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      • Gail,
        My thoughts and prayers are with you and your husband and that all will be well with his health.

        • Please ,pray so my first week of work after holidays goes smoothly ,I am petrified to go back .Also for my son who has behavior issues .Thank you .Marzena

    • Lord God, I pray for Gail’s husband’s complete healing! You know what he needs and You also know the perfect timing! Thank you Father for touching Gail’s husband and would you wrap your arms around him and whisper to him how much You love him!

      • Please help Maria to accept this new season, hold onto great expectations from you alone. Give her peace, and may she know that you are with her. In Jesus name, Amen.

    • Lord, please grant Bomi’s prayer request; speak to the desires of Bomi’s heart.

      I ask that you would pray for the depression that I live with. I need wisdom for my doctor to best help my body chemistry.

      • Thank you so much Kathy. I really really appreciate that!:) God sees, and God knows. Amen.

        Dear Lord, you are the Great Physician. We come before you asking for complete healing and restoration for Kathy. We ask in faith for her complete healing Lord, and we submit to however you choose to heal her. We pray for wisdom for Kathy, for Kathy’s doctor, and for Kathy’s friends and loved ones. We pray for your healing touch to minister to her. We pray for encouraging testimonies. Amen.

        Dear Lord, we also pray for complete Healing and Restoration for everyone else reading this or connected to this in need of healing – including Gail’s husband, myself, and my loved ones too. There is absolutely nothing impossible for you Lord. You know all of our heart’s desires, even those unspoken. Please heal us completely, and let our mouths testify of your goodness and wonderful works. Grant us good health and peace of mind Lord, and help us to continually bless others as we live the lives that you have called us to live. Amen!

        Much Love & Blessings,

  1. I need prayer. I need help my spiritual condition is in danger I have to remove a relative from my life bc they cause me to stumble. I continue to sin against them in my heart and I need deliverance. Please pray to remove the spirit of bitterness from my heart. Thank you

    • Lord hear your child’s prayer. Guide them in this relationship and remove the bitterness from your child’s heart. Strengthen your bonds of spirit to be as steady as your child continues on this journey.


      Can I ask again for prayers for lord to lead me, to provide an opportunity to hopefully be His hands and Feet. To provide a job inline with my Masters.

      • Jas,

        Praying still for God to lead you to the right job for your masters. He was faithful in sending finances & energy to complete the masters & thesis. Trust Him that He will send the right job in His perfect timing. Perhaps this temporary job will lead to bigger & better things. Believing & praying with you for God’s abundant blessings in 2020.

        Blessings 🙂

    • I pray for Anonymous, Lord. Please help her to overcome any bitterness by turning to you and seeking your goodness always. It isn’t easy to figure out what is best to do, so please help her lean on you to get through this difficult time. Thank you Lord, for what you have done and continue to do for us.

    • Anonymous,

      Lord please remove that person from this one’s life. Guide his/her paths. Take away all bitterness & angst against this person. Help A to be kind to this relative dismiss their actions. Plant people in A’s life that will build him/her up in a Godly way. Show up in A’s life in a drastic way that she/he can learn to trust you fully.


      Blessings 🙂

    • Lord please help anonymous deal with this relative who is causing her to stumble. Clear her mind of any ill thoughts of this person and guide her spirit to be at peace and united to you.

  2. Please pray for rain for my home country of Australia and to Show his abounding mercy and stop these fires. For all the firefighters and victims who have lost everything. Bless them Lord, comfort them.

    • Jas,
      I have thought about you so many times when I read the news about the terrible fires in Australia. Praying for God’s mercy to stop these fires and end the destruction. Praying for all those who have lost loved ones and homes. May God draw near in this disaster and comfort them.
      Blessings and Hugs,
      Bev xx

      • My thoughts and prayers are with you as well Jas and for everyone that has been impacted by these fires.May you all find comfort in the Lord.
        Blessings to you all,

    • Heavenly Father, Be with the people of Australia in the midst of the wildfires. Help those in danger find safety. Comfort the grieving, and bring rain to the land. Mostly, restore hope to all that your name will be glorified and your presence known in spite of the difficult situations.

    • Yes, we (my husband and friends, in France) have been praying for rain for you. I hear you have had some rain in the last day or so, but obviously not enough and so we will continue to do pray every day. Bon courage, and may something good somehow be brought out of all this.

    • Dear Lord, please send rain to Australia! Please protect the firefighters and the families who are affected by this onslaught of fire. Please protect the homes and the businesses people rely on. Please turn this battle around for your people. In Jesus’ Name I pray. Amen.

    • Lord, please bring rain to Your beautiful land of Australia! Protect all of the people and firefighters, and give hope to those who have already lost everything. Remind them that You are still in control even in this difficult time. Surround them all with your love and protection. Amen.

  3. Dear Friends,

    After the birth of my younger children, I have been unable to secure a job. It’s been 3 years, I am desperate for a new job . As a expatriate in a Gulf country , it’s difficult to secure a job . But trusting deeply in the Providence of God Almighty

    • Please bring a job to your daughter,Lord. We ask that you provide for her needs, in Jesus name, Amen!!

    • Lisa,

      Praying hard for God to send a good job your way. Might I suggest you try working temporary for a while? It helped me secure my first full-time job. Asking God to guide your steps & bless you abundantly with health, finances & a great job in 2020.

      Blessings 🙂

  4. Hello there,
    Thank you for posting these verses and being willing to pray for us. I’ve got two prayer requests please: my Aunt Sibyl’s cancer came back and she’s in a nursing home now. I don’t know how she’s faring but I would like you to pray for her healing. That the cancer will not return. She’s the sweetest lady but I do not know for sure if she has accepted Christ as her Savior. She practices Christian science…also I’m really struggling with a decision to either struggle here in VA or pack up, ship my car and belongings and move back to WA State. This past year was kind of horrendous financially. I am basically operating from a poverty-level income right now. I do have money in my checking and savings accounts however I did not qualify for food stamps. It seems that unless one has a degree from an “accredited” college, one is deemed to struggle here financially. I have been skipping meals because I’ve been afraid of spending money for fear I’ll run out. Please pray for the courage/money to move home. Even if it does mean forking out another thousand something just to make the journey. I don’t plan on going back to school because I did that once already and I got into student loan debt because of it. As it is I’ve had to contact my student loan servicer to apply for a $0 payment plan…please pray that I’m approved for that. Being food-insecure and not feeling like I have any emotional support here is really rough. I hesitate to let my family here in VA know because I feel like instead of encouragement, I’ll be made to feel worse than I already am. Please pray that I can go home to WA. Thank you. -Jessica C

    • Lord, Bless Jessica as she turns to you in her time of need. Give her wisdom and guidance. Help her know that you are with her through everything, the good and the bad. Infuse each moment of her day with reminders that you love her and will provide for her every need.

    • Jessica,

      Praying that God will guide your thoughts & steps this year. May He make it known if you are to stay or move back home. May God give you the wisdom to choose wisely. May He give you courage to talk to 1-2 family members & get their advice on the matter. Trust God & His wisdom to make know your path.

      Praying for sweet Aunt’s cancer. May God provide healing touch & help her during this time. Asking for a cure & for the cancer to not spread.

      Blessings 🙂

  5. Please pray for my daughter Nikki, she has had 4 miscarriages and was pregnant again. She had heard a heartbeat up until Friday. She is 16 weeks along. They are waiting until Monday to do something. I am praying for a miracle heartbeat to return to that baby and on Monday they will hear it and we can rejoice. Please pray for Nikki as well she is struggling to believe that their is a God after all of this. She is also struggling with the thought of how she is going to live through this again. We need a miracle and lots of prayers for her and her husband Matt. He is not a Christian so he does not encourage her in her belief. I’m afraid she will do something to herself and I’m afraid she is going to give up on God totally. Please pray for us as we all go in Monday to see what is in store for us.

    • Loving Father, please carry this family at this terribly hard time. Please protect the precious life of Nikki, as she battles to have faith. I pray that a heartbeat will be restored to that tiny baby. I pray for courage. I pray for Matt, as he struggles with all of this without the anchor that is You, Lord. Bring Matt closer to You. I pray for Amy, as she tries to comfort her daughter and do the job a mum has to do in the most difficult times – that Amy will be given the strength to do all she has to do when tomorrow comes. I send love to you, xx

    • Amy –
      I pray that God will provide comfort and wisdom to your daughter, Nikki, and her husband, Matt. I pray that he will provide miracles in their lives. And, I pray that he gives you the strength and insight to be there for them both.

    • Trust, hope and freedom in a personal time of deep uncertainty and depression due to struggles with an eating disorder. I would also like to ask for prayer about how to approach the recovery and treatment of the eating disorder, I desperately want to be free and have tried many things, but I am in a pretty bad place now, and I do not know where to go from here.

    • Dear Father I bring Amy and her daughter Nikki to You. I pray for Your protection and love to surround them, come guard their minds and hearts with Your peace and hope. I pray for the miracle heartbeat, that the baby will live and be a great blessing to his/her parents to the glory of Your name. I pray that you will come comfort Nikki and reveal Your love and care for her in new beautiful ways, come whisper to her, draw her close and renew her faith. I pray for her husband, that You will open his eyes to You and that his heart will be softened and that he will be saved. Give Amy and the rest of the family peace and courage that can come only come from You and the strength to persevere in prayers and hope as they trust in You for a miracle. Amen

    • Father, we bring Nikki to you today with all of the worry and concern over the unknowns of her pregnancy. I ask you to give her the peace that surpasses all understanding as she makes up her mind right now to trust you no matter what is going on with her unborn child. I pray for Matt, as he sees her unwavering faith and the faith of his MIL, that he would crave that kind of stability in his own life and place his faith in you. This unborn child…we ask for a miracle of life and a healthy pregnancy for Nikki, but ultimately, we ask your will be done. Thank you that you know best and we can trust you. We love you
      In Jesus’ name. Amen.

    • I’m helping you pray for your family!!! Although my situation isn’t the same, I can relate to family members doubting God’s sovereignty. My son-in-law lost his mom to cancer when he was in middle school and was in an accident that killed his dad when he was in high school. He doesn’t see all the good things in his life that God has provided, only the bad. Maybe the Lord will use your daughters situation to bring your son-in-law to the Lord!!! That will be my prayer, as well as for a perfect pregnancy in God’s perfect timing. I’ll pray for miracles that only God can do!

    • Please pray for me, for healing as I had to let go of my two year relationship which I praying would lead to marriage. Pray for my ex boyfriend, who is a very good person and Christian but is needing psychological help. Pls pray that God brings healing and forgiveness in us both. That we would both open our hearts to God’s plans; and wait upon Him in confidence and faith; and to entrust our deepest longings and desires. Please pray for I am feeling such loneliness after breaking with him and I am sure he is too.

    • Heavenly Father I lift up Nikki and Matt to you in prayer. Father, life is a precious gift from you. You have been with Nikki through every heartbreak of her 4 miscarriages and you know Lord what she is up against. Father, she needs a miracle. She needs to see your goodness, favor, and faithfulness. She needs to know that you are in control of this situation. Father, I ask you to please hear the prayers of this community for her. That you would bless that beautiful child inside of her and he/she is growing healthy inside of her. We come against any attacks of the enemy and we speak life over this situation and her unborn child. Lord, please let the doctors hear a miracle heartbeat on Monday. We lay this family at the feet of your cross and we pray to see your sovereign hand in this situation. We give you praise for the great God that you are. In Jesus name we pray, Amen.

    • Lord, please bring a heartbeat back to Nikki’s baby! Please give peace and hope to their entire family, and no matter what happens, remind them that You are still here. Give Nikki the peace that only You can give, and help her to know that You have not forgotten her. Surround her with your love. Amen.

    • Dear Amy, I am standing with you in prayer for your daughter Nikki, for her baby still growing inside, and for her husband. I pray for that little heart to beat strong, and for your daughter to feel held by a God who cares. For peace in the panic. I pray for your breaking mama heart to feel support and comfort and Hope. His peace keep you Amy! ~Sarah

      I had a miscarriage too. Here is a journaling piece I did while processing the grief:
      “Dear Little One,
      The day was so Spring like I could taste it on my morning run. You could smell hope in the air. I went to the Doctor that afternoon, anxious to hear your heart beat and see you through ultrasound. But your heart had stopped its cadence at 7 and a half weeks. And your soul, too big for your peanut body, had already flown away. But the birds, they keep singing their joy in the morning. And the trees! They are starting to burst with soft pink blossoms. It all reminds me of you,
      All my Love, Mom”

    • Dearest Amy, prayers, for that beautiful soul, your daughter needs so much prayer in this season, has you daughter investigated, reasons from a medical point of view on why so many miscarriages. My heart cries . 1peter5:7

  6. Dear Heavenly Father
    You are gracious and merciful. Thank you for this day. Help us to see the joy in our everyday world. Lord we also need a heavy dose of compassion for or fellow humans. Please give us the ability to take a breath and listen and care for one another.
    Lord, I’m asking specifically for this friend who is struggling with a family member. Lead her choices. She is asking for help in releasing her bitterness. Please show her how. Give her tools, and help her take the actions to find freedom from this bitterness.
    Lord, we pray for the great land of Australia. The devastation and loss is overwhelming. Please bring rain to this land. Please give these people a presence they can feel. Prop them up, give them strength, and help them latch onto the hope found in your Word. Lord, Jas is searching for a role that aligns with her masters level work. Please provide guidance and direct her steps to find that role.
    Lord, Lisa too is searching for a job. Please quell the feelings of desperation. Speak wisdom to her heart, providing guidance and direction to meet her needs.
    Lord, Jessica too is overwhelmed and desperate. Please bring guidance and resources to her that help her get back to WA safely. Grant her peace and the knowledge that you are ever present and will not leave her side.
    I would like to ask for prayer for guidance and ability to work hard and do my job well. To work as if I am working for the lord and bring honor to him. I too need discernment and guidance in making a career choice.

  7. I am having surgery tomorrow. 5th one in 6 months for my cancer. This is supposed to be the last one.

    • Lord Jesus, be with Mary tomorrow as she faces yet more surgery. I pray for courage ash strength. Guide the surgeons to do the operation perfectly and entirely. And I pray for healing for Mary. Give her peace and let her feel Your loving arms around her, xx

    • Mary my prayers are with you for you surgery for tomorrow. Remember this saying. I don’t where I got but it so true. Don’t Worry About Tomorrow Jesus Is Already There. That is so true Jesus is already. To pave the way for you for your surgery. Jesus will be with you helping you get through it all. Guiding the sersion hands. Making sure everything goes well for you. Plus for your recovery after the surgery. Along with alot of people’s prayes. Plus mine all the way from Enniskillen in Co.Fermanagh N.Ireland. So glad to be your Sister in Christ and very glad to pray for you. Play this song on youtube by Don Monen it is called – I am the God that health thee. Very true song. Plus belive Gods word Psalm 103 v 3. Love Dawn Ferguson-Little God Bless xxxx PS it is a pleasure to pray for you.

  8. I am struggling with a lot of angry feelings about the total lack of respect from my adult children. Their grandmother, who is 85, came for Christmas. She has been a loving and wonderful grandmother to them and neither of them responded positively to an invitation to come and spend time with her. I just don’t get this me-centric, self-absorbed way of thinking and living. I pray that God would turn them around in their tracks and remove the anger and resentment that I am feeling toward them. Thank you.
    Bev xx

    • Bev,

      Still praying for your adult children. May God change their hearts this year & take away any grudges or bad feelings they have. Praying that you can love them even in their wayward steps. Asking God to bring them to Himself & shower them with love & mercy. Praying God’s blessings of a reunited family for you all.

      Blessings 🙂

    • Lord, I pray for Bev today, as she is hurt and angry over the lack of respect from her adult children. I ask, Lord, for the opportunity for Bev to speak truth in love to her children in the right way at the right time. I pray for wisdom and strength to move forward in her relationship with them, to know when to speak up and when to remain silent. I ask that you give her great peace in place of her anger so that she will be able to respond instead of react. I pray for all resentment to be replaced with clarity and peace. I also pray for her adult kids to be convicted of their self-centeredness that they might repent and turn towards You. Please, Lord, direct this situation and bring resolution in the new year. In Jesus’ name I pray, amen.

  9. With the start of 2020, I really want to leave all of the fear and anxiety that I carry as a single mother behind me. Please pray that I trust and rely on God for his guidance for our lives.

    (I’m also going through a legal battle with my former landlord who refuses to return a large sum of money. Please pray that her heart is softened or, if it’s God’s will for us to go to court, that I am successful.)

    • Continuing to lift in you in prayer that you would know that God is right there parenting with you and filling in the gaps when you feel like you come up short. Praying for a positive solution to your battle with your former landlord.
      Blessings and hugs,
      Bev xx

  10. Trust, hope and freedom in a personal time of deep uncertainty and depression due to struggles with an eating disorder. I would also like to ask for prayer about how to approach the recovery and treatment of the eating disorder, I desperately want to be free and have tried many things, but I am in a pretty bad place now, and I do not know where to go from here.

    • Lord, please rescue Annemarie from both depression and the eating disorder. Give her peace in this time of uncertainty and give her the courage to move forward in the freedom You have for her. Please give her Your hope as she battles this dark time. Remind her that she is not alone and that You are ALWAYS with her. Surround her with your love. Amen.

  11. God, I pray for Mary, I pray for her as she goes in for surgery tomorrow. I pray for the surgeons and nurses and all whose hands she will be in tomorrow. Most of all God let Mary remember that she is in your faithful hands. I pray for your will and healing and comfort in the days of recovery. Amen.

  12. Please pray for my marriage. For many years my heart has grown cold and hurt and petty things have made a hard space. Pray for my heart to soften and for a revival of our marriage.

  13. Dear Lord, you know I struggle with trust at times. In this year, I pray that you will help me grow in this area. Help me trust you in every situation and to not fear the unknown. Please grant me your peace! Amen

  14. Thank you for posting this message. I had another sleepless night, trying to control things that I can’t. Thank you.

    • Dawn, i too lay in bed trying to control out comes in my life, what a waste of my time! Lord help me just surrender.

      • It’s so helpful to know that others are struggling with the same anxiety. I just wish that I could build an “Anxiety Hotel,” so anyone who is feeling the stress at night could just wake up and get a hug from another person feeling the same strain. Hugs to you!

  15. God sees my struggle with singleness. I pray that God will keep me in perfect peace as i trust Him completely in this season.

  16. Good morning.

    I have an inspirational t-shirt business and currently in the editing phase of a devotional book for single parents. Also, I will be starting to write my dissertation for my Doctorate in Public Administration. It’s so overwhelming and seems like it’s falling apart. Please pray that what I am doing in furthering the kingdom of God and that His Will be done in my life.

    Thank you for your prayers.

  17. My Pastor, Shane Lewis, has cancer. He will be having a Bone Marrow Transplant Jan 18

  18. Thank you for this post. I just shared this verse in an email I sent to a select few family & friends. I am facing a health issue that seems to be worsening instead of improving. I have seen several doctors, and will be having more tests done this week. I’m hoping for a diagnosis and recovery soon. It’s hard not to be discouraged, but I do have so much to be thankful for as I look around my life. For that, I am grateful.

  19. Beautiful incourage community: I’m in the midst of a divorce and the church is involved and I don’t feel seen, heard or understood by them sometimes. I know that I willingly submit to church authority but I pray for their eyes to be open to the truth in my situation. I feel like I’m walking this struggle alone. I feel lost and afraid and condemned. Please pray for me

  20. As I’ve read through these requests I’ve prayed for each one. May our precious Lord provide for all of these needs.

    My request is physical needs. I am trusting God in this, but it is difficult. I have a torn meniscus, and surgery is scheduled for this Tuesday. But now I’m getting a headcold, so I will have to postpone surgery. I was diagnosed early December but wanted to wait until January because we had used all of our flex account. It’s already been hard to wait this long. Meanwhile it’s hard to stay off of it! But I think I’m making it worse. Pray that I can see God work through all of this, and that I will trust him no matter what.

  21. Thank you. I ask that you pray for me to trust a god and know his will for me. I pray for clarity and direction in a relationship that I’ve been in for a year and has yet to meet him. I pray for strength to leave.

    • Mildred, I pray for you to be able to let go of your fears and trust God. We can’t always see what’s in the other side and it can be scary to think what if there isn’t something/someone better than this for me. You are the daughter of the King, and God wants only the best for you, don’t forget that. I pray that you are able to trust in Gods faithfulness and follow his will in your relationship and step out in faith. God will be there to carry you through and be your strength when you are weak.

  22. Today’s word really spoke to me. 2019 was one the hardest years of my life in every area and going into 2020 I having praying to surrender to God. I struggle with giving up control and I really feel like that was a lot of what this last year was about. That I can’t survive in my own but I need to learn to depend on God in the good times not just the bad. Please pray for me to completely surrender to God.

  23. In Courage,

    I have several prayer requests for friends. First an ex co-worker has major health issues. She has problems with her colon & might need colostomy bag. She is a young single mother with young boys to raise. Pray for God’s healing touch.

    Another co-worker had a “drunk driver” run into her trailer home. It ruined some flooring & the washer/dryer. They don’t have renter’s insurance. There is a warrant out for the driver’s arrest. Mean time they need money to fix up the house some.

    My hubby has a good job in this area. The amount of work expected to do on his shifts is crazy. He is getting tired & fed up with they way the ER is being run. Would desperately like to work in an outpatient diagnostic clinic. Has worked in some before & loved it. He is tired of 12+ hr shifts & long drives.

    I got a new part time job last year. I absolutely love it. Problem is now we don’t have enough RNs to cover night shift for my unit. Was working a lot of extra days & that has dwindled down. Don’t know when they will reopen the unit. I still work 2-3 days a week. There are three secretaries (2) for 5300 which is shut down & 1 for 5200. They have to schedule us some place & give us the hours they promised.

    Praying God’s blessings of peace, prosperity & health in 2020. A new year full of new possibilities!

    Blessings 🙂

  24. Please pray for my family. My 30 yo stepson is returning to live with us. He has caused problems between my husband and I since he was a little boy. He is disrespectful to me and has no respect for things that belongs to others. He will not work and has stolen things from us in the past. He drinks and smoke heavily and expects his dad to support his habits. I don’t know if I can do this. It’s so bad that I’m considering leaving bc he is coming home.

    • Jessie, WOW prayers to you this is tough , as a stepson your husband should back you up, if he cant do this , why? A 30 yr is an adult, which in it self is hard, i pray your stepson will understand he is living in your home, not his. Prayers my friend

  25. I appreciate prayers. Doubt, stress, anxiety, a sense of overwhelm, failure, pressure, a lack of time to complete tasks, and fatigue have clung to me for the past few months. Instead of facing them, I have just avoided dealing with all of them feeling drained and burnt out. I don’t want to live so weighed down anymore trying to carry a burden that only my God is meant I carry. I feel like I need to let go and to remember I don’t face these all alone. God is there waiting to help, provide, comfort, love, and more. Prayers that I can surrender my burdens, trust Him to help me, and to pray His peace flows in me no matter what I face.
    Prayers to cover you all.
    Thank you

  26. Praying for healing, Debbie, and for your surgery to still be able to be done on Tuesday. If not, I pray for a quick reschedule so you can feel better. Praying for peace in your heart as you wait on this to be solved.

    Please pray for our finances. We are a one income family that homeschools and, I feel discouraged. Our finances always seem to be a struggle, no matter how hard we try to budget, not use credit, etc. we just always seem to have circumstances come up that leave us in a place where it’s a struggle. Right now business is slow for my husband (but can always turn around quickly). Please just pray for God to provide and business to pick up.

  27. Please pray that I continue to trust in God and that I stand strong in my faith. Please also pray that I stay focused on God’s truth and not the evil one satans lies. Thank you so much for your prayers and may God bless you all with healing, peace, wisdom, love and joy. ❤️

    • Stephanie, humility is the first step! God knows your heart and will bring you back to your first Love and Hunger for Our Savior, Jesus Christ! My prayer for you is DISCERNMENT and learning to listen and discern God’s truth; by staying and walking in His Word on a daily basis.
      Much Love and Blessings,

    • Praying that I continue to wait on the Lord for His blessings. As I start a new chapter in 2020, I must trust Him and let him do the leading! I pray for this confidence.

  28. Please pray for my two sons who are no longer walking with God. Pray for their hearts to turn back to the Living God, and for my husband and I to have wisdom in pouring into them with love and truth.

    • Jennifer,
      Lifting your sons in prayer right now. As you’ve read, I know the grief of having “kids” who are not walking with God. May they respond to the furious love of God and may they hear and respond to His continuous voice of love. Turn their hearts of stone to hearts of flesh. May God give you and your husband patience and perseverance in continuing to bring your sons to the altar of God. They are His sons before they were yours.
      Bev xx

  29. My husband and I have been trying to have a baby for almost a year and the first week of December we had a miscarriage at five/six weeks. We were completely devastated. My family has not given us the support we desperately need, and made us feel very unwanted when we visited for Christmas. It’s hard to understand why God would have this happen in our lives and then surround us with people who have no issues getting or staying pregnant, it’s just so cruel. My trust is shaken and I don’t know how to move forward.

  30. Sisters In Christ, I come before you to pray that I may find a church and connect once again to community. I left the church about 7 years ago even though I keep up with my devotionals. Lately, my heart has been yearning to be in a church community. Because I know it is affecting my relationship with my loved ones. I have become critical and hurting those whom I love with my unbecoming behavior and harsh words. Please stand in the gap for me, or else as I turn 67 I will be left alone, empty and without a purpose. Diana

  31. Dear Sisters,
    Please pray for me! I’m feeling completely broken. I know the Lord can change anyone and I desire for him to soften my heart and change me. I have gone to church since I was 3 and struggle with sinful nature. I struggle socially and it has caused so many problems. My husband and I are struggling as well. Only the Lord can change things. I struggle with trust all the time. The Lord, my husband, myself. Plz pray!

  32. Mary my prayers are with you for you surgery for tomorrow. Remember this saying. I don’t where I got but it so true. Don’t Worry About Tomorrow Jesus Is Already There. That is so true Jesus is already. To pave the way for you for your surgery. Jesus will be with you helping you get through it all. Guiding the sersion hands. Making sure everything goes well for you. Plus for your recovery after the surgery. Along with alot of people’s prayes. Plus mine all the way from Enniskillen in Co.Fermanagh N.Ireland. So glad to be your Sister in Christ and very glad to pray for you. Play this song on youtube by Don Monen it is called – I am the God that health thee. Very true song. Plus belive Gods word Psalm 103 v 3. Love Dawn Ferguson-Little God Bless xxxx PS it is a pleasure to pray for you.

  33. I pray today Lord that you would lift up Stephanie. That you would remind her that we can trust in you always for fulfillment of the desire of her heart. You are the I AM. Write your words on Stephanies heart oh Lord. So that she might resist the evil. Stand tall with the full armour of God. Her belt of truth, her breastplate of righteouness, her gospel of peace, stephanies shield of faith, her helmet of salvation, and her sword of the spirit. I ask these things today so that my sister in Christ will stand in all perfect things. Praise your holy name, amen.

  34. Please pray for my middle son. That the Lord give him a breakthrough . That he bless him with new opportunities and to have a new start in his life. It has been 4 years of ups and downs. So I trust the Lord he is a way maker for my sons life.
    I pray that Michelle is bless in all areas of her life. That the Lord bless her and her husband with new friends that can bless their life. I know that the Lord can make things new because he is the Lord of the impossible . So Michelle keep praying and trusting so the Lord is never late . You are his daughter and he has the best plans for you and your husband. Trust the Lord!

    • Michelle,
      My heart goes out to you as I, too, have suffered with anxiety and depression. My particular situation involved a chemical imbalance and I have been on meds for over 25 years. Thankfully I’ve been able to wean down to a pretty low dosage. I have tried several times to go off the meds with disastrous results. I don’t know what your situation is, but I am praying that God would ease your symptoms and know that you can call out to him in the depths and He will always respond with His love and comfort. It’s a hard road, but there is hope. Know that mental illness is an illness not a flaw or failure.
      Blessings and prayers,
      Bev xx

  35. Michelle,
    Keep praying, keep seeking God! Lord, I pray that Michelle keeps praying and seeking you regarding her brokenness and her marriage. You know how much you love her and how amazing you created her to be despite the brokenness and doubt. I pray for her strength to come directly from trusting in You.

    Please pray for my patience with my husband. He deals with many abandonment issues that he knows to give to God, but he has trouble letting go.

    • Prayers for patience and for peace to your husband ! May he come so close to God and God heal those broken areas !

  36. I am trying to make a decision about whether or not to take a career opportunity that has opened up for me. It would mean longer hours and a lot of work, and I already feel pretty weary from last year’s busy-ness. I am excited about the opportunity, but since I feel so worn I am not sure if I should take it or not. I would really appreciate prayers that God would give me clarity in what I should do and confidence and peace in making a decision. Thank you <3

  37. Pray that I will submit myself to the Lord even situations look or seems fearful or unpromising.

  38. Please pray that I can open my hands and release all the confusion, questions, and hurt to God and not try to hold on to things that only He can help with. Why do I need to hold on as if I am the only one who can fix it???

  39. I am praying for new position at work. In my heart I know I can do it. Just praying my boss has faith in me. Seeking His blessing above.

    • I am praying for healing from a broken relationship which I thought would lead to marriage. I am also praying for job opportunities near my sisters either in Little Rock, AR or San Antonio, Tx. Amen

  40. Pleas pray that God will open a financial door for my son to return to college on Sunday

  41. Good morning, I’m praying for success on my new career . I feel so thankful and blessed . I’m asking for prayer for highway safety and good health for myself , family and friends, especially Mason, Gabriel, Geraldine and Mason and everyone reading in courage.me. Amen !

  42. Will you please pray with us for a job for my husband. We are trusting God for something perfect! Hoping to hear something next week.
    We are learning about the importance of community and the power of prayer.

    We are praying for a job that is a perfect fit. For God’s will. For something close to home. With a sufficient salary. Where we can make a difference.

    Thank you
    Arnu & EliZbe

  43. Please pray for a job for me. That God blesses me with a good paying job, where I will enjoy what I’m doing and not too far from home.

    Thank you


  44. I pray Lord that you bless EliZbe husband with a good job. The perfect job you have for him Lord. Bless her and her family.

  45. Dear friends,
    Pray for a job for me, a good paying job and for me to able to fight fear in trying new things i.e change and forgiveness.
    To be close to God in 2020 and more years to come.

    Thank you

  46. Lord, please be by Marzena’s side as she goes back to work this week. Let her feel your presence and strength. She is NOT alone so give her the comfort she needs and calm her nerves. Also surround her with people who care. Please be with her son and help him. Send him all your love. Amen

  47. My dog attacked another dog, injuries were not serious. I paid the bill and euthanized my dog. Tomorrow I face court charges because the owner of the other dog wishes to punish me more. Animal control thinks she’s being ridiculous. I did all I could but I’m still nervous. Thursday we fly to the Philippines. Please pray for strength and calmness for tomorrow and safety for our trip. Pray this lady doesn’t take me to small claims court after this ( she told Animal Control it’s her plan). Pray for Ms. Nichols to have a change of heart. PLEASE.

    • Lord,
      This world is full of injustice and disorder. Please bring some of Your healing to this woman’s heart so that she understands that Natasha has already paid a great price for an unfortunate situation. We know that you have given us all the gift of free will, so if Ms Nichols continues to choose evil and vengeance, give Natasha all Your strength and peace to get through it. Bring good out of the situation no matter what happens, and all closer to You through it. In Jesus’name. Amen.
      Natasha, so sorry this happened. I know how painful it is to part with a pet. Prayers with you, sister in Christ.

  48. Please pray for my son’s heart to be changed by inviting Jesus into it, so that he would experience freedom and joy in Christ. Pray for his rescue from selfishness and thst he would have a humble heart and mind. That he would be captivated by the love of God. He is 35.