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Holley Gerth is a Wall Street Journal bestselling author, counselor, and life coach. Her newest release is The Powerful Purpose of Introverts: Why the World Needs You to Be You. She's also wife to Mark, Mom to Lovelle, and Nana to Eula and Clem.

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  1. Holley,
    Wow! what a shot right between the eyes…the enemy knows my potential. Does he embrace my potential far more than I do? What a great battle cry (and we ARE in a spiritual battle always) to claim, with holy confidence, who we are in Christ!! I can relate to guarding others against the attacks of the enemy. Yes, how dare he? I need to guard my own heart and spirit with that same fierceness. I need to ask Jesus, “Tell the enemy no, not today!” The Lord promises he will fight for us if we call on Him and simply be still. If the enemy wants to take me out, He’ll have to go through Jesus first. God says I am fearfully and wonderfully made and that no weapon formed against me will prosper. I’m going out, today, with that confidence. Take that, creep!
    Bev xx

  2. God says I am gentle-hearted. The prayer I am praying this week from my Gary Thomas devotional Sacred Parenting is “help me to receive your grace and help me to experience your gentle manner, so that I may pass on the loveliness of who you are.”

  3. God truly says I am his, beautiful, strong and worthy of his love because Jesus died for my sins and from that day sits as an intermediary along with the Holy Spirit.

    I am trying to follow Gods path, his plan for my life (my Jesus led adventure) or God sized dream with finishing my Masters – it was God that carried me through and provided miracles of funding, opportunities that blew my mind. Now looking for the next step, a job, with each rejection I received has wounded me…thoughts step in about my worthiness of even being able to carry out the next step…it’s the enemy. Your post gives me hope I especially love your words of

    We are wild warriors when we realize we are stronger and braver than we’ve yet to see —

    It’s the yet to see part. It gives me hope and I feel connected again to God, does that make sense?

    • Jas, watch for what God is teaching you in the waiting. He is preparing you for something special, that He has prepared for you. Praying for you with anticipation.

  4. God says I am bold enough to speak His truth lovingly to the non believers in our family. May the opportunities abound.

  5. God says I am loved and accepted. This has been two verses that He has been speaking to me in the past months. I was reading threw a list of “ who I am in Christ” and these were the first two scriptures. They were the only two I could remember on the list at the time. I said Lord help me to remember the other scriptures on the list, He spoke right to my heart and said “ these are only scriptures you need to know right now.” We sometimes think it needs to be the quantity we read but sometimes it’s just meditating on simple truth. He wanted me to know I am loved and accepted just as I am. Being a strong self critic He is slowing showing me I don’t need to perform or “ try harder” to just be who He created me to be! Thank you for your beautiful post reminding me we are more than conquerors! Amen!

  6. Such a good messages. We had a message last night at our church’s women’s weekly meeting called Clothed With Courage. Such a blessing and encouragement to read this today!

  7. Hi!

    Firstly- this is such a powerful devotional for me today. I so needed to read it and it has indeed filled my heart with fierceness & joy to start my morning! Thank you so much!!

    Secondly- God says I am radiant. Often times when I look in the mirror I can see God’s light in my eyes and then he reminds me I am beautiful and I smile. It is my constant (and will be lifetime) goal to be a conduit for God’s light to shine onto others.

  8. God says I am…….. His child!!!
    Beautiful words of wisdom imparted to us today. Oh that we would live like daughters of the King on a daily basis. That is my heart cry!!!❤️❤️❤️

  9. God says I am enough!

    Thank you so much for this! I am in desperate need in hearing this. What a blessing you are.

  10. God says I am STRONG-mentally supported by His Holy Spirit, physically protected by the armor of His Word, emotionally cherished by His Father heart.

  11. God says I am worthy! Worthy of better treatment, beginning w myself . I need to believe I am worthy before anyone else truly will.

  12. My “humility” has caused me to hesitate in stepping up and out with the gifts He has placed in me. In reality, my enemy is probably smirking because I am really demonstrating a lack of confidence in the Holy Spirit. God says I am His and that is enough. This spoke right to my gut today Holley, thank you.

  13. Holley, This is a wonderful devotion! You are talking about a subject, the enemy, that I feel is so important but often not discussed. We desperately need to remember that the enemy is real and doesn’t want us to give God the glory. It is so important to recognize this as you have just pointed out in your poignant devotion. Thank you for sharing! God says I am His beloved child!

  14. What a reminder from today’s devotion. “The enemy already knows who we really are — let’s make sure we truly do too.” Why do we give the enemy the power to devour us while we are the daughters of God.

  15. Holley, this is what I need, particularly on days when I feel I’m not “enough.” God says I am awesome!

    Thank you for helping me to remember!!

  16. God says I am cherished! He treats me as if I am His only follower; he does this for each of us. We are honored to be sons & daughters of the King. I feel blessed to worship & follow Him.

  17. God says I am loved, I am chosen, I am valued, I am created, I am called, I am crowned. I am beautiful and I say I am who He says I am.

  18. You have no idea how much reading this means to me… I am struggling with not having a purpose and with not being useful… thank you for your wonderful words!!!

  19. God says I’m joyful. He reminds me immediately when I pretend to be who I am not! I admit my “rose colored glasses” can be very big and very pink adding to my lopsided view of reality, but I’m wonderfully made. Just because I’m joyful does not mean I’m not strong, bold and courageous. Thank you Holley. Have a wonderful Blessed Day Sisters!

  20. God says that I am Courageous, Beautiful, Clothed in Righteousness, Worthy in His eyes, and Pain-Free and Healed! He says I am Called according to His Purpose!!

  21. God says I am His. Beloved, cherished, and whole in Him.

    Thank you for your Spirit filled empowering words today!

  22. This is right on time as I have taken on a whole new responsibility with my weekly Bible study and it is so much out of my comfort zone! Last night, I prayed for God to help me through my insecurities and specifically mentioned things against the enemy. God says I am loved! I have heard this since I was a little girl but I have a hard time fully believing it in my heart because of past rejection by a former spouse.

  23. God says I am stronger than I realize. Stronger not because I have physical strength with super powers, but, stronger because He is inside me and all around me fighting my battles.

  24. God says I am uniquely designed, created with a purpose, chosen, redeemed, a mighty warrior, and His beloved!

    What a wake up call that the enemy sees our potential oftentimes better than we do.

  25. What an amazing quote! —Blessed by your words today, Holley. Thank you!

    True humility — the kind Jesus demonstrated — is fully knowing who we really are and then choosing to love and serve from that place. And holy confidence is an act of war against the enemy of our hearts. —Holley Girth

    God says I am His!

    Christian, Writer
    Wife, Mom, Friend
    Passionate, Persistent, Prayer
    Called to create with Christ
    Beach bum, Artist, Work in Progress
    Evangelist to the lost; Encourager of believers

    But above all else, I am His! He is my identity, my reason for purpose, my passion.

    “I’m my beloved’s and He is mine, His banner over me is love.”

  26. God says that I am enough! Cherished, accepted, loved and adored! I choose to put aside my insecurities, my fears and look at His face to see my reflection in his eyes! I choose to believe that I am enough!

  27. God says I am forgiven! What a powerful article – thank you for sharing! God has a purpose for me and can use whatever I’ve been through and done for his good & perfect plan. I pray that I will find that purpose and work to glorify Him, that I will submit to His calling and the Holy Spirit to work in my life!

  28. God says I am loved.
    Decades ago, I remember being confused by the enemy’s attacks. “Gee, he must be deceived thinking I am worth attacking?! Oh well, maybe attacking me can distract him from attacking someone who is really of worth to God.”
    Especially when the attack and the rejection come through family and fellow Christians, it’s hard to feel loved or of worth. My core desire is to love and be loved. God continues to woo me. My prayer is that I will live out being His beloved this side of Heaven.
    There is a song by the group Go Fish which is my anthem and prayer: “You’re My Little Girl.”

  29. God says I am a child of the Most, High God! I am highly favored, deeply loved and no weapon formed against me will prosper. Greater is He that is in me, than he that is in the world!

  30. God says I am capable. I need to believe in myself as much as He does. I have potential.

  31. My Father God say’s because Jesus is Victor , I’m Victorious in Him. No weapon formed against me can prosper. Let’s keep our tierra’s straight.

  32. Holley,

    This world calls for perfection & looks on the outside only. God sees who we truly are. He knows our hearts & minds. Satan knows us too. He knows our weaknesses & tries to hit on them. He wants nothing more than to destroy us from the inside out. He whispers lies “You’re not good enough, smart enough, pretty, etc.” We are in a spiritual battle in the heavenly realms. A battle against good & evil. The only way to fight is with the armor of God tucked into our hearts & minds. We must guard our hearts & minds against his tricks & lies. I believe Satan & God know us better than we know ourselves. Many of us have a hard to believing what God says about us. We don’t see ourselves as beautiful beloved daughters of the almighty king. We fall into the trappings of this world & the devil. Let’s kick those stupid lies to the curb & start carrying ourselves like beloved, strong, fiercehearted daughters of a mighty King because strength comes from remembering who God says we are. AMEN!!

    Blessings 🙂

  33. God says I have been created exactly the way He wanted me to be. I spent most of my life trying to turn myself into whatever the people closest to me wanted from me to the point where I have had to work hard to even know what my own God-given desires are. I’m finally realizing that He placed me here to please *Him*, and if that displeases other people, that’s ok.

  34. God says I am precious. He gave his life for me!!!!!! Be gone, Satan, who says I’m never good enough!

  35. God says I am His child and I am chosen not forsaken! Thank You Jesus! I needed this today! God bless you all sisters ❤️

  36. God says I am chosen people (I am loved), royal priesthood (I am capable), holy nation (I am forgiven), God’s special possession (I am valued). 1 Peter 2:9-10

  37. Gods says this is not the end of my story!!! I am brave! I am fearless! I am HIS! I am not alone!!!

  38. God says I am . . . with you and will watch over you wherever you go.
    Genesis 28:15 and Illustrated Faith Journal (my page today)!!!

  39. Love this devotional and all the beautiful comments and affirmations of who God says we are. I have difficulty with trust, and realize it is unbelief not to trust what God says about me. I need to trust that He loves me and saves me and not allow the enemy’s attacks to override God’s truths in His trusted Word. He is trustworthy over all! He wants me to trust that I am His!

  40. Awesome post! Thank you SO much for those words of wisdom, a reminder of who we really are in Christ. Thank you! I need to share this with a dear friend who’s going through dark waters.

  41. God says I’m more than a survivor! I am a carrier of His good news! He says I am His delight, His daughter, His bride!

  42. God says I am His child. I am loved and forgiven. My story isn’t over. He is always there when I need Him. I’m writing my story on my blog and began writing a book. God is good.

  43. Thank you for reminding me the importance of what God says about me! of the strength that I have through Him! I so needed this today.

  44. God says I am His. I am proven because I am His. I am whole because I am His. I am beloved because I am His. I am perfected because I am His. Not in my own striving or trying but because I am His.

  45. God says I am significant. He made me realize that through the fact that He even loved me inspite of the ugliness, the weaknesses of my nature, – – that He sent His Son to even die for me, and now He’s faithfully seeing me through, growing me, molding me, and continually loving me.
    Holley, thank you for this devotional article. Thank you for making me realize even more how significant I am to His sight, inspite of my unworthiness. Great is His love for us.