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  1. When we do something for someone else and we do it in love we are doing it on to Jesus. Especially if we don’t look for a reward back. Jesus know we are doing it in love on too him. Like Jesus hand were kind hands doing good to all. Jesus loves all people he loved helping people when he could. He never turned any one away. If had the time he listen to them. He still listen to us. By listing to our prayers. We can be kind to others if got a minute free or time free or if able. Ask them if able do something nice for them. Be the hands and feet of Jesus to the them and show the love of Jesus to them. Especially if not able to go shopping for themselves. Or like my Dad with a sore leg at times not able to walk his dog at times. Take his dog a walk for him. As the neighbor or that person if can’t go shopping for themselves can I get you anything in the shop as I am going for myself. Or if at home and no one else to talk to pop in if they like that and chat them for a while. As they might like the company. Or if able to get out and a bit lonely take them for coffee. You might just brighten their day to get them out of their home for a we while. Doing this they might see Jesus in you. If not saved ask you what is you have that makes you so kind and caring. Plus loving. You can say I have Jesus living in me. Everything thing I do I do for Jesus and because I care for people as well. Want to see them happy and smile. It makes me smile. Then Jesus smiles and I know I made someone smile their day a lot brighter. Love today’s reading. Xxx

  2. Mary,
    I love this post and yes, I’ve had those “weird” feelings and nudges from God. Too often, I make it about me…what will they think of me? Will I make things awkward by being so forward? One time I struck up a conversation with a woman in the grocery store in the produce section. I just felt a nudge that she needed someone to talk to. Turned out she was new to town, was a recovering alcoholic, and had been clean for over a year but her adult children wanted nothing to do with her for how she had ruined their family. We ended up talking for more than a half hour and I was able to pray with her beside the potatoes. I think of the opportunity I would have missed to bless her and to be immensely blessed myself. I almost kept on going – minding my own business. You just never know where a kind word may lead. Good medicine for us all, Mary!
    Bev xx

  3. Refreshing biblical teaching that can be applied to every day life. Thank you for sharing this.

  4. This was timely today! Thank you! At the end of a marathon week for me I was looking forward to a less busy day but ended up agreeing to watch a friend’s children all day. It is indeed turning into a blessing. And I would add that when we step out in faith, not knowing where the energy will come from, if it’s God’s idea He’ll supply all that’s needed!

  5. Mary,

    God winks as I call them are little nudges from Heaven to do this or go there. A co-worker of mine was moving from a condo to a nice home in town. I felt compelled to get her a housewarming gift. One Friday another co-worker & I were going to help her move. Knowing that she is older & probably didn’t need anything-I asked if she had food to feed us all. She hadn’t thought about it. After gathering some information I made a huge baked spaghetti & meatball casserole. The three of us were able to eat on it, the other co worker took some home & she had plenty left over for the long moving days. shortly thereafter that same RN’s dad got ill-probably cancer. She was worried & feeling stressed. I took it upon myself to get a small pint of sugar free butter pecan ice cream & took it to work.

    I continue to do little things for people. When my in-laws got I would get a left over casserole from “Feed Multitude”-something my church did- & take it to them. Also take one for my widowed neighbor. For MILs bday I would cook up food so she didn’t have to. I love to cook & try new recipes plus helping people always makes me happy. I get blessed right along with them.

    Blessings 🙂