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  1. Oh I interviewed for a job and came down to the last two. I didn’t get it. I cried as this job was connected to what I had studied in my Masters. I picked myself up and went about trying for other roles. 3 weeks later they called me and asked me to reinterview, I prayed again and again thinking surely if God allowed it back into my life – it was another chance. It was only between me and another person, again I lost out. I was hurt. This was yesterday. I’m not sure what God is trying to teach me here but I am at a loss.

    Please pray for the Lord to clearly show me a sign whether in scripture or post WHAT He would like to teach me and that I hear him. I need to contribute financially to our household. Can I also ask for prayers for my son and his gut issues that God may step in and heal him. Thank you.

    • Father, Please close to Jas as she seeks Your will for her life journey… comfort her hurts in not being chosen, help her to trust You even when she doesn’t understand… shower her with Your love and peace… Father, thank You… in Jesus’ name…

    • Praying for you Jas! I have been in your position of interviewing for what I believed would be the perfect position for me and going the distance in the interview process, only to be told no. I was hurt and confused, but then the Lord took me in a direction I would never have dreamed, giving me opportunities I would have never experienced had I gotten the job I thought was perfect for me.
      In my own life I have learned (and definitely still learning) to let go of my expectations and the comparisons of what or where I think I should be and see what the Lord has in front of me. Trusting Him to give His best even when it looks nothing like I imagined. I was recently let go from an organization I served for over 16 years and one I thought I would be for many more years, but as I was through this season I am seeing how faithful our God is, and how good He is! He is giving me things I didn’t even know I wanted or were possible. The verse He gave me for this season is Psalm 27:14, “Wait for the Lord; be strong, and let your heart take courage; wait for the Lord!”
      I pray this encourages you and will keep you in my prayers.

      • Thank you Kate. I’ve been waiting for God to speak to me through his word or a Christian post and I couldn’t hear anything but that’s changed with your comment. So appreciate you sharing today, it feels like He is in your words!

    • Dear Heavenly Father please show Jas what you have in mind for her and remind her that your Plan is perfect. Please comfort her and please give her dear son the healing that he needs. We know Your Will is perfect.

      Please ask tha God would show me exactly whar He wants me to do with my life to setve Him better. I AM SO THANKFUL TO HAVE THIS OPPORTUNITY TO PRAY FOR JAS.

      • Sharon,
        Lifting you up in prayer.
        Lord please show Sharon is bolden signposts your plan for her right now and how she can serve you better. Please watch over her as she steps out on behalf of you. Offer discernment and clarity on this journey. In Jesus Name, Amen

    • Please pray for healing of multiple serious health conditions that are not responding well to treatment, for our finances which are being greatly stretched with medical expenses beyond what insurance covers, relief from pain, hope, peace, rest and trust in the Lord’s provision. Thank you!

      • Father, Please surround Beth with Your love and peace… Father, may she be healed from these medical conditions, may the doctors have wisdom, may she have relief from the pain… guard their finances, provide the resources they need to meet their needs… thank You Father, in Jesus’ name…

      • Lord please surround Beth with a big blanket of your love. Provide provision for her to get the drugs/medicine she needs to become pain free. Please provide a pathway with the right medicine to take her pain and symptoms away. You are our creator and the only one who can heal us, please heal Beth. Thank you Lord, In your name I ask these things, Amen.

    • The Lord will accomplish that which concerns me; Your [unwavering] lovingkindness, O Lord, endures forever— Do not abandon the works of Your own hands.
      Psalm 138:8
      Praying for you and your family right now, Jas. When I struggle with things like this, I try to pray back to God the things that He has said are true about himself, even if I don’t feel them at the moment. Tell Him that you choose to trust Him, and allow the Spirit to fill your heart with peace. I lift up your job situation and your son’s health to the throne of grace and cry out for help.

      • Thank you Subi. Asking the Lord to answer your prayers too and shower blessings over you sweet sister., In Jesus name, Amen.

    • Praying for you! The hurt of rejection is so painful. Yet there is comfort in the fact that you were called back. That in itself means something! Don’t give up. As you continue the process, God is surely working in and through you. When the job does come through, I pray you will see many ways God has worked through this for His glory! Praying right now for your son. It is so difficult to have sick kiddos, especially when we can’t figure out what is going on. May you feel our Lord wrap his arms around you!

      • Oh Debbie, thank you for your sweet words and prayer! It really means a lot. I get so much comfort from my incourage sisters!

        Dear Lord, please watch over Debbie, bless her Lord. I am so grateful you have used her to send me words of comfort and direction. In Jesus name, Amen

    • Jas, I am praying for discernment as you wait for direction and that it will be crystal clear what the Lord’s great and loving plan is, praying and trusting that He will provide for your finances as you wait on Him, and praying for healing and restoration for your son’s gut issues. He is able! “For great is His love toward us, and the faithfulness of the Lord endures forever. Praise the Lord.” Psalm ‭117:2‬

    • Dearest Jas
      Our GOD who holds everthing together LOVES YOU. HE knows YOU. HE sees YOU. HE cares for YOU. He is your Jehovah Shammah, Who will never leave you nor forsake you. He is is your Jehovah Jireh, Who provides. He is your Jehovah Nissi, he is your Victory. His Banner over you is LOVE. He is Jehovah Shalom, your Peace. He is the all-seeing GOD Who knows everything about you and he has a GOOD plan for you, a VERY VERY GOOD plan for you, His most Perfect plan.
      Father God, I pray for Jas, You hear her cry, her moanings. God of all Comfort, I ask that you comfort her today. Let her feel the Love of Almighty God , give her Your wisdom and understanding as she acknowledges You, Your Peace that surpasses all understanding, and Your Grace and Mercy as she places everything in Your Hands. In the Name of Your Precious Son, Jesus Christ, we pray. Amen, Amen and Amen!

      • Oh Donna, what loving advice and a beautiful prayer. I thank you from the depths of my soul. I feel God/Jesus/the Holy Spirit in your words and prayer. Thank you Thank you, Thank you!!

        Dearest Lord, thank you for Donna and her kind kind words. I feel you in them. Please watch over my incourage sister, I thank you for her. In Jesus name, Amen

    • I pray for peace and I pray for the right job to come your way. Work is such a big part of our lives Lord, and you truly understand. Please provide – as you always do for this woman who has seen the door of opportunity shut too many times. Give her the strength to pick herself up, start again and find success.

      I also pray for my two sons – that they find work, that it be a good change and rewarding. Please guide them and help them make good and upright decisions.

    • Jas,
      I’m praying for you sweet friend. In several of the very painful experiences I’ve gone through, I can look back and see that God was building my character. Sadly, we won’t develop character unless we endure some pain and suffering. Right now you are being called to persevere. Perseverance builds character, and character, hope, and hope doesn’t disappoint. I know you’d rather have life without the struggle, but God is more concerned about your character than your happiness. Remember that He is shaping you, not for this world specifically, but for eternity. In due time, the weeping that endures for the night will relent and joy will come in the morning. Praying that you can keep clinging to Him and not give up hope in His goodness. Praying also for your son and his gut health.
      Love and hugs,
      Bev xoxo

    • Praying for you and your son Jas. May God bless your son with healing and you with the job that is right for you in His perfect timing. He is never late. May God bless you all! ❤️

      “But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well. Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.”- Matthew 6:33-34

    • Father, thank you for this dear sister’s persistence. She was knocked down once but had the courage to go back a second time. Yes, Lord, its hard to understand. But we trust you. The One who sees all, knows all, and we trust that you will open the right door and opportunity for Jas. Let her heart not grow weary for in due time she will reap a reward from you. Please comfort her and fill her heart with your perfect peace. We also lift up her brother to you and ask for healing in his body. In Jesus name, Amen.

    • The steps of a good man are ordered by the Lord. Closed doors are God’s opportunity to open bigger and better opportunities for you. Trust in the Lord with all thine heart, don’t lean on your own understanding and He will direct your path. Prayers for your son. He sent His word to heal us. Thank Him!

    • Praying for your work situation and that a better job is on the horizon. Also praying for your sons healthy

    • Please Father be with your precious Daughter as she walks this road. As she is feeling sad and uncertain in this time. Father God, please show her that your love her so very much. That things occur in your time Father, your time is not like our time. You have the perfect job for her, in the perfect time. Help her to see that she is valuable and she is needed.
      Please be with her son and his health issues with his tummy. Please
      Father, allow the
      Drs to pinpoint the issue, give him
      The proper medication and the Dr can give him proper medications to have him
      On his way to healing.
      All these things I ask in your precious name.

    • Dear Lord, I pray for Jas that you reveal your purpose for her double failure at getting the job. May she continue to trust you and believe that you are never wrong and that in ALL things, You work for our good. Amen

  2. After a long court battle, I was able to relocate with my daughter and away from her abusive father. I thought that I would feel more peace and excitement with this fresh start, but it’s been much more of a struggle than anticipated. I’m really struggling. I’m fearful of when/if he will request visitation (even though it is to be supervised for the next 6 months). On top of all of that, my former landlord is threatening to return the security deposit to him even though I paid it and told me that I could sue her. Just looking for a little light…

    • Elizabeth,
      Praise that you were able to relocate away from your ex! Naturally the enemy wants to keep you living in fear. I would think that feeling a certain amount of fear would be understandable, but as much as you can, keep turning the fear over to the Lord. God does not want you to have a spirit of fear. He wants you to walk in freedom. Keep laying your fear at His feet and ASK for His peace that only He can give. I pray that God would surround you with His hedge of safety, not letting any weapon formed against you prosper. If the security deposit going to you vs. him would provoke him…better to let it go. God will provide. Keep looking back to how far He has brought you through the dark valley and let that give you hope and courage for the future.
      Love and prayers,
      Bev xoxo

    • Dear Father, come fill Elizabeth with Your perfect peace, may she lay the heavy burden she is carrying at Your feet. I pray that this may be a time of rest and refreshment, a time of new hope and truly a fresh start. May she trust You every step of the way and always walk in the light of Your presence and love. I pray for Your hand in everything in her life and eyes to see Your works even when things seem to be going differently than expected. Protect her and her daughter, hide them under the shadow of Your wings and may they not live in fear, but have the deep joy and peace that only You can give.

    • Elizabeth,

      Lifting you up into Gods care. God watch over Elizabeth as she goes on her journey. Thank you for releasing her from an abusive relationship. Please give her peace in this freedom and let her trust in you, the creator, provider of all of our needs. Guard them both against any further trouble which may come from Elizabeth’s ex husband. Be the stronghold and do not let any more suffering befall on to this family. I ask these things in Jesus’ name,

  3. Prayers for my two sons. My 16 yr old has epilepsy and they aren’t controlled right now. We are all sleep deprived because they are happening while sleep and awake. Doctors will decide if he needs surgery. Pray for God’s will to be done. My 14 yr old has some major learning disabilities and is struggling with social anxiety. He feels no matter how hard he tries it’s never good enough. I don’t want him to become depressed but I’m already seeing little signs. Pray for my marriage, college daughter, and last but not least that my faith doesn’t fail. I am completely exhausted and hanging on by the hem of His garment.

  4. Jas,

    Been praying for you & will continue to ask God to send the right job your way. He knows our needs & our hearts. Waiting is no fun.

    Father God,

    Your daughter Jas completed her Masters degree. She worked hard & your have provided along the way. We are thankful for all the assistance. Now please send the right job her way. Put her where you want her to be. Help her to hear you clearly & learn the lessons you are teaching. Also please help her son with his gut issues. Please intervene & heal him quickly.

    IN Jesus Name AMEN!

  5. In Courage,

    Life can get “crazy” quickly. A few weeks ago my MIL fell & broke her left hand. They put in a cast. Went back to ortho & they re cast it. It doesn’t appear to be healing & she may need surgery. Last Tuesday FIL had a bilateral stroke. He also dealing with stage III bladder cancer, bad diabetic. Fortunately his mind is good. He can’t do much else. Need prayers as they see docs this week. Praying MIL doesn’t need surgery as she doesn’t come out of surgery well. Praise the Lord that MIL’s daughter in law is in town & able to live with them & help out.

    Ikie, from church, is in ICU has had 3 heart attacks. Dot, also from church, went to ER she is in ICU getting a temporary pace maker. These two are older (80s +). SO much worry. Time to pray now.

    Thanks everyone!! Have a blessed Sunday!

    • Beth,
      Your heart is so sweet and caring for those who are ill and afflicted. Lifting ALL your prayer requests before the Lord. You are such a wonderful prayer warrior. Glad to return the favor!
      Bev xx

      • Bev,

        Thank you dearly. feel we have become internet friends.

        Have a great weekend!! 🙂

  6. Jas, praying that God answers your prayers by giving you the financial increase needed in your home and healing for your son. In Jesus name, Amen

    Lord I ask that the Holy Spirit that dwells in me and all around me continues to shine. Let my light so shine that others may see the God in me. Let thine will be done and help me to accept, obey, and know thy will. Amen

  7. My marriage and husband; that he will return to church and following Christ. For our three small children and unity for the 5 of us.

  8. Praying for you Jas.

    Please pray for restoration between me and my ex husband. He left 12 years ago for another woman. They broke up & are back together again. When they were apart, my ex & I were able to communicate. Now it’s miserable again! He won’t talk to me, & won’t look me in the eye. It’s terrible & it’s affecting me, our 2 children (15 & 12). Pray for a new mentor for my ex, one who will guide him biblically. The one he has now is not. Pray for a humbled, soft heart for my ex & a desire for him to get closer to The Lord. Pray for our kids, that they too would desire a deeper relationship with The Lord & please pray, I would feel the presence of The Lords healing my heart.
    Thank you

  9. The church where I currently serve is at a turning point and they need to seek the Lord’s will for the future. Another pastor & church with whom I served is going through a season of discouragement that only the Lord can turn around. Thank you for bearing these burdens with me. 🙂

    • Daddy, I lift up these two churches to You. Please provide discernment, wisdom, and guidance to the first one as they navigate this new season You’ve called them to. And for the second, I ask for renewed strength and passion with an abundance of fruit to follow on the heels of their current darkness. You are the Hero in each of these stories, and You have good plans for them. Your will cannot be thwarted by confusion or difficulty. Show Yourself powerful in these two communities through the way You’ll provide for Your people, and bring more souls into the kingdom as a result. Grow a deep and lasting faith, God, both individually and congregationally. Thank You for Your promise that You will build—and keep building—Your church. We surrender these needs into Your capable hands. In Jesus’ name, amen.

  10. My husband is going through a depression or a change in life. He doesn’t quite know, his emotions are all over the place. He tends to have a ball of anger in him that he tries to control.
    This is also affecting me because he is distant with me, we don’t talk the same, he doesn’t share things that happen, he is not affectionate. I am trying to be strong in understanding that he is facing a situation that’s out of his control, and he is not intentionally doing this. I pray every day, and cry wanting my husband to come back. I miss him.
    Please pray with me, for my husband to get out of the darkness and back into the light (faith,prayer,church), our marriage and to give me strength to understand and be patient and have hope so I can be here for him and my kids.

    • Maribel, I have been where you are with my husband. If you think he needs a professional or to speak to your pastors, encourage him to do so and in the meantime, keep praying for him, if you are discouraged or angry or sad or frustrated, pray through all of it. Satan is stalking, always. He seeks to destroy and destroy he will. Our husbands are vulnerable because of the role they have as head over our households and it does open them up to spiritual warfare. Pray, pray, pray. For his growth, his protection, his mental battles and his strength in Christ. I will be praying for you as you pray for him.
      My husband Has a job where he spends a lot of time alone and away from our family. Even with watching sermons and listening to praise & worship music and prayer he still struggles with being depressed. His age has some to do with it too but I have noticed with prayer, he is improving. I pray with him in the morning and pray for him through out the day. Keep your eyes on Jesus. Praying!

  11. I have had a very hard year and I am struggling to find the hope, joy and the sense of purpose I once had. I would like to ask for prayer that I will continue to pray with faith and hold on to God’s promises even though I dont see anything so clearly now.

  12. My husband is going through a depression or change in life. He doesn’t know what he feels, his emotions are all over the place. He feels this ball of anger inside him that he has to control.
    This is affecting me because he has been distant with me, he doesn’t share things that happen, he is not affectionate, we don’t talk the same way.
    I pray everyday for him, myself and our marriage. There’s times I have no more strength and I cry because I miss my husband and I want him back even though he is sitting on the couch.
    Please pray with me, for my husband to come out of the darkness and back into the light(faith,prayer,church), for my marriage and for me so I can continue to have strength to help him, myself and our kids.

  13. Please pray for me. I am having a right knee replacement on Dec 3rd. The doctor says I am high risk for poor recovery, wound infection, and increased pain because of some medication I take that I can not cut back on. Please pray for me to recover in God’s time without any problems. Please pray for God to guide the surgeon’s hands and to be with the nurses caring for me. Also pray that instead of focusing on the pain that I focus on God and His healing love. Thank you to everyone that prays for me!

  14. I would greatly appreciate prayers for myself and my children. We lost my husband/their dad on Aug 27 unexpectedly. Thankfully, he is a Christian and I know I will see him again. However, this is the hardest thing I’ve ever had to go through. We need God’s strength, comfort and help to get through each day and night. I never dreamed I’d be a 43 year old widow. I know that God is in control and He has a plan for us. I know His ways are better than ours. I need His help to trust in these things I know to be true. I also ask that you pray for our oldest 2 to be sure of their salvation before it’s too late. Thank you.

  15. Lord I pray for my Mitch- that you would remove the chains around his heart- that you would remove the scales from his eyes- that you would help him find a path that is pleasing to you. Help him to see his brokenness and sin so that he can begin on a journey back to you- to hope, to light, to life. Give him a supernatural encounter with you. Break down his walls, reveal his secrets, heal his mind- make him dependent on only you. I give him to you. I am palms up. I am listening and praying that you would help me to be the mother that he needs. You, the one who holds the stars, holds my baby. There is no better place to be than in your hands.

  16. Pray for my husband. He lost his job 4 months ago and has not found anything other than a part time job. We are currently unable to pay all of our bills and our home is about to go into foreclosure.

    • Jessie, prayers for God’s provision to encompass you and your family. Keep your sights set on Him alone. Lord, I pray you will give Jessie and her husband guidance to see what You have prepared for them. Show them the way for them to turn when they seek You with all their hearts.

  17. My prayer is for my sister. Like Hannah her womb is bare. She has experienced two miscarriages since August, this has been amongst other loss in our family. She does not live near me, so I feel like I have been unable to sit with her in her grief as I would want to if she was physically near. My sister would be an amazing mother, and I so desire for the desire of her heart to be fulfilled, as well as the heart to be healed.

  18. Please pray for my family and friends who are lost that they come to know Jesus. Thank you for your prayers. Prayers truly do move the mountains. God bless! ❤️

  19. I’d hugely appreciate prayer for my stepmom, Cheri—she deals with a crazy amount of chronic pain. God is our Healer, but He hasn’t yet chosen to step in and move in this particular way. Please pray for the physical side of things—relief and healing—along with the spiritual aspects of faith, hope, and peace.

  20. We all have problems we all need prayer. We all in mist of our troubles. No matter what they are to do with Kids, Sickness, Marriage going through a rough time. Marriage brake ups. Kids that are taking dugs. Money problems they seem worse coming up to Christmas, Depression. The list go on. If we have problems. We have to go Father in prayer. Keep looking up on to him. Trust his word the Bible. The promises in it. I know that not easy. When you feel everything going wrong around you and sometimes the world against you people against you. No matter what you say and do you feel can do nothing right. Or why is this sickness or money worries happening too me. The sickness could be you yourself or a close family member. It all gets to you. You just want to shut yourself away from the world. From everything. Say why this happening too us. Or too me. We all at times like this have to strong and not let the Old Devil have the last laugh say see I have you where I want you. All stressed up and worried sick about this problem or sickness you or your family member has or money problems. Or other problems. That you can even eat or stop you sleeping. The Devil having the last laugh. We as God people have to say no Devil go to God in prayer. Go to his word the Bible stand on his promises. Listen to the Holy Spirit ask God to give us the strength to get through this no matter what the problem is. Remind ourselves we have a big big mighty God who will help us get through it. Tell us what to do. If we need to get help what help to seek. Then seek it. Like the kids song we have to remember the song is Our God is a great big God. So he is. Don’t let the Old Devil have the last laugh. Take it to the Lord in Prayer and stand on the promises in his word the Bible. Plus be also like this other song. For am standing on the promises of God the promises that can not fail and will not fail. It another good song. God does hear our crys and prayer on to him he will answer in his time. He is always by our side. He will help get through this with Prayer and his word the Bible. Dawn Ferguson-Little

  21. If I could please have prayer. I have CRPS, PTSD and Chronic Depression. The CRPS does not allow me to wear clothes for the most part, bed sheets …..Fabric touching my skin causes burning, stabbing, cutting pain. I am exhausted living with this. I have prayed for many years.
    Thank you!

  22. Father I pray for Olivia that You would heal her pain and give her comfort. She is Your child whom You love, please give her strength and comfort as only You can. Thank You Father for Your blessings, open our eyes to see them. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

    I ask for prayer for my adult daughters to turn their hearts to Jesus as they were raised. I have a very empty marriage that is a struggle to stay in. I am praying for God to open my eyes to His ways and have the strength and faith to follow them. Thank you for joining me in prayer for my family!

  23. Prayer for my husband and I as we enter the fourth year of delayed fertility. It has been a hard journey full of much pain and tears. We are praying and believing God for a miracle just like Hannah did for Samuel.

    • My Dear Lesli,
      I too struggled with infertility via miscarriages between my 2 children. It was a very painful time. I too often felt like Hannah coming before the Lord and begging and crying for a miracle to be able to carry a child to term. It is a very difficult journey. May I pray for you today?
      ” Dear Jesus, You know the pain in Lesli and her husband’s heart. You bore that grief for them on The Cross. You said in your Word ‘ask and it shall be given you’, God we’re asking that you would hear the cries and petitions of Lesli and her husband’s heart and grant them a child. Jesus I pray not only for a child for them, but that you would give them ALL the children you want them to have. Give them peace while they wait and I Praise You for the family you will give them!!” In the Mighty Name of Jesus, AMEN

  24. Please pray for healing and peace for my daughter-in-law Charlene, who has struggled with cancer for several years. She is getting weaker and desperately needs a miracle of healing (She is a believer.) Please pray for peace for her, for her husband, and for the rest of us in the family. She has 3 year old twins who are miracles to have been born! I believe with all my heart that God can do miracles…her husband, our son, is another example of miraculously being here! Thank You Jesus!!! Thank You Jesus!!!

  25. Please pray for my son. I have been praying for my son since he was a little kid. Please pray for freedom ,stability ,and a direct relation with the Lord. He needs a job that gives him stability. I feel overwhelmed and without strength . I need your support in prayer. God bless you.

  26. My heart aches with pain in my husband not feeling loved by me. I have and do love him. He can not feel it and I am sure working away from home daily and his not working gives him time to wonder. I ask God for wisdom and granting my husband patience and trust in my surrender comprise and selfishness to Feel God’s love for me to share in grace with my husband.I ask for your prayers for healing of two broken hearts to be reunited in God’s mercy and love. I am humbled by your prayers and care and ask God’s blessings on you and yours my sisters

  27. We have recently moved: downsizing due to my health issues. I lost my cat of 13 years and I am heartbroken and grieving for my cat. All these changes are hard and I ask for prayer for me: for finding my cat, for strength and courage in our new environment! Thank you!

  28. Dear Father,
    I pray for healing Molly desires. Fill her heart with peace and comfort she needs and cover her under the security of your wings .
    In Jesus name
    Requesting for prayer on the job front . Living in the country of Bahrain as an expat makes finding a job harder. It’s been close to 3 years of me having lost my job due to company downsizing . But an inability to secure a job has me spiraling into anxiety and depression. This is leading to a strain on relationships with my husband and kids .
    Desperate for deliverance and hope

  29. My 14 year old son suffers from depression, anxiety and OCD in the form of intrusive thoughts. He is plagued by homicidal thoughts. He ran away again Halloween night and was gone for 4 hours before an officer saw him. He takes his medication judiciously and talks openly with his therapist and psychologist. He is scared, and so am I. I don’t know how to handle this anymore. He’s been hospitalized once for this and I fear it’s coming to that again. I feel like I’m completely failing. I feel like we’ve been abandoned by God.

    • Jess, I just prayed for you and your son. That his mind would be shielded from all of the thoughts that are not from God. That you would feel the warmth and love of God and know that you have not been abandoned. I know you know that in your mind, I pray that you know it in your heart as well. I prayed that you would have physicians to help him, that his anxieties would be calmed, that he would breathe in Jesus and exhale all of the things that cause him to feel overwhelmed. I pray for peace in your home and in your heart. Please know that you are loved.

  30. Please pray for our daughter. She is having a hard time in Calculus this year, and it is making her doubt her abilities. Please pray for understanding and knowledge and that she would know that God will see her through this. Pray for peace in her heart and mind as she takes her exams.

  31. I have been struggling to get pregnant and after 3 years of trying, I conceived but had a miscarriage. 3 years later, God blessed us a son. But currently, having a hard time conceiving again. Please pray for a miracle, patience and understanding!