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A writer of faith by day and mystery by night, Patricia Raybon is an award-winning Colorado author, essayist, and novelist who writes top-rated books and stories at the daring intersection of faith and race. More at patriciaraybon.com

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  1. awww… Big congratulations on being a best seller, that is wonderful news ! 🙂 🙂 🙂

    Thank you for the important reminder that we are Precious to God!

    May we remember and be encouraged by this truth in every season of our lives!

    Congrats again – May God continue to bless the work of your hands to the glory of His name!:)

    Love & Blessings,
    Bomi 🙂

    • Praise the Lord, Bomi! Your affirming words are so encouraging — and God affirms us, too. We are, indeed, precious in His sight! To Him be the glory! May He bless your kindness in beautiful ways!

  2. Wow, what a great encouragement that speaks directly to my heart! This was today the message I needed to hear! And I thank God for your humble work! Keep putting your hand to the plow, sister!

    • Greetings and thank you, Hadassah! Yes, be encouraged in the Lord. Just this morning, I was reminded, as a humble writer, of the promise of Zechariah 4:10. “Do not despise these small beginnings, for the Lord rejoices to see the work begin.” What a beautiful reminder for all of us. Just keep moving forward with God. He’ll do the heavy lifting! May we, as His servants, keep walking in that truth. Yes, to Him, we are precious and loved. That includes you!

  3. Patricia,
    I decided, long ago, that I write for and to an audience of One. If He chooses to do something else with my offering, then that’s up to God and His timing. Meanwhile, like you so wonderfully penned, we are already the BEST in God’s eyes. One of the most humbling and encouraging experiences for me was being laid up for two months after one of my surgeries. I couldn’t walk at all on my own. It was then, while I was just being a blob on the sofa, not doing zilch, unable to perform or strive, that God spoke this truth you talked about deep into my heart. Even if I couldn’t do anything at all for God, others, or for myself, He still loves me with a furious and unfathomable love. What a game changer! I want to do my best for God, but if my name doesn’t appear on the best seller list, that’s okay. I’ve got God, and that’s more than enough. Awesome post!
    Bev xx
    ps. Congrats’ on your best seller….I think I hear angels singing 😉

    • God be praised, wonderful Bev! What a testimony. (A game changer, indeed.) May we all be reminded today that, in Him, we’re already more than enough! With His peace and joy, Patricia

  4. Congratulations! What an accomplishment. I just want to thank you for the encouragement you give to others. I just started writing consistently and also prayed for a best seller. As the devotions started to come easily God told me now write a book. I am being obedient and having to rely solely on Him. As I head out into the unknown it is simply enough to know that that I am precious and honored in His sight.

    • Wonderful, Leslie! The Lord’s blessings on your service through writing for Him. At my church, our Writing Ministry’s theme this year is “Writing with God in 2020” — thus, we’re not trying to write in our own strength. We are lifting up Zechariah 4:6, “Not by might nor by power, but by my Spirit,’ says the Lord Almighty.” Indeed, I pray His strength and power as you answer His call to serve Him well through your writing. By your obedience and faith, may many be blessed! Onward with love, Patricia

  5. Patricia I am living in Enniskillen Co. Fermanagh N.Ireland. The other side of the world. I am reading your book. Undivided. It brakes my heart to hear your side of story about your Daughter. Plus your Daughter’s side of her story. When I read the book at the start. Plus how you both came to peace. I am so glad I got a chance to read the book. I am so glad God lead you right the book. It so interesting to hear in the book your side of story and your Daughter’s. How she came to be Muslim. The heart break on your heart as Mother. I am praying for her and her Family to see the light. As I know My Husband has cousin she is married to Muslin and the kids are being brought up the same. His cousin was brought up in a Christian family. I Iook at things this way. I have no kids. But I look at it this way even from this side of the world. Plus in Gods eyes. She is your Daughter. You will always love her no matter what. As you carried her for 9 months gave birth to her. Saw her take her first steps when a baby and say her first words. So that Love you have for her will always be precious. Like those memories I have just said. Especially if you look back at any old baby photo you might have of your Daughter. Sure look at the love Jesus has for us. It is very prescious. He went to Calvary for us. So that is precious. People in the world who come to tell there Christian Parents. They are this or this like being Gay. Or believing this funny religion. You have to do what Jesus would want you to do that is love them no matter what. Tell them nicely. You don’t agree with the way they are living their life. But you will still love them. Because they are your children. You will keep them in prayer. You are there for them. If they married have a family and kids as well if have any. They are welcome to visit any time. But will not talk about religion to them or they way they live their life. But leave them with Jesus. Just be your normal self with them. Show them the love of Jesus by the way you live in front of them when they come to visit. Jesus would be so proud of you for doing this. I am so proud of you for writting the book Undivided. I will pray for your Daughter and her family too see the light. I believe one day she and her family will. No matter what you be proud you have one beautiful daughter. You will see her saved and her family. In God perfect timing. When that day happens you will throw the biggest hallelujah party where you live because God has answered your prayers your Daughter and her family have got saved. You will be paising God in that party for them getting saved. Dawn Ferguson-Little xxxxxxxx

    • Amen, Dawn Ferguson-Little! Thank you SO much. On this day, I stand with you believing in the Lord’s power to do this mighty work in my family — and in families all over the world. Yes, He is able! Thank you for your faithful prayers on behalf of my daughter and her family. My husband and I are on that prayer journey, too — believing in the Lord’s timing and grace. Your message to me today, meantime, is encouraging me greatly. Thank you — many times over! Sent with my love and gratitude! All for Christ, Patricia

  6. Patricia,

    Congratulations on the best seller! You did the work & God blessed you for it!! This whole post goes upside down to society’s norms. We are told do, be, achieve more. Success is linked to accolades, & wealth. But God has always gone left of society. He talked to women & Samaritan women at that-wow. Each of us needs to be reminded that we are loved, cherished & wonderful in the sight of God. We are blessed beyond measure. We get to spend eternity with Jesus & walk on the streets of gold. Jesus looks on us as His number 1. He went to great lengths to have us in Heaven. There is nothing in this world He won’t do to keep us His. Pshaw on what the world deems superior. Besides you can’t take any of that with you. It will all fade away. The only thing that matters is God & His superior opinion of us. Let’s dwell on that some this year. Quite striving to earn man’s applause. Work to hear those immortal words “Well done thou good & faithful servant”.

    Blessings 🙂

    • Amen, Beth Williams! So well said. All our striving is for naught. I’ve been so drawn recently to Zechariah 4:6. “Not by might nor by power, but by my Spirit,’ says the Lord Almighty.” I love how you said it — the only thing that matters is God and His superior opinion of us. “Let us dwell on that some this year.” Yes, what a liberating reminder. Thank you for your wise words. Now, may the Lord bless us to walk in this, His way. Oh, what a loving journey! With love and much thanks for your encouraging feedback. For Him, let’s walk worthy! Love, Patricia

    • Amen, Michele Morin! God is cheering us on — for now and for forever. Hallelujah! Oh, to be loved by Him! Thank you for sharing His love with all who stop by here today. I am so grateful for you! Thank you for your cheering, Lord!

  7. Patricia,

    This piece confirms His promise: the Lord always finishes what He starts, in ways we can’t even imagine. He’s been reminding me all week that only His measures truly measure value. When I obey, it matters. It ALWAYS matters. Hearing you say it, too, has made my day! Thank you : )

    • God be praised, Michelle Stiffler! Only His measures truly measure value. So well said. In that spirit, I’ve been so drawn today to Zechariah 4:10. “Do not despise these small beginnings, for the Lord rejoices to see the work begin” (NLT). Worldly measures, indeed, are so out of step with how the Lord starts us and guides us. As you said so well, the Lord always finishes what He starts. What a promise and encouragement. May He bless you with this truth all day — and forever! Much love!

  8. Was wallowing in feeling blah & useless as I’ve somehow tweaked my back & do NOT want to ever do it again so the Sat chores were too daunting to attempt. In the midst of trying to decide what I could still do I read your beautiful post. Your “audience of One” used your words powerfully to encourage me. I have in turn encouraged others. Keep speaking truth & congrats on your best seller banner!!!

    • Oh, Ruth! I can so relate. I pulled a muscle in my back right before the Christmas holidays — and, right away, starting fretting over what “I couldn’t do,” especially during the holidays. Finally, I realized that it’s not me who gets things done — it’s the Holy Spirit in me. Well, in all of us. As your back recovers, I pray the Lord grants you merciful time to spend with him and others. The chores will wait! Sending much love today — and thank you for your encouraging words. To me and others, too! ❤

  9. What a great reminder. When I first read the devotion and you said ten years went by before this happened, it made me think of how we (we) tuck our prayers away and go on. But you’re right. We need to remember that we are complete all the time because of who God is. You were faithful to keep going even when you didn’t see the prayer answered. And God watched you all along! At our last church retreat we were taught to say, We are awesomely and wonderfully made! Congratulations on your best seller!

    • Dear Areum — Thank you for your kind words and beautiful spirit. I can imagine you bless many with your loving, encouraging heart. (I can feel it in your words!) Yes, we are awesomely and wonderfully made by God, who loves us without limits. That you for affirming my effort to share and say that here today. The Lord continue to show you His love in big and small ways! ❤

  10. Thank you, Patricia, for the beautiful reminders of how precious we are to God!

    I am thanking Him today for your faithfulness and for His blessing on your life.



    • Jennifer, thank you so much! Your kind and generous spirit – thanking the Lord for blessing someone else (me) — is a beautiful witness. May He bless you for your faithfulness and kind encouragement. These are great gifts. Thank you for sharing them! I am grateful, indeed. Much love! ❤

  11. Thank you, Patricia, and Congratulations! Your post, as all your writing I’ve read, is so encouraging, so helpful, so real, and I thank you and bless God for you. I like that you said, ‘… we’re already loved, already good, already saved, already blessed, already regarded by God and held by Him in high esteem. We’re already His best.’ No striving, just rejoicing in His love, which is greater than anything we can ever experience! Barbara

  12. Amen, Barbara! No striving — just rejoicing in His great love. Some days we just need to step back and just do that. Thanks so much for letting me know you heard Him speaking His love to you today. As I told my husband earlier today, I feel the Lord wrote this article so we could hear from HIM. I pray He continues to speak through all of us. Oh, what a mighty God we serve! Thank you for encouraging my journey in Him. With His peace and joy! ❤

  13. So, so happy for you and the encouragement that this brings! A perfect reminder to all of us that we are chosen, God’s timing is always perfect and that if it matters to us, it matters to Him!


  14. Congratulations on your best seller! wow! That’s so neat! And thank you for the wonderful post. It lifted me up. I am a very part-time “writer” as I just started a new blog and am aiming at making this one work better than my previous one. Plus I “try” to work on 2 “businesses” – one is Etsy and the other as an Ambassador of a health company. So I do need a lot of push to get things done. Thank you for the encouraging words!

    • Thank you so much, Linda! May the Lord guide and bless you in your family and business endeavors. As His Word says, “Not by might nor by power, but by my Spirit,’ says the Lord Almighty” (Zechariah 4:6). As you draw close to Him, may He take care of your heavy lifting — showing you every step and every path to take! Many blessings on your journey!

  15. Beautifully written with a message we all need to hear, especially writers. Patricia, you help others find their purpose in life through your writing. That is the divine working through you. Blessings.

    • Michael, your affirming feedback keeps me at the keyboard — still believing in writing, still working at it, and still believing God is leading the humble effort. Surely, He inspires it. Thank you so much for encouraging. Warmest thanks and many blessings.

  16. Yay for you! You quietly, unknowingly became one of my favorite authors about a year ago. I am a casual follower of incourage, but I seek out your articles whenever I log on. I am also a reader of “Our Daily Bread” and was so excited to see that you now also contribute to them!
    Now, thanks for this specific post! I am a twenty year teacher, a veteran teacher if you will. Yet year after year, I am passed over for “teacher of the year.” Thanks for the reminder that I am “teacher of the year” already in God’s eyes. I casually joke about my several nominations to this honor by saying, “…always a bridesmaid, yet never a bride.” I have also said that I wanted to win for my mom, but secretly really wanted it for me.
    And of course, thanks be to God! He speaks to me, through you, every time I read your work.

    • “Teacher of the Year!” Carol, yes! That is YOU. Your comment speaks to me right where I live. Many in my family are educators — my sister, sister-in-law, husband, daughter, and my late mother. Like you, they’ve all been “nominated” for various educator “of the year” awards. No matter the outcome, isn’t it wonderful to know that, on every day, you’re already the best in God’s eyes! May He bless our perspective to line up with His. Then, may we serve (or teach or write) not to win, but to point people to Him — as His light shines in our lives. Whew! May the Lord help us to know this truth and walk in it — today. Yes, right now.

      Thank you, indeed, Carol, for reaching out today. Kind thanks also for your affirming words about my writing. You’ve encouraged me solidly today. I pray, by replying, I’m encouraging you strongly in return. To God be the glory. Now, go forward and teach! Your students are so blessed to have you! With my gratitude and joy!

  17. Patricia, a friend once used the analogy of a football game where we are the team and God is in the bleachers hollering “that’s my kid out there.” Cheering us on to victory. In many ways it’s a rather crazy analogy and yet when you think about it, isn’t that what a father would do?

    The dreams and desires we have are not impossible or beyond our grasp. All things are possible with Christ as our team captain.

    And to use another analogy, ‘it ain’t over til the fat lady sings.’ So let us go about living our lives believing all that God has promised us that is ours to inherit. We Are His Kids (WALK) with purpose.