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  1. Knitting I tried so many times throughout my life to learn. We in our Church the Salvation Army have women group call TLC. Which stands for Tender Loving Care. On Wednesday night when it was on before Covid 19. There at it they even tried to teach me how to knit. I couldn’t. They even tried to me how crochet I couldn’t get the hang of it either. I even went on to YouTube to try and learn. It drove me bats. My Husband laughed at me. He said Dawn put it away knitting and crochet not for you. You tried. Sometimes we find things easier than others. Other times we find things more difficult than other. But boy oh boy did the knitting and the crochet drive me bats. But as the saying that come to mind God loves a trier. I am not one of those people. My two Grandmother who are both not alive today in their time were the best knitters you seen they used to knit us our school jumpers and scarfs for school when small. But it taught me a big lesson to in life of God. At least I tried and I even went on to YouTube to try and learn. But God said to me my Child I still love you and I commend you that you tried you didn’t give up. Until you knew it had you beat. You found it was not for yourself. But in life God said to me l like people my followers who try things and don’t give up until they know they are not just meant to be for them. Sometimes God showed me this. We think a job we take is for us and we find can do I mange it. We like the knitting get into a fluster. It too hard for us. We stick at stay with because we think it money towards the bills. It a job. But in the end the stress of it getting to us. God could be saying like a tingle ball of wool or string. That you can’t on ravel it meaning you can’t do the job it to hard for you. You get into more stress. Then your health suffers. So God could be saying now stay in the job but look out for another job if can. Pray and ask God to help you. One more suitable for you. That you can do. Yes we were knit in our Mother’s wombs and God choose what color skin we have. Like we can if good knitters choose what color of wool we choose to knit with. Like the color of wool to knit with let stop and not be like choosing the color of wool when it comes to color or skin of people when we choose or friends or see people. Let not think about color. Let look beyond that. Look at the person from the heart with Love. Like the Jesus would. Not look at their skin color. Another thing people are worried about sking color it says in Job naked we came from our mothers womb and naked we will be when we die. So why are we worried about skin color as the Person in the Hospital who helps give birth to us from our mothers womb see us with nothing on and our skin color doesn’t matter to them. So why should it matter to us. These are the words in Job 2 verse 21″ I came naked from my mother’s womb and I will be striped of everything when I die”. How true that is even today.

  2. Kari,

    Truth be told we are all guilty of racism of a nature. I’m guilty of judging people. Sunday morning at church I see people in shorts, & flip flops or some looking at their phones the entire service. Right away I’m quick to judge them for not dressing a little nicer or paying attention to the sermon. Being cognizant of that I confess my sins to God & ask forgiveness. I should be focused on myself & my worship of God. Never before would I consider myself a racist. But judging others based on looks, skin color, etc. is just that. Our God is so wonderful. He knit us in our mothers’ wombs. All of us black, white, red, yellow, etc. He takes great care in unraveling, reforming us & fixing our frayed ends. He wants us to have a heart like His. One that loves everyone no matter what. May we take the time to listen, learn & love like Jesus.

    Blessings 🙂

  3. Thank you, Kari for this interesting text about knitting being like what Jesus does for us. Unraveling our mistakes, misconceptions, etc. and making something beautiful out of the messed up yarn in our lives. Beautiful analogy!