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Mary is a writer and speaker who lives for good books, spicy queso, and television marathons – but lives because of God’s grace. She writes about giving up on perfect and finding truth in unexpected places at MaryCarver.com. Mary and her husband live in Kansas City with their two daughters.

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  1. Mary,
    I’ve been enjoying reading “Journey to the Cross.” This particular post convicted my heart. I don’t think we can truly appreciate the resurrection unless we grasp the gravity of our sin. I, too, need a reality check. It’s easy to fall into the thinking that I’m not this terrible sinful person, but sin is sin and when I think of all the times my pride, lack of patience, self-sufficiency, anxiousness, callousness creeps in, it begins to build into a big ball of sin. It’s easy to mutter a quick, “Sorry Lord,” and move on. God’s grace is lavish. It never ends. We could commit a million sins and God would forgive us each time we repent, but I don’t want to abuse His grace. I don’t want to take sin so lightly that I commit sin after sin knowing that God will forgive me. Joining with you in confessing my sin to God and confessing it to those who will hold me accountable. Only then can we truly experience the wonder of the resurrection. Great post!
    Bev xx

  2. Even more so at this time with this Coronavarius. We need to keep our eyes Mary on the Cross. Not get carried away by the Coronavarius. Yes I know it is serious. But we can forget what Jesus did for us on that Cross. Plus why Jesus went to Clavary for us shed he blood for us. Which cleanses us of all sin. Plus keep us safe. We should be applying the blood of Jesus that was shed for over our homes ourselves our cars our family’s. Plus for our projection. Putting on the Armor of God in Eph 6 every day and reading Psalm 91 every day putting our names into that psalm also. Especially at this time of the Coronavarius and never stop doing this when the Coronavarius is over and things have gone back to normal. If they ever will. Only God know when that will be. If that will be. But we are keep trusting God no matter what. Trust his word the Bible and keep Praying plus the Promises in the Bible. Especially for thoses that have lost loves ones over the Coronavarius. That it will make more people think about how serious it is and there needs to get saved. Plus the Health care workers all over the world at this times caring for all the sick at this time. Those with it and those without it. For family’s who have very sick people who have been told they cannot have their treatment because of the Coronavarius. To just stay at home. That they will not panic. People to stop panic buying. We are to keep trusting Jesus and hand all our worries and cares at the foot of the Cross. Trust Jesus no matter what. Let get back to the Cross why God sent his son to die for us. Shed his blood. For us that heals everything. As the songs says you get it on Youtube. Burdens are lifed at Clavary Jesus is very near. How True that is. Especially at this time for everyone all around the World. No Greater Love Did God Give us by giving us is son to die on the Cross. John 3 verse 16 For God So Love The World He Gave He One And Only Son. That says it all. Dawn Ferguson-Little. Love today’s reading xxx

  3. Hi Mary!

    I have been reading Journey to the Cross and love how pertinent it is to the season our world is currently facing. I can’t help but think that God not only knew what we would face but placing the pandemic into the season of Lent shows us again of God’s perfect timing. As I journey to the cross I can rest in God’s presence. I can hold onto the truth that God is forgiving and redeeming. Finally, we all can feel safe in the victory of Jesus secured through His death and resurrection.

    • Yes, Mary, He knew how much we’d need this particular encouragement and truth from him. I shared one of the devos on instagram last week because it was so helpful to me during this exact time!

  4. Thank you so much Mary this really spoke to my heart this morning and I did confess my sin and asked Jesus to change my heart. I am so glad God is willing and able to forgive us of our sins. May the Lord Bless you.

  5. This is why I love the sacrament of reconciliation. It keeps you on your toes, and then washes you clean with the unmistakable touch of love from Jesus. Even if you don’t go to in-person confession with a pastor, there are great resources for getting in touch with yourself and taking a look at your actions. Within this link is another link to a second kind of examination. These have been invaluable to me. God bless you all.

  6. Mary,

    I thought I posted here, Oh well. I personally don’t think most people realize just exactly what God did for us in sacrificing His only son. Jesus left all the splendor of Heaven to come to broken Earth to die a cruel death OUR Death for us. We need to see ourselves as lost sheep who desperately need shepherd. This world has become Soddom & Gomorrah all over again. Everyone doing as they please. Most think of Easter as a time for candy, baskets, the bunny. They forget about Maunday Thursday, Good Friday & the rest of Holy week. Once this country wakes up to our sinful nature then we will realize just how much the resurrection means to us. Like Bev said above there is no big or little sin. It’s all sin & we have ALL fallen short. Praising God for sacrificing His only Son for me!

    Blessings 🙂

  7. A post on my favorite website, The Babylon Bee (featuring Christian satire), describes how, after reading some self-help psychology, God realizes that, for His own good, He should set more boundaries and cut ties with toxic influences, which of course means destroying the entire world.

    The first time I read it, a little voice in my mind argued with the statement that human beings continually choose to rebel against Him. Surely that doesn’t include us Christians. Surely we’re not so bad that we could be considered toxic. Would He really have to destroy the whole world, or only those who refuse to believe in Him?

    Then came an event that I described in my blog post at https://thosewhoweep.blogspot.com/2018/11/wounded-by-god.html. Reading the article again, I realized that I am one of those toxic people. Ouch.

    It hurt to face my sin and failure. But the confession and cleansing brought a greater appreciation of Jesus’ sacrifice and the depth of God’s grace than I would have had without it.

    Thank you for reminding us of our need to sincerely confess before rejoicing over God’s grace. This is a message that we don’t hear often enough.