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Karina Allen is devoted to helping women live out their unique calling and building authentic community through the practical application of Scripture in an approachable, winsome manner.

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  1. Dear Karina,
    Your post speaks to where I am right at this very moment. I am nearly 40 in two months and I completed my Masters in Peace & conflict Studies not too long ago. I am waiting for a job, a role that is the next step in Gods plan for me. I have had some knock backs and it hit me hard. I got back up and keep applying for roles and I also have bills piling up.

    Today I had a break through – a mindset shift to not feel as frustrated and down. I know God has big plans for me as he does you but I was focused on the destination and NOT the most important part and that is my relationship with him. Deepening my relationship and trusting him. I came across this mantra on the you version app in one of my bible studies, it may be of help to you too.

    My Faith Declaration

    I believe that God wants to take me places I never dreamed of going and use me in ways I never imagined possible. Even though today, for whatever reason, I may not be able to see how the dreams God has placed in my heart could become a reality, by faith I choose to humbly listen for his voice and not to let insecurity or fear keep me from being obedient to What he calls me to do.

    • Amen Jas!

      Father, I bless Jas to see with Your eyes and hear with Your ears. You are good and faithful. Your timing is perfect and Your ways are Holy. Fill her with Your peace in the waiting

      In Jesus’ Name.

  2. I can SO relate to what you feel! I think that’s why for many years I’ve had a passion for the stories of people whose lives are by no means perfect or pretty and yet they have accomplished amazing things, sometimes after years of trials. I’m in the middle of a series on my blog right now entitled “Misfit Heroes,” where I’m writing about some of those people who have especially inspired me. You should check it out! https://www.inbeautifulchaos.com/misfit-heroes/

    God Bless!
    In Beautiful Chaos

  3. Thanks!!
    Gods purpose… why do I always try to understand life, while his purpose is so clear, refining me for his glory! Thanks for this writing, makes me wants to cling on a little more and a little longer in a season of waiting, not shining 😉

    • Amen!

      I bless you in this waiting season with the grace to wait well. Lean into His process of refining and molding you into the image of Christ. Lord, fill her peace!

      In Jesus’ Name.

  4. Cannot believe it received a call this morning that the multiethnic council wants me to reinterview? I’m going up against someone who had to resign from the council in order to apply for this role.
    Tell me sisters why would God bring this opportunity back after being rejected the first time? I would love to ask Bev, Beth and everyone for their prayers on this. Even if I don’t get it for a second time that God shields me from the emotion. I want the relationship with God more than the job. I want to clearly hear him in the word on if this is right!!

  5. Right there with you. (Except for being 8 years older! Haha!) You took the words right out of my heart. And I needed the reminder.

    • Thank you for sharing Melissa!

      Father, I bless Melissa with Your vision and hope. Fill her with peace. You’re faithful to continue to accomplish a good work in you and through you. We say Thank You for all that is to come. We give You praise before her breakthrough.

      In Jesus’ Name.

  6. You are awesome, I feel you and totally relate. I’ve just started to realise that God is using us in the relationships and conversation which are part of the “tent making” we do as well as in the
    voluntary “ministry” roles we play. Yes other people get paid to do what we do for free and have a multitude more resources and better health. Yes others get paid to go out for coffee and meetings where we cannot afford to go for coffee or take our young people to awesome events. Heck we can’t even afford to get them there. Meanwhile we clean other peoples houses, mend other peoples clothes and build other peoples houses to keep food on the table and a roof over the heads of our children. But in doing this, the conversations we have, the people we meet and the fact that we are on a similar level to the people we “minister” too Glorifies Gods name. We are all called to different journeys but I bet that as we all look back we can see Gods hand in them and know that his hand is in the now and the future too. May He Bless you mightily in your 39nth year, may you know His “everlasting arms” there holding you and affirming you in your feelings and may you look you up into His face, see His love and His joy in you, His awesome, unique, longed for and beloved child.

    • Thank you Anna for all of your encouragement!

      I bless you with Holy Spirit encounters in this season. Father, meet Anna in new and fresh ways. Give her vision and purpose about Your plans for her and her family. Build history with her. Meet every need as only You can do. Continue to give her opportunities to glorify You and further the Gospel.

      In Jesus’ Name.

  7. Dearest sister – when I read this: “ Twenty years ago, the Lord called me to ministry in the full-time sense of the word. But in the past twenty years, I have done ministry full-time on the side of my day job. ” I saw that you are exactly where the Lord called you to be: in full-time ministry!! You are . It certainly looks and feels and smells differently than what you thought, but you are in full-time ministry. I will pray for you as look for the path to move from where you are to full-time ministry that will sustain you financially as well. Often, our day job is to pay bills (which is calling too) and the rest of our hours are our Calling. I stepped into this space at age 60! It was worth waiting for.