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(in)courage is a virtual living room where we build community, celebrate diversity, and become women of courage.

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    • So happy to see that you love Him, Jas. I am encouraged by your comment.

      Preach the Gospel at all times. When necessary, use words. -St. Francis of Assisi quote..

  1. In Courage,

    We have a hope that doesn’t disappoint even in the midst of trials. Society has us believe that trials are either our fault-something we did wrong-or someone else’s fault & we should sue them for damages. Their idea is to get upset with trials. While God says rejoice in your trials for they are producing endurance, endurance produces proven character, and proven character produces hope. They are making us stronger warriors ready for the next fight. I know for me trials have strengthened my faith & trust in God. I know He will come & rescue me in His perfect Timing.

    Advent Blessings 🙂

  2. My love for Jesus continues to grow with each passing day and as I take time during this advent season to reflect I find myself just wanting so much more of Him and so much less of myself. His Holy Spirit brightens me from the inside and I’m so grateful for the work He’s done and continues to do in me. I just pray that I reflect this love on the outside as much as I feel it on the inside. I’m still learning. Grace.