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Jennifer is an artist living in rural Nebraska with her US Army veteran husband. She loves to create and seeks to reflect the beauty of Christ and encourage others in meaningful, beautiful ways. You can find her and see more of her art on Studio JRU.

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  1. Spot on, Jennifer! As a young woman, I let perfectionism rob me of opportunities to try new things and broaden my world–it even chose my college major, for heaven’s sake! Thank you for putting words around the idea that there are some things in this world that need doing, and they’re just too important to wait until they can be done perfectly.

    • It is eye opening to look back and see what perfectionism has robbed from us, isn’t it, Michele? Praying we can move on from all of that… with His grace!

  2. Jennifer,
    I once had a professor who told me, “I’ve never seen anyone who scared themselves into excelling like you do.” At the time, I just heard the “excelling” part and took it as a sort of backwards complement. The truth is that I was so fearful of failing, of being less than perfect in my grades, my jobs, my projects, my life that it robbed me of the joy and freedom God intended for me. Perfectionism, pride, and fear all go hand in hand. I do agree that it takes more courage to let go of control (driven by fear) and perfectionism (also driven by fear), and dare to be imperfectly relying on trust vs. fear. Great post as I am want to fall back into old habits at times.
    Blessings and looking forward to this new art project – go for it, imperfections and all!!
    Bev xx

    • It really does take so much courage to let all of that go… it’s hard! But through His grace, right?! Thank you so much for your words of encouragement today, Bev! I am soaking them in!

  3. Thank you, Jennifer. Your words were so helpful. I have always been a perfectionist, to the point of letting it rob me of the things I know I CAN do, but have been so afraid to complete. So many times I’ve begun a project – several projects at once – but it’s very rare that I actually complete something. One thing I was so happy I have completed this year was the (in)courage Women of Courage online Bible study. I learned so much about myself and have actually begun to picture the me I want to be – not perfect, but feeling better about that. Thank you again.

  4. I cannot tell you how right on point your message is to me right now in every way!!! I forget to take the perspective that fear of failure is the bridge or gateway into negativity fear of not being enough. And that it’s the evil one trying to disrupt Gods plans to use our life for his will. If it’s not perfect that I put it off until I’m almost hiding from the task there is your procrastination! No more! May God step in and squash my doubts and lift me up with his grace so I can do what He has called me to do!

  5. Dear Jennifer, thank you for such a heartbreaking,inspiring post that hit home with me. I’ve been working on my second book and I’ve had times when my RSD prevents me from working on it,but when I can work on it,I have been overcome by fear that I can’t do it again,that it must be perfect. Your post is what I will read each time I sit down to write.God bless ❤

  6. Perfectionism has a way of robbing us of the gift of who we really are. I claimed perfectionism as a badge of honor for many years. I’m learning to let go as I get older and it is very freeing. I’m praying you pursue your art dreams. You are so gifted, Jennifer.

    • It took me so long to understand perfectionism isn’t a good thing! I understand when you say you claimed it as a badge of honor, Mary. Thank you for your encouraging words… I am soaking them in today!

  7. A thousand times, YES!! I just turned 65 on May Day and I’m still struggling with perfectionism. God has used your article as a beacon of light to expose this stronghold for what it is. “Hello procrastination. Hello perfectionism. Hello fear. You are stealing my time. You are stealing my energy. You are stealing my creativity. You are stealing my joy.” I, too, am tired of the enemy getting in my way of doing God’s good work. Jennifer, you have pushed back the darkness today by sharing your words. THANK YOU! I want to join you as you pursue courage and move away from all that fear. I pray that you will immerse yourself into this promising idea for your art and complete it, to God’s glory and your joy!!

    • First of all… happy birthday, Nancy! I am a May birthday baby as well! I am so happy that these words have touched you today. I am so happy they have pushed back the darkness for you. That is what I pray for with each post! Happy to have you join me pursuing courage and moving away from fear!

  8. I’ve experienced this many times this year, as I recently started writing for a motorsports website. I enjoy writing but so often got discouraged after reading the final edit (or submitting it late)… Thank you for the reminder that God gives grace and I don’t have to be perfect. Joshua 1:9 is probably one of my favorite verses to remember.

  9. Jennifer, I can relate with both tendencies to procrastinate and expect perfection. Usually the longer I put something off, the more fear and dread builds. But progress–even small, imperfect steps–brings joy and freedom to keep going.

    I’m cheering you on and praying for you as you move forward in courage to do the good work God has given you to do!

    xx Becky

  10. I agree, though I’m not a perfectionist!! For me, it’s knowing that I’m definitely going to make mistakes, and do I want everyone to know how many mistakes I’ll definitely be making! I have a slight inferiority complex, and though I know that I can do many things, sometimes that kicks right back in, no matter what! Still, it does keep me from doing other things, though not as much now as when I was younger. Now, I don’t mind trying new things as much, especially in areas that I feel God is really calling me into, and what I know He’s equipped me for. There are some things that I’ve tried that I never thought I’d be able to do, and have found I really can do them, and that I enjoy it. I think a big part of any of life is to give everything to God and let Him have control. He’s got this, and we can trust Him.

  11. Wow this really, really got my attention! I am (and for the most part always have been) a terrible procrastinator. I also deal with perfectionism (I often say I’m kind of CDO – OCD but in alphabetical order)! Your post is a real eye opener. Thank you, thank you, thank you for connecting these dots. No more letting the enemy steal my joy!

    • CDO… that is funny, Indiane! I am so happy to hear you say you are no longer letting the enemy steal your joy! Through His strength we can do it!

  12. Jennifer,

    Praying & cheering you on as you go ahead with your art work. It is always a beauty to behold. Fear of failure drives many people away from doing anything. That is only of the devil. He loves it when we are down & scared to do what God has placed on our hearts. We must take a leap of faith & trust Him to provide the strength & ability to do it. This world screams for perfection & awards. God only asks us to use the talents He gave us & do our best. I took a leap of faith earlier this year & applied for a part-time medical clerical job at hospital. Got the job but was nervous that I could handle all the duties. I constantly remind myself that God wouldn’t give me the job if He wouldn’t give me the resources & brain to accomplish it. This week I passed my 90 day review. We need to kick fear & perfectionism to the streets & tell Satan to take a hike. We are going to do things for God without fear. No more procrastination of fear here. Just doing what God asks of me.

    Blessings 🙂

    • Yes, Beth… what an encouraging leap of faith example for us all. Congratulations on your awesome accomplishment! Take a hike, Satan… yes and men to that!

  13. I am with you, Jennifer! How did I not know this? I have struggled with both for so long. I have relaxed quite a bit by leaning on God and Lord Jesus, but I still struggle.

      • We are never alone. I thought that many times throughout my life. “I am the only one”. With the billions on the planet, that is not possible.
        Beyond that, we have Lord Jesus and God always.
        Still, we do feel alone at times.

        In Him,