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Now graduated from her role as a homeschooling mom of 8, Dawn Camp devotes her time and love of stories to writing her first novel. She enjoys movie nights, cups of Earl Grey, and cheering on the Braves. She and her husband navigate an ever-emptying nest in the Atlanta suburbs.

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  1. I need direction from God whether to stay or leave my relationship. Also, healing of my heart.

    • My heart goes out to you, Mildred. I’ve been there. I’m praying for you.

    • Mildred, I’m praying for you this morning in Texas and asking God to give you discernment to make the right decision, as well as peace and comfort that your decision is the right choice for you. I struggled with a similar decision over ten years ago and asked God to give me a sign. He sent me such a clear message that there was absolutely no doubt in my mind or heart that ending the relationship was the best decision. I will be praying that you receive the same gift of clarity.

    • Mildred, I pray that the Lord will guide you in your decision. Please follow HIS direction for your life. Hugs.

      • Praying for you too Mildred! God will walk this out with you! He hears your heart, give it to him. Blessings dear one

    • Mildred, read Boundaries by Dr Cloud and Dr Townsend. Perhaps that will bring you clarity based in scripture. ❤️

      • Great resource, I personally have read and followed through on Drs McCloud and Townsend and keep coming back from time to time to review and use the teachings and scriptures provided. May you find the answers you need.

      • Dawn, i read this (in) courage twice, my family is broken, I’m praying, but i get discouraged a lot, can god hear me? The enemy says Maria god doesn’t care. So i pray MORE. My depression/anxiety get to me some days. But my dr changed my meds praise i feel better, please pray the meds are a good match for my system. There is a awful stigma with mental illness, so many people need support, love, Jesus, but because of the stigma they suffer in silence not wanting people to judge them on their illness. It took many years for me to say” i have anxiety/depression “ so please pray for any one who reads this to love themselves and get help, in jesus’s name amen.

    • Mildred,
      One very good way is to put on paper your assets on one side, your liabilities on the opposite side. List why it would be good for you and this individual. On the other side, list why as many as the Holy Spirit gives to you why it would be better to break this relationship off. This will help you as you seek the Lord’s direction and guidance? It always helps to ask yourselves questions like – Am I becoming a stronger witness because of this relationship? Am I able to express my opinions freely in this relationship? Do I feel like I am reaching my goals and potential in this relationship? Do I feel like I am bringing honor to the Lord through this relationship? Am I able to ask this individual to pray with me ? Do I have a comfortable understanding of what my goals are in life? Do I have short term and long term goals ? Do I consider this individual a good friend ? Am I violating the principles and precepts in GOD’s Word through this relationship? Am I unequally yoked? I trust this will give you a particular criteria to help with your decision. Prayers for blessings of wisdom and discernment. Proverbs is a great book of wisdom.

    • I am praying right this moment for very very clear direction from our Lord God our Father for you. You are not alone. He goes before you. In Jesus name amen.

  2. Dear Father please help all of us needing your guidance, protection, and care. For myself I ask that my Achilles surgery go well and that after I recover I am able to exercise again and walk and stand. I pray that my wound heals quickly. Please help me in my fear and give me peace now and after the surgery. Amen.

    • Tricia, I pray that your surgery goes well, that you are restored to full function and activity, and that your fears are quieted and you feel peace.

  3. Lifted you in prayer that our loving Saviour who is in the midst of every detail of our lives will provide for your need.

  4. What a great read. I have a small bible study group that meets in my home once a week. We share our joys, sorrows, concerns, our moments of weakness and strengths. And we pray for each other, our church, and our community each week. We firmly believe that when two or more are gathered together, there also is God. We have seen God’s helping hand at work so many times. I would like to ask for prayers for my husband. We have been going through a year of major health problems for him and on July 31st he will be undergoing major surgery on his back. Please pray for the doctors and nurses and also that God will give him the strength to work through the pain of recovery. Thank you for today’s reading.

    • Susan,
      I’m praying for your husband and for you. Praying for the surgery to be a success and for your husband as he goes through rehab and recovery. Tell him to be a turtle – take it slow, don’t rush, don’t try to do too much too fast, rest when he needs to. Been there, done that – still in recovery mode.
      May God bless you with healing.

    • hi sooson can you and your bible study group pray for me to go to my grandmas house

  5. Wow! So good! So timely! So encouraging! When I opened my email this morning & saw this devotional tears welled in my eye. Family situation recently has me undone and I’ve thought, “all I can do is pray.” I don’t have the power to break someone’s addiction but God does!

    • Heather, this really spoke to me this morning with tears welling up too. It’s so amazing how God knows what is on my heart, and speaks to me through others to affirm His word and give encouragement.

  6. Please pray for my nephew, Tom. Very sick. ICU. Heart attack, breathing difficulties, complications. Financial need.

  7. Please pray for my husband who is suffering from a pornography addiction and has been having online affairs. For myself and my heart to heal and forgive and for my children to not be affected by this situation of betrayal.

    • my heart goes out to you. surprisingly this is a wide spread addiction amongst men leaving homes in despair. I’m praying for your heartache and that you find strength to pull yourself up above the pain of this .
      find comfort that you are a daughter of the king and made wonderfully.
      this addiction has nothing to do with the women that these men live with..its a addiction in itself and not caused by others. I have the pain many wives feel in this. be strong and continue in prayer in your home ! pray daily , I’m praying for you too. remember our battle is not against the flesh but against the dark rulers and principalities.

    • Natasha, I have prayed for your husband. As Krissy says, this has nothing to do with you. Your children are blessed to have you there with them.

  8. Please pray for Gabrielle. She recently left an emotional and physically abusive relationship. I ask that you join me in praying for her strength to move forward, and that she seeks counseling as she goes through this process.

    • I’m thankful Gabrielle was able to leave and protect herself. Please give her the focus, strength, and emotional support to move forward.

  9. Thank you, Dawn, for this encouragement to pray. As mums, we are DO-ERS, and it’s so easy to forget that our most important work happens when we bring our families before God and ask HIM to work.

    • You’re right, Michele—we’re accustomed to handlig all the things, but there are some we aren’t meant to (and can’t) handle. God CAN!

  10. I need healing in my arm. Weather pulled muscle or tendon, it is causing me discomfort. And my marriage, it needs revival both in word and love.

    • Laura, I pray for physical healing for your arm and emotional healing in your marriage. I hope you have the courage to take the first step.

  11. Appreciate prayer for our young adult son, Ben. He’s been on a 2 week on 1 week off schedule at an oil rig. This last time to return he’s really affected by the oil smells/toxins. He has some protection but he’s affected with headaches & sore throat.
    Would love it if he could be promoted or switched to another less toxic area. Prayers for now especially for protection of his lungs and also for him to draw closer to Jesus in this time of disappointment as other than the physical toll he loves the job. Thank you for your prayers!

  12. I love this article. Thank You! My husband just moved from the hospital (where he had 3 surgeries following a traumatic fall) and is in a Rehab facility now, finally able to sit on the edge of his bed for a few minutes with help. He has crushed right hip joint (held by surgical screws and a support piece), broken ribs, broken scapula at shoulder, broken finger. He’s in much pain. Please pray for his healing, our marriage, and especially his heart to hunger for Jesus. Thank you!

    • Joni, it sounds like your husband is blessed to be alive! I pray for his physical and spiritual healing and that this will be a period of renewal in your marriage and his faith.

  13. Dawn,
    I have learned not to say, “All I/we can do is pray,” as if it’s a last ditch effort. The first thing I can do is pray. I do find, however, that I have been praying some prayers for so long that I come to God with an abbreviated version, “God, you know my prayer, Amen.” Sometimes I feel guilty about my less than earnest prayers. When years drag on, fervent prayers can wane. I am comforted to know that the Holy Spirit intercedes for me when all I can do is groan, or I just don’t have the perseverance to form words. Many of you know the prayers of my heart. I appreciate the wonderful prayer warriors I have here. Thank you sisters.
    Bev xx

    • Bev,

      Still praying for all your problems & needs. BTW I wish we could put parents in time out – HA HA!!
      Holding you up with all you’ve got going.

      Blessings 🙂

    • Bev, I think “God, you know my prayer, Amen” is a solid prayer. He does know your needs and the desires of your heart and I pray He honors your faithfulness to come to Him in prayer.

    • Praying for the lord to hear your prayers Bev. For your health, your marriage, your children and for you. In Jesus name, Amen

    • Hi i agree I’ve Been praying for some time its hard some days to keep a bright out look the lord says be still I’m heartbroken how my daughters are acting . Please pray that I accept god’s will for my life

  14. My ex daughter-in-law and the mother of two of my grandchildren needs healing so that her bitterness does not make it harder for her children (ages 11 and 13) to have a relationship with their father and step-mother. My daughter-in-law needs healing so that she can forgive her step-children for making mistakes in their relationship that were caused by their mother’s negative influence.

  15. Thank you, thank you, Dawn!! You have lifted and strengthened my heart.
    And thank you, Incourage…..for encouraging me each morning for the past several years.
    Please pray with me for my son, Josh….for his walk with the Lord and his well-being. This would mean the world.
    And know that I would be honored to pray for you, Dawn, and each of you at Incourage. You are a JOY to me. God BLESS you each ~ abundantly.

      • Means much more than you know God BLESS you Abundantly…beyond measure….and may His Grace and Peace be yours, Dawn. Thank You for Blessing me {and Josh} so much!!!!!

    • Susan, that is so hard as a mother. Sometimes our children make mistakes we can’t fix (and we become accustomed to being able to fix mistakes for them). I’m praying for your daughter today.

  16. Thank you. I would love prayers for my mother in law, who has started her chemo for breast cancer. I also ask for prayers for my 13 yo son as we navigate teen angst (Heaven grant me patience, please, Lord!). He has recently been diagnosed with a social disorder, and is on the spectrum for high-functioning autism.

    • Be encouraged with your son-there is great hope. I am 50 yr old on the spectrum, HFA. Married 28 yes, 3 children 24 (married), 19 and 15. Yes, living life this was has many challenges-we simply don’t fit into the world of others like they want us to. But we fit perfectly into God-maybe even more than our typical humans.

      My gentle suggestion and prayer would be-above all else that your son’s heart would be soft towards God and that you (his dad too) would accept him as he is. Which I’m sure you do, but the deep levels of acceptance require such surrender-to know there are things your son won’t ever experience the way you at one time thought he might. You will be his greatest source in helping him settle who he is in Christ. It will look different for him than it does for other 13r olds.

      There is SO much hope for him, I can promise this because I live it. God made us this way, for His glory and purposes. Many hugs to you as you move forward.

      • Thank you, Summer. Your kind words brought me to tears. I so appreciate it! He has such a sweet heart, but, as I”m sure you have experienced with your children, we are at that fun stage! His father and I are divorced (he was 18m old at the time, so he remembers nothing of this). We are both remarried (10 years now for my love and I), and while my son’s stepfather and I do accept him for as he is, his own father and stepmother (especially her) do not. It is not easy for my son there, and they are not believers. Thank you so much!!!!! We stand on and we claim God’s promises, and He will see my boy and you and I through!!!!! God bless you for your comments; they give me hope and a future, as God proclaims in Jeremiah!

      • Thank you, Dawn! The prayers are so appreciated, and I am so thankful for Summer’s encouragement! She is a BLESSING!!!

    • Hi Sarah (another princess!), I have a friend who had an extremely autistic daughter – they have had 7 years of horror. God led her to this information and her daughter is now on the way to be normal and they are able to take her in public again. She is a new child! The Dr in this article found out this info when she had a child diagnosed with autism and the profession could not help. This has been miraculous – all to do with the gut and the body’s inability to absorb nutrition. Praying for you!!
      Overcoming Psychiatric Problems by Healing the Digestive System – Dr. Campbell-McBride

      • Thank you so much, Princess Sarah! I so appreciate this information, and I will make sure I watch it within the next 24 hours (kids have VBS tomorrow morning, so I can watch uninterrupted). Any information I can use to help him is so important!!!

  17. I left an abusive relationship and we have been in and out of court over the past year. It’s coming to a head this September as we head to trial. My daughter’s father continues to abuse me throughout the process by lying on court documents and saying just awful things about me. After over seven months, he is now requesting visitation (which is court ordered to be supervised). I know that it is just to make him look good at trial. I’m just so scared for the emotional harm that could come to my daughter. Please pray for us as we navigate the end (or at least what I hope will be the end) of this process.

    • My heart aches for you. It is hard to trust and forgive when you have been so hurt. God be with you and your day, and those who seek to hurt you. May God give you peace and protection.

    • Elizabeth,
      Praying earnestly for you and your daughter. I pray that evil strongholds will be broken and that your soon to be ex will be thwarted in his attempts to continue to manipulate and abuse. I pray for goodness and righteousness to prevail. Continue to guard your hearts in the midst of the dysfunction. God is able. He will bring you through this.
      Love and ((hugs)),
      Bev xo

  18. Please pray for my daughter and her 3 children (2 teens and one younger). She is in an abusive marriage she cannot escape, her teen son is as abusive to her and her girls as the man she’s married to. At this time the only thing that seems to be going to happen,from a human perspective is disaster. So much unspoken in this request but God knows the details and your prayers are greatly appreciated.

    • CT, this is a scary situation. I pray that she gets help and that her teen son’s heart is changed so that he helps his mother instead of making things worse. I pray the Lord’s protection over them all.

    • I know how truly challenging it can be to leave an abusive relationship, but I pray that your daughter will find the strength and resources to do so.

  19. I will be having surgery this coming Monday, July 29th at 7:30a.m. EST. I would appreciate your prayers for a successful surgery and strength over the three month recovery process. Also please pray that I qualify for long term disability as I will not be receiving a paycheck during this time. Thank you!

  20. After 27 years of marriage and raising 4 children, my husband has decided he “can’t do this anymore” and wants a divorce. I do not know how to navigate through this and am overwhelmed. Praying for clarity, direction and guidance in picking up the pieces.

    • so sorry to hear ! I went thru this in my younger years. find your strength in God and read it every morning. God does have a life planned for you. when I had my hubby leave the verse that kept coming was Jeremiah 29 : 11 God knows your future and has plans to give you a hope and a future.. stay strong. over time you will heal .

    • Theresa, I’m praying for you today during this difficult time. I hope your husband’s heart changes and he honors his marriage vows.

    • Theresa,
      I have walked in your shoes. My husband up and left (was having an affair and just wanted out). He abandoned two children. I know what it feels like to be cast aside after 26 years. I strongly encourage you to seek Christian counsel. You need someone at this point to remind you just how valuable you are in God’s eyes. Just because one man says you are not worthy, does not define your identity. Also there are Christian support groups like “Divorce Care” which is National and offered at many churches. I found it comforting to know that I wasn’t alone. I lost the one job I tried to hold down during the turmoil, but even through all the mess and heartache, God never forsook me…He was with me and will be with you at every turn. He will bring you THROUGH this valley. Be sure to secure a good lawyer. It is sad that a marriage of that length comes down to a balance sheet, but you need someone in your corner. I was a stay at home mom for years and my attorney fought for spousal support. I will also lift you up in prayer for all you asked for…wisdom, clarity, direction, and guidance. I pray that if reconciliation is God’s will, that nothing would thwart His sovereign will. Know that you are the truly love, beloved, daughter of the King and none of this will change that. Cling to the Lord and He will fight the battle for you. Sending love and gentle ((hugs)),
      Bev xo

  21. I need prayer for my son that is destroying himself he now wears a 4x and is obese. He is destroying himself with food. Please pray he gets help he won’t let me talk to him about it nor his wife they ignore me me in regards to the subject I have offer to go to counseling with him. Pray for Randy. Thank you, I also pray daily for him, and talking to God, I am sure God is tired of me.

    • Sylvia, God is never tired of your prayers. You honor Him when you offer up prayers and trust Him with your troubles. I pray life-changing health for your son today.

  22. I feel absolutely crushed and worthless, and am having a hard time convincing myself to stay alive. Please pray that God lends me his strength. I feel so alone.

    • Dearest Cheyla,
      You are a precious and much-loved daughter of God. You were created with purpose, for a purpose and God knows each hair on your head. He saw each day of your life before one of them came to be. Today, I’m asking that you would know his presence and see him at work in and around you. Be strong and courageous lovely one. He sees you, he knows your circumstances and you are never alone. When your feelings start to overwhelm you, turn back to the truth of his word. It’s a love letter and it’s just for you. He is your rock and your refuge, call on his name. He hears our prayers and is faithful to answer.
      I’m praying for you today.

    • I just want to say that I have prayed for God to lift you up, encourage & strengthen you. And to truly show you that you are His masterpiece. He does not make mistakes, therefore you are not worthless or a mistake. You are loved by almighty God more than you can imagine. I just listen to this and watched it this morning, I feel like I’m supposed to share it with you. It is a video from The Skit Guys . It’s about this exact thing, feeling as if we’re not good enough. https://youtu.be/3QCkBL2DfVg

    • You are not alone Cheyla! We are standing beside you and our love and prayers are covering you. Please reach out to someone near you for help…it’s soooo hard when you feel like this. I have been in a situation where I, too, was finding it difficult to confirm why my life was worth living. I was diagnosed with Major Depression and Generalized Anxiety Disorder shortly after and have been taking medication ever since. And my life is blessed now…I cherish these blessings and my sisterhood who lifted me up (when I couldn’t myself), took me to the doctor, stayed the night to make sure I was safe. Please call someone or reach out if these feelings continue. You may need medicinal help…I’m holding you close in prayer today and each day. ❤️✝️

    • Praying for you Cheyla! You are so full of worth in the eyes of God. I pray that you can seek him for strength, love and comfort.

    • Cheyla, I hope you are comforted by God’s presence and the sweet prayers of our (in)courage community today. Your life has great worth because you are His. I encourage you to look for someone who needs your encouragement today and that it helps you both.

  23. Prayer for my failing marriage & soon to be ex husband (must be ex due to violence) … prayer to change my heart & his also . That he would know the Lord & put him first in his life. We share a precious special needs son prayer for his safety, understanding & ability to communicate. Prayer for safety, favor, wisdom & discernment throughout this process. Thank you

  24. Dawn, thank you so much. I needed this reminder. Your words in your first paragraph is exactly where I am. My family is in a very heavy situation with our beautiful 22 year old daughter. She’s at a place that is destructive to her, her health and her future. We have prayed (and will continue to pray) for God’s direction and grace but we are exhausted. I feel as if there’s no hope, but I know my God is powerful and loves my daughter more than I can ever love her. I’m humbly asking for your prayers over my daughter…God is our only hope.

    • Maria, I understand your feelings; I’ve been there too. I pray today that God comforts you with the knowledge that He hears your prayers. They are the best thing you can do. I am praying peace for your heart and protection and healing for your daughter.

  25. good morning! thank you for your story and message today…so appreciated.
    I am currently dealing with a relationship breakdown of 7 years in which I share ownership of a house. I was told I wasn’t loved anymore and that I prevent his happiness…OUCH!! This all after he refused to spend time with me and was talking to and out with other women but of course its ok cause they are just friends! Anyway in dealing with the array of emotions and trying to move forward…I asked for PEACE in my heart and for strength for my fears of the unknown. As I move forward please pray that everything will be ok…I will be able to move to a safe new place and that details of the mortgage will be worked out favorably, that this is part of my story and good things are on their way…sending prayers for you as well xo

    • Morning Heather – Thank you for being so open, honest, and vulnerable about your situation. I had a similar heartache – actually a complete heart shattering – happen with a relationship of 5 years so my heart understands what you are experiencing.

      Father, I lift up our sister Heather to you. She is going through some of the worst heartbreaks that we can experience and she needs you. Please, guide her steps, even when she doesn’t feel like you are doing so. Open the right options for her to transition into a new home, a safe home, and to cut ties with the one she is leaving behind. Surround her with deep, loving, supportive community from her friends, family, and even strangers around her. Keep insecurity, jealousy, anger, self-doubt, guilt, revenge, and the natural but harmful human reactions from her so she can heal within your presence and in a way that will make her stronger. Work in and through her to forgive the one she was in relationship with all the way down to her core so she doesn’t have to hold that weight any longer. Hold her mind, her heart, her spirit, and her actions in your hands. Father, I ask that in your timing you would bring not only healing but someone that would help soothe and heal the wounds she has been given, and grant her the patience that only comes from you. Father, you hear my heart crying out for help with Heather. Please move in the ways that are needed that I cannot voice. Above all, Father, teach Heather to push into you through everything that is going on for you’re the only one who can carry her the way she needs. I ask all of this in the name of your Son, because there is no way any of us could do this on our own. Amen.

      I also want to share with you a poem that really spoke to me when I was going through my situation; I hope it brings you comfort and hope. You are not alone.

      Let your heart break
      but worry not about fitting it
      back together
      Separate the pieces
      and fill the space between
      with grace given
      by understanding.
      Do this, each time it snaps,
      and watch it
      grow. There are no limits,
      no boundaries of
      for a patchwork heart.
      – Tyler Knott Greggson

    • Heather, I pray that you can move through this situation strengthened with the knowledge and felt presence of God there beside you and that the mortgage is worked out favorably.

  26. Praying for healing from an eating disorder. I so want to get better, but I seem te keep falling in the same trap and doubting my true worth in God.
    Also asking prayer for a very anxious and depressed friend who recently turned atheist.

    • Barbara, I pray for you today that you believe in your worth in Christ and are able to make healthy eating choices. I also pray your friend sees God in his or her life and believes in Him, and that it relieves the depression.

  27. Dawn you wrote a beautiful post. I have just prayed for you/for your needs. If you could pray for me, I would appreciate it. This is my 3rd day on bedrest, I can’t walk-our weight on my left leg it’s very painful. Seeing an orthopedic today, hopefully will
    Get answers so I know what I am dealing with. Blessings to you.

    • Nan, thank you for your prayers and know that I have prayed for you today, that you will be able to get out of bed and support your weight on your left leg without pain. I hope you find the answers you seek.

  28. My family is at the end of the rope finding a facility for my 47 year old brother who had a brain aneurysm when he was 19. He has been at the same facility (his home) for 25 years. Now they say they can no longer take care of him. He has a lot of needs and is tube fed. We know if he goes to a nursing home his health will begin to fail fast. A nursing home isn’t equipped to handle him. We have no more choices. Please pray he will be able to stay in the facility he has currently been in for the past 25 years of his life. Or that God will open another door that went unnoticed.

  29. Please pray for my friend Kim Le. She is an international college student from Vietnam. Her parents are not helping her pay for her education and have little contact. Since she can to the US in 2017 she has given her life to Christ through Young Life. God has worked mightily in her life and right now she is struggling with finances to pay for college and living expenses this fall and in the years to come. International students cannot take out college loans in the US without a US citizen as a cosigner. She knows what that means and does not want to ask anyone to do that. But she trusts her Lord and Savior that He will lead her in the path He has for her. Please pray for strength, peace, and perseverance as fall classes start August 26. Thank you sisters!

  30. this is soooo true!! fretting abt our sons who have abandoned God’s commands and ways and have chosen what FEELS BETTER instead of what IS BEST tends to be my earthly default. however, when i remind myself that God sees, God is sovereign, God’s timing is best, and God is totally trustworthy, such a burden is lifted! as if by my fretting, losing sleep, letting my mind be totally absorbed in my sons’ sinful choices can change their direction–only the Holy Spirit can do that!!
    instead, i need to be spending that “worry time” in praise and thanks to God for His activity and love in my sons’ lives!!!

    prayers for chad and ryan would be welcome!

  31. Thank you for the reminder that God does not intend for us to handle the problems we face, He has got everything under control. I have several family situations that I’m praying about and would love to have you join me in prayer. Thanks for helping us all through….

  32. Dear God, your daughter Dawn needs you now. You know her struggles and anxiety. You know her heart. Please send your wisdom and peace to surround her. Make smooth the path before her. Remind her that you love her beyond understanding. Thank you, Amen

    I ask for prayers for my daughter Holly who suffers from terrible anxiety and Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. Thank you.

  33. Please pray for my son. he and is wife are separating towards a divorce. So far she is being very unreasonable about what she wants -half o f his tools which were mostly gifts from me, as an example.
    He wants for her to be able to keep the house so the kids don’t have to move and he is not asking for half of what they have paid on the mortgage so far that so that she can get a loan to pay him the amount he is willing to take which is less than half. He will have to get a place for himself and needs to find a house that he can get with the amount of money he will get.
    Please pray that this can be worked out well for him.

    Thank you.

  34. Thank you for this beautiful letter that lets us know how God has our back ! When I have done my possible, God steps in to do the impossible !

  35. I need prayer for my daughter who has wandered away from her faith a few years ago. Some days it does feel like He isn’t hearing my prayers for her but in my heart I do know He does. Thank you for this devotion. It has really spoken to me today.

  36. I have several family members and friends in impossible housing situations beyond my ability to help, other than pray.

  37. I have always been a very joyful person, I funny, I love to be around people and help. I am an encourager, counselor, a prayer warrior, I love my southern hospitality, I love having family and friends visit. but not lately. I am just crossing the cusp of menopause and I cry at nothing, literally… just walking along and bam! I sob, I bawl. I’m dealing with it. But I am embarrassed to say (which I know I shouldn’t be) I am experiencing anxiety for the first time in my life. AND I DON’T LIKE IT. I do all I know to do to combat it, I pray, rehearse scripture, keep good things in my heart and mind. But still it knocks, and my heart skips a beat. I don’t want to leave the house, I make excuses if I do make plans. Dread. an unexplainable dread. I am supposed to start babysitting my grandson in the fall he’s 3, I love him and I don’t get to see him much. I love, love, love him. I’m uneasy, gut-wrenching anxiety. I try to find the reason, the lie I guess so I can replace it with God’s truth and meditate on it. But I can’t there is nothing in the hole of my anxiety.
    I already feel like menopause is evil, lol, some combination of everything horribly possible for your body to experience. Is it possible for anxiety to just be erased, sneak away the same way it came? Please, pray that it just goes away. I don’t like it, I don’t want it and I don’t want others to have it. It feels senseless but is powerful and real.

    • Dear Faith- I was in the same exact place and can totally relate. The anxiety and mood swings that weren’t me were horrible, then feeling worse thinking it was spiritual. In addition I was dealing with exhaustion, pain flares, etc and was sad thinking it must be age related because I was doing everything healthy; I had so looked forward to grandkids after having 8 children, but found myself sad having no energy for it. The Lord led me to answers that literally gave me my life back. No more beating myself up spiritually when it was physical. It is my joy to pray for you, too.

    • Faith, I’m in the menopausal stage too. I remember thinking, “This is my reward after having my children?” It can mess with you mentally and physically. I pray you find calm and your anxiety eases, and you are able to enjoy your good reward: your grandson.

  38. My daughter is battling eating disorders, depression and anxiety. Please pray for God to save her, heal her and deliver her. He is her only hope.

    • Yes, Julie, I am praying for your daughter now. I watched a daughter experience the same thing. It is so hard but they can make it through.

  39. Ladies, I am struggling as a mom to come to grips with my children leaving the nest. My son is in his second phase of Paramedic school and needs prayer to pass the scenario portion. Please God help him to slow down and ease his nervousness. Lord help my daughter as she starts her first real job in the “real world”. Ease her anxiety as she sets her goals. Thank you Lord for the scholarships that was given to her to get her through school. Thank you for my husband and the leader he is becoming. Help my depression and show me the way in my life you want me to go. Thank you for these ladies that I may pour out my heart. Lord you are my everything. Help me to see your path for me and my family.

    • Kimberly, we are inching closer to the empty nest too and it was the subject of my post here at (in)courage last month. I pray God calms your heart and your children make a successful transition to their adult lives. It sounds like they are getting out there and doing good things so you can take comfort knowing you helped to prepare them.

  40. Lifting you and your family up before to the Lord. There are ministries for women whose husbands struggle with porn; Hidden Hurt and Beyond Betrayal. I pray the Lord guides you, gives you wisdom in how to proceed and protection over you and your children.

  41. Please pray for Aunt and her family. She lost her 63 yr old husband suddenly and unexpectedly.

  42. Today I ask for your prayers for healing for my knee replacement surgery. I have scar tissue that won’t come loose to get the bend I need-

    physical therapy can’t seem to get me passed the point I need. Thanks for your support.

  43. Please pray for my son as I sit in the cop shop while they have arrested him. Please pray for peace for both of us. I pray that God will raise his broken spirit and bring him through this horrible phase of life he is in. That the Holy Spirit will soften his heart and that he would see Jesus thru me. Five us both strength. My son was just in an accident 2 weeks ago and broke his neck. It seems like satan just will not leave my family alone. But I know God is bigger and I pray for His will to be done

    • Oh, Tammy. I know this breaks your heart. I pray that what has happened here today will wake your son up and that he will change the trajectory of his life. He has a mom who loves him and a big God.

  44. I am lifting both your husband’s recovery and his heart up to our Gracious Lord, who is both able and willing. For your own heart, i pray God’s Joy! His peace and his wisdom.

  45. Hi I have this huge financial need – to pay for my home loan and personal loan. I have nothing. I have been out of job for 7 years because of health issues. God has been providing way beyond my imagination. But right now my faith is a little shaky.

    • Malar, one thing I have learned over the years is that God is wildly creative in the ways He chooses to help us. You may not see a way through this but He can. I pray He blesses you beyond belief.

  46. I could use prayer. I am expecting my first child in about a month and I’m having a lot of worry over whether I’ve been doing my best to have a healthy pregnancy and if my baby is suffering as a result of my decisions. Please pray that I can turn to the Lord for his discernment and to trust in Him. Thank you!!

    • Kate, as the mother of eight children, I can tell you they are remarkably resilient. I pray you make the best possible decisions now and deliver a healthy baby.

  47. Praying for you that you recognize His answers to your cries, and you’re able to see that He knows your NEEDS and will answer in His time; then you can truly sing “All the glory belongs to HIM ” (Col 1:18).

  48. Dear sister Dawn, judging by the amount of comments, prayer is important to all of us. I too have learned that when dark times fall on us the first action should be to call on the name of Jesus. The Bible tells us that at the mere mention of the name of Jesus, Satan has to flee. So my advice is that when we are surrounded by the enemy, call on the very name of Jesus. Shout it if needs be. I have been in that situation, paralyzed by fear, unable to move or speak, and I was able to call out His name and in no time at all, the fear and the presence of evil left. I had never had an experience like that before and never since, but I know as I’m breathing that there is power in His name. Hallelujah!!

  49. Thank you for the reminder that worry solves nothing, but prayer will. Please pray for my 14 year old daughter who feels abandoned by 2 of her best friends- I pray that my daughter will be able to forgive and to choose kindness over bitterness, and that there can be reconciliation if it’s the Lord’s will. I also would like prayer for my 17 year old son who is a good kid but is just very apathetic about his faith lately-he needs a revival in his soul! Lastly I would ask for prayer that my husband and I can develop some close, Godly friendships with other couples.

    • Trina, I pray your daughter makes new and healthier friendships, your son clearly sees the Lord’s hand in his life and it restores his faith, and you and your husband are blessed with new friendships as well.

  50. Praying for you Dawn!! Thank you for your wise words and timely reminders. I’d ask that my sister, Christine, be added to the community prayers. Doctors have found something on her mammogram. I’d ask that prayers of powerful healing and total restoration be prayed and that her medical team advise her well and treat her masterfully. Thank you (in)courage community for being the ever bright spot in my day and a sisterhood I can lean into. Prayers going out for all of the above as well! ❤️

  51. Dawn,

    I remember your husband’s job loss. God had me stop & continually pray for you all. It was my honor to do so. I’ve had people intercede on my behalf for a long time & now it’s my turn to pay it forward. I could use prayers for my in-laws. FIL (91) has stage III bladder cancer & had surgery Monday. He is doing ok for now. MIL is (84) & has multiple medical issues. I do my best to help hubby care for them. Just found out that a friend from church’s hubby is in hospital. He was feeling weak. Pray that the doctor’s can find the reason & help heal him.

    This world is harsh & unforgiving. I come to you today on behalf of those here & elsewhere. Many need your comfort & help going through trials. Send your financial wisdom to those in need. Give guidance to those who don’t know the next steps to take. Guide all the surgeons hands who will be working on people. Help those who don’t know you to come to a saving knowledge of you. Help me to shed your light in this sin dark world. Make me be an instrument of you at work. Help me to assist the RNs & patients in any way I can. Bless us all in Jesus name AMEN!

    Blessings 🙂

  52. praying for so many of you as I read these.. life can throw us bumps it’s up to us to carry on in faith. I think often how hard the people’s lives were in the old testament. Joseph was made a slave..imprisoned..lost his family..hated by his brothers..
    hold strong ladies God has a plan !!

  53. Please pray and believe God for a financial breakthrough so that we can pay off debt. I am ashamed of the mess we are in and praying for a miracle. Thank you for such an amazing community and beautiful and honest devotions that bless so many and speak to my heart.

  54. I need prayer for my 2 sons (in their 30s) who have gone astray. Addiction is a hudge problem. My heart is breaking and I need support. Thank you for praying with me in this matter. God is good and only He can rescue my boys. Their names are Randy and Rodney.

  55. Please pray for my dad as he is caregiver to my mom and me. Please pray for my mom as she struggles with many, many “ghosts” from childhood on…i pray someday she finds peace and comfort.

  56. Asking for Gods hand to touch my granddaughter heart , she is soon to be 22, but no means of support and has become pregnant
    As a family we have not found joy in this news as we are afraid of what will happen to a baby in a unstable environment .she has hardened her heart to us as we will not continue us to hand her money

    • Anne, I pray for the health and safety of your granddaughter and her baby, and that she and your family can find reconciliation.

  57. I am 33 weeks pregnant and this is my third child. Last evening, I was in the hospital in labor and delivery because I was having pre-labor contractions. They had me stay overnight to monitored me and baby girl. My husband was with me. The meds worked and tamed my contractions. I was able to go home in the morning. The midwife put me on meds to keep them tamed. Please pray that I won’t go into pre-term labor and that this pregnancy will finish strong. Also pray for me to have an easy, fast, pain-free supernatural birth. I’m scared of the pain. Pray that I won’t be afraid and fear will be gone when I’m in labor. That it will just be joyful and peaceful. Thank you.

    • Lord I pray over Jennifer and her baby girl. I lift her up to You that You can ease her fears. I pray that the remainder of her pregnancy will go smoothly and uneventful. I pray Lord that You will give her the strength she needs to have a safe and fast delivery. Thank you Lord for her beautiful family. In Jesus name, Amen!!

    • Jennifer, I’m glad your contractions stopped and you were able to go home. I pray for a safe, smooth delivery and a healthy baby. Congratulations!

  58. Pray for complete healing for me and my family… god knows the details!!! My hope is in Jesus and faith is getting me through! I pray the decisions I made out of fear will be glorified by God!

  59. Please pray for my ex husband. He became a Christian about 3 years ago. His mentor has been giving him false truth about marriage & a restored relationship btw us, unintentionally I believe. Please pray the mentor will receive the truth from an elder of the church & will speak with my ex. My ex is back to dating the woman he left me for. My daughter (15) is so upset. Please pray God will not allow them to get married, that my ex will understand Gods will and obey.

  60. Please pray for complete healing for me and my family!! Pray that the decisions I made out of fear do not hurt the ones I love the most! My hope is in you lord … faith is getting me through! God can heal..

    • Erika, I thought I replied to you before but I don’t see it here. I pray the Lord guides you in your decisions for your family and that He brings healing to your situation.

  61. I am a constant worrier. To the point that I can make myself sick. I somehow always think the worst will happen. I would love to be guided by faith in knowing that God will always see me through. I just ask for prayers that I will worry less and pray more!! That I will be still enough to hear His whisper in the loudness that is my life.

    • Becky, just remember that worry accomplishes nothing, but prayer can change everything. I pray you feel peace in your heart and renewed trust in HIm.

  62. Wow, reading these is such a good reminder that we ALL are going through stuff and we really should be kind and understanding to those we meet for we have no clue what difficulties we are facing. Praying fervently for everyone.

    My husband lost his job a couple years ago and recently got a new position in a new state. He is not making as much as he once was and I’m nervous as the bills pile up and we struggle to rebuild. It is expensive to move and restablish ourselves. Money has been such an issue for us the last few years and with 3 young children it has been a tough road. I truly pray that we can make it work and have more than enough, that opportunity would present itself for me to possibly go back to work at the children’s school. I struggle with fear and anxiety from all we’ve gone through recently and I just don’t want fear to have that grip over me anymore. I want to have faith again and be able to face my life with feelings of joy and gratitude. Peace that surpasses all understanding.

    • Sarah, I understand your fears. Been there, done that. My husband was out of work two years ago and we’ve taken a pay cut with the new job that’s affected us ever since. I pray with you this morning that your finances will work out.

  63. When we have nothing else prayer is all we have. Jesus went of to quite place to be alone and pray by himself to the Father. Sometimes when life gets to us. All our problems gets to us we have no where else to turn. We tried talking to the person they don’t want to listen or get help. More we try to help them the more sometimes we make it worse with them. They just end up hating us more. As they feel we are preaching to them. So we have to just go some where quite like Jesus did. Pray and cry our hearts out to Jesus. Leave that person or that problem at the foot of the cross with Jesus. Trust his word. That he will work it out in his perfect timming. That everything will work out ok. Do as Jesus says. Like Jesus did when he went to be alone to pray. He listen to his Father. We will here the Holy Spirt tell us what to do next. But we have to patient. We might not get the answer right away. But we get the answer in Gods perfect timming. I know it hard to wait but we have too. Excellent reading thank you for it. Love and God Bless Dawn Ferguson-Little

    • Dawn, I’ve had to do the same thing recently: step away from someone who was becoming angry with my (much-needed) input. We have to pray and leave it with Jesus.

  64. Dear Ladies of Prayer, don’t give up! I have been so blessed to see some huge answers over despairing problems concerning grandchildren which I have asked for prayer here for. Thank you all who have prayed for me when I wrote!!! Also about a dozen very close Christian sisters/friends have prayed for a few years. And just in the last week I have seen with my own eyes dramatic needed changes in direction in the parents! Praise Him! New and more Biblical direction came from a source that was amazing. His ways often are, and above and beyond what we can think or imagine! He seems to us to wait so long for an answer we can see. But, hang on and don’t give up, because He is at work for you and He fights for you and you too will see Him unfold the plan, eventually. This is to encourage you all who are where I was for so long, in much despair and fear. Thank you again for praying, and I pray for these new directions to continue. And I do pray for you too. Thank you Dawn for this, and for helping us with the same things as you have shared.

  65. Please pray for healing for my mom’s back! She is in alot of pain and can’t get comfortable! I would so appreciate your help! It would mean alot to me! Love and appreciation ❣️! Lauren

  66. Please pray for my daughter. She told us that she is gay and agnostic. Pray that the enemy loose his grip on my baby and her eyes be opened to the truth.

    I’ve read many of the post here. There are many BUT we have a God that can do the impossible and help each of us in our situations.

    Praying for each prayer request mentioned.

  67. Please pray for my boyfriend and I. He has 2 little girls from a previous marriage and is trying to figure out childcare and work and living situations for his little girls, and is so stressed that I don’t know how to help him or support him.

  68. Please pray for me I am going through a heartbreaking experience with my family. Relationships are broken and I am feeling helpless. I love them all dearly, they are my children but have no idea how to restore them.

  69. Please pray for my sister. Jesus knows her name and all about her. He knows every detail about her down to the # of hairs on her head. She is in need of healing. I pray that Jesus would reveal Himself to her in a great and mighty way, that she would feel the heights and depths of His love and know that she is a chosen, beautiful daughter of THE ONE TRUE KING! She is beloved, called, & set apart with a purpose! By His wounds she has been healed! Where two or three are gathered in His Name there He will be also. I receive her healing in the name of Jesus Christ my Lord. It’s all in the beautiful, most precious name of Jesus I humbly pray, Amen

  70. Please pray for my cousin Francesca who is looking for a job. Please pray that she is blessed with the right job in the Lords perfect timing and for peace during her upcoming interviews. Thank you so much! ❤️

      • Dawn, thank you so much for your prayers! My cousin just wrote me the other day and said that she got a job @ a local school (she is a teacher) and she is so excited to start!! Praise God! I totally forgot I put this prayer request here. Thank you so much for praying and asking! All glory to God! ❤️

  71. Please lift me up in prayers. I have a lesion on my lung. They can’t seem to determine exactly what it is. I know God has got this but as a young Mother it is still very scary. Please pray for God to heal my lung and for me to feel better!

  72. My son has been diagnosed with visual snow. As of now, there is no cure. It is a brain disorder that affects your vision. You no longer see clearly. It’s like the static on a tv screen that is not on a channel. Last year he got his dream job as a videographer/photographer for a sports team. This was an answer to many prayers. In January, he woke up one morning with his vision distorted. The football season has begun and he is struggling to do the job he loves. My heart is broken. Please pray for his complete healing. I can’t believe God would bring him to the job of his dreams and allow it to be taken away.

  73. My MIL has been diagnosed with breast cancer since March. We have been struggling with finances and home care for my in laws since the illness. I lost my job 2 years ago and have been unable to secure a proper job since then. My brother too has been struggling in the job front and is constantly depressed. As a family we need miracles from all fronts .

    Also additionally asking for prayer for a dear friend who is recently divorced and struggling with two children who have special needs. Her ex is abusive and a drug addict .

  74. I feel that I am at such an odd point in my life. My spirit is young but chronologically I am old. I need direction. I am anxious over my future and need to see my new direction.

  75. Please pray for my youngest brother. He has been having psychoses for 10 years. He has overdosed 3 times before and July 12th he jumped off the 4th floor. He is now transmitted to the hospital and has had three operations, a combusted lung, a broken elbow, a broken pelvis, a broken ankle and a brain haemorrhage. He is going to a rehabilitation center when he gets out of the hospital. Please pray for him and us, that the psychatrists will find the right medication so they get his schizophrenia under control. We have faith that God hears our prayers and answers our calls. The prayer of a righteous person is powerful and effective. James 5:16

  76. Please pray. I am a solo parent and also have my mother living with me. There is an incredible amount of strife and hatred between my mom and my ex husband, who is also present in my 14 year old sons life. Daily it is toxic. It’s an enmeshment nightmare. I feel trapped and my stress levels are sky high. It’s been like this for 20 years. I feel stuck and trapped. I want my son to know and experience relationships better. And so do I. I need direction and freedom. ♥️

  77. This is so awesome, and right on time! Thank you, Dawn! I have been worrying myself sick about my son going away to college in a month, thinking about everything that might go wrong once he is 11 hours away from me and MY protection! I know that I need to release him the Lord, but it has been a constant struggle. Please pray that I might find true peace, knowing that God has lead him to this path, and He will see him through it.

    Thank you so much!

  78. My husband has dementia and we are trying to get him into a day program. The process has been very difficult and doors keep closing. Pray for which direction I should go with this process.

  79. Please pray for my daughter Bonnie. She has progressive MS and has been put on hospice. Please pray for a miracle, for a healing.

  80. Lord I lift up Elizabeth’s daughter Bonnie in prayer to you. I ask that you the magnificent creator of our world and of us to please wrap Bonnie up in your arms. If it is your will please can you create a miracle and heal Bonnie of her MS or diminish her symptoms as only you can do. It is within only your power that Bonnie can be healed Lord and I ask you intently to please heal Bonnie. In the name of Jesus Christ I ask these things, Amen.

    Can I ask for prayers for my son who has had a mystery illness for six months. The latest episode was on holiday where he had a cramping spasm of his whole body due to not having enough nutrients and liquids in his body. The tests all showed his organs and such to be normal. He is better now but the continued gut pain and not having an answer as to what is causing it is also playing with his young mind. Can you all pray for him that we find answers and for the Lord to heal him. Can I also ask prayers for the Lord to help me in my unbelief in my worthiness to finish this Masters. To help me write and not run away from writing this last piece of work and for the Lord to unveil his plan further in my life. Thank you.

  81. Please pray for our son who is on the verge on a nervous break down! Pray that he can surrender his stress/struggles to God and find peace, release and guidance from Him! Thank u

    • Ruth praying the Lord will hold your son, alleviate his pain and help him to find peace. amen.

  82. Dawn, thank you for this beautiful, heartfelt reminder about prayer. It is comforting to know I am not alone in praying for my daughter, Sarah, (36) a mother of a 5 and 3 year old daughters. Her cortizone levels are extremely high and she has a 3mm pituitary tumor. She has not had a period since her 3 year old was born. She is under two medical doctors and is having extensive testing to find the underlying issue but to no avail. Please stand in prayer with me regarding her health issues. I continue to pray and trust God for complete restoration of health. In His Love and Mine, Diana

  83. I’m praying that my son will return to our family. He left us 5 years ago, he was 18 yrs old at the time. There’s never a day that goes by that I don’t pray for his return. I pray he is safe, healthy, and happy. Remembering him and the happiness he brought to my life is easy, I do it every day. Missing him is the heartache that never goes away.

    I ask for prayers that he returns to our family. We love him immensely. ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  84. I have 2 beautiful daughters that struggle with addiction- one with alcohol and one with drugs who also has a young child. Please pray with me that they will turn from their addictions and seek the Lord for their lives. This is the first from both sides of our families and it is overwhelming how destructive it is! Thank you so much!

  85. Hi my name is Caty and I am going through a very rough time right now. I am in my 40’s and had a childhood cancer when I was very young. One of my treatments left me with a life long heart condition called cardiomyopathy and I am now experiencing end stage heart failure. I often feel tired and weaker than I have in the past and I have no idea if or when my heart might get better or worse. I also have chronic pain in my neck and legs also due to late effects. I have had many ups and down throughout my life including many struggles, illnesses, pain and challenges. God has been there with me even if I didn’t always see it. I really need him now as my struggles have been overwhelming and upsetting. I have never faced such a time of uncertainty before. I know I am truly in God hands but sometimes I feel too much and its hard to stay focused on him. I don’t have any options at this point in my life except to keep taking my meds and take care of myself. I need help fully trusting God in this that he will do as he was always done and carried me through. I need prayers for hope, healing and to be reassured that he is with me and he knows me. I need Jesus and to be guided to make the choices that he would want me to make. To be able to not give in to my worries and fears is what I am trying to focus on but I still need help.

  86. I’ve always pretty much been the type of person that’s honest. So when I read this today it just made me realize that being real and honest with the Lord is a very good thing. I have a son who has epilepsy and who’s struggling. I am always praying not only for him but others. I’ve often been told that’s my gift ( something I doubt). I feel like if it’s my gift then how come I can’t pray and get my son healed. So this morning I confessed to God that sometimes I don’t think prayer works. And that’s because my situation hasn’t changed. So I prayed and asked the Lord to help me believe whole heartily His Word especially on prayer no matter what my situation is or how I feel or see things not happening. We can’t pretend when it comes to God, for He knows ALL things. All I know to do is to continue to be real and honest with Him and allow Him to work though me. Thx!!

  87. I need prayer for my marriage, my overwhelmed heart and grieving my mother. Life is at its toughest for me right now.

  88. I’ve recently reconnected with my dad after having no contact with him for the last 19 years of my life. This has been such an answer to prayer! As a child, my dad was abusive to my mom, myself, and my 5 siblings. My mom eventually had to leave my dad and get us to safety. She was granted sole custody of all 6 of us. My dad had the choice of having supervised visits with his kids but he chose not to. My mom raised 6 children on her own while working full-time.

    I’m now 31 and up until about a month ago I hadn’t heard from my dad (or known his whereabouts) for 19 years. I recently found out from my paternal Grandma that my dad was in the hospital. He’s a type 2 diabetic and he had to have his foot amputated after it became infected due to an injury. My sister and I decided to call various hospitals to find out where he was as we weren’t told what hospital he was in. We were able to get in touch with him over the phone. So far, my sister and I are the only ones in my family who have reached out to my dad. The first conversation that I had with my dad in almost 2 decades lasted for 5 hours! I’ve forgiven my dad for how he treated my family when I was a kid. I reached out to him 3 years ago via a letter that I gave to my Grandma to pass along to him. I never received a response. In talking with my dad on the phone he expressed the hatred he felt toward me for wanting to leave him and stay with my maternal grandparents when he and my mom separated. I want to have an open and honest relationship with my dad but his words truly crushed my heart. Again, I found myself having to forgive him for how his words hurt me. I have continued talking to my dad and the conversations that we’ve had since the first one have improved significantly. My husband and I are planning on going to visit him in the hospital this weekend (he’s 8 hours away from where I live). Could you please lift me up in prayer as I embark on this emotional journey? Also, could you pray for my Dad’s recovery and that he would recognize his need of a Saviour. I would also appreciate your prayers for my siblings who are having a hard time forgiving my Dad.

    Thanks so much! ❤

  89. Dear Dawn,

    I have often been a ‘bottom of the barrel’ pray person. When all else has failed, pray. I have learned over the years that God is always there and wants to help from the beginning. I have learned to pray all the time. Sometimes, I stray so far I don’t know where I am and where God is. It is during those times I literally cry to God and Lord Jesus for help.
    Thank you for writing about this. It actually came during a moment of crying out.

  90. This is such a timely word for me. I just had another conversation, one of many over the past four years, two nights ago with my in-home prodigal husband about how his relationship with another woman and his distance from God is painful and hurting me, our family, our church and community. My comment to those who were praying during the time of the conversation was, “it was pointless.” Then I poured out my heart to God about how stubborn, hard, selfish, and immovable his heart still seems.
    This devotion is an encouragement that I’m growing and getting better at not worrying and being anxious about what my husband is or isn’t doing. I’ve been given a promise of healing and restoration so my trust and confidence are in Jesus to do the impossible work of breaking and removing the heart of stone and replacing it with a heart of flesh that is completely devoted to obedience to God.