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Becky is an author, speaker, Bible teacher, mom of three loud boys, and the Community and Editorial Manager for (in)courage. She loves writing about anxiety, motherhood, and the kindness of God. Long naps, shady trails, and a good book make her really happy.

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  1. “Love over all” – Yes and Amen to that!

    I’m in! By God’s grace, I’m in!

    I am not sure how long ago you wrote this, but I pray your children are all restored to full health now. If not, I pray for quick and complete healing for them. May God strengthen you all!

    Thank you Becky and God bless!
    ~ Bomi 🙂

    • Thank you so much, Bomi! I’m so glad you’re in! I’m jumping in with two feet with you. And I’m so grateful for your prayers. My family is all healthy now (but this cold and flu season has been so brutal over here! I’m trusting God for more healthy days than sick this new year!)

  2. I love this Becky and I’m jumping in shoes and all to this challenge. Let’s face it life gets tough, my emotions get the better of me, I’m a fulltime working mum to three. I’m NOT a perfect Christian or a lighter sinner. This will be hard in those moments BUT because He loved us is the only reason I need to pick myself up, give myself grace and try again when I make mistakes!

    This year I’m waiting for God/Jesus & the Holy Spirit to put me to work. I 100% believe God was behind my Masters and all the opportunities it brought working in Cambodia at a Peace & Conflict NGO. God has provided a job in accounts at my local University which has nothing to do with my Masters but it provides a way out of accrued debt while studying and puts a roof over my kids head, feeds them and clothes them.

    While I wait I want to grow so close to God that I hear him speak through others or his word, I want to be closer in my relationship with Him – I’m on a Jesus Led Adventure yes Stephanie Bryant I’m your number one listener and yes God speaks to me or guides me through your podcast. Sisters go and listen it is amazing!!

    I want to be his hands and feet and do good for others. Love for all is a HUGE part of that!! Thank you. Incourage you are my community and my virtual church!


    • Jas,
      I know God is going to use you in a mighty way. He loves your open and willing heart and will honor your desire to take the Good News into All the world. I don’t understand His timing, but I know it’s perfect. Hang in there sweet sister…praying for you!
      Love and blessings,
      Bev xx

    • Jas, I hear the joy and conviction in your words and it’s beautiful! I’m with you, sister-friend! We can’t listen to God and love well by our own strength — only by His grace. I need fresh heapings of it today. He is able! So glad you’re here with us.

    • Jas! Thank you so much for your VERY kind comment about my podcast, Jesus Led Adventure!! Glad to finally know who my #1 listener is. 😉 I’m just so happy God is using it in your life.

  3. Becky,
    Thank you for a thought-provoking, self-examining “state of the nation” address. Sometimes you really have to get back to basics and THE most basic rally cry is the Greatest Commandment….Love the Lord your God and love others as you love yourself. I’m in to challenge myself to keep putting on love. Perhaps the greatest thing that hinders me is deep hurts or wounds that have been inflicted by others. I can hide behind my woundedness as an excuse, but the truth is, I have hurt others and I have sinned so me withholding love from another is just another form of good ole fashioned pride. May God wipe that slate clean!! May He remove whatever keeps me from putting on love with ALL people. God bless you for leading this group so faithfully and prayerfully. Praying you kiddos are on the mend. Praying for all the staff and writers that make up (in)courage. Well done good and faithful servants. Lead on in love…
    Bev xx

    • Pride — “May God wipe that slate clean!!” Amen, Bev!! You’re so right that our past woundedness can cause us to withhold love. For me it can also be the fear of not being loved in return. But fear and pride are not from God. I’m so expectant for what God is going to do in our midst this year! So grateful you’re on the journey with us, Bev. Thank you for your kind words and heartfelt prayers!

  4. What’s keeping me from love is the feeling of hurt, betrayal and rejection by someone that says he loves me.

    • Mildred, that’s so hard. Thank you for being honest and brave today. Praying God meets you in that broken place today and breathes fresh hope, courage, and love into your life.

    • Mildren, I hear you. That’s a hard place to be. I ask the Lord to minister to your hurt and your heart. Then, as you release the hurt to Him, I pray you’ll remind yourself not to think on the situation so much. Instead, may you find other ways to give your best to yourself and to others — making the choice to not try to “fix it.” God can take care of that. Instead, be good to yourself. You ARE loved — by the Lord, and by many others, I’m sure. Indeed, I pray you feel our love going out to you today!

    • I’m so sorry, Mildred. Those are very difficult things to see through and get through. I’m grateful that our dear and mighty Savior knows the depths of those very hurts. He’s walked there and you are not alone. May his intimacy and knowing fill your heart in the places left empty by others.
      Praying for you now, and asking God to heal and mend. Asking God to let hope fill the cracks from brokenness and hurt.

  5. Stopped in my tracks by the words: “over all these virtues, put on love.”
    God is most interested in the ways I lovingly practice godliness. And it’s sad to me that I even have to make that distinction. Thank you, Becky, for this call to let love control our actions, to “bind them all together in perfect unity.”

  6. To love a group that stepped all over you is scary. It took me a long time to get over with the hurt previously. And how long will it take me to get over this time if I go back in to love them. My eyes are wet and it is too much to process now. However, forgiveness is a message that continuous show up in my life. So I know this is something I have to learn.

    • Linda, that *is* really hard and scary! I’m sorry you’ve been hurt. Praying now that God would give you fresh wisdom and discernment about where to invest your time and offer your heart, and how to put on Love Over All no matter who you’re with. Only by His strength and grace, right?

  7. Thank you for this, Becky! I love the “call to love.”

    At first, when you asked about what’s keeping us from loving, I couldn’t think of anything, but then, I felt a little Holly Spirit nudge: I still struggle with comparison. I know this is one area that keeps me from loving fully. Thank you for asking the question and for issuing the challenge.

    I’m with you!

    • Alissa, oh, I know you’re so not alone in this! Comparison is so sneaky…it can slither right up into our heads and hearts and squeeze out our desire and ability to love others without us even knowing it. Proud of you for be open to recognizing it — I’m nodding along with you! Here’s to Love Over All!

  8. This post convicted me this morning… It is difficult to #LoveOverAll when fighting to be in #ControlOverAll. This year started with the intentions (avoiding the word, “resolution”) of getting fit, reading more, and dedicating daily time with God. Well, the first two have been easy compared to the latter. Via (in)Courage my 2020 Word was, STAND, and I signed up for Biblical reading plans all focused around that word. But I’ve been setting aside God-time as a to-do list versus me genuinely spending quality time. Then once the daily reading is complete, I move onto my next task.

    Thank you, God, for convicting my heart and reminding me through this amazing group that You are in control, not me! And that I should prioritize You in my heart above all else.

    • Oh my gosh Hannah! You hit the nail on the head (for me anyway) ” #LoveOverAll when fighting to be in #ControlOverAll” This is
      a struggle I face daily. So much that my word last year was “Surrender”. Not surrender as give up but surrender as in giving the Control to God.

      My word this year is “Kindness First” (I guess thats 2 words) I realize I rush to judgement when I should be rushing to love and kindness.

      I support (in)Courage in their pursuit of Love Over All this year!

      • Cheryl, Kindness is my word this year too! But I love that you added “Kindness First.” Yes!! That goes hand in and hand with exactly what we’re talking about here today.

    • Hannah, Wow, you put this struggle that is so common to SO many of us into words so well. Thank you for being brave and honest. You’re comment made me think, too, about Jennifer Dukes Lee’s book It’s All Under Control. I want to release my grip on control and productivity this year in favor or grabbing on to more of Jesus and the love He gives and empowers us to pass on! With you, sister-friend. Thanks for being here.

  9. I love this! I also want to grow closer to God and release CONTROL to HIM. Father, help me to love better and not compare myself to others.

  10. This resonates deeply with me. I grew up in the Church, have spent decades in the Church, and last year listening to a sermon it hit me for the first time EVER that Jesus didn’t say to CONVERT my neighbors. He said to LOVE THEM. Wow. How I have had those confused! I look forward to this focus and to growing together in this. #becauseHelovedusfirst

  11. Thank you so much for this Becky and the timing is right. I Pray and ask Jesus to help me love everyone because Christ first loved us.
    I Pray that your sons are completely healed in the name of Jesus. I am with you in this. God Bless You.

    • Thank you so much, Julia! I’m encouraged to know this resonates with you, and am grateful for your prayers. My boys are all doing much better now! xx

  12. Love this new word/phrase. If our motivation was love for what we did, we would not be choosing to do things out of fear, anxiety, etc. I am trying to choose love. Love over all I do.

  13. Our small home group bible study…. sometimes it’s hard for me to love them as so many seem to be all talk (good Christianese) and no action, especially my sister-in-law, who gushes about how happy she is that God loves her and talks about loving people, yet has held onto huge anger and bitterness (which is never admitted or discussed in the group) to her adopted son and his wife, even going so far as to tell him “I’m not your mother.” Just because of minor and normal immature offenses committed by her son. So when I hear her gushing about God’s love to her and how much she loves to give love to others…. well, it just makes it darned difficult for me to show or feel love TO HER as the hypocrisy frustrates the living daylights out of me. I know, I have my own sin that I deal with. This is one of the hardest ongoing struggles I have, I think because she talks so often about how much she shows love to people. Week after week. I know this is my issue, and that she is God’s problem. (I have discussed it with her a couple times in private, but she goes stone cold faced and says she refuses to forgive them.) I have decided to pray for this issue for her every single day. Maybe she is the thorn in my side…. Anywho, I read this last week, and it is super outstanding about Becoming Like Christ:
    Thanks for listening.

    • Hey Stephanie,

      Wow, I hear your inner dialogue, how you’re wrestling to know God in a way that transforms your thinking toward your SIL (and maybe others). You are brave to be honest here, and that always is the first step for me…being honest before God and within myself. I’m praying for you now. LOVE always wins, and I love our heart here at (in)courage. Thank you for joining us and pursing


    • Stephanie, just wanted to let you know I’m listening. Thanks for trusting us in this space to wrestle through your struggle. Praying for you today as you surrender this situation to God’s care and trust Him to empower you to put on love over all regardless of what others do and say. xx

  14. This is EVERYTHING!
    “We cannot love out of obligation, bitterness, resentment, or judgment. We cannot love for the sake of morality or shiny appearances. We cannot love based on an agenda or to bully our way toward change. We can only love by knowing deep in our beloved daughter souls that God first loved us! In our weakness and depravity, in our poor choices, bad moods, and other-inflicted wounds, God loves us wholly, completely, without cost or condition.”

    I am committed to only loving through Jesus’s point of view, not mine. I am super excited to watch this catch fire, to see the church love in this way and to see others meet the real Jesus, the one that loved sacrificially!

    All you need is love, when that love is Jesus!

  15. I think the second hardest thing is figuring out how to love those whose injustices need to be stopped – how to work towards righteousness while still loving those who are working, and working hard and dishonestly, against it.

    And the hardest thing is, gulp, really loving those who are right next to you. Doing something you can sort of categorize as “loving your enemies” at a distance is easier than loving the person in the waiting room with you who has deluged themselves with a perfume/cologne that you’re allergic to and that’s making your eyes swell up and your sinuses hurt…

    • KC,

      Well, THIS is real. Sometimes I think that God tells us to love (commands us to love) because it IS hard! Loving lovable people is easy, but the not-so-lovable, for ANY reason is challenging at best. I think the better we absorb, process, and understand God’s incomprehensible love for us (for me!), the better were free to love well.

  16. Lets do what Jesus would want us to do. Love every one. I know that can be especially hard if someone has annoyed us. Especially if they have said of done something to upset us. But we have to if saved. Forgive them. As Jesus would want us to do that. Plus show his Love to a world out there that needs it. Especially thoes who are hurting. We can do that is by being the hands and feet of Jesus. Every were we go. If we see someone in need and we know we can help them they would accept our help. Then kindly give it. That is one way we are showing the Love of Jesus to them. Being honest in all we do and say. Especially when with the unsaved. As if they know we are saved they watch us more to see are we living our lives as Children of Jesus the way we should be. If they see a difference in you and me. Then one day they hopefully want the same life you and me have and that is too know Jesus as well. Keep praying for all people in our world. As everyone need prayer and Love xx

  17. The collective heart of our community is stunning, isn’t it, Becky? I love how you’ve shared YOUR heart for (in)courage, how the staff serves our community and contributors behind the scene, how intentional EVERYthing is that DaySpring does! Oh, how I want to love well, to reflect Jesus in my words and actions! Not out of obligation or responsibility or duty…but simple as a response to his incredible love for me! It brings me to my knees to think on it very long….

    Thank you for beautifully communicating our great hope for this space and for our world. LOVE OVER ALL? A resounding hallelujah!! <3


    • Love as a response to God’s incredible love for us. YES!! Thank you, friend, for championing this message and being willing to live it, write it, pray it, and walk it out with us. So grateful for your voice and friendship in this space, Robin.

  18. Becky & In Courage,

    This world today make it hard to love everyone. There is so much animosity, distrust & hatred in our world. I know national news makes me crazy the way our elected officials act. I simply don’t watch it nor do I discuss it with many people. I’m in on the challenge to love everyone as Jesus would. I do this by smiling & trying to encourage everyone at work no matter the job they do. Everyone deserves a pat on the back. My focus is not going to be on how you look or act but on the fact that God loved me enough to send His only son to die for me. Jesus came willingly. That is enough for me to show love to everyone. This isn’t for man’s applause or approval. That is what pagans & the pharisees did/do. I’m doing this for the applause of Heaven. I dearly want to hear these words “Well done thou good & faithful servant”.

    Praying for you & your family Becky. May God send His healing touch to your house quickly! The flu is serious business.

    Blessings 🙂

    • “Jesus came willingly. That is enough for me to show love to everyone.” Amen, Beth!!

      And thank you for your prayers. xx Everyone if feeling better now. So grateful.

  19. Becky,
    LOVE over ALL is right on time. I was just telling a friend that LOVE needs to be reclaimed and rebranded. LOVE has been commercialized as superficial. LOVE is deep, weighty, life-giving, and substantive. When we sow LOVE, LOVE flourishes. I am excited about manifesting LOVE to the fullest in 2020!!!


  20. It’s impossible to fully imagine what it might look like one year from now to look back on 2020 and see the difference made – not only around us, but within us – as we continually choose love. But an incredible though, right?!

    P.s. I love (ha) how the line in the graphic is not only “love over all” but “love all.” That.

  21. Great anthem song! My word for 2020 is “clothe,” so I am very familiar with Col. 3. I am excited because I feel like this year’s word is going to be one of application (already has been)-choosing to clothe myself with Christ, love, humility…
    I love the way the Message Bible paraphrases Col. 3:14, “And regardless of what else you put on, wear love. It’s your basic, all-purpose garment. Never be without it. ”
    Looking forward to examining LOVE OVER ALL this coming year with you all.

    • Linda, how wonderful that God is already using this passage in your life. And I too love the Message version of this — Love…never be without it. Yes!!

    • Katherine, we’re so glad you love the Love Over All logo! We do too! 🙂 T-shirts will be available from DaySpring.com later in the year. We’ll be sure to post about them as soon as they release! Thanks.