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  1. The Bible commands us to love others as we are loved. We are to champion the oppressed and despise what is evil. I cannot fathom or begin to grasp man’s inhumanity to man. God, heal hearts, minds, and heal our land. We are wicked and so in need of You. Hasten, Lord, to discipline and heal us. Drive out what drives hatred.
    Bev xx

    • Right, Bev – despise what is evil. And these riots are evil – there is NEVER an excuse for wanton destruction.

      • I agree with you totally. The riots weren’t due to the death of George Floyd, they were due to ugly, evil people that have no morals and only want to see destruction and stealing. That is what happened in Minneapolis.

        • I’m truly sadden that none of the protest has never worked. The country and the world are has reached a boiling point. Please don’t miss what the narrative is, Not about the flag and stuff, The Peaceful protests is about their sons, fathers, brothers and friends killed by the police. James 2:1-9 The Sin Of Favoritism

        • Nancy, it is people like you who fail to understand what caused this in the first place. For so many years, African Americans have endured hate crimes and it seems that people with your opinion want to turn a blind eye to the years of oppression and hatred simply based on the color of a person’s skin. George Floyd’s death was inhumane and horrendous and yet people want to focus on the riots and looting? The peaceful protests have far outnumbered the riots and looting. What’s evil is racism and how it has stained the United States because it’s never been addressed. All of the recent events have really exposed people’s hearts and the things I have seen and heard further perpetuate racism. What’s even sadder is that a lot of it is coming from so called Christians.

          • Our son is a police officer, our son was raised that color simply doesn’t matter. We are Christians and believe God created us equally. It is our values and morals that make us good or not such good people. From what I have read but rarely have seen on the news, George Floyd was trying to get his life back on track. He had done time in prison, one time for breaking into a home and holding a gun to a pregnant woman’s unborn child. I certainly am not condoning what the police officer did, and know that it is not proper procedure to detain someone who has been fighting with the police,. George Floyd crossed the line being high on drugs and fought back, and the police officer also crossed the line by holding him down how he did. But will the world be a better place when no one wants to be police officers? Will the world be a better place when crime is allowed to happen because people feel entitled because there is no law enforcement to keep the bad guys in line? As a society we have almost removed God, told him we don’t need him anymore, we have let evil in. Just yesterday I read Psalm 50, a time will come and it will be God’s time, I think this is all that can save this nation now.

  2. So very grateful for your excellent post this morning, reflecting lament, a plea for reflective understanding, and opportunities to heighten awareness of how to move forward. I’ll be sharing it today within my community.

  3. Beautifully expressed, as always. We love you Anna! Peace be to you and your mom during this painful time.❤️

  4. hearts are broken and pleading/crying out to God to heal our city and our world. Forgive us, restore us and lead us. Luke 8:46. But Jesus said, “Someone deliberately touched me, for I felt healing power go out from me.” May we all consciously and intentionally; on purpose, reach for and share Jesus to and with others to be healed in and with His powerful love

    • Yes, Tamara! Thank you for that word from the Word! “May we all consciously and intentionally; on purpose, reach for and share Jesus to and with others to be healed in and with His powerful love.” Amen!

  5. Anna, I’m so grateful for your willingness to give voice to not only your own experience but the gravity and pain of our collective experience. I’m with you, praying fervently, listening intently, waiting expectantly on the Lord–the God of mercy and hope and justice–to do beyond what we could ask or imagine.

  6. Bravo, Anna! You put words to some of my own feelings about what’s happening around us. We need to explore what’s behind the fire and the anger and be brave enough to reexamine our own hearts. Lord, please help us to do that and to open our hearts to learning how to be helpers.

    • “…brave enough to reexamine our own hearts.” This is indeed the starting point so often we are not brave enough to take. Yes. Thank you for being here and for your willingness, Irene!

  7. Anna,
    Thank-you for having the courage to so beautifully express what so many of us are feeling.Praying along with you,

  8. Thank you so much for this post. I feel your sorrow and it echoes mine. I very much appreciate the viewpoints of women of color that I read here. I wish I knew of practical things to do, besides pray (which is hard right now). I’ve been mourning the fact that much of my Christian family doesn’t take the COVID restrictions seriously. The fact is, they (and I myself, living in another middle-class suburb) are insulated from much of the threat of transmission, while our urban brothers and sisters are bearing the brunt of this crisis is so many ways.

  9. Thank You, friend! Let’s stumble. Let’s be curious and learn together. We must start somewhere, thanks for going first!

  10. As an author, I usually post verbose comments (not intentional, but they just pour out of me). But your words stand alone–plaintive and powerful. Thank you for such courage and understanding of pain, all around.
    Lynn Morrissey

  11. Dear Anna I too echo your thoughts. I can only pray and keep my eyes on Him who brings us life. I pray for His love and peace to invade us all that we can combat this racist world with His justice,truth and with unending love that pervades the evil of this world. For all things are possible with Jesus. Thank you for reminding us to stand for all and know we are all Gods created beings no matter what color we are.

    Cindy Walters

  12. My eyes hurt to see.
    My soul hurts.
    My heart breaks, too.
    We need only one Resource, and you all have One.
    We all have One: A Big God, a God of LOVE, and His Love Letter, HIS HOLY WORD OF TRUTH is our guide.
    We sing together ‘Jesus Loves the Little Children’ in our church on Sunday morning, but what happens to us once we leave the parking lot that afternoon and Monday through Saturday? Or, in the here and now, once we close out the social media we feed on.
    May the Fire of The Holy Spirit fill us and guide us and may Our Heavenly Father grant to us His Mercy and Justice to save us from ourselves by the Blood of The Holy Lamb Jesus.
    May we share His Peace.
    Walking in His Love with you all.
    Hanging in His Grace.
    Amen and Amen.

  13. Anna,

    I can’t imagine watching my city burn. Losing family businesses all because of hatred. I grew up u=in Florida. The “blacks” were bused to white schools from K-5. Then the “whites” were to be bused to black schools 6-7 grades. It seems crazy to me that you would bus someone far away from their own schools just to integrate the system. Personally I can’t fathom man’s inhumanity to man. Do not understand bigotry & hatred. People bullying each other & saying hateful things simply due to your race. God created us to be in harmony with each other. We need to love each other as God loves us. I feel the evil one is at work in the hearts of many. Once a tragedy happens their anger comes out. They are not doing anything but causing more strife & disunity within cities. Praying for your city & our nation.

    Blessings 🙂

    • I think the word “their” is a very interesting choice for you to make, as is the choice of “bullying” and “saying hateful things” instead of “killing” and “deliberately injuring” and “forcing into poverty” and “refusing to allow into the neighborhood” and “neglecting to the point of medical misconduct” (black mothers are 3x as likely to die in childbirth as white mothers, for instance; this is just one concrete example of the general medical system’s often-fatal assumptions based on skin color, but I’d seriously encourage you to read more on the hard numbers on racism within different systems, because it is sobering and eye-opening – it’s not *just* that white teens caught with pot get a warning and a wink and black teens caught with pot get arrested; this pushing-down process goes on all the way through life). I didn’t see it either until a friend pointed it out, and then I started reading, and I looked at the numbers, and looked at some of the stories behind the numbers, and *this is evil* and it is having massive effects.

      I’m about as pasty as it gets, and I’ve *seen* differential treatment in emergency rooms and encounters with police; and I’ve *seen* leaders treat people – and groups of people – differently based on skin color. If a national leader encourages police to “rough up” a certain type of people, it is bullying – but it isn’t just bullying, it’s specifically incitement to violence, and it’s deeply evil. If we do not object to this when we see it (okay – we also need to not close our eyes so we “don’t see it”); if we do not take steps to eliminate this recurring source of injury to members of Christ’s body; we are just standing by while our brothers and sisters are dying, and I do not believe that is “living in harmony.” But we need to have God open our eyes and make us willing to see the causes for this lament and this anger against unrighteousness.

      Grace and peace to you!

  14. Anna,
    Continue speaking the truth in love, thank you for your wisdom. God has called us as His body to listen and learn right now. He has taken us out of our comfortable Sunday Christian church pew with our comfortable Christian friends and doing the same comfortable Christian stuff. He has given us all a front tow seat to the unjustified death of a human being for no cause. He IS a God of justice and compassion! We cannot turn away as if we have not seen what we know grieves the heart of God too! It’s time for all the stuff we Christians say we believe to be the way we actually live.

  15. Thank you for this post. The church needs to understand this, but sadly we’ve been so often and for so long unable to experience empathy and compassion for a whole lot of reasons. Despite pain, anger, and violence, we have an amazing opportunity to be humble and tenderhearted, to invite God’s Spirit into this situation and to change it and us. Thank you for encouraging us to embrace fear, pain, and awkwardness.

  16. I love this reading. Remember Jesus loves you all. It sad way people are treated because of skin colour. I have cousin she not white or brown in between. We all love her. Though not saved. She is still lovely. She like you all has beautiful personalanty. But Got see all. It brings me back to song I was taught at child at Sunday School when we. Everyone should learn it. As this the way Jesus want us all to live and be toward all people in this world. Sure Jesus if you read your Bible was seen with people no one wanted to be with. We his followers are to do the same. He love them just the same as he loves me and you. People in those days said what he doing with them. See they even judged our Lord. The song I was taught at Sunday School as Child is Jesus Loves all the Children of the World Red and Yellow Black and White. You get it on YouTube. It words so true. Plus so is the Father’s love letter. Type it in on YouTube it will tell you what the our Father thinks of you. That is all that matters. We are Daughters of King. That King is Jesus. I say Amen to that. Love Dawn xxx

  17. Watching the news in Australia, it is so terrible to see the ongoing indiscriminate violence and theft by looting, and out thoughts AND PRAYERS ARE WITH YOU. I did see one beautiful thing a few days ago, where the police in one city (sorry, cannot remember where)
    knelt and prayed in the street for forgiveness, when confronted with the protesters marching toward them, who stopped and then wept and prayed with them, I think. What a powerful vision that was. What a great start. I pray it may be replicated everywhere.
    God bless you all, (of whatever colour skin.)