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Jennifer is an artist living in rural Nebraska with her US Army veteran husband. She loves to create and seeks to reflect the beauty of Christ and encourage others in meaningful, beautiful ways. You can find her and see more of her art on Studio JRU.

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  1. Jennifer, I have words of encouragement for you on the zero turn. We have had a family mowing business for several years, and my husband and kids were ecstatic over our big zero turn mower–which I vowed I would never use. (I wish I had gone into it with your positive attitude.) I did eventually learn, but it did not come naturally to me. I go zipping all over the place on ours now, and it saves a lot of time.
    I guess I am a slow learner, and I see the same need for patience and remedial help in my spiritual life as well. Thanks be to God for patient husbands and a patient Savior!

    • Yes… so grateful for His patience! And thank you for the encouragement with the mower. I appreciate that and I appreciate knowing I wasn’t the only one!

  2. Jennifer,
    When I had six surgeries (and long recoveries) in six years, I admit getting very frustrated. “Is there something, God, you want me to learn that I’m not learning?” I felt like a remedial learner who had to repeat the course over and over. There were lessons God wanted me to learn – different from what I thought He wanted to teach me. I agree that we need to get over ourselves and get out of the way so that God, the ultimate teacher, can teach us. So thankful for His loving mercy and patience with me…give us an update in a few months!
    Bev xx

  3. Oh your new lawnmower sounds like when I don’t drive I used to never went back to it. Since had to give it up because of health reasons due to seizures. Now since I had my women’s operations I only had one very small one one night. Never had another once since. But I 8 years this Christmas out of driving. No I don’t want to go back to driving again. Too scared. Happy with life the way it is get by without driving. Get back to what I was going to say about my Husband. We change the car before Christmas because we had too. The new one is eco friendly. It kept at the start my Husband couldn’t get used to eco friendly part of the car. He kept saying never never again will buy a eco friendly car. As it was the way he was driving it. It conked out on him so many times. It drove him bonkers. He lost patients with the car. One day he looked at me say to put it mildly he said too me you don’t help matters you can’t even try and see if you can drive the car. You don’t drive. I hate this car. I said cam down. You have to get used to the eco friendly part of car it comes with it. He my Husband was so cross with car. He said Never at the top of his voice. He said I going to take it back to garage. Get one with no eco friendly part. But I said most are eco friendly. He said nothing. I went into prayer quietly for him all those times. Then we had neighbor who asked us could she get a lift into town with us. My Husband said yes. So she her and her Husband had a car that was eco friendly as well. They bought a year ago before us. Our car conked out because of my Husband was not used to eco friendly part. That day the neighbor was in our car. The neighbor new right away my Husband was embarrassed. That the car had conked out. He looked at me as if to say you say nothing. I didn’t know where too look but I knew he was not amused. The neighbor was sent from God. That day. She said to my Husband I know you are hot up embarrassed the car has conked out on you because of you are not used to eco friendly part of the car. Don’t be I had the same problem when we got ours. I was for giving up. Only my Husband took the time to tell me how to use it and drive the car probably using the eco friendly part of the car as it saves your fuel in your car. So my Husband said to her it driving me nuts I am for taking the car back to garage I bought it from next week. I can’t stand it and I don’t like it full stop. No she said you don’t do that. When you do as I tell you. You will be all right. Like your Husband did with you took the time and patience with you over the new lawnmower. You at first didn’t like it and it was not all it was not supposed to be as the guy in shop said it was going to be. Then when shown how to use it properly like my Husband and his eco friendly car. He loves it not. That day the neighbor we had with us said to him cam down you do this and this. My Husband told me the same thing with our car. I did that and I listened to him. Ever since I had no problems with our car it does not conk out. Ever since our car does not conk out either. My Husband loves the car now. He didn’t take it back to garage. Sometimes we have to stop and listen to what Jesus is say to us. Not get angry. We might not like what he saying to us. Like the car and the lawnmower we have to have patience’s to learn how they work it could take time. We might also have to stop say why is God not answering our prayers is there something we are doing wrong that is not pleasing to God and is causing a stumbling block in our spiritual lives. That we have to go God and put right. Listen to the teacher who is God. Who will tell us where we are going wrong through his Holy Spirit. So as we can have messed up ask his forgiveness. As God to help us put it right and make us new people that he wants us too be. God will if we done something wrong then forgive us. Love today’s reading Jennifer

    • Thank you for sharing that story, Dawn! I love that it all worked out in the end. You are so right, we do have to stop and listen to what He is saying to us… even when we don’t like what that may be! He is our greatest Teacher!

  4. Thank you for sharing your heart here today! I especially like the saying in the top picture and will write it down for one of the quotes that are on the walls, or in the cupboards of my home. Thank you for your reminder that we do sometimes get in our own way! I also appreciated the mower story as we have also been thinking of getting one of those zero turns and I am not a quick learner on things such as this. It took me a long time to be comfortable on the riding one we have. I would rather weed whack the whole yard:) But I am glad for the heads up on what could happen. God bless your husband for guiding you and being patient with you as you learned. Another good lesson and reminder for us, especially as summer is upon us and there will be new things that I am teaching our children or that I am needing to learn. Grace and patience.
    God bless your day!

    • I had to laugh when you mentioned to weed whack the whole yard, Lydia! LOL I have mentioned that myself, although just for our ditch! I hope I didn’t deter your decision. Most people love them, they cut down on time a lot and I think I will get there someday. 🙂 Yes… grace and patience!

  5. Really nice way of writing Jennifer! It really sounded wonderful! Enjoyed today’s reading! love in Him, Lauren

  6. I can relate to being a slow learner in life. And even needing to relearn the same thing multiple times. So thankful God is a patient teacher who gives us help and more help.

  7. Your experience on the mower, Jennifer, reminded me of learning how to drive with a stick-shift. The coordination of clutch, shift, and gas did NOT come naturally to me. My dear father was an incredibly patient, grace-filled, faithful teacher until I achieved success, offering a picture of our greatest Teacher, God himself. (Dad did that often!)

    • Aww… I love that, Nancy! Thank you so much for sharing. I love the thought of your dad offering a picture of our greatest Teacher! It is a blessing to have someone like that in your life!

  8. Jennifer,

    The disciples were slow learners also. They were walking with Him daily & yet did not understand His teachings. He told the same things over & over yet nothing would sink in. We are like that also. Taking lots of time to learn things. I went through many trials with my aging parents. There have been several times I asked “what must I learn from this”. The obvious answer for me was patience. It took a while, but patient Jesus taught me some patience & grew my faith & trust muscles also. Very thankful for a long-suffering, calm daddy Jesus who gently teaches us lessons of life.

    Blessings 🙂