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  1. In Courage,

    We as Christians are to pray to God for & about everything. Ask your Heavenly Father for what you NEED not what you want. HE is a generous God who will give you good things. The things He knows you need for your journey. In order to pray we must also know God. Not just head knowledge but in our hearts intimately. We must search scripture & learn more about Him. Jesus states: John 16:7 But very truly I tell you, it is for your good that I am going away. Unless I go away, the Advocate will not come to you; but if I go, I will send him to you. Just ask God for the advocate, seek him in scriptures & knock on the door of Heaven. You will get good things.

    Blessings 🙂

    • Beth, you say”ask for what you need”, not for what you want. Which makes me ponder: ” What are my true needs? “. I’m going to meditate on that today.

  2. As many times as I have read this scripture, it’s still so very enlightening each time I read it! Praise Jesus! Thank you Holy Spirit! Praise God!

    • Yep
      Our Lord deserves my Thanksgiving & Praise s.
      -=frog = fully relying on G.o.d.

  3. This comment late. But I am glad we as Christian have the Gift of the Holy Spirit. That Jesus left us to guide. As I was glad of it. It taught me alot. Especially when I have roof over my head a bed too sleep in food on table etc. There are people in our world who don’t have these things. Jesus spoke too me onces about this when I was being ungrateful for my home. Jesus Dawn be thank full you have roof over your head a place too sleep. My child he said why don’t you be more thank full for what you have. Pray for those who have no where to live who live on our streets. Have no food. I did just that. It made me thank full I have roof over my head food on my table and start seeing things differently. Then one more point I have to thank the Holy Spirit for speaking too me about not waisting my money when I did not need too. When bills have got so deer we have a good corded hover that still works. Even though a cordless one would be handy. One day I took a crazy thing in my head. I kept seeing the adds on tv. About the cordless hovers. Yes must get one. They are expensive. My hover is a really good one. It has good suction I mean good. Only it has cord. So you have to keep plugging in to work it. So I thought a Cordless one would be handy and no leads or pluding in any more. So I looked them up on the internet and Catalog. So I pick the cordless one I was going to buy. Then a small voice in my head the one I pick was a none of them were cheep. Was deer as I said when buying. I might as well go for a good model that is recommended by people who have bought it. The voice in my head that was speaking to me. I knew was Gods Holy Spirit. Dawn you don’t need it the hover you have is going well. Think of that is money you could need it for bill for something else. Think of that person that has not got the money to spend on cordless hover. You have a hover that’s going well there is nothing wrong with it. Onlt thing is it is a corded one not cordless. I stopped on my tracks said Lord you are so right. I am be greedy and unthankful for the hover I have. I wait until it stop’s working then think of cordless hover. So I am now glad in all this I listened to the Holy Spirit. That Jesus left us. Or I would have done daft things. Jesus left the Holy Spirit to guide us. Boy I am mighy glad of it. Excellent excellent reading Love Dawn Ferguson-Little

  4. One of many verses that have ‘come to my attention by the Holy Spirit’ is, “He has told you, O man, what is good; And what does the Lord require of you But to do justice, to love kindness, And to walk humbly with your God”. (Micah 6:8) There are so many more of these “what we really need” words from our Father & Creator in, Proverbs, e.g. (let alone the entire 66 books). I’ve been enlightened (indeed!) by this (in)couragement given today — THANK YOU! It also brings to mind something Fulton J. Sheen wrote (PEACE OF SOUL), to wit: “…for, in having God, you have everything besides”. [Reminds me of ROMANS 8:32)