not for harm. To give you a hope & a future.” He is there patiently waiting for you to commune with Him. Do so today.

      Blessings 🙂

    • Dear Elizabeth, many of us are feeling unsettled these days. The world seems upside down or tipped sideways. I pray that you will remain close to God and seek His will in all you do. I pray you will have peace about decisions that affect your daughter. Someone told me once that if you act out of love, you’re generally on the right track!

  2. My mother transitioned recently, & my husband hasn’t given me the support that I’ve needed. He’s been very distant. Sometimes, I feel like I’ve got this heavy weight on my shoulders, & I’m all alone. I’ve prayed & prayed about the situation.
    Now, I surrender it totally. But God…He’s the lifter of my head. Praying for strength during these trying times.

    • Thank you for sharing your heart! I can certainly relate. I’m
      Praying for you today. May the God of comfort meet you in this season!

  3. My son’s 14 year old daughter from his first marriage has estranged herself from my son, from me, and her 3 year old half-brother. My son became angry with her and said things that he regrets. He has since apologized many times and in many ways. He has quit drinking and is going to counseling to deal with stress (he is in the medical field) and family issues in healthy ways. Her brother and I have done nothing to offend her and have always had a good relationship until now. Unfortunately, her mother and other adults that she spends her time with see this estrangement as a way to hurt my son and do not see the harm that this is doing to my granddaughter. I am praying for God’s will in this situation.

    Praying for you, Elizabeth.

  4. Please pray for me and my family. My brother passed away suddenly, this past Wednesday morning. He lived with my mom, and I have two sisters. We are trying to take one breath at a time and, sometimes we’re not sure what to pray. I find comfort in knowing he is in Glory.

  5. I’m a divorced single working mom. With covid very real and near there’s a chance that my children will be removed from me and sent to their father since he is a school teacher that lives over an hour away. If this decision is made this will set a precedent that he will then have full custody and I’d only have them on the weekends. They are 7 and 4 so we have many years of childhood and school experiences ahead. I really don’t want to give up my time with them but also have to continue working to provide for them and myself. Thank you for your prayers.

    • Father God, you are our all knowing God who wrote every single detail of our lives even before we were born. Father I pray for Natasha and her children and praying that your perfect will and plan be carried out in their lives. Please fill her with your peace and remove any fear, worry, and anxiousness she may have. Lord we pray for right choices to be made and we pray that you will guide her through the decision making process. Make a way for her Lord during this time. In your son’s precious name, Amen!

    • Dear Father, I pray for protection and restoration of her marriage in wonderful ways, if it is Your will. Come fill Abigail with such peace and hope in the midst of these times and give her wisdom and courage for the hard days, but also refreshment and rest in You. In Jesus name, Amen

  6. Please pray for my daughter. She has mental health issues and recently expressed committing suicide. She does Tarot cards and I know this is the work of the devil. She went to stay with her father which as an unbeliever will allow her to continue in her wayward ways. Pleading the blood of Jesus over her every day.

    • Areum,

      I am praying that there would be some godly influence coming into your daughter’s life and for her to be free of satanic influence, especially the thoughts of harming herself. Asking these things in the mighty name of Jesus for His glory and the good of your daughter. Praying also for each and every one of the prayer requests mentioned here today.

  7. In Courage,

    I have several requests:

    1) good friend & ex-co worker’s son is into drugs & causing problems for his parents. She starts teaching again in about 2 weeks. Pray this stressful situation be resolved.

    2) Another ex-co worker just had knee surgery. She is home recovering. Pray for her & her stressful job at Ask a Nurse.

    3) My pastor’s wife is dealing with an aging mom that lives 4 hrs away. No one else in family does anything for mom. She alone has to do all the traveling & work to check on her.

    4) Hubby is working at hospital in a job he can’t stand anymore (CT Tech). He has applied for several outpatient CT jobs. Prayers one of them will call him for an interview & hire him. He is down about his work situation & desperately wants out of the hospital.

    Praying for all here during these especially trying times. May God give y ou the strength to endure each & every minute of each day.

    Blessings 🙂

  8. I believe sometimes God heals people on this earth some he doesn’t. Our is no matter what. We may ask the questions why God did you heal that person and not heal this person. Ours is not to as why. Especially if saved. As more so if saved it harder to understand why God healed that person and not your saved loved one. All you wanted was a few more years on earth with them. God can used the medical people and the treatment to heal them. Sometimes God can heal them directly by Himself. But when God doesn’t. Our world fall apart at that time. Especially if we hear of someone else being healed. Should it be through treatment that is the why God choose for them to be healed or for them to be healed by God himself. It seems to the family who have the love one why God did you not heal my love one. Give us more time together. But we still have to believe God knows best. God knows what he is doing. Sometimes God says. It is best for me to take it your love one home to be with me. Yes it hard for you to believe that God at the time wouldn’t heal them and give you more time on earth with them. Yet he heal others in his own why. Should it be using the medical people and the treatment they were getting. Or God direct. You the family did believe and prayed and had others pray plus stand on the true word of God the Bible. But it was not to be. I seen that in the past with friends of mine and family who have and had very sick. It seems very on fair. But I told them you have not lost all. You know your loved one is saved. You might not see them on earth again but you have to trust God knew best to take them home to be with him. You have good memories of days and times spent together. You know you will see them again one day. But next time with a brand new body no more sickness. You have that too look forward to. You keep praying to God looking forward to that day. Thanking God for the days you had together and the memories. When you get to Glory God will give you the answers of why he took your loved one home and didn’t heal them on earth. But keep looking up to God keep trusting him. I know it hard. But remember we like the song have to do what it says. What a friend we have in Jesus. Yes what friend we have in Jesus. Thank you incourage for everything you do. I know it not nice to loose anyone close to us. .Keep you all in prayer. Xxx

  9. Healing and hope in the midst of depression, trust even if not and full surrender to God.

    • Dear Lord, please bless Barbara with healing and hope in the midst of depression. Give her peace in her circumstances and courage to deal with them. Lift some of the sadness from her.

    • Please God, bring healing, peace and comfort to Your child Barbara. Fill her with peace in the midst of her trouble, the peace that only you can give. May she surrender her fears, worries, sadness and anxieties into Your very capable hands Father. You have good plans for her life. Plans to prosper her and not to harm her, plans to give her hope and a future. (Jeremiah 29:11) Thank You Father God for never leaving Barbara and being right there in the middle of her darkness. May she always know how loved she is. In Jesus’ Name, amen! ❤️

      Praying for peace and comfort for you, sweet friend. May God pour His blessings on you! You are never alone

    • Barbara,
      Unfortunately, I know the pit called depression…it’s awful. Praying for you right now for healing – be that through medicine or counseling or both. Please seek help if you haven’t already. Depression is an illness – not a character flaw or a lack of faith. May God’s healing hand be upon you and may He give you wisdom. He is right there holding you with His righteous right hand. He won’t let you fall.
      Blessings and gentle hugs,

  10. Please pray for my sister-in-law, Sandie, who is in the hospital on suicide watch. Please pray for her to have peace with her chronic illness and pain. Please pray for her husband, my brother, Jerry, who attempted suicide, but failed just two years ago. As Sandie’s illness has progressed, we have all been worried that the suffering would be too much for Jerry to bear. We never anticipated that Sandie would now want to also take her life. As Jerry and Sandie have suffered so much already with health issues and financial issues, please pray that I find ways to ease their suffering.
    Thank you, InCourage community for everything you do!

    • Hi carol! Praying for you and your family! May God bring healing, peace and comfort to Sandie, Jerry and to you. May He move the mountains and May His will be done. In Jesus’ Name, amen. God bless you, friend! ❤️❤️

      Jeremiah 29:11

  11. Please pray that God would bless me and use me , pray for His annointing on my life. I feel empty and hungry for more. Thank you

  12. Please pray for me. I have had a desire for restoration for my ex husband and I for 13 years. At the end of this month he is planning on marrying the woman he left me for. My daughter 16 is devastated, but goes along with things. My 13 year old son doesn’t say anything. Please pray for Gods best for us all, including my ex husband. That if it be Gods will for this marriage not to happen that God would boldly speak to my ex. That he would hear & obey The Lord. For comfort for me & the kids. Thank you.

  13. Please pray for me. I have had a desire for restoration for my ex husband and I for 13 years. At the end of this month he is planning on marrying the woman he left me for. My daughter 16 is devastated, but goes along with things. My 13 year old son doesn’t say anything. Please pray for Gods best for us all, including my ex husband. That if it be Gods will for this marriage not to happen that God would boldly speak to my ex. That he would hear & obey The Lord. For comfort for me & the kids. Thank you.

    • Father, I pray that Dawn and her family find healing and restoration in their lives. That whatever your will is for their family, that they accept it with open hearts, knowing that you will heal their hurts in time. I pray for Dawn’s children, this can be a very difficult time for teenagers, I pray that you lift up their hearts and heal their emotional wounds. I pray you wrap your loving arms around the whole family, and that they feel your love Lord.

      I ask for prayers today for my little family. My boys and I have lived happily in a lovely home for eight years. Last week we were informed that we have to find a new home. Our current home is being sold, and we need to vacate in 30 days. During this difficult time of Covid restrictions, finding a new home is difficult. I pray that is God’s will to lead us to a new home, where we can be safe and comfortable. My youngest son has Autism, and this is very difficult for him. Thank you

  14. I am struggling at the moment, indeed for many moments about whether prayer is really useful. I have been praying for the dysfunctional behaviour that affects both of my grandchildren to change but it continues year after year – 6 years to be exact. I am of the belief that ‘Man proposes, God disposes’ for if God knows all about this horrible behaviour on the part of the parents and the effects on the children then why would he allow it to continue. We read in the Bible that Jesus had great love for children and if this is so then why would he watch the destruction of a beautiful child’s nature?
    My faith in God is very weak – it seems that he simply decides, no matter what. Therefore, why should I ask anything of him. He will do what he wants regardless of my prayers – and that’s how it’s been, except that the dysfunction increases!

    • Dear Jakki,
      God indeed loves His children, but He loved us so much that He gave us free will. Unfortunately, that free will sometimes comes in the form of self-destruction such as drug abuse, affairs, or being a mean person. But He cares deeply about your grandchildren’s suffering as well as your aching heart. Your discouragement is understandable, but please do not give up on praying. The Bible advises us to “seek wise counsel.” Do you have a therapist or trained pastor who could support you right now? These people could give you much-needed encouragement and perhaps even help you find resources or effective strategies to guide or influence your self-destructive children and grandchildren. God may have positioned you to be the angel in their lives. Please seek professional & Godly advice?

      The fact that you posetd here is a sweet sign that your heart is still open to Him. Blessings and best wishes! I will be praying for your from Southern California.

  15. Dear Jakki,
    Oh, my heart goes out to you in your distress over your children and beautiful grandchildren, I pray for them now, and for you, and that you will not give up on God. He will never give up on you, or them. He never overtakes our free will, but He can lead us into His will and wait for us to respond. Sometimes what we suffer makes us stronger. Please leave room in your heart to thank God for the beauty of His universe, and the little every day blessings in our lives, and you may then find it easier to keep right on praying. And Barbie’s advice was great, too. May the Lord comfort you in your waiting, and remember that He will never leave us or forsake us. Praying for you from Australia. And for all the other prayer requests above, May the Lord bless you and keep you, …. and give you peace. Number 6:24-26

  16. I need prayer for healing…. I have a medical issue I have been begging God to heal. It’s not Covid but a respiratory/allergy issue. I also
    Have terrible anxiety I’m trying to keep at bay which has been so hard to deal with during the Covid quarantine and unemployment and my daughter has been deployed for several months now. And I’m divorced with a young adult child still At home. This year has been very challenging for us both.

  17. dear heavenly Father! Please give us all strength to endure the days to come ! We are living in such a trying time ! May all our suffering be glory someday! I pray for each request- keep the faith and remember Heaven will be our home – until then God give us strength and peace to carry on

  18. Barbara,
    Unfortunately, I know the pit called depression…it’s awful. Praying for you right now for healing – be that through medicine or counseling or both. Please seek help if you haven’t already. Depression is an illness – not a character flaw or a lack of faith. May God’s healing hand be upon you and may He give you wisdom. He is right there holding you with His righteous right hand. He won’t let you fall.
    Blessings and gentle hugs,

  19. It’s truly a hard n trying time for everyone.
    I’m a first time mom… that should say it all.
    I pray for everyone here with prayer requests that the Almighty God will heal, restore, provide, and grant every answer uphold us all in Jesus name.

  20. My prayer request is healing… I have been having missed periods fafter 1year of starting my mestration and have been diagnosed of pcos…. Plz join hands in praying with me.. Thank you and God bless you

  21. i need some prayer for my right shoulder is in pain and i have a fatty liver and some other issues that i wish to be prayed for