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Ann Swindell is passionate about equipping other women to share their stories beautifully and powerfully through Writing with Grace, where she teaches Christ-centered writing courses. She is the author of Still Waiting: Hope for When God Doesn’t Give You What You Want.

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  1. I remember a time like that with my husband years ago. We had big dission to make. My Husband said we can’t afford to tithe. With what little money I getting. We need ever penny for bills and God will have to do without he said. Then an older friend who is now in Glory today said to my Husband. But you can’t afford not too. It is God who gave you all you have. I looked at my Husband said all those years ago yes she right. Out of what little money he had my Husband tithed to God. We continue to pray and trust God. Through that rough time. It was a big test. All the job interviews filling in job forms going down to job market. It was hard. But we kept trusting God. Sometimes God let’s these things happen for a reason too see how strong your faith is in him. To see will you tith to him even when you say I could do with that extra money towards that bill. But in first place it is God who gave it too you. You could get down wonder why God not answering your prayers as quickly as you like. You not getting a job to help pay the bills. But now today you have a job. You look back on those day. God’s hand was in it all. As you and we never needed for anything. All our bills were met we had food on the table. But at the same time we still worried. We still didn’t put or faith in God. God he wouldn’t see us without. Or stuck. God didn’t like it says on Phil 4 verse 19 as it say My God shall supply all your needs according to his riches in Christ Jesus. Not your greed’s. So we have a lot to thank God for. Sometimes I think people who are saved and still have their Jobs. Should show God a lot more thankfulness. As it is God who gave them the Jobs they have. Some not be as greedy as they can be. Wanting the latest laptops tv’s computers etc. There not even still happy when they have them. Greed takes over them. God wouldn’t want that. If they lost their job and had to look for another one. Then they panic. Then if got another one with less money especially in theses times. It might teach them to be thankful for what they have. That they roof over their heads food on their tables clothes on their backs etc. Stop think about people who in world today who don’t have theses things. To if have family to teach them to apperate what they have. Not expect their parents to always be buying them the best. Be thankful for what they have. Be thankful on God for ever day they are alive. As those days my Husband had no Job taught us both that. We have no kids. But to be thankful for the house we have we have food on our table. We say grace before our meals now on to God. Love today’s reading love Dawn Ferguson-Little. Xx

  2. My husband and I have just come through a similar season. We knew we would have to wait 4-6 months but that 6 months stretched into 12 months. God provided in big and little ways, none of which were orchestrated by us. It was all Him, and He’s brought us closer to Him and each other in the process. What a good God we serve!!

  3. This is wonderful and we also had a similar situation many, many years ago when our children were small. I am so thankful for a God that will and does provide. Everything we have God has provided it and I can’t begin to thank him enough for everything I have.

  4. Thanks for this Ann. It is a great reminder of the everyday miracles we all experience. It does not have to be a red-sea parting or Lazarus-raising miracle to be a MIRACLE


  5. Ann,

    God is still in the miracle business. We think everything should be copacetic. Most of us don’t like change. Keep it status quo. My hubby got put on furlough earlier this year. You would have thought the end of the world was here. He was very upset. I kindly told him it wasn’t his fault-due to Covid. Be grateful for this stretch of togetherness. It worked out that we were able to get a lot of stuff done around the house. I told him it was God’s hand that you have never been laid off or fired in 32 years working for same company. God sends trials our way to change & mold us into His likeness. I remember when my aging dad got put into geriatric psych unit at hospital. I was scared. In the end God healed him & strengthened my faith & trust muscles. He wants us to trust Hi completely even when the situation looks gloomy like now with pandemic & civil unrest. He can & will make a way in the wilderness.

    Blessings 🙂

    The Bible is full of stories about how God can use our little & make it big.

  6. Ann, thanks for the comment about your dad. My wife was just put in a geriatric psych ward and it was so scary. God has sustained us though and i am praying for her healing, and my trust muscles to strengthen as well. We are both in our early 70’s and it has been a hard, but good road. My heart has grown faint so many times, but God keeps the feet of his saints. Thank you Ann as well for a gritty, good piece.