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  1. The timeless story of Jesus’ birth and surrounding events is so beautiful! The story of the angels pronouncement to the shepherds leaves me in awe and wonder! What a glorious way God gave to announce His Son! And how the Word of His birth must have spread from person to person! Yet Mary, who already had been told, kept this things in mind, because the angel had told her in advance. Praise God for His glorious plans for the birth of our Messiah!

  2. In Courage,

    I have learned insights into this story. Most translations say Jesus was wrapped in swaddling clothes. NIV says clothes. It is actually bandages-grave clothes that Mary & Joseph would have had on their long journey. An indication of His future death. It would have been awe inspiring to witness a whole choir of angels singing & praising God. People must have wondered what was going on. I sure would want to go see what the heck was happening. There is a song out by Matthew West called “Leaving Heaven”. It talks about Jesus leaving the splendor of Heaven to come to broken earth. Hanging a star in the East so everyone will know where I touch down. He loves us that much. Praying everyone has a blessed Charlie Brown Christmas & a very happy, healthy & prosperous new year.

    Thanks for all you do!! Advent blessings 🙂