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Becky is an author, speaker, Bible teacher, mom of three loud boys, and the Community and Editorial Manager for (in)courage. She loves writing about anxiety, motherhood, and the kindness of God. Long naps, shady trails, and a good book make her really happy.

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  1. Becky,
    There’s a saying that goes: “Don’t put the cart before the horse.” Too often in life I get ahead of myself. My mind may be five miles down the road waiting for my body to catch up…not a good practice. When it comes to prayer, and in particular, prayers of thanksgiving, I think it’s a great practice to put “the cart before the horse.” In other words, do what Jesus did – offer thanks to God for what He is about to perform…watch Him work…and then thank Him again. It’s only taken me decades to learn that “thanksgiving” isn’t just reserved for after the fact. Instead, it’s an awesome way to invite God to do miracles…miracles like making your “not enough” more than enough. Terrific post. And by the way, Becky, you are doing an amazing job in this thing called Life! All the best on your new book!
    Bev xx

  2. I cannot thank you enough for this devotional. It has come to me in a timely fashion.. Thank you
    Please pray for a miracle, that. My loaves and fish be multiplied. For fiances, a new handicapped van for my husband and for future plans for myself.

    • Carolyn, praying this for you now…

      Lord, please meet Carolyn today in her lack. Help her to see with fresh eyes what you’ve already provided and then trust you with a thankful heart to do a fresh miracle of multiplication. Please supply more than enough for her financial needs, a van for her husband, and hope-filled plans for the future. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

  3. Wow. This message strikes a chord today where I really needed it. What a powerful way of viewing God’s more than enough. It’s been a pretty rough week and I’m feeling all the weak and not-enough feelings. Needed this perspective and reminder to do the very thing I’ve sensed God nudging me towards for awhile now. Praise and thanks before miracles are seen. Thank you, Becky. Thank you.

  4. There have been many times I have asked God to multiply what I have which is little, as He did the fish and loaves. Because I knew I was not enough, but He is! And more…so much more!

    If you are interested in a short 4 week book club with some friends, neighbors, or ladies in your church, I hope you will visit me and check out my 4 Week Model for a book club with my own devotional book, First Breath of Morning: Where God Waits For You Every Day – A 90 Day Devotional.

  5. How often we don’t trust God or his word. We run to this person or that person. Or this healer. Say will you pray for me or with me. Or if I go this healing meeting to get healing for my sickness. I will get healed. We don’t first go to the main healer for healing for our sickness or problems. That means going to God his Word the Bible standing on the promises in it and prayer. Then listing to what his Holy Spirit has too say too us. Then doing what it says. It might tell us we need a Doctor as God gave us Doctors. If we are not well. God could heal us directly himself. But we have to do what his word the Bible says and stand on those promises in it first. Not be running hear and there. Plus prayer. Then if God tell us to get others to pray for us that is ok. As when we look at the woman with the issue of blood. She went stright to Jesus touch the hem of his clothes. She was healed. She went no where else. But to Jesus first. We should follow thoes examples. If we want our healing or if we need that miracle. As too many people who are saved wonder why they don’t get healed or get their miracle. If they stop running to this healer or this healer first or asking this person to pray for them first. But go to God first and see what he wants them to do. He will answer them by his Holy Spirit tell them what too do. If sick and do get healed this side of earth. Don’t give up you will get your miracle healing in Glory. I don’t know why some people don’t get healed this side of earth. But don’t take your eyes of Jesus. Ever please. Love Dawn Ferguson-Little

  6. Wonderful post Becky!
    Your story resonates with me and I believe that it can be applicable, not only to moms, but dad’s, grandparents and just anyone who is overwhelmed by their day, or even just life. Bravo!

    • Thank you, Jim! And yes, you’re so right. I share from my motherhood experience, but God’s Word and power are absolutely applicable to (and needed by!) every person in every life season. Thanks so much for your encouraging words.

  7. Becky, I totally get the feeling of being inadequate. All the time! Especially now I have 5 kids I’m pulled from pillar to post. Thank you so much for the reminder

  8. God is always enough! However, having walked with God for sixty plus years, I believe at times he allows us to become overwhelmed rather than giving us more energy. In these times when He doesn’t multiply our time and strength, He may be asking us to reevaluate what we are doing, why we are doing it and is it really what He wants us to do. When God doesn’t give us more energy to keep running and running, maybe it’s His way of protecting us in the long run from burnout or maybe showing us an easier way to live. Stop, look (to God) and listen.

    • Lynda, your comments to Becky’s thoughtful post really strikes home with me. I too have been at this for awhile. I’ve been so hard on myself for never having enough. Women around me with children, multiple careers, caring for their parents or just having an active social life amaze and humble me. They also point to my failures .. my never-enoughs. It seems God wouldn’t give me enough energy or time to succeed in anything I started. Until several months ago, I had coffee with a new friend who shared her challenges with ADD. I wept with tears I never knew I had as I realized our struggles were the same. I know God has been trying to get my attention for years. All I needed to do was “stop, look (to God) and listen” which for me is the ultimate challenge but I know our loving God will be by my side through my new journey.

  9. The timing of this post is not lost on me. I have had a week where there was not enough of me and yet, Jesus made it all
    ok. He took a situation where I was not enough and worked it out perfectly! Thank you for these words Becky. I can’t wait to read the whole book!

  10. Becky,

    Congratulations on your new book! It will help many moms out there. Life gets hard & crazy. We, especially women, tend to overextend ourselves. We think we have to do it all. We forget that we are mere humans needing time to breath & rest a bit. We need to start each day out by just praising & thanking God for His enough. Take a few minutes out of our busy schedules & just say thank you Lord for giving me the energy I need to accomplish all that you would have me to do today. Like Bev said put the cart before the horse & thank Him for what He’s going to do today. You will find a renewed energy to push through your tough schedule. Also you need to take a break in your day & just be alone with God. Get away from everything-maybe like you just take a walk & focus on your breathing. Let it out. Exhale the whole day. God will meet you there & calm those frazzled nerves.

    Blessings 🙂

  11. Thank you for pointing me back to the story of Jesus feeding the five thousand. Now I see it in a new light too.

    I’m a lot like Bev described above and I put the cart in front of the horse or I see the mountain but no way to get over it. How good is God to provide exactly what we need.

  12. Becky you have the sweetest way of touching my heart with your words!

    Jesus gave thanks.

    Jesus gave thanks.

    Jesus gave thanks.

    Three little words with magnanimous meaning! I am beyond excited to read what other beautiful reminders and stories you have to share in your book! Congratulations, sweet sister!

  13. Getting back into the routine of school and sports for the 8 year-old and keeping up with a 2 year-old has had me feeling like I am running from here to there with little time to catch my breath. This is such a timely reminder! Thank you Becky! I am not sure I have really ever looked at this story that I have heard so many times from this perspective either. Of course now we are learning it from the grownup perspective rather than the kids. Funny how that works! 🙂

  14. I love this Becky. I cannot do it without Jesus. Not the writing up to this point and not the finishing 3-4000 words I need. Not the referencing and not the provision of a job after. I can only do this all of it everyday everything….motherhood…happiness I can’t do, don’t want to do it….without him.

  15. Have had many days lately where I feel overwhelmed before I even step out of bed. And I always loved this story as a child. Thank you for bringing it to life and helping us to see how it can apply to our situation. C

  16. Thank you for this Becky. I really needed to read this today. Thanks for the encouragement to change my perspective and focus from my “not enough” in all aspects to the “all sufficient God” who has more than enough to carry everything that overwhelms me. Thank you so much.