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Becky is an author, speaker, Bible teacher, mom of three loud boys, and the Community and Editorial Manager for (in)courage. She loves writing about anxiety, motherhood, and the kindness of God. Long naps, shady trails, and a good book make her really happy.

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  1. Becky & (in)courage,
    WOOHOO!!! Happy Birthday (in)courage!! I am happy to say that I have been reading (in)courage since the very beginning. In 2009, my husband left for the second time; I was heading through a divorce; I had lost my job, and basically thought my world had come to an end as I knew it. I don’t even remember, exactly, how I came to know about (in)courage?? All I know is the God KNEW I needed some encouragement to get through the days. From the beginning you welcomed members to kick off their shoes and put their feet on the coffee table and allow themselves to be “real”. The words of writers (like Robin) and the other Founders ministered to me during one of my darkest times. I felt understood and like the writers were reading my mind. What a blessing it was to be ministered to in such a way. You reminded me that I was dearly loved, in spite of what I was going through. You ALL have been such a blessing!! Celebrating with you!!
    Blessed to be a member of this community!!
    Bev xx

    • What a blessing it is to be enrolled in the daily devotionals! I wake up & start my day reading the word of God. I feel nourished after reading the printed words you provide. I just wish I had found you sooner. Congratulations on your success past, present & future!

    • Lglalto@yahoo.com
      Happy Birthday (in)Courage! You ladies have been right in my living room everyday with me,Jesus and coffee. I have been convicted,encouraged,uplifted,and cheered on by your words and books that I’ve bought and given to so many other sisters in Christ. Praying for the team to keep listening to the Holy Spirit as your anointed words keep blessing other women.

    • Happy Birthday (in)Courage! You ladies have been right in my living room everyday with me,Jesus and coffee. I have been convicted,encouraged,uplifted,and cheered on by your words and books that I’ve bought and given to so many other sisters in Christ. Praying for the team to keep listening to the Holy Spirit as your anointed words keep blessing other women.

  2. I can’t recall how I found (in)courage, but I can remember being very surprised by the personal connection I felt with the writers here. At the time, I had never heard of a “blog,” I’m sure I hadn’t stumbled onto social media yet, and even the idea of leaving a comment would have left me breathless for days. It’s been a gift to receive a welcome here on so many levels and to become part of the praying, encouraging, lamenting, cheering community that gathers here each day.

    • My coming to (in)courage story is similar, Michele! Love that you found a home for your heart and have chosen to invest here year after year. xx

  3. I found (in)courage from Lisa-Jo Baker’s Never Unfriended Book I found on the shelf at Baker Bookhouse Sep 2017! (in)courage was the catalyst to start my habit of daily devotional readings and it has inspired me to encourage others. I keep prints of the photos from posts that have inspired me on the collage board next to my bed. Thank you (in)courage!!

  4. I’m not sure how I found (in)courage but I sure am glad I did! I begin every morning with you and it inspires me throughout the day. Thank you (in)courage!!

  5. I’ve been following (in)courage for a little more than a year now, and it was definitely a Divine intervention! Somehow I just started getting these emails in a time in my life when things were dark, bleak and grim. They have been such a blessing to me and have helped me grow in my pursuit of Jesus and becoming a stronger Christian. I am so thankful for you all and everything you do!!! I often send your devotions to people in my family I think could use them 🙂 you guys are just great!!!

    • Praise God! So glad to hear of God’s good timing in your life, Amber, bringing truth, light, and encouragement exactly when you needed it. So glad you’re here.

  6. I’m not sure how I found (in)courage but I love it! It is convicting and encouraging. I am so excited to see the new book Women of Courage. My word of the year is COURAGE! How exciting to have a book devoted to COURAGE!

  7. I was searching online for connection and found (in)courage. I’m quietly here drinking in all the encouragement offered and love it! Thank you for sharing your stories and letting us know we don’t walk this road alone.

  8. I found (in)courage when I received an email about the devotional Bible back in January. I participated in the online Bible study and now the Psalms devotionals. So glad I found you (better late than never)!

  9. Happy Birthday, (in) courage! I have often been blessed with the devotions of your beautiful staff when no one around me has encouraged me to keep going. I am the sole caregiver for a husband who had a serious stroke and your encouragement always is there, so much in God’s timing. Celebrate!

    • Oh, Nancy, that sounds like such a lonely and challenging road. It’s an honor to know you find encouragement here. Praying God fills you with a fresh measure of joy and perseverance. xx

  10. Congratulations on such a beautiful milestone!! Your daily posts speak straight to the heart and encourage me daily. Thank you!!

  11. I’ll be honest, I tend to be the girl in the corner who just quietly reads each post without commenting. Partly because you guys are my just woke up, first thing in the morning read and I have to get ready for work. (Plus I’m not a morning person. Truth) But I love starting my morning hearing that I’m not alone, being reminded about all different kinds of struggles we go through as daughters of the King. So thank you all so much for the encouragement and starting my mornings off right! I may continue to sit quietly in the corner, but I’ll do so with a piece of tiramisu cake today. 😉 <3

    • Kayla,
      We’re so glad you’re here! Thanks for piping up from the corner today to celebrate with us. (And tiramisu is my favorite! Enjoy a big bite me for!) xx

  12. Happy birthday, (in)courage!! I have been around for a number of years (not sure how many). Sometimes I’m very present and other times I’m behind the scenes but the words here are always making an impact.

    Years ago, (in)courage created small group communities for writers like me to have a safe place to learn and go deeper. Alia was such a gentle, encouraging leader who made me feel seen. She took the time to let me know my words mattered.

    Thank you for this space and allowing many voices to share their stories. You are a gift in this online world.

    • Mary! Yes, the (in)courager groups were such a fun and fruitful season for (in)courage. I was blessed by one too. And you’re right, Alia is the best! So grateful you’ve been here for the long haul. Thanks for continuing to be a beautiful part of this community.

  13. I am not sure how I first found (in)courage, but I do know that it I’ve if the few blogs that I have found that I keep reading on a regular basis. The writers speak words of affirmation and encouragement into my days. Thank you!

  14. I’m so proud to have been a follower of {in}courage right from the start in 2009. Following its inception through DaySpring, Holley and Stephanie.
    {in}courage has always been a source of encouragement for me and also a place of growth. I’ve learnt that I am enough, that God loves me no matter what. I’ve learnt what hospitality means. Discovering {in}courage right at the time I came out of a place of 25 years of spiritual abuse, helped me so much and was very much instrumental in helping me keep the faith.
    I love {in}courage so much and all it stands for- a beach house where people can come in with sandy feet and relax and be themselves; finding a place of rest – that I have modeled my home after it. My home is beach themed and my prayer and aim for my home is to be in real life what {in}courage is in the online community. May my home always be a welcoming space for anyone who needs a place to be themselves and to rest and be refreshed in the Lord.
    Happy birthday, {in}courage! I love you so much!

  15. I don’t want to win anything. Even if I lived near you lovely lovely women. I still not want to win anything. As I live the other side of the world in Enniskillen Co.Fermanagh N.Ireland. I was just sercing on line for reading by Women who are saved to read on line. That would help me grow closer to God. That I have more Friends in Jesus. As I don’t have many friends. Not my age. I am 48. I don’t mind that. Yes it would be the nice. I have two. One like myself that does not drive. One who is about 15 years younger than me. I don’t get to see them that often. The one that does not drive I might see her from time to time in Church. The other friend she popular. But I am thank full I have the best friend of all Jesus. Like the song. What a friend we have in Jesus. I love your readings from all of you. Plus your friendship I feel from them all as I read them everyday. Also how they have brought me closer to Jesus and his word the Bible. I might not meet you lovely lovely people this side of earth. But I will meet you all onr day in Glory with Jesus. What great chats we will have then. Plus great times getting to know either. I say Amen too that. I keep you all in prayer and ask God to bless you all for the wonderful work you all do. Bet you can’t believe it is 10 years from you started this work. May God bless you all with another 10 years of doing this great work for him in these reading. Especially in the lovely lovely way you spread the word for him. Love Dawn Ferguson-Little God Bless xxxxx

  16. I was blessed to find (in)courage about 2 years ago in the depths of postpartum challenges. I have since read through the 365 devotional, started reading the incourage Bible, and sent the devotional book to several friends! This community has walked with me through some of my darkest times and has brought me closer in my relationship with Jesus. Thank you for all that you do, your encouragement, your vulnerability, and your truth.

    • Anne, your comment reflects an answer to our prayers. I’m so sorry for your struggles but so grateful this online space could help minister to your soul. God is good!

  17. P.S. I forgot to add how I loved and miss the {in} real life sessions. I’ll never forget the first {in}real life where after excitedly planning for it for months, we almost had to miss it because we in Singapore were 15hrs ahead of US and the live stream would not be in time for our gathering. Lisa Jo and the {in}courage team very graciously made the arrangements and allowance for us to access the link earlier so that we could have our meetup. Hope {in}real life makes an appearance again.

  18. Like many other followers I do not recall how I found the (in)courage site, but God has used each of the posts here in SO many down to earth, practical ways to enhance my walk with Him and grow my faith. Blessings to each of you as we continue the journey together. Love you all dearly, Sisters!

  19. Boing! Boing! Boing! <--- Me bouncing off the walls excited!! I delight (in) every reader comment at (in)courage <3. Because they're not just comments and blog posts, they're conversation that really has led to the sweetest faith community on the internets. THANK YOU (again) to ALL our amazing readers and guest contributors (and staff and writers, past and present....) for sharing your wisdom, encouragement, and support. I am always grateful for how you point me to Jesus. Yes...thanks be to God for how He's established and grown our little corner of the internet, shining glory as He is lifted high. Oh--and, y'all...our Women of Courage devotional is going to be fantastic!! LOVE each of you, and praying over our community this morning. xo

    • Robin, I love that I can hear your voice as I read your comment. Nodding along with “amen” in my heart with you. And we’re so thankful for YOU!! Love you, friend. xx

  20. I first heard about (in)courage from Grace Cho last fall (although I’m sure I’d seen it before that and hadn’t fully recognized it). The words shared by these beautiful women have touched my life and countless others. Thank you for all you do! Happy birthday!!! ❤️

  21. I’ve been reading incourage posts since the very first day! My favorites have always been those that focus on hospitality, friendship, and authentic community. Keep up the good work!

  22. My coworker started forwarding me her (in)Courage emails about two years ago and I decided to go to the website myself to see what it was about. (in)Courage has given me strength to keep going, encouragement when I had no one to turn to, and a sense of community when I felt alone. I appreciate those who have prayed for me when I posted my prayer requests. I didn’t feel ashamed to ask for prayer and starting here (in)Courage me to be comfortable in asking for prayer from my friends. It also gave me the desire to know God more and seek Him more. I feel like I am growing in my relationship with the help of the devotionals, the blogs, and the reading plans. Thank you (in)Courage for all you do and thanks to the friend who introduced you to me!

  23. Happy Birthday (in)courage!!! I can’t remember for sure but I think I found this place through Lisa Jo’s blog or maybe the other way around. Either way I found them both and I’m so glad I did! Thank you for all you do with encouragement landing in my inbox everyday! You are a blessing!

  24. I found (in)courage through Angie Smith’s book, I Will Carry You. 7 years later and I’m still reading it everyday and sharing it with others.

  25. Happy birthday! I can’t quite remember how I found (in)courage, but it has changed my life. Everyday I find myself looking for your emails first. This is such a great community, and I feel like I’m home whenever I’m on your website.

  26. Thank you so much (in) courage. I love my bible , I love the encouraging devotions, I’ve bible journal in it so much, I love how it helps me relax and being inGods word is amazing, . Thank you , thank you

  27. I found (in)courage when I read Whispers of Rest by Bonnie Gray, and she mentioned (in)courage on her Facebook page. I bought the (in)courage Bible now and I love reading it! I hope you offer more studies using this Bible in the future! I did the Psalms study this summer!

  28. I’m pretty sure I found incourage from following Holley Gerth and then felt more a connection when I was on her God-sized Dreams launch team. I’ve followed along since. Thanks for all you do here to welcome women in and encourage us where we are. xo

  29. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! incourage was the best Facebook page I could have ever found! The daily emails give me a uplifting and the bible studies so far are AWESOME. incourage has let me meet so many Godly women. I think God for finding incourage they encourage, empower and uplift you.

  30. Always love free things that (in)courage me!! Congrats on 10 yrs of inspiring women to be the best they can be in Jesus!!

  31. Wow! Ten years of surgery on the heart and soul. You all have no idea as a woman my age coming upon such vulnerability , an x-ray of sorts. Where I come from, folks don’t share these heart felt stories. You have taught me that, hey, it’s ok to be vulnerable. How freeing up of the soul it has been. Your stories have allowed me an opening to share at parties, church events , the post office clerk, like never before! People just need, and I believe want, to share, but don’t think it’s appropriate to bare all.
    I live in New England, sometimes referred to as a 3rd world country spiritually. I’m a missionary here and you (in ) courage women made it all a reality! Blessed be the name of the Lord! Keep on fighting the good fight. Dee

  32. I remember when I discovered (in)courage at the very beginning and how excited I was. I have been touched and blessed many times and it seems that often I will read something that really ministers to me on that particular day. Thank you so much for all you do.

  33. P S I also run an Airbnb here in New England and this has allowed me to share ( in) courage stories with my guests from all over the world!

  34. I don’t exactly remember how I found you all either, but as I commented on Robin’s post, (in)courage has been there for the building of our new home (2009), for me working from home until 2013 (I started in 2006), for my moving out in 2012 and my divorce in 2013, for me moving to Tennessee in 2013 and for all of the many jobs in Tennessee until I landed in a ministry position in 2017. Oh yes, I also changed churches this year from attending my dad’s church who is a pastor and always has been my pastor except for two short years of my almost 38-year-old life. What a journey!!! But one thing that has remained the same is I always look forward to your emails each morning. I’ve even won several giveaways. People always ask me how I win so much from giveaways.:) Enter them all and you will find out.:) Seriously, thanks for just being there. I don’t have a huge community here on this side of singlehood, ministry life, living in a “new-ish” state, and lots of changes. Your emails have sometimes kept me going! Thank you for your faithfulness in the ministry of encouragement.

    • Heidi,

      I’m so glad you share this picture of your life (again) here; so many ways for the Lord to meet you at all of these huge life occurrences. What an encouragement to us that (in)courage has personally ministered to YOU.

      And…you might win again because this is a giveaway post :).

  35. thank you so much for all you do! Happy Happy Birthday!!!
    I just want to express my gratitude to everyone for all the encouragement, uplifting stories and words of wisdom. As I venture through a major life change with relationship breakdown, moving and starting over, everything I read is supportive and helpful and I find strength to take one step forward so thank you so much. You are doing fabulous work and I am forever grateful all my love xoxoxo

  36. I found (in)courage when a friend from church set up a group event with an online session. I don’t remember what it was called, but I’ve loved (in)courage ever since. I’ve been starting my mornings with you every day for quite some time! And I always have to share with my FB friends, because how could I not?! Thanks for sharing your lives and hearts with us!

  37. I discovered (in)courage after one of my friends gave Holley Gerth’s “You’re Loved No Matter What” to me. That book literally changed my life, and when I found out that she was involved with this blog, I subscribed to it. I really appreciate all of the thoughtful effort that goes into this ministry, and the Lord has used so many of the posts to speak to my heart and challenge me in ways I never expected. Thank you so much, and happy birthday!!

  38. Happy Birthday! This has been such an encouragement to me and I’ve used so many of the resources. Thank you for all you do!

  39. What I love about incourage is the encouragement, strength, comfort, and peace it gives me. I’m a mother to 2 special needs boys and the struggle is REAL daily! There are days when I don’t think I can go on, but GOD!! The times especially when I’m fighting and pressing through my own battles.
    Thank you for allowing the Lord to use you all everyday!!

  40. I cannot remember how I found (in)courage but I am so happy I did. I love beginning every morning with God through all the writers! Thank you so much for creating a place where a woman like me can be (in)couraged!!

  41. (in)courage has been a safe place for me to open up and seek prayer as I struggled to escape the confines of an abusive relationship and heal. It has been a place of friendship and connection. Thank you so much!

  42. It’s hard to believe it’s been ten years since I found this lifeline called inCourage. I was mother to three girls, the youngest being just a year old. I was also a mother in the throws of postpartum depression. inCourage came at the perfect time in my life. And has since remained a mainstay in my day to day life. I have felt like part of sisterhood with all of the writers, and have thoroughly enjoyed watching their journeys unfold over the years. This community has navigated the highs and crushing lows of the past ten years with such grace. You all continue to be a bright light for me and I am eternally grateful.

  43. My friend sent this post to me https://aws.incourage.me/2015/01/maybe-what-i-really-need-is-to-be-loved-your-beloved.html. She had received it from another friend and was sharing with me because it so resonated with her current heartbreaking life. I was the friend in her life, during her lowest point, who got to hold her hand and walk her straight to the love of her Heavenly Father. These words from Bonnie were yet another way my friend was able to see just how much God loved her.

    I’m not sure she continues to read here, but I do. She has truly come full circle. A genuine miracle this side of heaven. I love the daily reminder from this site that God sees every last one of us. He goes to great lengths to reach us with His love. I’m grateful for the community here.

  44. A friend that led a small group I was a part of told me about incourage and I signed up, the rest is history. It really is a blessing in my walk every morning.

  45. Y’all just made me cry!!!

    “We think of you and pray for you and ask God for wisdom in how to best serve you…”

    You can’t see me, but I feel seen.
    You don’t know me, but I feel known.
    You can and do love me – I can and do feel loved.

    Happy Ten and Amen,

    PS: Love you, too!!!

    • Oh, Charlotte, this is the very best!! So grateful for your kind and affirming words. Isn’t God so good? We’re thankful you’re here!

    • Right?

      Love you, Dawn! SO grateful for your years of love and service poured out in stories.

  46. I don’t remember how I found you, but I’m so thankful I did! You have carried me through seasons of post-partum depression, anxiety (which still creeps in now and again), joy and grief…all the feels. I love how God places these very personal online devotionals in just the right place at just the right time. He’s pretty cool at that, isn’t He?

    Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday in(courage), happy birthday to you! And….one we used to sing in school…

    A happy birthday to you! A happy birthday to you! Every day of the year, may you feel Jesus near! A happy birthday to you! A happy birthday to you! And the best year you’ve ever had.

    Blessings on each and every one of you.
    Sarah 🙂

  47. I love (in)courage! Especially when I read about other women who are struggling through the same issues and struggles. They often remind me to not lean on my own understanding and support, but to trust in God to guide me.

  48. As a mom, wife, fulltime worker, and grad school student all at the same time, my days are jam packed from the moment I wake up till the moment my head hits the pillow. With that, I don’t have as much time as I’d love to spend in devotion and study. But (in)courage, like my favorite Christian radio station, gives me snippets of God that I can hold on to throughout my busy days and that is so very needed and appreciated. Thank you, (in)courage writers!

  49. I found (in) courage through Dayspring a couple of years ago. I was looking for some kind of connection since I just moved and had no friends. So it was inspiring to read the devotionals and the comments below from everyone. Made me feel like I was closer to home. 🙂 Thank you

  50. I love the (in)courage daily devotional that pops up in my inbox each morning! Happy Birthday and thank-you for being a gift to all of us!

  51. Happy Birthday (in) courage! Thanks to all the female Barnabas’ that write awesome words of encouragement !

  52. Happy Birthday to y’all and us, at InCourage! I have been with y’all at least the half of this journey. I can’t recall how I found y’all, but I know that I enjoy each of the writers and their vulnerability as they connect with us. Y’all are real, loving, caring, God-loving women. I’m blessed to have found y’all.

    I know it started as I was looking for a morning devotional one Sunday when I was unable to attend my church services. I have multiple life-threatening illnesses and needed my fill, of God! I read the first few in one day and knew that I just ” connected” with y’all. It’s just like having my morning coffee with a group of friends.

    Thank you, Becky, and to all of you contributing and behind the scenes as well!

  53. Happy birthday to an amazing groups of ladies who have really encouraged me over the last 10 years, even though I live miles away in Northern Ireland! I first came across incourage 9 or 10 years ago through Holley Gerths blog when I was going through a difficult time -an engagement breaking down due to an abusive relationship and a lot of health problems. Since then I love to receive their emails in my inbox and have been so blessed by the incourage bible and the posts and replies from writers. You are all an incredible blessing! Here’s to 10 more years! x

  54. Wow! Look at all these comments! You ladies rock! I think I found (in) courage when I was looking on line for a daily women’s devotional. Your posts sounded uplifting, non-judgmental and, I’ll just say it: “Encouraging!” . I start almost every morning now by reading your inspiring words in my email box. And every morning I feel connected and seen. Powerful feelings! Thank you so much! And I often share your writings with my heart buddies, when they seem to hit exactly the right mark for their situation. Please keep on keeping on!

    Much love, Irene

  55. Happy birthday! I found you as a writer, and have been privileged to be featured! It’s my joy to see you in my inbox each morning because I love hearing the heart of so many different women!

  56. I don’t recall how I came to be connected with (in)courage. I’ve read many of the books by various writers, and hosted a couple of in(real) life ladies’ events for our church ladies, both which were very worthwhile! I feel a little inundated by many Christian ‘dailies’ coming into my inbox, so have ebbed and flowed with them all, settling into different ones in different seasons. But i keep coming back to (in)courage. I so appreciate that you point us to God’s Word, you invite us deeper in our faith and into community with one another, and I often feel challenged ~ which I value so much! Thank you, and Happy Birthday!! I’m sure you’ve had hiccups (or worse!) along the way, and I honour and champion you for persevering when it’s been hard, and creating what seems to be an authentic community amongst you all, which we also get to partake of the fruits of your labour. Blessings!!!

  57. Someone sent a link to an (in)courage post by someone several years ago and I LOVED what that writer said in that post. (Don’t remember the specific post right now…my memory works like a sieve these days). Anyway, I subscribed and altho I rarely reply, I so enjoy reading what everyone writes. I wish I had that capability to write like your contributors…sigh! Thank you so much for being a part of my day. Here’s to the next 10 years!

  58. Cue ALL the tears! I discovered (in)courage almost 10 years ago on Twitter! God has taken me on the most beautiful journey in this space. All of you have become my safe space, deepest support, biggest cheerleaders and fiercest prayer warriors. Y’all are my best friends and sisters. I couldn’t love y’all more or be any more grateful than I am for this community. I am far better for knowing each of you and my life is forever changed because of y’alls love and friendship.

  59. I found (in)courage after buying a journal from my local Lifeway. I saw the (in)courage description on the back panel and immediately joined the website. Now, every morning after I get to work I sit with my coffee and read the day’s blog post. It has transformed the way I approach my (usually insanely busy) work days. Taking a few minutes to just sit with these women and God’s word means so much to me. It refocuses me and calms me, preparing me to be able to handle whatever the day throws my way. Thank you so much for being here for me, and everyone else. Happy Birthday!

  60. I found (in)courage somehow in the beginning… maybe through Holley Gerth as she thoroughly captured my attention in those years. (She still does.) I craved the message of her book You’re Already Amazing. I am a recovering good girl, people pleaser and try-hard girl. Once I found (in)courage though, I feel like I became “friends” with all of the contributors. I don’t comment much, but I’ve shared a lot of the posts with friends and on social media and I’m a deep thinker so I take it to heart. In 2014, I became an empty nester and I didn’t know how to navigate life not being a kid mom anymore. Thankfully, Robin Dance and others have started speaking about this stage of our lives more. This blog is an oasis. Thank you so much and Happy 10th Birthday! Looking forward to reading for many more years! I subscribe to emails so I don’t miss a post!

    • Christy,

      Your comment here is a gentle nudge to continue writing about this stage in life; it has its own unique characteristics, some of which are wonderful, but others that are plain hard! I’m thankful (in)courage makes room for us, and I promise to be faithful to how the Lord is leading me to speak out.

      We’re so thankful you’re here, and I’m grateful for your comment now and your quiet times when you simply read. 🙂

  61. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, (IN)COURAGE! I found you through DaySpring when I saw & purchased the (in)courage Bible. I think you can’t know the help you have been for so many women like me who don’t often post comments. So many of the morning devotionals have met my need right at that moment! After a breast cancer diagnosis earlier this year my prayer was and still is “God, help me to be a blessing to others through this, to see your purpose in it, and to continue to TRUST you with my life.” Many early morning devotionals have given me the courage to keep on when I feel discouraged. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Blessings to each of you and my sisters throughout this world who pray for those of us who do make comments! Keep on keeping on, please.

  62. I am celebrating with you! I discovered In Courage 2 years ago after my life blew apart. I had relocated and was starting over. The blog posts saved me, encouraged me and reminded me that our Lord has a plan and his love is unending. That is enough to keep going, he is the light that shines ahead of us, that leads us to our destiny. Thank you ladies for sharing your hearts, you unending faith and your smiles. I am a grateful follower of your work!

  63. I found your sight looking for answers on why life is so dang hard and how to get thru it. I don’t contribute much but love the positive stories and encouragement.

  64. I have no idea how I actually found incourage.me, since it’s been years (over 6 years, anyway – maybe a fair bit longer). I know, however, that I had been hunting for daily devotionals and this stuck. 🙂 Thank you for all the good things over the years!

  65. Hooray for celebrating ten years!

    The stories and words shared by the lovely women and authors at (in)courage have been an inspiration and encouragement in my life!

    I attended two of the in-real-life meet-ups (in)courage held back in 2012 and 2013 and I have posts on my blog about them! It took a lot of courage for me to go to the first one, but I enjoyed it so much and the second one even more!

  66. Hi (in)courage, happy 10 Birthday, ir Is a pleasure and joyful to celebrate with you this day. I met in courage on Facebook looking for biblejournaling pages, and I found you! And starter to do woman o courage Challenge! Amazing journey. I learned a lot AND enjoyed to be part of a big women community. It has been really a beautiful and wonderful experience. Im from Venezuela, sorry for my english.

  67. Happy, Happy Birthday Blessings to All – to the authors of the daily feed and to all who respond in the comments, or quietly in your hearts. As a former associate for a Christian retailer, I was blessed to have the opportunity to share your site, the books, studies and etc. to encourage many, many customers, who, as you would guess, became friends. Sisters in Christ. Now, since the retailer has gone on-line only (yes, looking for gainful employment once again) I truly miss the wonderful in-person community the Lord blessed us with, but am thankful for you, and look forward to my daily dose of lovely. Keep on keeping on as we lift Him high to those in the everyday adventure we call life on this side of heaven.

  68. Has it really been 10 years?!? I still remember hearing about this “experiment” from Holly Gerth‘s blog. And look how the little page and evolve, matured and strives with holy shine!!

    I could never put into words how much this community has helped me and my godly journey through the years. We’ve been blessed in so many ways. Thank you for all you do and will continue to do!

    God a wonders will continue to come though in all ways!

  69. Found (in)courage last spring through and email, or maybe and order from Dayspring. I have enjoyed the daily emails and have found inspiration from the contributors websites. I love the Dayspring products and appreciate the vulnerability of the contributors.

  70. I don’t remember how I found the (In)courage site but it was a few years ago. I love the Bible verses and the true life applications. The transparency of the writers if very helpful as well.

  71. The fall of 2012 was my first year of college, and I remember meeting with the other girls in our dorm lobby. We were all in the same HBC (Healthy Biblical Community). On our first get-together, my HBC leader shared the book “You’re Already Amazing” by Holley Gerth. We spent time reading through her book, and that book, along with the wonderful group of girls who were with me in the journey of college life, truly helped me make it to the end of freshmen year.

    Holley’s book left a definite impact on my life and has touched me in so many areas where I needed to be reminded of God’s Truth and the power of connection. To quote from Holley’s book: “We need others to speak truth to us, remind us we’re amazing, walk alongside us, and encourage us in all God has called us to do.” (p. 100)

    I am so thankful for my HBC leader who shared this book with me. Through Holley’s book I was introduced to (in)courage, where you guys have truly spoke truth and encouragement into my life throughout the years. Thank you so much to everyone who is a part of this inspiring, Jesus-Centered/God-Focused ministry!

  72. Happy Birthday!! I just stumbled onto your site one day when looking for good Christian woman blogs to read. So glad I did. Your stories and vulnerability encourages and connects me to a larger network of woman like me and who I can relate to.

  73. I found in courage a few months ago on Facebook. I love the studies and the space the bible gives for notes and creative expression.

  74. Happy 10th Birthday (in)courage! I found (in)courage through The Nester on the very first day it launched. It’s hard to believe it has already been 10 years! I still remember Robin’s first post from that day ten years ago. It still helps me and gives me courage today!

    I have found some of my favorite bloggers and my closest friends through this wonderful online space. Celebrating with all of you today!

    • Rachel!! I am so sorry…seeing your comment here reminds me that you left on on my previous post (I wasn’t able to reply at the time). Yes!! Our paths have been criss-crossing a long, long time. It is especially sweet to continue seeing long-time readers. Can you believe ten years have passed? TIME FLIES!


  75. When I bought the inCourage Devotional Bible it really has helped my faith and to continue growing in Christ daily. Sometimes life is overwhelming at times and all I know is to read the Word and pray through the storms of life! Thank you for all you ladies do!

  76. 10 years. I can’t remember how I found my way here, but it was close to the beginning. Before marriage, a special place to learn, grow, and explore my faith. As a Catholic Christian I wondered if this incourage.me place was for me too. Sara and her beautiful swirling lettering woo’d me in. The space created by incourage.me is much wider now. There has been no question for some time that I belong. I thank these beautiful and courageous women for sharing their hearts and words. The power to change lives. Thank you for bringing me closer to my greatest love, Him.

  77. Happy Double Digits!! I found you through a fb friend mention this past year, and am so glad I did! I start my day with you to help me stay God-centered. I love the daily blogs. I have also participated in your online Bible Study, and look forward to the next one (Hint Hint 🙂 ) I enjoyed the Bible Study so much, that I shared it with one of the ministers at my church. I wish you continued success and look forward to your next post. <3

  78. Happy Birthday (in) courage! I so enjoy reading your blog posts and have learned so much through everyone’s different perspectives. Thank you for always pointing to Jesus. You all do a great job!

  79. What has (jn)courage been to me? It’s been 10 years of me nodding my head in agreement, tearing up in sympathy AND empathy, shaking my head “no” when I don’t agree (hey, it happens). But most of all, it’s been me feeling as if I have 20 – 30 best friends who know who I am, what i’ve gone through, or where I need to be (biggie, right there). Thank all of you ladies for showing up in my inbox EVERY morning!

  80. I found (in)courage this year. I started my own blog last year and I’ve been looking for encouraging words from other writers and Christian women. God has blessed me with so many women that I can learn from. I love that the women encourage each other and pray for you.

  81. Happy bday!! Wooo hooo!
    I love your devotionals, and I’m curious about the books.
    May the Lord bless you.
    You’ve helped me a lot through bad times, here in Brazil.

  82. Happy birthday, (in)Courage! I recently joined the community and got the Bible on Prime day. Can’t wait to dig in more!

  83. Happy Birthday!
    I’m not sure how long I’ve been following this site, I shop at DaySpring and found you through a study I was doing at the time. I love the community – although I don’t always comment, I do read. I have been encouraged through the posts and through members of the community many times through health issues, to our adult child’s divorce, missing our grandchildren. I am in the 55 and older group of readers and I appreciate being able to apply God’s Word to what is going on in my life. A post might be talking about child rearing (which I’m past) but it helps me to remember what it was like and there is always something that I can relate to in this season of life.

    Oh to win a devotional would be and awesome gift for my 57th birthday coming up this fall. But discount you are offering is much appreciated as well. Thank you.

  84. I love the fact that, through reading all the comments, we are more alike than we are different. We all have one thing that keeps us connected and that is Jesus the Christ.
    I am going to be 74 this October. I grew up going to church and believing everything the Bible says. Through some of life’s unexpected moments I lost my way and began to doubt the very existence of God. Like the prodigal son, I had a come to Jesus moment. I found myself pregnant and unmarried and for the first time in a very long time, I found myself at the end of my rope. No more time outs. It was sink or swim time. So I asked a question that only God can answer. “If there is a God and you are who people say you are and if you want this mess of a life I have created then I surrender.” It was at that precise moment I heard Him say to me, “don’t worry everything will be all right.” At the same moment a warmth and peace started at the top of my head and flowed over me to the tips of my toes and I knew as well as I’m sitting here, that was the answer I needed. There was no how or why involved yet I knew I would be ok and I had finally found the answers I had been seeking. I was 29 then so throughbthese many years I have had many trials but I can still hear him say ‘everything will be all right.’ And it has been and will be til I leave to be with my Lord and Savior.
    Our stories will all have different details but will all have the same ending. We know where we are going and we know who is leading the way. The end to our journey has been decided, it’s the journey that makes it exciting. It will be worth it all when we see our Savior face to face.

  85. Happy Birthday,. I have been reading this since it began. I can’t tell you how many times it was just what I needed that day – as though you had seen into my life. I have shared it many times over. Thank you for a wonderful, Christian way to begin my day. I wish you much continued success.

  86. I have been here since the beginning and it has been such a blessing. Love all my girls the authors the studies and the community we have created. I can only expect more exciting experiences to come. Happy Birthday.

  87. It’s been such an honor to write for and be a part of the (in) community!

    You all need to know that the people behind-the-scenes are the REAL DEAL. They love God and people, they are generous and kind and THEY CARE ABOUT YOU. You have been prayed for and prayed over, and I have watched this community spur one another on, be willing to have hard conversations, and persevere with grace, and it’s beautiful and good.

    Happy birthday to this community! HERE’S TO MANY MORE YEARS of (in)courgement and faithful, life-giving words!

  88. First off, I’d like to thank every one of you ladies who stepped out and have made yourselves vulnerable and shared your hearts, as well as parts of your lives. Happy Birthday to you and all those behind the scenes that bring everything together. I’ve laughed, sighed, and cried since I first became aware of your blog in 2017 after reading ‘Craving Connection’. The book came into my hands when there was a deep ache within to try to figure out how to connect with others because for whatever reason(s), I was not succeeding at doing so at church though I’d never had any problems in times past. Inside the book was even a $10 Starbucks coupon to treat yourself and someone else to help break the ice. Sadly, I didn’t end up using it on anyone but myself before it expired. I’ve been so fortunate in the past of being part of close circles of friendships who did life together over many years but the last 6 years have been very very lonely due do them all having moved away. I’ve found it very hard now, as an older divorced single woman who still works full time, to connect when most are retired enjoying getting together during the day, have family nearby, and spending time with their kids & grand-kids and extended family. Serving at church and attending Bible studies hasn’t been the key either. All this to say that your input into my life, and those who comment, always remind me as I start my day to pray, give thanks, and persevere.

    I stepped out in faith once again by visiting two ‘connect’ groups that are part of my church and am cautiously excited about what may come of getting to know people I wouldn’t meet probably any other way. We are made for community, even us introverts! The Lord has also just opened the door for me to mentor others through a program at our church, so they can grow deeper in their relationship with the Lord. My heart cry has always been that everything I’ve experienced would be redeemed for God’s glory and that He is working his plan and purposes out even when _______!

    I’ve read several of the books written over the years by some of you, and am now reading three recent releases. I always receive nuggets that I write in my journal, meditate on, and share with others. There are times I forward your postings to friends near and far, so they too may be encouraged. I’m grateful for this type of format that helps us know there are other sisters in Christ whom are seeking to shower those who partake with words of life, from the Giver of Life. How blessed I am to start each morning reading scripture and how He’s moving in your lives.

    I would love to win the ‘birthday gift’ so I could actually buy copies of your books as gifts. I usually loan my copies out and sometimes they don’t make it back. 🙂
    PS: Do you think you’ll ever do a conference in CO Springs, CO?

    • My name is Loretta and I too live in Colo Spgs, CO. I made a comment about 3-4 comments before yours. I am a senior citizen and stay at home as I can no longer drive. I live with my daughter and family. They all work so I spend a lot of time alone. I too am an introvert and enjoy my space but I also enjoy people. All my close friends live in Pueblo so we stay connected via text. As a way of encouragement, sometimes friends can be ones we never thought about – such as younger and older than ourselves. Sometimes it’s a need that brings us together rather than similar circumstances or interests. I sense some of these new projects will bring you many blessings. If you ever need someone to talk to I can be reached thru my email.

  89. I do not remember how I found you but I remember being so thankful to find a space with so many different voices writing solid godly words. It may have been when Ann Voskamp shared on it. I think she was the first blogger I started following way back. The honesty and variety of voices was so refreshing. I remember it was when I was first finding the blogs and it was so great to find so many. Also it was such a blessing to find things to share with the women of my church. Happy Birthday! I love how God has grown this ministry and each person connected to it.

  90. I’ve followed incourage for a little over a year now. I’m preparing to teach my third Bible study this fall with your material no I’ve loved how relevant the topics and the struggles are to the women I minister to. Thanks for sharing how Jesus and His truths apply to our every day lives. ❤️

  91. I have been following incourage from the beginning I think. I have often been encouraged by the stories and words of these ladies. I can’t name a specific story of my own, but as a homeschooling mom of someone with special needs, I have often been uplifted here. I feel like these ladies continue to point me to the Lord while being real and honest about their own struggles. It invites me to do the same. Thank you and Happy Birthday!

  92. Wow!! What a huge encouragement and gift to read each of your comments and the stories you have shared with us as we celebrate 10 years together!! Thank YOU so much for letting us see God’s intentional pursuit if you, the ways He led you here, and the reason you stay.

    What a gift to be a small yet sacred part in your stories. We are so grateful that YOU (yes you!) are part of US! We love you and we look forward to many more years together! xoxo ~ Renee

  93. I can’t quite remember how I stumbled across (in)courage, but I’m so glad I did. Whether I’m able to read a post first thing in the morning, or right before I go to bed, the posts are an important part of my day. I love the ability to hear from so many different voices, that hit straight to my heart. As a mother to two young boys, it’s nice to hear some familiar stories, and just be able to connect through our faith. It has been amazing to see you guys grow, as it has been well deserved! Happy Birthday!!

  94. God led me to incourage in your very early days. It was a time when I was struggling with the unexpected loss of my sister and the dissolution of my marriage. The gifted writers have helped me to come to know the One who holds me close even better. You have helped heal my heart by reminding me to believe IN God’s loving presence, and to have COURAGE in His plan. Thank you for building this loving, supportive, instructive community where we can join together as faith sisters- ladies who love the Lord and cheer each other on to richer lives. Happy birthday incourage! I hope we share many more years together ♡♡

  95. Wow-ee time flies! I can’t believe (in)courage is 10 years old. I’m not sure how long I’ve been following but I can’t tell you
    how much I appreciate the daily (in)couragement and inspiration. I’m not a good Bible reader / memorizer so the word
    that I get from the writers is awesome, As many others have said some posts feel like God sent them just for me!

    Keep up the amazing work & God bless you, dear writers!
    Happy 10th birthday!

  96. I don’t remember when I first heard about you. I really have enjoyed the blog posts . I felt more connected by doing the Women of Courage Bible Study earlier this year.I am slowly making my way through the 40 Days in the Psalms.

  97. It has been a while. Quite possibly a book given to me by a friend. I went to Mardel to look for another prayer book and found Holley Gerth. I started getting the emails, I enjoy reading the newsletters, blogs and devotions. Since joining Instagram I have loved the videos. (In)courage Happy Birthday to you may God bless and keep all of you. All your writers have done an amazing job spreading the word of God. Well done good and faithful servants of the Lord.

  98. Thank you for all that you do to encourage our hearts and draw us closer to God each and every day! You are all blessings!! May God keep being glorified through your writing and your lives.

  99. I learned of (in)courage as they debuted! Back then, blogging was different then it is now. We always did a lot more blog hopping and visiting and somehow through a blog I followed (probably Sarah Mae’s because she was a main hub for me).

    Some of my favorite memories are of DaySpring/(in)courage at the Relevant/Allume conference. They put on the best parties and truly seeing the people “in the flesh” brought the community closer together. (in)courage is absolutely the most genuine and generous community/company I have ever known.

    I still have a dream that someday I will write for (in)courage. 🙂 Love this space and love you guys!

  100. At a terrible time in my life long ago I found some comfort online from other women walking my path. Which connected me to Lisa-Jo which connected me to you . From close to the beginning I think I’ve been here and it’s funny to say that because it makes me realize how far I’ve come since those days. Hallelujah for a heart healing and heart filling God and friends who help support that mission.

    Happy birthday to the favorite part of my (in)box !

  101. I’m not really sure how I became familiar with (in)courage. It was just “there” one day while “surfing” the Internet. I am sure, however, that it was a small miracle – meant to be – a gift from God and from your marvelous writers. It came to me at the beginning of this summer, a time of great anxiety, and I am forever grateful. I am “hooked” on the daily messages and the Psalms 40 Day study. God is good and I am thrilled to have a subscription to your wonderful site.

  102. A friend started sharing (in)courage blog posts with me, and reading prompted me to do the InRL conference (I think that’s what it was called). After that, I was a follower. I had the privilege of guest posting one year & participating in the devotional, A Moment to Breathe. I believe hungry & lonely hearts find a seat at the table through the efforts of (in)courage. Happy birthday!

  103. Becky & Incourage

    Celebrate celebrate dance around. Happy Birthday In Courage. So thankful for Stephanie & Holley following God’s leading to start this blog. I stumbled upon In Courage in the very beginning. Loved following people like Bev & reading their stories. Had the pleasure of praying for her & many others here. It always surprises me when writers & others leave a comment to my comment. Life has changed so much in those 10 years. Was working at university in health clinic. That year mom died. Since then I have dealt with my aging dad & his health issues-mostly dementia. He finally passed in 2017. Now work part-time (mostly) in ICU Step down at local hospital. Funny thing about that is in 2007 mom was in ICU & I said I would never work ICU-God laughed because He knew differently. I have followed some writers & been on several book launches. Even follow some writers to their website & podcasts. Met many friends here. This place feels like home to me. It is one of the first emails I read each day.

    Blessings 🙂

  104. How did you find (in)courage?

    I have seen the Bible’s for sale online (I think through Lifeway) and at Barnes and noble.
    I have been following through Facebook for some time now.

    What has this community meant to you?

    I personally haven’t participated in this community on a deep level, more like skimming the surface. But from what I can see,
    The church, or those who believe and follow Jesus, and even more expansive and unfathomable kingdom of God, is growing and fulfilling His purposes.

  105. As a pastor serving with her pastor husband in a foreign land with preaching and teaching mostly in another language, this ENGLISH resource has been such a gift. Having been introduced by a friend to this page and being given access to challenging, uplifting and encouraging devotionals has been a source of inspiration and joy. Thank you to the whole team…you’re changing lives!

  106. I am a high school teacher and have a difficult job. I have 35 students in each of my 5 classes and I found Incourage one day on my off or planning period. I have since looked at the website everyday for encouragement to get through the day. I enjoy learning and being inspired by all the bravery and insight of the women who speak truth and wisdom through Incourage. They encourage me everyday.

  107. Happy Birthday (in)Courage! You ladies have been right in my living room everyday with me,Jesus and coffee. I have been convicted,encouraged,uplifted,and cheered on by your words and books that I’ve bought and given to so many other sisters in Christ. Praying for the team to keep listening to the Holy Spirit as your anointed words keep blessing other women.

  108. I started out finding Ann Voskamp and then Bonnie Gray. Their blogs have helped me find my way through depression, anxiety and traumas that have devastated our family. For many of my years as a stay at home mom , my husband was a truck driver and then worked nights. Bonnie and Ann became the friends that supported me and encouraged me through the times when I was too anxious to make friends in person. They also helped me not feel alone when my husband was away or at work. What I learned from them helped me help my husband understand all of us. They were also the friends that helped me to understand how to let go of my old baggage that I was dragging around, help myself and my children work through PTSD and traumas, and the anxiety and depression that we inherited. They helped me work through the guilt from all this and helped me get to the point where I could go get help in person. They also helped me find my way back to my faith in God and let go of my anger. Through them, I found (in)courage and others who have helped me along the way.

  109. In 2016 I began seeing that the life I had been living for was becoming more of a chore than a life. I went through the required adult daily motions and met my responsibilities, yet I had became irritable, tired, angry, impatient, selfish, short tempered, manipulative, joyless and disappointed in those around me. My heart had become like stone and was making me ill.

    My birthday at the beginning of 2019 was certainly not happy. I found myself in a self constructed prison where shame, guilt, depression, anxiety and were my jailers. I became disinterested in all things which once brought me hope, happiness, joy and a grateful heart. I was heap of dried up bones by this time and rarely,left my house.

    Without any other choice, I turned to God in prayer, and he reminded me of who He is and who I am not. One by one, pride, reputation, self reliance, achievement and my job were idols the Lord began removing from my life. He also reminded me that fear and worry were the things that caused me to abandon the blessings I already had, when prayer and faith in Him alone could have gotten me through.

    I committed to morning prayer time with God, but studying one of the bibles I already had was daunting. Then it happened! One day day I was flipping through television channels and came across the (in) Courage bible on QVC. I watched the presentation over and over and finally decided to purchase it.

    This soft LeatherTouch blue devotional Bible has drastically changed my life. I cant wait to open it every day and see what surprises are in store. In addition, my once lost identity is being restored as He wills and the (in)courage women inspire.

    The stories shared by every amazing woman in this bible are like hugs whispering “I’ve been there and also done that.” I truly am not alone when this Bible is near and my days are becoming clearer and purposeful.

    Thank you, God, for inspiring these amazing women to share hard truths while giving you all the glory and advancing your amazing kingdom.

  110. I found incourage a while back when Kristen Welch shared about it… or maybe she wrote here and mentioned it on her personal blog. Whatever way it was, I am always happy to read weekly when I have time, and I’ve set my homepage to incourage so that each morning- whether I’ve got time to read the post or not, I am at least encouraged by the photo graphic of the day’s post. Thank you for all you do!

  111. I honestly cannot remember how I found the (in)courage group, but I enjoy reading the words from the hearts of so many other women who are so different, yet so much like me. I love the honesty and openness of all who write and comment in this group, so I keep on coming back. Thanks for sharing your lives and your journeys with us!

  112. Happy Birthday!! Thank you for being you. I have found so much encouragement from reading posts and participating in your recent bible studies. I have learned so much and often share certain posts with someone the topic is spot on for. Here’s to the next ten years

  113. I believe I was led to incourage through a Lisa-Jo Baker post somewhere a few years ago. In a world that often seems to be growing darker by the day I truly appreciate being able to start my morning with an extra dose of light from all of the wonderful women here at Incourage. Thank you! I also really enjoy reading the comments. They always seem to be kind, insightful and uplifting as well. A great reminder to me that there is much good in the world and we can all choose to make the world a brighter place for one another. Here’s to another 10 years!!

  114. I can’t remember when I first came across incourage, but I’m sure it was from reading something a friend posted. I love incourage and the wonderful devotionals and encouragement I receive in my inbox. They always seem to be exactly what I need and just the right time. Thank you for all you do. 🙂

  115. Happy Birthday in(courage)!! I really don’t know how I came across in(courage) – I know I ordered some products from DaySpring and there might have been a link from there, that I went into. I have read and shared with others, so many of your devotionals. I start my workday reading it. Best way to start a day, putting my focus where it needs to be!! Thank You!!

  116. Happy Birthday

    I love the devotionals but most of all I love the name and what it represents …. that we’re here to uplift and “incourage” one another. It’s a joy to read comments and testimonies from other mothers, grandmothers, sisters in Christ, and to know we all share a common bond. Thank you for inspiring and encouraging me every day.

  117. Happy Birthday! I am not sure how I was introduced to (in) Courage & DaySpring. I tell myself, it is a Blessing that was sent to me!
    I love getting up in the morning, reading the Message, it starts my day. Then after the day begins and the house is quiet, I will do some (in) Courage studying and maybe some Bible Journaling later in the afternoon after I have been thinking about what I have been studying.
    I love reading your messages and how they relate to everyday life. The best of all is the feeling of love from you. Thank you for all the Blessings you have given! Thank you and have Many More Birthdays.

  118. Happy birthday in Courage. You have been such a blessing to me for some time. I seem to remember connecting on Day Spring and noticed there was more. All of you ladies are amazing. Your stories hit home in my heart many times. Many of the devotionals are right on target for my current needs!!! Thank you so much for your generous giving & sharing.

  119. I have loved and been blessed by this community since day 1. Congrats on 10 amazing years of sharing stories!!