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  1. Aliza,
    Your post moved me to tears. None of us are worthy to kiss the cross of Jesus…none. Jesus doesn’t love righteous people because there are none to find. He loves sinners like you and me. Today Christ suffered a heinous beating and torture before He carried His own cross to His ultimate, agonizing death. But, when He uttered those last words, “It is finished,” all of our sin, past, present, and future,went with Him. Our sin is forgiven and not even remembered by God. My mind and heart can’t even take it in. He did this for us so that we can walk in freedom – not with our head still hanging in shame. Our response to His death is to do what He died for – go, walk in redemption, forgiveness, and freedom. Anything less would be to deny His sacrifice. Awesome post!
    Bev xx

  2. Yes it not about religion. It about Love that true love. Why is it in today’s world. All about religion. Religion has the world the way it is. Jesus never wanted it that way. We are special to Jesus. Look at that kids song Jesus Love all the Children of the world Red and Yellow Black and White. We are too the same. We are Children of God. Especially if Saved. That is why Jesus went to Clavary. We shouldn’t care what a color a person skin or where they came from. There should be no labels on Churches buildings. As you get that Church is Catholic. We all should be one big Church with just Jesus across the door. Teaching about the love of Jesus and the Bible the Promises in it and Prayer. To all not people saying our Church is better it teaches this. Because it is a good Pentalcostal Church or ours is good Baptist Church. Or our good Church of Ireland Church. People blowing up the Pastor Minster or Rector in the Church. Or same in Catholic Church. We are all Love in Jesus eyes. I not blowing up the Church I belong to the Salvation Army. What drew me to it was they expect you for who you are. They have no labels they Love God. It should be about Jesus and why we are Redeemed Forgiven and Free. Especially if saved. Why God choose for his son Jesus to go Cavalry to Die for all Man kind. Like when we are in Hospital we don’t care what religion the Doctors our Nurses are as long as they make you well. They are nice to you. Same if at live Gospel music concert. You are worshiping with all believers in one accord. Skin color or what Church they go to does not matter. You are all worshiping the same Jesus. The one true Jesus who went to Clavary to Redeem you forgive you for your sins and set you free. That what it should be all about. But us that are saved being the Church to world. By being the hand and and feet to people who need help and showing Jesus Love. Thank you for todays reading Love Dawn Ferguson-Little xxx

    • Dawn, what a wonderful comment! This should be plastered on billboards world wide. Yes, LOVE!! I wish my leader would see this…wishing you the blessing and wonders of this most special three days!

      • Thank you. I love all people. I don’t judge any. I had friend once alot older than me she taught me this. It is so true. So many Saved of God say but I only say when they are talking about someone. Even if they don’t know that person. Like say in a shop. Doing something they should not. She say you are gossiping about that person it wrong in Gods eyes. She said Bidden or no Bidden God is watching you. Don’t say it Pray for them. She is so right her words today ring so true to me. Another thing I learnt I don’t know who taught it to me. But you get people who are saved saying have you heard this preacher in this Church or this speaker that coming to meeting. They blow them up. It not for the rigt reasons they are going to that Church or to the meeting to hear the speaker. I heard people say are you going to that Church because of the Minister Pastor etc or You going to that meeting just to hear the speaker. You should be going to hear the word of God the way your talking it not for God at all. Your blowing the Minister or Pastor or the Speaker up and going for all the wrong reasons. Your heart is in the wrong place. You need to get you heart right before God ask Jesus the Redeemed to Forgive You Set You Free of this. As Jesus needs to No 1 in your life. You have to be Singing the Jesus song in your Life. There is only one Church and people the save of Jesus. We the Saved are the Hands and Feet of Jesus to the World what ever part of the world we live in. It not about a fancy Building we belong to. It also about copying the things Jesus did. We can do that even more at time like this. During the Coronavarius. But keeping ourselves safe if able too. Plus keeping it up when it all over. We find such joy in being the Church Jesus wants us to be to the world. Especially when we know Jesus is smiling at us. Will bless us for doing it. Not for getting to also rest as well like Jesus did as well. Keep reading his word the Bible and Prayer. I pray for you all incourage. Love Dawn Ferguson-Little xxxx

  3. I was moved to tears by your story. I am Catholic and have been to many Good Friday services. I have kissed the Cross as I feel forgiven by Him. I get stuck in the pew on Holy Thursday – I could never have my feet washed! There is no way anyone will serve me – the lowest of servers. But just know – He knows us – He knows our deepest sins that darken our souls – He has forgiven us even before we ask for it! Blessings of this Good Friday to you all.

  4. Aliza,

    In this we are all the same in one way or another. Like my t shirt says, “He left the 99 to rescue me” – and he has rescued me over and over.
    Even now when I answer someone crossly or roll my eyes at a situation – He loves me. period. I for certain would NOT be one to cast a stone.
    I went to Catholic Church as a child (Catechism classes, baptized, confirmed, etc) but was not taken to church regularly. In my tweens I started going to non-denominational church. The pastor we had previously was all about holidays. We had some glorious reverent worship, communion and true love. This pastor – none, and I miss it. I, too, have attended some Catholic services and there is something to be said for the reverence of a Catholic Church at holy times such as these.
    Thank you for your wonderful post. Wishing you blessings during the wonder of Easter!

  5. I love that story. It shows how Jesus did not come to condemn us, but save us. But we often think of Jesus as answering differently, maybe like we would answer ourselves.

  6. I, too, was that woman. Thirty-plus years ago, He tapped me on the shoulder and said, “Come with Me.” Why would the pure, holy Son of God, pursue me on another wild weekend? That question still baffles me even though Romans 5:8 tells me, “But God showed his great love for us by sending Christ to die for us while we were still sinners.”
    I replied, yes, Lord, yes! I have taken a few detours on my journey, but his faithful, unconditional, astonishing, perfect, joy filled love remains consistent. I don’t have to understand the why’s of his love, I only have to believe and receive it.
    I do and I have.
    Blessings to all during this holiest of seasons.

  7. I’ve heard that in the story of the adulteress caught in sin, Jesus’ reason for writing in the dirt may have been to expose the personal sins of each of the accusers. As they read what he wrote and recognized their own guilt, each man walked away–perhaps before he was confronted, perhaps in shame. For the woman, Jesus’ eyes were surely filled with goodness and compassion, just as you say, Aliza. Praise him for his loving mercy that extends to us–to-me–today.

  8. Aliza,

    This is certainly a stirring story. Each of us can feel shame for our sins. We aren’t worthy of His love, grace & mercy. Yet-He still loves us-enough to endure all that torture. When I make myself think on this I get overwhelmed. Why on Earth would Jesus willingly leave the splendor of Heaven to come to broken Earth. Knowing full well that He would eventually have to die on a Roman cross. All of humanity should be grateful that Jesus entered the darkness of this world to save us from our sins & hell. He brought light into our darkened world. He understands our frustrations with sin. He made himself God with us. On this Good Friday let us thank Jesus for this remarkable gift/sacrifice of love! In this day & time may we share this sacrifice of love & shed His light into this world.

    Blessings 🙂