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  1. My wife was recently diagnosed with Stage 3 breast cancer. I believe that God can heal her. But I don’t believe that He will. Please pray for my family.

    • Prayer brought my daughter out of cancer at 4mos of age and she is now 26, it was prayers. I will pray for your wife…

    • Heavenly Father
      Help this family feel you as they walk this journey. Help them feel your ever present strength, security, and grace. Please put healthcare professionals in their path who are knowledgeable and skilled.

      Lord, please destroy the cancer that has invaded her body and restore health to Steve’s wife.
      In your name I pray

    • Steve,
      My heart aches with you and I am lifting you and your family in prayer right now. Lord, please put your healing touch upon Steve’s wife. We know you are more than able. Please have mercy and stop the cancer. Through doctors and medicine, heal her body. Give her and all the family strength, peace, and hope during this scary time. Hear your servants as they call upon you, and us, to intercede for your precious daughter. We thank you, in advance, for what you are about to perform. In Jesus’ name, I pray. Amen.
      Blessings Steve,

      • Bev, my dear friend joe needs prayer he is a young man with depression, he has such a good heart. He is a believer. Have came over with his girlfriend to help me with my ipad, and he want to talk. I told him not to be ashamed depression is an illness gave him the name of my therapist , prayers for joe.

    • Hi Steve, your prayer request touched my heart deeply because I’m in a similar position but in a different circumstance. I know and believe that God CAN do anything but will He? So I pray for you that God will CHANGE your belief, that He will HEAL your wife and make her a survivor. I pray that you will be able to put and leave your burdens at His feet and TRUST that He hears your prayers. May He sustain you every minute of the day. May He give you HIS PEACE and surround you and your wife with His LOVE.

    • Just Believe that He wants to & He will HEAL your dear wife, because It says in His Word that It is His will that we proper & be in health even as our Soul prospers. Please know that I will be praying, believing for her total recovery. If I knew her first name I would pray Specifically for her but God sees her & He knows what to do so take heart, He sees you too so say like the man in the Bible”Help, Lord Jesus, my unbelief!”

    • Lord, I pray for my brother in Christ, Steve and his wife who has been diagnosed with Stage 3 breast cancer. Lord, I pray for healing in Christ Jesus’s Name. Lord, I pray they allow You in this trial because You are right beside them. You are in the think of it. Father, I pray you will help Steve is his unbelief. Jesus, you helped the man in the gospel who when asking Jesus to heal his demon possessed son requested You help him in his unbelief. Lord, I pray open the eyes of Steve’s heart through the power of the Holy Spirit to believe You are who You say You are in Your Word, Lord God Almighty, King of Kings, Lord of Lords, You are our Healer, You are our Deliverer, You are Abba, our Good Father who never leaves or forsakes us in our time of need. Hear his prayer, let them hear your still small voice and pray, seek Your face during this season. Let them feel Your Presence as You guide them and draw them onto Yourself. Grant them Your wisdom, Grace, mercy, and favor as they go through all the medical procedures and bring the doctors, nurses, friends, and family that will encourage them along the way reminding them How You are working. You, Lord are never late and Your plans and purposes are always good. Let your will be done Lord, in Christ Jesus’s Name, Amen

    • Steve, my daughter was diagnosed with breast cancer three years ago. I understand the fear that can grip our hearts in this situation. Never did I pray more and harder than I did then! Praise God! He answered our prayers and my daughter is living her life to the fullest. I love the story in Matt. 8: 2-3. A leper pleads with Jesus, “Sir, if you want to, you can heal me.” Jesus touched him and simply said, “I want to. Be healed.” I hold onto that so much now! HE WANTS TO! Jesus tells us in Matt. 21: 22 that we “can have anything we ask for in prayer if we believe.” (Read also, Mark 11: 22-25.) One of the best passages to read is Matt. 7: 7-11. Be bold and take that lesson to heart! Steve, I pray the Lord God Almighty lays His Hand on your wife and on you, and blesses you with healing, comfort and assurance. He loves us, and if we ask for bread, He will not give us a stone! A positive attitude is absolutely imperitive when fighting breast cancer. Please support your wife with all the courage you can muster. God has the Power to do whatever He wants! HE WANTS TO bless, heal and comfort us! Invite Him in! In love, a sister.

    • Steve –
      Have faith! If you believe that God can heal your wife then put your trust in that possibility.

      I pray that your faith will increase during this trying time time and that God will provide your family with the doctors and resources necessary to beat this disease.

      P.S. My mother is 18+ year breast cancer survivor.

    • I’m so sorry for your wife’s diagnosis. Our God has the final say. Pray, ask, seek, knock
      The. Bible says :
      Therefore, I tell you, believe whatever you have asked for in prayer and it will be yours. Mark 11:24
      We stand in faith we ask seek knock and trust His love, mercy and Trust.
      Praying for your wife right now

    • I’m so sorry Steve! I’m praying now for her healing and your heart. Praying for you both to find the emotional support you need as well. Thanks for sharing. And having the courage to ask

    • Steve,

      Sweet brother Steve so sorry for what your wife is going through now. Praying hard for a healing. God is still in the miracle business. He can & will heal your wife. We must trust that God knows what He is doing. We don’t always understand His ways or timing. He is a loving, caring God. I will continually lift your wife in prayer. Some scripture: Psalm 23: “yea though I walk through the valley of shadow of death I will fear no evil for though art with me. Thy rod & staff they comfort me.” Jeremiah 29:11 “For I know the plans I have for you.” declares the Lord. “Plans to prosper you & not harm you. To give you a hope & a future,” We must trust & hope. Don’t be afraid.


    • Dear Steve,
      I’m praying for your wife’s healing and that you embrace the healing of God’s power remembering that he will never leave us or forsake us.
      I’m asking prayer to pass my 2 national counseling exams in October , healing and safety for family members, God anointed friends , graduation in December for myself, healing for Dauterive family who lost their son in a car accident.
      Have a blessed day to all !

    • Praying for your family this morning! May God give you everything you need to walk through this trial. I pray he will show each of you in very special ways how He is with you during this time and how He has plans for your family and that those plans are good. May you feel His love and comfort surround you all like a blanket in ways you have never felt it before and may He use you in the life of others during this time of stress and pain, so that nothing is wasted.

    • Steve, as I prayed for your wife and for you, I was reminded of the prayer Jesus prayed before his cruxifiction. ‘Not my will but your will be done’ (my words)
      We do not always understand God’s way of doing things but please trust that He has a purpose and that purpose is always for good.

    • Steve,
      My boyfriend’s name is Steve also. I pray for God’s healing hand on your wife and on you to have trust in Him. My Steve is in remission from leukemia because of God so I know He is a healer.
      I pray every day for God to take the need for drugs from my adult son. I know God is there working.
      Hope each of you . Dianne.

      • Father, Be especially close to Dianne as she copes with her son’s need for drugs… give her peace, give her strength, bless her for her faithfulness to You in prayer… bring healing to her son… take away his need or desire for these drugs, help him to see the harm to his body… help him to know how very much his mother cares for him… thank You Father… in Jesus’ name…

    • Dear Lord: I lift up Steve and his wife. Please touch her body and heal it according to your will dear God. Please help Steve as he travels this road of uncertainty and doubt. Guide him to you and let him know that you have his back and will never leave him. I pray for healing and strength for this family. I claim it in your son Jesus’ name. Amen.

    • Father, Be with Steve and his wife and family in this moment… bring healing to his wife… give wisdom to the physicians who are treating her and strength as she undergoes that treatment… give them peace together, help them to sense Your presence every moment… guide Steve as he supports his family… be a comforting presence to him… Father, thank You that You are our Great Physician… in Jesus’ name…

    • Steve do have faith God can heal her. Don’t give up Don Moen sings he is Christian song writter. He sings some beautiful songs. One is God will make a way where there seams no way. And another one is I am the Lord that health thee. You get them on Youtube. Please please don’t give up. Please keep looking up to Gods word the Bible the promise in it. Like Psalm 103 verse 3. Look it up. Don’t. Let the Devil whisper in your ear that your your wife is going to get healed. Stamp the Devil under your feet say Devil I hand my wife over to God I stand on the promises of his word. You will not take her life. She is going to get through this with the help of God and me her Husband trusting God. Keep looking up. Lord Give Steve the strength to do all this in your name. Plus hand his wife over to you. Lord you give him a real peace that you are by his side giving him the strength to be there for his wife and hand all this over to you. Remember you are his Shepherd. You will never leave him or his wife. You give them both the strength to see this through. I ask this in your lovely Name. Amen. Dawn Ferguson-Little

    • Steve, praying for your wife’s healing. Trust and believe God, He a great physician and a healer. Nothing is impossible with Him.

    • Steve the honesty in your feelings touched my heart deeply. I want to encourage you to pray and believe and not doubt. God is still the Great Physician and the sympathizing Jesus. He understands how you are hurting and He wants to help you.
      Let us pray:
      Father of all mercies we come to You on behalf of Steve and his wife and the rest of his family. We ask that You release Your arrows of healing into Steve wife’s breast now and remove ALL the cancer cells permanently now in Jesus name. We thank You Father that You have the power to heal, save and deliver to the utmost all who come to You. Increase Steve’s faith in You now Lord as we pray and tell You thanks in Jesus name, Amen.

    • Steve, please believe that God will heal your wife. If you don’t believe he may not heal her. And even if he chooses not to, he has reasons beyond your imagination as to why. He is our Sovereign God! All you need to do is trust God and show your wife love everyday! My prayers are with you & yor wife & family! God Bless you!

    • Father, the belief that you can do all things countered by the fear that you won’t is all too real and often crippling. Please hold Steve in your hands through this time, give him hope. Give him strength and knowledge that no matter the outcome you are making all things new and your plan is far greater than we can see. Lord if it be your will graciously take the cancer away from his wife. Restore her health and her faith in you today. Let them both know they are loved and you are good.

  2. My son is driving back from California to Florida and has his fiance and a 3 month old baby in the car… just past Amarillo he started having car trouble… in the middle of nowhere… during a torrential storm — he thought a tornado was coming from a distance! They waited out the storm and were safe, somehow were able to start the car and took off again. Got a bit further and noticed the image they thought was a tornado was a huge lit up cross — God was with them! Now a couple hours later, they are stranded again… hoping it’s not transmission trouble, but they are in Alanreed, Texas and I am praying that God sends an angel of mercy (who knows cars!) and delivers them all home safely! We do not have AAA and I don’t have much to send him for help, and he’s not near a place to wire money to anyway… I’m a distraught mom, trying harder than he is to believe God is STILL with them and will provide!

    • Father God, I am asking with Karen for the right person to help this young family with the assistance they need — strengthen their faith in You and give peace to Karen, for we know how much you care for all of us, in every circumstance.

    • Karen, I am praying the Lord will send an angel of mercy to help your son, his fiancé and their precious baby. I am praying for the Lord’s protection while they wait and during their travel to get home. We know God is able and we are trusting as we wait.

    • Karen, I’m praying right now that your son and his family will be helped in a big way. I trust they will arrive safely to their destination and will have stories of blessings along the way. Love to you and yours!

    • Father,
      Safely watch over and protect this family as they travel through Texas… bring Your people to them with just the right help that they need… may they continue to keep their eyes focused on you… may You provide for their needs in ways that only You can… be with Karen as she waits and worries… give her peace… thank You Father… in Jesus’ name…

    • He is stuck now in a little middle-of-nowhere town called Shamrock, TX. It’s the holiday weekend so he can’t even find food much less repair help…. please pray that someone responds! Pray for that angel of mercy to help deliver my boy home! He was able to drive the car that little bit before it pooped out again… pretty certain he needs a transmission flush and filter only from what we’ve self-diagnosed…but he feels so helpless and alone…and I feel powerless to do anything for him!! God…if you are listening…please help him today!

    • He will do it again for He is a faithful God who comes to our rescue in troubling times. Father keep them safe and send help from above in Jesus name, Amen.

  3. This is the first year, in seven, that I haven’t had a major surgery. Just recently I was diagnosed with having another torn meniscus. I will go back to the doctor in 3 weeks and if it’s not significantly better, then back to the OR I go. Need prayers that with God’s healing touch and Physical Therapy, I won’t have to have yet, another surgery. I know God is able…thanks.
    Bev xx

    • Praying with you for God’s perfect will, asking for healing without surgery, and peace in all circumstances. (Bev, your responses on this site are most encouraging – I thank God for your gift to write and express your faith to encourage others).

    • Father, Be especially close to Bev in this moment, as she waits to return to the doctor… Father, heal this meniscus so that she does not need surgery… Father, You’ve brought her through many rough paths on her life journey… may this problem not result in a need for surgery… thank You for the assurance that You are our Great Physician… that You are in control… bring Your peace and comfort to Bev… thank You Father… in Jesus’ name…

    • Bev prayers from Pittsburgh, may the lord touch you in his healing love. And if you must go to the or may he give the strength for you to endure the surgery. You have been such a prayer warrior. Love to you.

    • Lord God of heaven and earth, this dear one has been through so much. Out of your grace, compassion, and love, I pray that you heal Bev in the powerful name of Jesus! And while she convalesces, hold her close. May she strongly sense your presence and experience your peace that transcends understanding. And we look forward to hearing her testimony of healing when the doctor announces, “Wow! This is amazing!”

  4. Steve- I am praying for you and your wife- for a hope and a peace beyond all understanding. Yes, of course God can heal- anything! All to His glory.
    My prayer and sadness is similar, my husband has chronic back pain, depression and has now gained a lot of weight from both. And because of many issues, health included, he has turned away from God. I know God can heal him!! And what a wonderful story of redemption it would be! I have been praying for this for more than 6 years.. and I am tired. I feel almost like a single parent because of our situation. I need prayer for both my husband’s complete healing and for my belief along the way. Thank you!! God is good, always.

    • Father, Be especially close to Krista in this moment… bring Your peace and Your strength to her… Father, heal her husband, physically of the back pain and depression, but heal him spiritually most of all… may he turn his heart back to You… Father, thank You that You love us even when we turn away… may Krista and her husband feel Your love in precious and tangible ways… thank You Father… in Jesus’ name…

  5. Thanks for joining the conversation, Steve. I will be praying for your wife and you as you walk this journey. May you sense God’s Presence every step. God bless you.

  6. Praying for you, your wife and your family, Steve! Hold on to trust no matter what comes- I will pray for healing, though!

    I ask for prayers for our friends and family who don’t yet know/accept Jesus. Thank you!

    • Me praying for you, knowing Jesus is the most important relationship we need. Please pray for me not be emotionally needy of others , for my happiness in life , thank you

  7. I’m praying for a friend’s salvation and another friend’s heart to change toward some bad habits and for the Lord to give him godly friends.

    • Father, We know that Satan would like nothing more than to keep this friend of Christi from coming to know you and for her other friend to continue in these bad habits… but we know and rest assured that You are stronger and more powerful, and You can defeat Satan… may Christi’s friends see You in her… may she be used to turn these friends to You… thank You for her care… thank you for Your love… in Jesus’ name…

  8. I know this may not sound as bad as other issues (and there are indeed worst things) but for ME, it IS a heavy burden. As much as we have enjoyed it, there is a financial burden attached to our timeshare maintenance fees. I have been trying to sale it for some time now and it has not happened. I’ve been praying about it and I am now asking for you to join me in my prayers that God will provide me with a buyer and give me peace as I am patiently waiting for Him to grant me with “the desire of my heart”. Thank you.

    • Father, No burden is too small or too big for You… and You who cares about the sparrows cares about every need in our lives… be with Carole as she struggles with this financial burden… bring the right person to buy this time share and remove the burden… give her peace… help her to rest and trust in You… thank You Father… in Jesus’ name…

      • Thank you so much Leanne for your prayer. I love how the Holy Spirit inspired you in the wording. May God bless you and may He answer your prayers as you are also patiently waiting on Him.

  9. I have several prayer requests. My first is for our country and our current leaders to work together for the good of all our citizens in our United States. Second, for my niece’s unplanned first pregnancy as a single parent. For a healthy baby and our family to fully support her and this child. And for safety to all those who are in the path of Hurricane Dorian, especially the Bahamas area, then the state of Florida and all up the east coast into next week where it seems to be headed and still remaining hurricane status.

    • Father, Be with Pat’s niece as she carries this precious little one in her womb and prepares to give birth… may she find strength from You in this journey… may she know the joy of bringing life into the world… support her family as they support her… bring people into her life to help meet any needs she has… thank You for the gift of life… Father, we join together in prayer for those who are facing this storm… Father we know that You are in control… keep all safe… may the storm lessen as it travels… be with those who are helping others be safe… thank You for them, and for their willingness to serve… thank You Father… in Jesus’ name…

  10. Please pray for my son who has some learning disabilities and anxiety issues, another son who has been having seizures in his sleep every time he sleeps for the last 2 yrs and now they’re happening while he’s awake too and the only things left is surgery; wisdom, guidance, and finances as my daughter finishes up her senior year of college and looking for her graduate school. Last but not least my husband and I as we are extremely exhausted!! Most importantly to keep loving, honoring, and following Christ no matter how hard it is right now. Thank you!!

    • Father, Be especially close to Arnesia and her family, as the challenges they are facing are so many… be with her son… heal him from these seizures… give wisdom to the physicians… be he be well and whole… be with her daughter as she looks for graduate school… guide her to the place where You would have her be… and Father, give strength to Arnesia and her husband… surround them with Your love and Your peace… thank You Father… in Jesus’ name…

    • Father by the power by which You are known to be God arise now with healing in Your wings and touch Amesia’s sons and restore their brain cells to good health we pray in the name of Jesus. We also ask You to provide all the needs of her daughter and write EXCELLENCE across he forehead in Jesus name. Be a tower of strength, peace and hope to Amesia and her husband as they face these challenges day by day. Sweet Holy Spirit flood their souls with Your Peace and rest in Jesus Name.

  11. Dear Steve,
    These are scary times for your family. I will fervently pray that God heals your wife, and reveals Himself to you through her restored health. I pray for her medical team, all involved in her care and especially for your peace of mind. You’re not alone, many are praying for all of you.
    Peace be with you.

    • Father, Please heal this special friendship of Angie’s… may they be reconciled of whatever the differences might be… may Angie sense Your presence and Your love… may she know Your leading as to ways she might help to restore the relationship… thank You that You care about each and every one of the circumstances in our lives… thank You Father for Your love… in Jesus’ name…

  12. I’m a coming out of a year long battle with my daughter’s father. I had to compromise on some things that meant an awful lot to me, which was very hard because he had been abusive. My daughter and I are about to relocate. Please pray for a good move and that I am able to provide an amazing life for my girl.

    • Father, Be close to Elizabeth and her daughter… may they feel Your protection, Your love, Your strength and Your peace… may Elizabeth see clearly the path You have for her… guide her… bring her husband to You… may he see that this loss from his life will leave a void that only You can fill… Father, bring others into Elizabeth’s life who can support her and show her Your love in special ways… thank You Father… in Jesus’ name…

      • Leanne you are a prayer worrier, please pray for my family to come together and love each other again. My youngest daughter has put a division in the family due there fact her husband doesn’t like me, she is in 20,s yr she is young to young to have married but i had no control over that decision they are non believers he is atheist , they only knew each other for 8 months what a mess!!!!!!!!!

        • Father, Please wrap Your loving arms around Maria in this moment and in the days ahead… may she feel Your peace in her heart as she struggles with and frets over her daughter and her family… heal this division… may her daughter and her husband turn to You… May they see You in Maria’s life… may Maria be a reflection of You… may the husband of Maria’s daughter see You… everywhere and in everything and come to believe in a God who loves him… comfort Maria… give her wisdom in her words and actions… thank You Father that our ‘impossibles’ are possible with You… in Jesus’ name…

  13. Praying for you and your daughter for your future and for tomorrow! May God continuously provide provision and love in your lives according to his will. Amen

  14. Can I ask for prayers for stamina and clarity in my writing. Two days until I submit my Masters!! I need God and sweet Jesus every step of the way!

    • Jas,
      I’m praying! I’m in a masters program as well, so I know what you mean!

      Lord, please give Jas the ideas she needs for her work. Please call to her mind the sharpest, clearest words. Show her the best way to organize her work and bring structure to each sentence and each paragraph. Fit all the pieces together, Father. Refresh her body and mind. Help her to stick with it, and give her the grit to finish well.

  15. Steve, I am praying for your wife, you and your family.

    Please pray for my family. I am divorced (10 years). Shortly after my ex left, I became saved. About 3 & 1/2 years ago, he became saved. I have always felt God was going to restore the relationship. My ex knows I felt that way. Now my ex is back with the woman he left me for. (They split up for several years). My ex is so rude, to me & even to the kids, but not as bad as to me. He is very difficult to talk to. He has never apologized for anything regarding the divorce. Please pray God will work in his heart & give him a desire for Jesus & restoration. Thank you.

    • Father, May Dawn and her husband both sense Your presence and Your leading in their lives… thank You for their salvation, that they turned their hearts to You… Father, heal the brokenness for both of them… may Dawn trust that You know her future and where You are leading her… help her to trust, may she know Your love as the most special and the most precious of all… thank You Father… in Jesus’ name…

  16. Dear Sisters In Christ,
    I come to ask you to stand in prayer for my 37 year old only child, Sarah, who will be having brain surgery to remove a pituitary gland tumor for (Cushing’s Disease) the surgery will be perform on Tuesday, September 17th. My prayer is for a smooth surgery without any complications to God’s Glory and her recovery be speedy to restore her to complete health. She has a loving, Godly husband and two young daughters (5 and 3); I believe God is in control but I also know when two or more gathered in His name we can ask and it will come to pass. Thanking God in advance for a PRAISE report in Jesus Christ.
    Your Sister in Christ,

    Steve I stand in the gap for your wife, there is nothing too hard for the Lord. Praying for your wife and may she be a testimony to God’s miracle working power!

    • Father, Be with Diana and with Sarah… in this moment of waiting, may they know Your peace… guide the surgeons as they prepare for this surgery, may they use their skills carefully and wisely to remove this tumor… may Sarah be healed… be close to this family and help them to see Your presence… thank You Father… in Jesus’ name…

  17. Steve,
    There is a song that in part says, “Only believe. Only believe. All things are possible if we only belive.” Praying that our Lord will show you the impossible.

  18. Dear Sisters In Christ,
    Please stand in the gap for my 37 only child, Sarah, she will be having brain surgery on Tuesday, September 17th to remove a pituitary gland tumor causing Cushing’s Disease. She has a Godly husband and two daughters (5 and 3). My prayer is for a successful surgery without any complications and a speedy recovery to completely restore her health with proper hormones to balance her body. May this be a testimony to God’s Miracle Working Power in the Name of Jesus Christ. Amen
    Your Sister In Christ,

    Steve, God is in Control of your wife and nothing is IMPOSSIBLE with Him! Prayers going up for your wife. Much Love and Blessings

  19. Steve-
    I am praying that the Lord will heal your wife….that He will strengthen your family and that His grace will be shown sufficient to all. Look up the hymn He Will Hold Me Fast. Read the lyrics and play it for your family. Hugs and prayers from Winchester, TN.

  20. In Courage,

    Prayer changes lives. Prayer isn’t just going through a list of wants & expecting God to fulfill them. It is a conversation with the Almighty. We give God praise for who He is Lord over all. Then we confess our sins. Asking Him to cleanse us of any unconfessed sins. Next we thank Him for the blessings He’s already given us. Finally we bring our supplications to Him. He knows our every need & feels our pain.

    I ask prayers for my in-laws. My FIL (91) has stage 3 bladder cancer. He was in hospital last weekend with UTI that almost went septic. He is better now, but what happens down the road? Trusting God with this. Also MIL has multiple medical issues. She is caregiver for FIL. She needs strength & energy to get through the days’s activities.

    Thanks everyone

    Blessings 🙂

    • Father, Be especially close to Beth as she supports and cares for her in-laws during these days of serious illness… be with her father-in-law… bring healing… guide those who are caring for him, that they will have wisdom in his treatment… be with her mother-in-law and guide her physicians as well, that she will be strengthened to care for her husband… surround them with others who will help with care and support… cover Beth with Your peace and comfort… may she sense Your presence… thank You Father… in Jesus’ name…

  21. Prayers going up for your wife and your family, Steve. I cannot begin to imagine the fear and pain you’re all going through. May God bless y’all and heal your wife of her breast cancer. We ding y’all hope and comfort as well.

    I am living with several life-threatening illnesses throughout the last 14 years, it’s definitely been a season of rollercoasters for us. But, I know that God is with me. I was told in 2005, I was given 3-5 years. So, I consider myself, a survivor, despite that I still have the diseases.

    I am requesting prayer for understanding and my heart to heal as some family and so-called friends have not included me in things since I’m ” sick”. My heart breaks when the happens.

    • Father, Be close to Jen… surround her with Your presence as she feel isolated from others… thank You for sustaining her all these years… thank You that she has seen Your hand in her life in so many ways… may she know Your peace and Your comfort… Your strength… thank You that You care so very much about each of us, Your children… in Jesus’ name…

  22. Please pray for me!! Trying to get a lesion on my lung to go away!!!Pray for God to heal me!!! Praying for all the other request!!!

    • Father, Be with Kasey… heal her lung of this lesion… guide the physicians who are caring for her… give them wisdom to know how to care for her… help her to know Your love, Your peace and Your comfort during these days of fear and uncertainty… thank You for loving us so very much… in Jesus’ name…

  23. Please pray for the safety of my teenage children. Pray for their hearts that they would do what God would have them to do and that He would protect them. Pray for our family’s finances. God knows where the needs are.

    • Dear Father, I want to pray for the protection of Jen’s children, I pray for soft hearts and firm faith, and the courage to obey You. Come show them Your great love for them and come establish their identity in You. I pray that You will come plant the hopes and dreams You have for them in their hearts. Give Jen fresh wisdom and grace everyday in her role as their mother and may she experience peace and joy as she trusts You in the protection of her children.
      I also pray that You wil come give her family peace and wisdom about any financial needs or worried they may have, I pray that they will experience in new ways how You will provide all they need in abundance and peace and hope as they wait. In Jesus name. Amen

    • Father, Please keep Jen’s children safe… protect them… surround them with Your care… may they turn their hearts to You… be with Jen as she continues to reflect You to them… may she know Your strength and Your comfort… guide her words, may she know what You would have her to do to care for the needs of her children… meet their financial needs as well… thank You Father, for the many, many ways in which You show us how much You love us… bless Jen as she trusts in You… in Jesus’ name…

  24. Father God I come before you in prayer and praise. I ask that you heal the lesion on Kasey’s lung. You are the great healer and I believe you will heal Kasey. Please place your living arms around her in this time if need and let her know you are with her.
    I ask for prayers for my husband who recently had back surgery and is in a lot of pain. I ask that the Lord heal him and give him strength.

  25. For the softening of my husband’s heart to truly know what love feels like from me and cherish it as God cherishes him. Restoration of my marriage and happiness neither of us has ever known. God to remove my husband’s last hurts and expectations of anything but God’s grace. Thank you sister

    • Diane,
      I pray that the Lord would do a miracle in your husband’s life and restore your marriage so that it may be used to bring others to Christ. I pray God’s protection of your mind from the lies of the enemy. I pray for peace for you.
      Don’t give up. Stay steadfast.

    • Father, We join with Diane in asking for healing for her marriage and a love that only comes through You… guide Diane in her words and actions that she might be Your reflection to her husband… may her give all his past hurts to You, and desire to walk with You in the future… may they know Your love and Your peace… thank You Father… in Jesus’ name…

  26. Please pray for my ex-husband’s repentance and return to the Lord and restoration of our marriage. Also for restored relationshipswith my step children.

    • Father, Satan would like nothing more than for this marriage to be destroyed, yet You are all powerful and You have assured us that he will be overcome… may this marriage be healed… may Brenda and her husband know a love that only You can give… may this family be united in You… help Brenda to be Your reflection with her husband and her stepchildren… thank You Father… in Jesus’ name…

  27. My husband’s salvation and a new work from home job for me and healing for my mother’s back problems.

  28. Please pray for my ex-husband’s repentance and his return to the Lord and restoration of our marriage. Also for restored relationships with my step children.

  29. I would like to ask for prayer for total freedom and healing from depression and an eating disorder. I know there is people struggling with way worse, but it has been a hard and dark season and it is my hearts desire to know and live in the freedom God has called us to.

    • Abba, I pray for Barbara today. I ask that you speak to her heart. May the whisper of your voice speak louder than the muttering of depression and eating disorders. Reveal yourself today. Show her who you are: The God who loves her. Cares for her. And provides all that she needs.

      Rest in his loving arms today, Barbara.

    • Father, No problem is too small for You to care about, and so we rest assured that You care so much about Barbara… be close to her… may she know Your peace… may she be healed… may this dark season be opened to the light of Your presence… thank You Father… in Jesus’ name…

    • Barbara, depression / eating disorder are tough spots!!!!!!!! Lord i now the pain of depression, eating disorder can make the depression worse. Father in heaven you know all that we need heal Barbara from these illnesses with only your loving hands can heal.

  30. Praying for my husband to return to Abba Father, for regret to be transformed to repentance, and our marriage to be restored.

    • Father, Be close to Ruthie and help her to know Your presence… may she reflect You with her words and actions so that her husband will turn his heart back to You… Father, may they be united in their faith and may their marriage be healed… comfort and strengthen Ruthie during this difficult time… thank You for caring so much about Your children… in Jesus’ name…

  31. Please join me in prayer regarding a broken relationship. I pray that MJB is free from all that is holding him back from moving forward in our relationship. I pray that I have the strength and courage to forgive him and I pray that he realize that we belong together. I am so sad and hurt… I am having a difficult time coping and dealing with this harsh reality… I pray that I hear from him soon and that the outcome is positive… I feel broken

    • Praying for you both Elise. God is faithful and you will get through this! Sending love ❤️

    • Father, Be close to Elsie… draw her to Yourself and Your love… help her to see this love as the most precious of all… may she rest in Your presence… may MJB be drawn to turn to You, to give You his past and to desire to walk with You… bring peace and comfort to Else… heal her broken spirit…. thank You Father… in Jesus’ name…

      • Thank you Leanne for all your prayers that you have responded to each of us. Your response to our prayers gives us hope and courage as we wait with gratitude on answered prayer. Bless you for taking the time to respond and walking beside us with our prayer requests.

  32. Praying for all of the requests posted here. My personal prayers are for my health issues, a home (my current rental is on the market to be sold), financial ability to afford a home, a new car as mine is giving me lots of mechanical trouble, and praying for love in my life (14 year divorce anniversary coming up soon)

    • Father, Surround Melissa with Your love and Your presence and Your strength during these difficult and discouraging times in her live… may her health be restored… guide the physicians as they care for her… lead her to the home that You have prepared for her and may she be secure in meeting her financial needs… especially Father, comfort her hurting heart… may she find rest in Your love… thank You Father… in Jesus’ name…

  33. Please pray for my faith that it continues to grow in Jesus. And please pray for the salvation of my pop and my friends Ang and Joe. Thank you and God bless you all! ❤️

  34. I pray for my 19 year old son who is not living like he should. I have prayed for this child for years and it seems sometimes that my prayer is never going to be answered. I have to remember everything happens in GOD’S time NOT mine!

  35. My nephew has been diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. He is a young man who just got married 10 months ago. I believe in the power of united prayers. Please stand on faith with me for my nephew and his young bride.

  36. Please intercede for my marriage my husband of many years has decided he is leaving. Please pray for God to soften his heart and for our union to be restored.

  37. Please pray for the northern islands of The Bahamas which are experiencing the direct hit from Hurricane Dorian. Also, pray for the southeastern coastline of the USA as the hurricane makes a northern turn.

  38. Im praying for guidance, I live with my boyfriend , he is styaing with me but he has a place on parents property, he wants us to moce in there , it will save me tons of money and its on farm land. I just worry that its small, it needs alot of work before I can stay there, and I worked so hard to get where i am at now by myself , Im just scared of losing it all again and having nothing. I pray for guidance , and strengh, and hope, and love. I am a new Christian , tryin gto figure things out, tryin gto hand my trouble to God and my worries, but it is hard, I am always overwhelmed and at times anxious. I prayer that everyone has good days ahead

    • Mary,
      I want to share with you as a Christian and from a mother’s heart. God did not bring you this far to abandon you. You are now a new creature in Christ (2 Corinthians 5:17). Jeremiah 1:5 in the Message Bible says, “That before I shaped you in the womb, I knew all about you. Before you saw the light of day, I had Holy plans for you.” His plans for you are Holy, for your good. As His child, the Word says that your body is a sanctuary of the Holy Spirit in you, which you have from God….1 Corinthians 6:19-20. God wants you to see yourself the way He sees you. His heart is for you to be able to make Godly choices for your life. He doesn’t want you walking in confusion and being pulled in different directions, which only leads to fear and bad choices. The way you learn of Him and His ways is to spend time with Him, to read His Word, fellowship with other believers, find a good church home that you can be a part of and learn to receive and give. It’s important that you concentrate on your relationship with Him. When you sense the Spirit nudging you to lay down something that is not good for you, then follow that leading because it will lead to peace and life and not turmoil and more bad choices. Matthew 11:28-30 says, “Come to Me all of you who are weary and carry heavy burdens, and I will give you rest. Take My yoke upon you. Let Me teach you, because I Am humble and gentle at heart, and you will find rest for your souls. For My yoke is easy to bear, and the burden I give you is light.” Start letting Him be the decision maker for your life—make the changes He shows you and walk in peace and joy. Remember, He loves you and wants the best for you. Don’t be pressured to settle for anything, but be led by His Spirit.

  39. Good Morning Everyone,

    Reading all the requests for prayers & the beautiful replies & shared stories brings a great feeling of sincere support and such HOPE to many.

    Mary I read your worry and concern & wish to share with you that for me the first gift in a challenge is
    being aware of your feelings of discomfort and concern, which you are.
    I experienced a similar situation, had a lot of anxiety, prayed &’waited for God’s guidance which took time, was uncomfortable, I learned through it that as you pray if no barriers come & you believe you have give it enough time you will make the move. If barriers come, insights are given to you that are real indicating it is not a good move, you will not move & God will give you the strength to do what is right for you, your life & decision. It does take time, discomfort must be beared, you will grow in faith &’be stronger for the next challenge & decision.

    Prayer for Mary,

    Lord God, in the uncertainty, I ask for Your wisdom and guidance to shine down on Mary.
    Help Mary to understand what Your plan is for her life and how to make it happen.
    God, I ask You to give Mary patience and peace as she allows some time to understand all the factors in making this important decision. Amen.

  40. Praying for boldness in God to do the ministry He is calling me to. I pray to no longer be stuck in the image of myself that I see, but instead be what He sees.

  41. Prayer for daughter. Heading down a path that’s scary. Pray that she will hear God’s voice and follow Him. Thank you

  42. Praying for my brother Jamie. He is in the hospital on a ventilator (has pneumonia) & is in need of heart valve replacement surgery due to endocarditis. Praying he makes it through all of this & for my mom who is there by his side. Thank you!

  43. I am asking to please pray for my son Reco who is not feeling well right now. Let’s bind hands together for Reco that every pain be gone now in the name of Jesus. Thank you so much for your post.

  44. Hi! I’m praying for so many things right now! My life is in major transition. I’m in the middle of divorce, packing a house, dividing possessions, trying not to think too much about plans that will never materialize/about the fact that Monday is our anniversary/what will the holidays be like/what will it be like to be in a new home by myself, moving, and a job that I really want. I pray that my heart will heal, that I’ll be “okay” on my own, that I won’t cry when I’m by myself in my new place (at least not too often), that i’ll get this job that I really want, that all of the positive things I’ve been dreaming of for my next adventure will actually be really, and that no matter God will always be with me and because of that I’ll be able to handle and be happy with whatever is coming next.

    Hi Dale, May Reco feel the love and warmth of our Lord and Savior throughout his body tonight and may that replace the pain he is feeling both tonight and in the coming days. I pray that he will be pain free and that you will as well!

  45. My boyfriend, and love of my life, believes in God yet rejects that Jesus came to die for him and save his soul. He recently became sober and adamantly follows his AA program–something he previously rejected as well; so I do know there is hope. I fear that he doesn’t think he’s worthy of Jesus’ love. He has told me that his mind won’t change. My heart aches every day for him. I pray so hard. I want him to know he’s loved and saved and given more grace than he can fathom. I don’t want to lose hope but I fear I am starting to.

  46. I have been praying for my 2 daughters (now adults) for many years that they would return to their roots and walk with God. It’s hard, praying for something for so many years and not seeing results. I doubt. I wonder if it’s something in my life hindering my prayers. But I know God holds them in His hands and desires the very best for them so I continue to pray. Thank you for anyone who would like to join me in prayers for my beautiful daughters who need Jesus!!

  47. I am praying that the heart of my ex will be softened and for forgiveness for his decision to have a relationship with another woman while we were together despite the lies, cover up and betrayl. That he will see the error of his ways and we be accountable and follow through with his promises to assume the mortgage.