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  1. I definitely needed to hear this today as I wait for the Lords blessing of a job. The waiting has reduced me to be grateful for any type of job for financial means for my family and NOT ‘the perfect job that aligns with my a Masters which I still truly believe Hod called me to do. As a part of his plan for my life…I couldn’t hear God in the disappointments of receiving rejection after another. In the big scheme of things it hasn’t been that many or that bad…I’m just emotionally wired. I know Gods timing is perfect and I’m just sincerely happy I can feel him again with his latest provision and with the Instagram posts, this one and Joyce Meyer sermons that the destination is not important it’s being with Hod that matters. So grateful to our Father for his love and provision- he really is so amazing!!

    • Hi Jas- I can feel your pain a little, so know that you have a friend and supporter in me. I’m also waiting for a job that will allow me to use my skills. The wait has been hard and frustrating, but I know that God’s timing is perfect. I’ll be praying for you, too! God is AMAZING!

      • Honestly Dawn it hasn’t been that long in the grand scheme of things but I’ve been emotionally invested which has made it all the more harder! I appreciate your prayers and I pray for a role for you too where you can use your skills according to HIS plan. Your right HE is AMAZING!
        The Lord you say that when to gather or more in his name, he hears.. something like that anyway!!

    • Jas,

      Still praying that God will deliver the right job for you. He has brought you this far, don’t give up now. This may not be the right time of year, but hold on. I know God has something good in store for you. Something you could never imagine. He’s done it for me-He’ll do it for you!


  2. Thank you for your post. It is encouraging as I have been praying for a husband for over 10 years and I am still waiting and still praying. My heart longs for this so much and sometimes it’s hard to keep believing it will come. But I need to remember that the plant takes time to grow. But praise to God that He is coming soon ♥️

    • Praying for you sister! I am also praying for a God loving husband. Let’s keep trusting our good God! God bless you! ❤️

    • Praying for God to bring a God fearing man into your life as your husband. Please provide this person for my sweet sister in Christ. I ask these things Father in a Jesus name, Amen

  3. I have been holding on for a very long time, looking for his forgiveness, and yet no response, I am fighting hard to not give up, but I yell, cry, scream, pray, he doesn’t hear me. I cant keep going with this, have patience thing, when will he hear me?

    • Noni
      I hear you. Keep leaning in. Stick yourself in the word, watch sermons, listen to podcasts- Gods voice is there. One I have loved is ‘the Jesus led adventure’ by Stephanie Bryant. One of incourage’s own. Look it up on iTunes, it will help!! I’m waiting too and I don’t hear God sometimes for quite a while. He doesn’t talk to me directly but in a verse or through a sermon or his word slowly things seem like it’s directly ‘speaking’ to me to where I’m at.

      I have witnessed God at work in my life and it happens so swiftly and it just leaves my jaw on the floor. It’s funny how quickly we forget, how quickly I’ve forgotten.

      God is good. He loves you and he hears you. He knows your heart. It whatever it is will come to be. Patience sucks, it’s so hard but have faith. God will provide for you in his perfect timing.


  4. All we can do is sow the seed like the Farmer. Then ask Jesus in our prayers to water it to see it grow. To see our unsaved loved ones one for Gods kindgom. Yes we might think why are they not coming. But we have never to stop giving up hope. We are too keep praying. Never let the Old Devil whisper in your ear. Why keep praying there not coming. Your just wasting your time praying. No your not. Wait until you hear this. There was a Mother in another Daily reading call Our Daily Bread. I read this once. She prayed for her son for over 20 years. Never once gave up praying for him. One day the front cover of the Our Daily Bread was on the kitchen table in his Mothers home. The words on the front cover convicted him. That he that Mothers son through the Holy Spirit. Gave his life to the Lord. So that Mothers prayers where answered. Yes it might have took over 20 years of that Mother praying for her son. But that should give us all hope too never give up prayimg for our family members that our not saved. Not let Old Satan the Devil whisper in your ear there is no point praying for them. They are not coming. Stamp The Devil under your feet and don’t listen to the Devil. Keep on praying. Let Jesus water the seeds in your familys hearts that are not saved. For the plants to grow that they will see that beautiful seed of Jesus in your heart and want what you have and that is to know Jesus as their Saviour. Let Jesus help you plant that seed in your familys hearts. Let Jesus show you how to water it. Learn from the best Farmer. That best Farmer and that best Farmer is Jesus. He will should you if you ask him. How to plant thoes seeds probably. To win your Family for his Kindgom. Jesus will do the watering if you do the praying and just trust him. Don’t give up. Don’t let the Devil whisper in your ear. Love Dawn Ferguson-Little. Excellent reading as always thank you. Xxxx

  5. In Courage,

    I’m somewhat part of the right here right now group. God took me on a 10-year roller coaster with aging parents & dementia/psych. Through all the ups & downs my faith has matured immensely. I am more ready to trust God with everything than ever before. Now I’m in a different medical battle. My MIL has broken her left hand about 6 weeks ago. It is healing, but she has a sling. Big problem is FIL. He has Stage III bladder cancer, suffered a bilateral ischemic attack about 2 weeks ago. Also is battling a bladder infection. He is weak on left side. Has bone pain in back to where it hurts to sit. As hubby works 44 hrs a week & I work 17-25.5 or more a week-I do what I can to help out. The big thing is getting hubby to have patience with his dad. Getting him to not worry about the big picture but take it day by day. Praise God her ex-DIL is living with them & doing a lot of the errand running, cooking, housekeeping, etc. She keeps us informed of any changes. It is still tough to be dealing with this again. Patience will be learned & faith will be strengthened through this!

    Blessings 🙂

    • Praying for you and your family. It’s hard going. May God support you all in whatever you need and relieve the pain and suffering of your in-laws.

  6. Yes, I am praying for Jesus to come soon. This world is in such a mess. Your people need help and rescue, Lord Jesus.