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  1. Krista,
    I am walking in your shoes. I have been praying earnestly for years and nothing has changed…it may have even gotten worse, if that’s possible. Continual attempts to reach out and extend the olive branch of peace have been ignored or rebuked. I’ve asked myself the same heartbreaking questions – what did I do wrong as a Christian mother? What could I have done differently? I am learning that I can only change me. I can’t change someone else. Only God and the working of the Holy Spirit can do that. And so I wait and so I pray. I take hope in hearing stories like yours. I never would have imagined that I would be in this position. It is truly surreal…kind of like the times we are living in. But, as long as I have the Lord and my faith, I can say, “It is well with my soul.” God is able in His timing. He is good. He is love. And, it’s in these truths that I trust. It’s in these truths that we all have to trust.
    Bev xx

    • Praying for your children Bev yo come back to the Lord. And praying for my husband and young children to come to the Lord.

      And me too! We need His peace and nurture, safety now more than ever in these crazy different times. For blessings of health and protection.

    • Dear Bev,
      I think of you often when I read a devotional with In Courage & have prayed for you & your family. During these trying times I pray that you’ll be reunited with your precious children & that you’ll be able to rebuild some wonderful memories & relationships. I enjoy reading your posts, you are excellent with words & I know you have a good heart!
      Lord bless you & keep you safe!

      • Barbara,
        Thank you SO much for your prayers!! You also touched my heart with your kindness with regard to things I write here…I try to be a voice of encouragement. May the Lord bless YOU and yours and keep you safe as well.
        Blessings and prayers,
        Bev xx

    • I understand your pain and insight, Bev, and am walking this waiting road alongside you as I pray and plead and trust Abba Papa with my own daughters. It is surreal, I agree. And your words speak my heart and tears…and also my faith. God gave us these children. They are His first. And as I place them back in His hands, I know I can have abundant hope. He is at work. And He gives peace that passes understanding. Much love to you…

      • Lisa,
        I will add your daughters to my prayers when I pray for my two. Some people have one prodigal child, but both of mine have wandered and are estranged from me. This makes it doubly difficult. I feel childless most days. You are so right in saying that they are His first and we had them for a season. When my heart feels sick, I lift my arms and lay them back on His altar. God knows what is best and I need to trust in His goodness. Claiming, with you, His peace that passes understanding. God’s comfort of a weeping mother’s heart is a rare and beautiful gift. Writing these words to you makes me grateful for the days that God has brought me through. One day at a time sweet sister. Much love to you too…
        Bev xo

  2. Never anyone of us give up for any of our unsaved Family. They might do things we don’t like. As I along with My Husband are the only ones in my side of the Family saved Cousins Aunts Uncles Sisters Dad etc. God has me in my Family for a reason. This story I read in another daily reading. Called Our Daily Bread. A Mother prayed for her son for over 20 year. I bet many times Satan would have whispered in her. You might as well give up. Your prayers are not working. But not that Mother never listened to the Old Devil. That Mother never gave up she prayed on for her son. 20 years later one day the words on the front cover of the Our Daily Bread reading where on the Kitchen table. Through the Holy Spirit that day. They convicted her Son and he got Saved. So that Mother’s Prayer’s for over 20 year’s were not in vaine. God answered them. That Mother’s Son GOT SAVED. so that teaches me never to stop praying for my unsaved family. Should it take over 20 year’s like that Mother’s son in that reading I read in Our Daily Bread. It gives me hope. Never to listen to the Old Devil if he whisper in your ear. You might as well give up there not going to get Saved. Your wasting your time. No your not. In God perfect timing like he did for that Mother and her Son. Even though she had to wait over 20 year’s. At least That Mother never gave up praying for her son. God in his perfect timing Saved her son. God will do the same for your unsaved Family. So this give me hope never to stop praying for them in your family that are not saved. Love today’s reading Love Dawn Ferguson-Little xxxx

    • Hi Michele, Thanks for sharing a perfect description: Beautiful hope out of heartbreak!

  3. Praying for you Bev and Jas. My daughter has lived in other countries now for over 5 years. She is in the Czech Republic. I hardly hear from her and have only seen her once 3 years ago. She is far from God. She is a teacher and her independent spirit has her everywhere. Currently she has a sore throat and I am fearful for her. I miss her very much. I raised her on my own and it was hard. I feel alone. I pray for her all the time. I ask God if He only would do one thing for me: save my daughter.

    • Trina,
      Praying, right now, for you and for your daughter who is in the Czech Republic. I was a single parent for part of my raising of my two. I know how hard that was and I know God knows what you sacrificed for her. Praying for her health and that God would put a hedge of protection around her and calm your mother’s heart. I join with you in asking God to save our children! May it be so…
      Bev xx

    • Trina I live in Fermaanagh N.Ireland. I will prayer over her for your Daughter’s Salvation. Psalm 103 verse 3 comes to mind for your Daughter. Plus Don Moen song for you. You get it on Youtube. It I will make a way where there is no way. Type it into Youtube. Love God Bless and Big Hugs Dawn Ferguson-Little xx

  4. Krista, What a beautiful testimony. When I feel my children are straying, it is very discouraging. Your words bring me hope. I love this so much today. Prayers for all as we fight this virus. Prayers for Bev in this fight right now—praying for your family to come to know and love the Lord.

    • Dear Martha,
      Our God is a God of Hope. Stay hopeful. Blessings to you and your family.

  5. I have been praying for my daughter, Molly, for so very many years. Now I am also praying for protection for her and my son, Rob, and their fiancés, who are all living in NYC.
    God bless all the women of (in)courage who bless so many every day.

  6. Good morning Krista. Thank you for your message, though unlike you waiting four years, it’s only been three days since my daughter went in for emergency mental health and called me to come back home. I’m very scared in that she’s like a dark presence in our home who also has a vulnerable 17 year old and a quadriplegic 18 year old who requires a lot of care. She’s 23 and has been with us for 10 years from foster care with a history full of multiple abuses and neglect creating mental illness. Please pray that we can work through this as a family to help her heal and to develop a relationship with Jesus. I’m so thankful your daughter is safe at home on her way to creating a beautiful testimony for so many of us hurting for our children. Blessings dear sister ❤️

    • Hi Maggie,
      I will pray for you and your family. May you feel God’s loving arms around you throughout this journey.

  7. This brought tears to my eyes and renewed the hope in my heart. I too have a prodigal daughter to whom I have not spoken since 2006 along with a prodigal son to whom I have not spoken since 2013. I too have felt guilt and shame and frustration. I keep praying and wonder why God has not answered. I keep waiting for a phone call from either of them but there are days when I think it will never happen. And then I read a post like today and realize God is saying, “Keep praying” and so I will. Thank you so much!

    • Dear Dawn,
      You are not alone. Stay hopeful and lean into God’s strength in the waiting. I will pray for you and your prodigals.

  8. Praising God for the prodigal daughter returning home and continued prayers for the continued adjustment and breakthroughs.

    Praying for Bev and her family. I can so heartbreakingly relate to years of praying for a prodigal with him further distancing himself from the Lord and us as his parents.

    • Thank you for your prayers!! They are felt and appreciated. It is heartbreaking when you pray and pray and then they distance themselves even further. The same free will that we have, our children have also. I keep praying that God’s still, small, voice of love will break through the barrier. Lifting you and your son in prayer right now.
      Bev xx

  9. Krista, what a brave post! May you and your daughter continue to heal your relationship.

  10. my oldest son was raised in a loving christian home.. went to all the best private christian schools and I haven’t heard from him in ten years. he chose to walk away from Christianity embracing another faith and a life all his own.
    I have also prayed and prayed.. wept and begged God. until I had a revelation.. God makes no mistakes so in this time of this son straying so far he is also learning things he must before he can return.
    I have gone from broken mom to understanding mom with full trust in God.. God’s still in this situation but it’s not up to him to take away my son’s right to chose it’s up to him to watch over him until my son comes around.
    having full faith in God I see whatever is to be is to be. we must find contentment in all things.. even our broken areas ( for our own health)

    • Krissy,
      Your words spoke volumes to me today!! Thank you for pointing out that my daughter and son are learning things they must learn before they return. You are right in saying that being estranged can leave you broken…I’ve been there. Thank you for reminding me of the truth that they both have the God-given right to have free will and to make their own choices. Sometimes I want God to knock them off their horse like He did to Saul (turned Paul). I have to accept that God woos and He knocks at the door of their hearts continually, but He doesn’t force Himself on them. The choice is theirs to make. It’s also their choice to treat or not treat their mother with respect. I appreciate the reassurance that God will faithfully watch over them until they come around. Now, as I lift up my two, I will add your son to my prayers. May their hearts be softened unto His still small voice. For our own mental and physical health, WE need to choose to be brave in God’s strength, vs. broken. You’ve been a God-send today. Thanks for sharing your story…
      Blessings and prayers,
      Bev xx

      • hang in there. God loves them and in love let’s us do our own thing. we are his children and he is the father and we don’t always talk things thru with him before we do.. such is our prodigal children. they are out doing their own things. all in all releasing them to God in thankfulness that he is there to help when they call out heals a moms heart.

      • I have a dear friend, over 80 years of age, who very often reminds me “if only we could see what God is doing in the “heavenlies.” The verse in Ecclesiastes comforted me during my daughter’s waywardness – In His time, he makes all things beautiful. And I should not think it will be done according to my wishes. I learned that God doesn’t work on my timeline. Prayers for all of you.

  11. Thanks for sharing. My son has also walked away. God did allow a conversation between Tyler and I and he told me that he still believes, so I am very grateful for that, however, he is not attending church and is engaged to a women that isn’t a believer (along with her whole family). I am thankful that even though she’s not a Believer, the few times they come for dinner, she will hold hands with us while I say the blessing and she listens when we talk about God – I am so very thankful for that. She is not the Christian woman that I prayed for for my son, but I do realize that he could be involved in a relationship that is so much worse.

    I am so very thankful that God keeps letting me know He is totally involved in this process and I appreciate the reminder to keep praying as if Tyler’s like depends on it – because it does!!

    Keep praying beautiful mommas. Your babies need you.

    • Hi Tammie
      You are a beautiful momma reminding us to keep praying for our babies. Thank you!

  12. You lived my life..every word was what I went thru also..our daughter left home age 15 back at 17 then accepted Jesus ..at 20 got married and though we had now a good relationship.. her spirit spiralled downword and here we all went again..not even invited to her wedding this time as she entered the underworld again. The neighbours couldn’t believe it. It was so hard. She divorced 10 years later.
    Now at her age 44 we have a fantastic relationship she remarried two years ago has 2 Young boys ,but I walk pins and needles at times worrying she will flip again and the rule is we can’t talk about Jesus ..she has decided there are more beliefs than Him. It is so sad to see our wee grandkids not knowing about Jesus Christ and often I wonder what in the world we did wrong. She is a good person but loves the thrills of life too much ..no time for God . My heart aches but I keep praying and asking God to not let go of her..He wishes non to perish..I hang on to that promise. . “ THANKYOU GOD for your grace and mercy and that you will be ready to receive her when she calls.”
    Thankyou for sharing your story..helps to read the Promises and know someone else understands our heartaches.⚓️

    • Cheryl, You are never alone. Thank you for sharing your journey. Blessings to you as you claim all God’s promises.

  13. God is good – I read this today ( Tuesday in uk ) juts as we go on lockdown – I have a very similar situation with my 21 year old daughter – I feel the same feeling .. what did I do wrong, I am to blame, a rubbish mum … and absolutely totally heartbroken as are her dad and sister – i pray every day Gods blessings over her .. and that she may see the light … thank you for letting me know I am not the only one who is in this situation or who feels like such a failure …. x

    • Dear L
      Please resist the enemy’s lies. You are not alone. I will pray for you and your daughter. Stay hopeful.

  14. I too have 2 beautiful daughters who were raised in a Christian home who have left the faith. They are still part of our lives (until one gets mad about something and ostracizes herself for a time) but they do not speak to each other. This is so sad because they used to be so close! I pray on my knees every night and often during the day that their hearts world be softened to God’s love for them. I have been praying for many years as well and I will not give up hope. I know God is able to save them and bring them back to Him. I pray for protection over them. Thank you for sharing your stories here to give mom’s of prodigals hope!

    • Dear Laura, I feel your heartache and will pray for your daughters. Stay faithful and hopeful on your knees before our loving Heavenly Father.

  15. When your daughter asked you to pray for her, she demonstrated humility and the desire to live differently. That must have been a moment of incredible joy for you! I felt it too, just reading about it–a lost lamb returned home, and the angels sang (Luke 15:7)!! Praise God!

  16. My son is a heroin addict. I love him more than life itself. His situation goes from bad to worse. I’ve been praying for y years. I tell God that I put all I his hands. I have faith that one day my son will return a renewed man. And I will be there to welcome him wth a thankful heart and arms wide open!

    • Dear Marie
      When I read your words, I am reminded of the Great Shepherd who left the 99 to find His 1 lost sheep. Remain hopeful and may our loving Heavenly Father strengthen you in the waiting.

  17. Krista,

    God loves the lost! He came to seek & to save us all. These times we live in make it so easy for our children to want to wander. The devil seems to be working overtime to seek, kill & destroy whom he may. Our only defense is prayer. In these tumultuous times we need to have faith in our God to act. To fully know in our hearts & minds that He will see out the prodigals. It may take some time but prayerfully they will come to the end of themselves & come home. That doesn’t mean that our praying should cease. We should continue to pray that they come to Jesus. God doesn’t quit fighting, wooing or searching for His children. He know the agony of a mother’s heart.

    Blessings 🙂