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Michelle Ami Reyes, PhD, is an author and activist. Her first book, Becoming All Things, is the recipient of the 2022 ECPA award. Michelle writes at the intersection of multiculturalism, faith, and justice. She lives with her family in Austin, Texas.

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  1. Beautiful. Our separateness United is His magnificent tapestry. Thank you for speaking truth.

    • I love this! Such great post and so relevant and gives one some much needed perspectives. THANK YOU for sharing today!

      • Amen, Terrie! God placed these words on my heart in the midst of so much pain and confusion happening right now in this country. We need to see people as part of the Imago Dei first and foremost, and to see that we are linked to them as part of a divine mosaic.

  2. Michelle,
    I couldn’t agree more – we all come to know God (the God who judges and the God who lavishes us with grace) through different cultural lenses. As I have worked with Christians in Pakistan (which is perhaps one of the worst countries for persecuting Christians) to start a school for orphans and destitute children in order to give them the love of Jesus and the hope of an education, I realize just how different our cultures are. It amazes me that people who have so little, and who could literally die for their faith, have a deeper and stronger faith than I do. They know how to utterly and truly depend and rely upon God. They take the bad with the good much more so than Christians in first world countries. We too often believe in a Gospel of prosperity. Even as I’ve studied the Old Testament, what really strikes me is that no matter how many times God’s people and Kings break their covenant with God, when they humble themselves and repent, He restores blessing upon blessing to them. He is a good God. He desires relationship with us. He is love and He cannot deny himself. Great eye opening post!
    Bev xx

    • Bev, I LOVE that you are working with kids in Pakistan! That is awesome! Praise God for the way he is using you to serve and how He is opening your eyes to more of him!

  3. I absolutely love everything about this! How refreshing and encouraging, and an excellent reminder that we need each other. Together we are better.
    We were each made in the image of God and as we were also each made unique I often thing of a prism or a diamond – many angles, views or perspectives if you will, sparkling in the presence of the ‘son’! Thank you sister for sharing!

    • Thank you, Heather! I love the idea of a prism or diamond. There is beauty in complexity. We need to always remember this no matter what difficulties our country faces.

  4. Beautiful. Our prayer group values the Biblical concept of community. Each of us, regardless of race, are a part of the greater whole. As we share who we are in Christ through our love in action toward one another, we become stronger and can better represent the Kingdom of God.
    Jesus said that our love for one another will distinguish us as His followers. That love encompasses grace, accountability, discipline, and the fruit of the Spirit. All of this and more, works together to further our charge of making disciples of all the nations.

  5. I love today’s reading alot. Thank you for it. It reminds me of the kids Sunday School Song I learnt when at Sunday School years ago that is years ago now 48 years. Jesus loves all the Children red and yellow black and white. We are to do the same. What a lovely song it is we can learn so much from it. That we as Christian are to love all Gods people. Even if not saved. As sometime we find we need that person saved or not saved. They could be the one that helps us say we have white skin they have brown. They could be the one that just say can I give you a hug you look sad and that hug could be all you need too cheer you up. You could say to yourself I didn’t know that person even though they had different color of skin. They were kind enough to see I was a bit down and give me the hug I just needed. You know what stop and think about maybe Jesus sent them that day across your path to give you that hug. I seen it on tv in a programme you might not get where you live as I come from Northern Ireland. It is called Songs of Praise. They showed Christian doing different things. They had one time on the show. Showing Christian in a certain town going round asking people would you like a hug today. Some people asked why are you giving free hugs. They said to show you Jesus love you. If you don’t want one that is ok they said. Some people where so glad to get them. It made them feel that someone cares about them that they are not a nobody. That they matter enough to have a hug given to them. Just like Jesus love us all Red and Yellow Black and White. We are The Divine Mosaic of God. We all need either Christian or non Christian. Love Dawn Ferguson-Little

    • Thank you, Dawn, for sharing a piece of your heart. I love how you highlight skin color. My family is multiracial and we all have a wide range of skin colors. We prioritize talking about the beauty of each skin color and how God has made each one of us beautiful and unique. This is an important conversation to have, especially with our kids.

  6. Michelle,

    Everyone has their opinions about God. Some see a rigid ritualistic leader, others a judge or loving father. They are all correct. He is all those things. God designed us to be in community with each other. He wants us to share our thoughts & ideas. It is then that we can get a complete picture & put the puzzle pieces together. As you said “no one culture has the entire revelation of God-no one religion or denomination has it either. We all interpret the Gospel differently. We view God differently. It is when all ideas are shared, listened to & valued that we get the complete picture & the puzzle is complete.

    Blessings 🙂

    • Thank you, Beth! I like your image of a puzzle too – another image that reinforces the idea that we need each other to be whole and to see God in full!

  7. What a beautiful post! I so enjoyed reading it and taking your message to heart. Thank you!

  8. I loved this. You had me at the title! I’m one of those white ladies who has struggled mightily with God’s judgment in the OT. Your perspective is really revelatory to me – you are so right – we need each other!

    • Praise God! We need each other for so many reasons, but especially to open each other’s eyes more to the full revelation of God. In fact, the more I interact with others in Scripture, the more I learn about my own preconceptions too. I am grateful for what my fellow sisters in Christ from around the world have taught me too.

  9. Such an encouraging reminder that we need each other in order to better understand the whole image of God, as well as expand our learning about and love for one another. I love the visual of a beautiful, divine mosaic of God in all His colors, complexity, and glory–created when we all come together, ready to listen, seeking to know. Thank you, Michelle!

  10. I’m so glad to call you my sister, and I love what you shared here. Also, this. Yes and amen: “We have much to learn from each other about who God is. The truth of the matter is that we need each other to see the whole image of God.”

  11. A great post thank you for sharing. I have to keep telling myself my view is not the correct one yet it seems so. It’s our upbringing and different cultures that are in grained in us. How wonderful God has taught us to be a community to love and to serve, we learn so much and to be tolerant of each other. To be humble like our Lord.

    • Hi Crystal! I hear you. This exercise requires a great deal of cultural humility – a lesson I am continually learning. May we all intentionally seek to be better listeners and better learners as we pursue God in community.

  12. Beautifully expressed, my friend. I appreciate you letting us in on your learning and inviting us to join you in it. We need each other to see the fullness of God. Yes. Every day. Amen.

  13. beautiful write up. I was once told while in bible college that our own personal view of God comes from ourselves. so a merciful God ? a wrath God ? a protective God ? often who we are we think our father is and see it thru those lens.
    I appreciate the write up about culture. I struggle with different views on Jesus too , alot has been added in this faith that wasn’t what he put there. old testament too.
    well written

  14. What strong and beautiful insight, dear Michelle. Thank you for calling us to do the hard work, by faith, of seeing, hearing, learning about, and loving each other. Such a timely challenge. Deepest thanks! Love, Patricia

  15. As I read this well written article, I considered that even church cultures have blind spots and often demonstrate one quality, aspect of attribute of God. Ex Pentecostal vs Catholic. Beautiful in their own way, vastly different. Thank you for your words