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Elizabeth is a writer, poet, pastor’s wife and mom to seven- four in her arms and three just out of sight. She writes on the intersection of grief and faith, and rediscovering life after loss. She is a daydreamer, an unashamed people watcher, and a fierce lover of 1950’s pink...

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  1. Elizabeth,

    God never said we would have a rose garden. He promised that trials/tribulations would come. It is in those trials that we grow & mature. We must allow others into our hard. He made us for community & commands us to bear each other’s burdens. Galatians 6:2 Bear one another’s burdens, and so fulfill the law of Christ. We can’t do that if we don’t know or you gloss over the situation. Christians think they have to put on a “brave” face all the time. Not so! He wants us to tell trusted others about our griefs & trials. In doing that you are allowing us to “be there” for you. Even if it is just to let you cry on our shoulders. Your path may be a bit thorny now, but letting a little love shine in there may make it easier to bear & give you the hope you desperately need right now. That hope is sure & everlasting.

    Blessings 🙂

  2. Thank you for being real and vulnerable with us here. I love how you included the part about your friend knocking at your door and then calling and saying she was there and you didn’t have to answer the door. That speaks volumes about true friendship. I want to be that kind of friend when people in my life are suffering.

  3. Yesterday, 11-5 was my sons 14th birthday without him. He would have been 34 but was killed at 20 on 6-20-06 while serving as a Marine in Iraq. I spent the first 3 yrs being angry with God for not answering my prayers of bringing him home safely. While I found it almost impossible to worship or pray during that time I was still attending bible studies. It was at the end of the study and Beth Moore was talking about “putting on the armor of God”. This is what I prayed for Chris. I could picture him getting dressed for a mission. When she came to the part of “the helmet of salvation”, I think I was touched by the Holy Spirit. Instantly I realized that Chris did have his “helmet of salvation” and that my prayers had been answered. Just not in an earthly way. At that moment my anger left and never returned! I’m not saying all was easy these past years but I have a peace and a hope in Jesus. I know where Chris is and that we will be together again. I love having HOPE in Jesus.

    • Kat Leon, your post here blessed me today. I too have sat in Bible studies when everything around me was falling apart. God has reached down in such specific ways I am learning to trust him through the hard spaces. Thank you for sharing your heart.

  4. Thank you for this post today. Tomorrow I head to see nerosurgeon about severe stenosis. Sure I’m scared but i know God will be with me. I’m more saddened because my cousin last night gave birth to a baby boy but because of complications she passed awy. She left behind a new son another son 6 and a husband, along with family and many friends. It has only been a short while ago she lost her mom to cancer. They so need prayers. Thank you for all of your words. I wait for these emails to start my day. God Bless you always

  5. Elizabeth,
    Thank you for sharing your hard story so that others may know they’re not alone and have hope too. I’m so sorry for your loss of Owen and your other babies. Time doesn’t heal all wounds. But time does get us one day closer to heaven — and that’s a reason to rejoice! Grateful to have your words on (in)courage today.