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Mary is a writer and speaker who lives for good books, spicy queso, and television marathons – but lives because of God’s grace. She writes about giving up on perfect and finding truth in unexpected places at MaryCarver.com. Mary and her husband live in Kansas City with their two daughters.

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  1. Thanks Mary,
    I think by now everyone knows the deepest prayer of my heart…I did not hear from my adult children on my birthday or Easter. Mother’s Day looms on the horizon and though I know God is able, I am trying to not have any expectations, but it’s hard…especially when you have poured everything you have into being a good mom. I have pursued and extended olive branches of peace and still nothing. Prayers for patience as I wait upon the Lord. Thanks so much my prayer warrior friends…
    Bev xx

    • Bev, it must be so hard! Praying for the Lord to give you peace and joy and that He opens the hearts of your children to remember, to see you as you are and that He removes any obstacles that are in the way in their heart. God bless you!

    • Bev –
      You have been such a source of support and encouragement for me on my journey. I send you belated birthday and Easter blessings. I pray that you feel your children’s love on Mother’s Day.

    • Lord lifting my sister Bev up in prayer. Please reunite her with her children. You are the creator of the Universe so powerful and loving, please answer our prayer as you have done for me. Mend this rift and bless this family whatever has happened let someone relent and forgive. Bev has been a prayer warrior for me many many times, Grant her mother’s aching heart reprieve and bring her babies home before or on mothers day. I love you and asking in your precious name to grant this prayer., Amen

    • Oh Bev, I know how you feel. We were estranged from two of our adult children for five years. We still don’t understand why but I praise God we were reconnected with both of them last year. Unfortunately a few months later our only daughter passed away in July. I know the Lord orchestrated our reunion. My heart and prayers are with you. My prayer today is for my best friend Sharon. She was put on hospice this week from an aggressive cancer. I pray for her salvation.

      • Linda,
        Thanks for sharing. I pray it won’t be years, but I know I can’t fix it or manipulate it to happen…it will have to be God’s orchestration. Your story gives me hope. Praying for your best friend…for peace in her last days and for her salvation.
        Bev xx

      • Linda, I have a friend whose brother has an addiction. There were times the family didn’t even where this man was. Last year my friend located her brother and chose to allow him to live with her although she told him he could not bring the product he was addicted to in her home. Shortly after that another brother became seriously ill and died and then their Mom died, quite possibly from a broken heart. One has to believe that the family was reunited with the one brother before all this happened and that God definitely has His hand in that reuniting.

    • Bev,
      My heart goes out to you! I can’t imagine the pain you’re experiencing because of your children. But I do know that God’s not done writing the story yet. I pray that all the seeds you’ve sown into your children will produce fruit one hundred fold as they turn their hearts back to Jesus, and to you!

    • Bev, I share the same pain of being estranged from one of my children. Praying for you and all other parents that there will be reconciliation and healing of relationships that are strained or broken. Happy Mother’s Day early to all moms!

    • I understand. I have 1 daughter and 2 grandson who have not visited in about 2 years. I know I am loved, but it hurts to not g t calls, text, or visit. Or schedule is crazy as we are only home weekend. They say they can’t get away . But my prayers are for my husband and family. Issues there have caused deep division and hurt. Please pray for healing, and I am for you bev.

    • Dear Lord, please bless Bev in big and small ways this Mother’s Day. Hopefully, a breakthrough will come from her own children. If not, then bless her with outpourings from friends and other family members. Bev is a faithful writer here and she many days she encourages us. May she be blessed on this special day that honors moms. Amen.

    • So very true, and our God hears our prayers and hearts! Today, my heart hurts. For so many reasons, but specifically I would like to ask you to pray for an issue I am having in my workplace. I am not able to go into great detail, but there are prejudice situations (in various areas) that are extremely painful. Thank you so much. Beverly, I am praying now. Restoration must take place in your family. Life is so short! May God comfort you.

    • Bev, I’m so sorry for your heartache. That sounds so painful. Praying for God’s love and peace to wrap themselves around you in new ways. Jesus, thank you for being near. xx

  2. This is such a sweet and beautiful story Mary! I would have something right now. There is maybe a possibility for a job near here (mine is very far away). Could you please pray with me that God opens a door if it’s His will? Thank you! And I still have my “one-more-time-again” prayer for this relationship and for children… Trusting in God. Thank you so much all of you! God bless you!

    • Lord, thank you for the possibility of this nearer work place. We ask that you would bring it to be for Anna. And you know her heart’s desire for a family, so we lift that up to you as well, knowing that you can do all things well. Help us all to grow in our trust of your ways, often inscrutable but always good.

      • Good Morning,
        I retired this past October 2018 after 41 glorious years as an educator. Since then I am recuperating from a right hip surgery and a left knee surgery.
        My request is for direction and to find favor with God and man. There is a position with the department of education run by a professor from Texas A&M in College Station. The position would be part of a team to train teachers to apply text structures (problem/solution), (cause/effect). (compare/contrast), (time order), and (description). These are basic skills students need in everyday life in order to make wise decision and be prepared for everyday decisions. If it is God’s will He will open the door which has been shut due to bureaucracy because it certainly is my heart’s desire to be a missionary for this cause to God’s Glory. We are losing students to the world and need to bring them back as well as the adults to problem solve for themselves and be independent thinkers. I don’t want to sound selfish but I do want this position.
        As for Anna above my prayer is for her womb to be open and produce a child of God to contribute to bringing others to Christ.
        Warm regards,

        • Father, I ask that You continue to use Diana’s skills, knowledge and energies to enrich the lives of others and to lead them in the path to Salvation. Nourish her spirit, strengthen her trust and patience, and use her in mighty ways for Your glory and praise.

          • Thank you Annette, I am home bound but on my way to recovery. God Willing, by the first week of July I should be able to be walking and driving to visit my daughter, son in love as well as grand-daughters.
            I come to you to stand with my for my daughter, Sarah, she is dealing with hormonal issues and have detected a 3 mm tumor in her pituitary gland. She is in the process for further testing to find the root cause to this issue. I have to admit I am fearful and she is my only child and she has two precious girls 5 and 3. I know God listen to us and I want to believe and have faith, so Lord help my unbelief in this situation. I ask you my sisters to pray for her, the medical team and her husband and daughters as well as myself and my husband during this FAITH opportunity to TRUST and BELIEVE!
            Your sister in Christ, Diana

    • Anna,

      Sweet sister. Praying God will open that job door for you. May He restore the relationship & bring children into your life.


      We ask in your name that you open the door to the closer job for Anna. She wants to work, without having to drive so far. Please hear her mama’s heart cry for children. She would love to be a mother. Please restore that relationship she has. You are the great mender. You can take hearts & turn them back towards you. Please Lord we ask all this in your precious & glorious name!! AMEN!!

  3. My husband has not worked in over a year and just started a new position. He hit his first hiccup yesterday. My employment (a contract position) ended Friday. Can you please pray for my family? It has been a very rough couple years. While I am a faithful person, and I know that God will provide, I desire peace. And stability. Today is a new day. And I know I am strong, And my family is strong. Despite and because of all the ups and downs of the last year. I just desire peace. Thank you. And to the person that will pray for me, I pray for you. That your heart be filled with hope and love. That you know that you are loved. And that no matter what is happening in your life that you are important and worthy.

    • Lord, hear this strong but tired heart–and, in your mercy, we pray that you would bring stability and rest to this home. We are asking for consistent employment, and peace of heart for A. and for her family. Thank you that this is no challenge for you as all things are yours. Thank you for your deep concern for every detail of our lives.

      • I pray for all these lovely women…that children open their hearts to a mother who loves them, that employment is good and provides for the families, and for all challenges that are facing these women. Jesus is on this journey with us – always, and we thank him.

    • You are in my prayers today. May God give you peace and courage as He carries you through this difficult time. He is always with you and will reveal Himself to you in amazing ways. Trust Him!

    • Father, yes, I lift up A. and her family to you. I pray your provision for them, for creative strategies for making ends meet, and for a stubborn determination to trust you no matter what. I bless her husband’s new job and declare that the workplace is blessed just because he is working there. I bless him to weather the hiccup and thrive. And for A. , that as she clings to you her inner peace, security and stability will grow even though the external situation is slow to calm down and stabilize. I pray refreshment for her soul as she spends time in the quiet place with you. Thank you that you have her and her family in the palm of your hand.

  4. Bev
    I can feel your hurt and desire in my body. My prayer is that God opens your children to possibly – opens their hearts and their minds and restores connection giving everyone the opportunity to start a new.
    I’m asking God to open doors for you, put people and opportunities in your path for a great job closer to you. Give you the capacity and skill to network in your local professional community. I pray that God brings your heart’s desire for a child and for you to have patience for his plan knowing there is a best for you.
    I pray for you to be able to take one day at a time. Knowing God will provide and works all things for good!

  5. I’m a single momma who is working hard to support, raise, and love my young daughter. I work two businesses from home and just found out on Friday that I lost one of my most consistent clients because she is restructuring her business. Please pray that God opens the doors to other opportunities of income.

    • Elizabeth, I understand the struggles of working from home. I did so when my babies were small. Father God, I ask that you bless Elizabeth, provide her with the stability that she needs to raise her daughter. Open the door to opportunities to sustain their lives. Remind her of Your faithful love and Your promises.
      I’ve been struggling with a disease that makes working, as well as maintaining a normal live quite difficult. I’m in the process of waiting for a disability claim to be approved. While waiting, I’m often putting myself and others in danger, while having to drive in the community.

        • Praying for you both sweet sisters. Cindy for God to provide all of your needs. And Elizabeth please Lord also provide financial and physical support. In Jesus name I ask these things Amen.

    • Elizabeth,
      I commend you and pray for you earnestly as you try to “hold it all together” with everything you are going through. Praying that God would bring new and substantial clients into the fold. Praying for His provision for you and your daughter and strength and perseverance as you walk the path many of us have walked. May you know you are loved dearly by God right now…know that one person alone doesn’t determine your worth!
      Bev xo

  6. I am praying for each woman here – I am asking for prayers for my son. He needs protection and he needs a miracle from our Faithful God. And I thank God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit for this miracle, because my faith is in the Trinity.

    • Lord please help Donna and her son, protect them and keep them safe, provided for and their needs met as only you can do. In Jesus name, Amen.

      Can I ask for for prayers of a change in my sons behaviour. For continued blessings in a financial step we are taking tomorrow that it all works out and for the Lord to bless my mind and fingers as I make the final push in writing for six weeks to finish this masters!
      Thank you!

      • Father, reveal Your great mercy and power and wisdom to Donna, her son, and to Jas. Perform mighty and awesome works as we know You can!

  7. Our adult daughter recently told us some deeply troubling news about her life choices. We’re struggling. We love her so much and hurt for her. Please pray that Father will draw her back to himself and heal her heart, and help us to grow in love, grace and mercy as well.

    • Sue,
      It’s so hard to see our adult children make poor life choices. Praying that God would pursue her with His furious and determined love. Please destroy any evil forces at work in her life and restore her unto you. You are able.
      Bev xx

  8. Please pray for my housing situation. I am unhappy where I currently live and want to know if I should move on. I own my house so I would have to sale it. I really need God’s guidance on this one.

    • Father, I pray for discernment and for Your steadfast love to guide April as she considers her housing options. Be faithful to provide for her specific needs in this situation. You are a God who sees and cares for us when we are unhappy. In every step, help April to trust in You. If Your eye is on the sparrow, Your eye is on her.

  9. Ladies, my heart breaks for you all in your “challenges” right now. Bev, I understand somewhat of how you hurt as this is also a situation for my husband. Anna, God will always open the BEST door for you, even when we don’t understand. To A, it must be so hard to keep going when things seem so broken. Your faithfulness is a wonderful strength. I pray that God’s peace will rest on you and help you to hang on to Jesus, who will carry you. You are all in my prayers.

  10. Father God, I pray for all the women here, as they have faithfully prayed for me when I have asked. I pray for your favor, blessing and provision. I pray for healing, mind, body and spirit. I pray for your love, mercy, grace and compassion and that we model this everyday towards others in our path. We believe in your ability to change hearts and renew minds (even in adult children) and grant us the desires of our hearts in accordance with your will. Let us live the abundant life in your faithfulness.

    A praise and request of my own, God has given my son that awesome job opportunity we have been waiting for since he graduated college. Thank you faithful sisters for your prayers. Continued prayers for favor, blessing and success in this new job and that God would make His presence known as He establishes the work of our son’s hands.

  11. Dear God,
    Please lift up A and her family right now. May you bring some good news and stability for her and her family.

    Also, please life up Michele Morin as she didn’t have any requests, just like her yo and give her the opportunities she needs today to help others and herself.

    Bev, I’m asking God to touch the hearts of your adult children and bring some peace in that area of your life. You’re always so helpful here for others. I, too, know this season you’re going through as my one and only child at one time was not communicating with me and that is just unspeakable. I thank God everyday now fir our relationship and her new husband. It took a lot of days on my knees , parting and crying it to the Lord.

    Blessings to you all and remember you are loved and beautiful.

    • Jen,
      Thank you for sharing your story. It does hurt that both of my children are estranged from me right now. It’s hard not to feel guilt and shame…I have spent many hours on my knees and I pray that we will have a restoring and renewing of our relationship…like you and your daughter. I know I’m not alone. Thanks for the comforting reminders!
      Bev xx

  12. Philippians 4 verse 19 says it all when we need help for all our needs. We just have to believe it no matter how hard it is to believe it. No matter wjat we are going through. As God never lets us down he is always there for no matter what we are going through. This verse I held on to many times and believed it many many times. Even when times are good and when times not so good. It say in that verse. MY GOD SHAll SUPPlY All MY NEEDS ACCORDING TO HIS RICHES IN GLORY. That is so true he has and he does. I and my Husband have never been without. Even years ago when he had no work. God provided for us and met all our needs. We never did without. We had enough for each day all our bills where met. I say amen to that. I also keep singing that song to myself. For I Standing On The Promises Of God Word. That is so true. That is what we need to do along with prayer. Love Dawn another excellent reading.

  13. Please pray for the health of my 5 month old son. He was recently diagnosed with a congenital disorder & has congenital heart defects. We have postponed a heart catheterization twice due to wheezing that upcoming appointments with a pulmonologist & GI specialist will hopefully be able to resolve.
    I don’t know what issues physically & developmentally he will face as he grows up but I pray we will be able to get through anything within God on our side.

    • Gracious Heavenly Father, I ask for you to intercede on behalf of Laura’s 5-month old son. That sweet boy is going through so much that is difficult, and I am sure that Laura and her family are taking the brunt of the stress and anxiety. Please go before her as the Giver of Life, and the Healer of Hearts. May this journey of dependence be blessed with a faithful outcome of healing and peace. May your Holy Spirit be the one guiding the doctors and nurses, and that Your Name be glorified through miracles. Bring complete healing to him, and thank you for Laura’s willingness to be vulnerable in asking for prayer.

      For me, I ask for comfort and understanding for my kids. I recently left a toxic relationship with my husband, and have felt God releasing me from going back into that situation again. I know how hard that is going to be for my kids. At 10 & 11, they are really smart, but yet probably won’t really understand either. I pray that God gives me the words to say, and them the ears to hear, so that as we move forward with our lives, they are strengthened because of my faith and trust in God in all situations – even the toughest ones such as this. Thank you ladies of in(courage).

      • Thank you so much Kim your prayer brought tears to my eyes!
        Father I ask you to bring Kim & her children through this difficult season. Carry them during this transition into a new normal & shower them with your strength, hope, & love. In Jesus’s name I pray, Amen

      • Kim,
        What a beautiful prayer and I am praying for you. Good for you to get out. I walked that road for 25 years and wish I had gotten out of that toxic and destructive marriage sooner. God does not want that for His beautiful daughters. I sometimes think my children would have been better off had they been removed from such an abusive role model as young impressionable children?? Prayers for you as you move on…
        Bev xx

  14. I hear the cries of all these women’s hearts and I too have a heavy heart. My husband and I have been married 39 years and a lot of these years have been turbulent. He went outside of the marriage many years ago and I have forgiven him however he doesn’t understand why I hurt so much. We have been to many councillors that have helped. Also my one and only adult daughter wants nothing to do with me. She believes I was a terrible Mom. (I know I did the best I could and that is her perception) My elderly Mom wants nothing to do with me because of some misunderstanding . Well my few friends what can I say, I thank God for Jesus because I would be a mess. He gives me the peace that passes all understanding. (John 14:27) I ask for prayer to be a warrior and to draw near to Christ that I would be an example of His Love.

  15. Lord, I pray for Denise and her family that your grace and favor will rest upon their lives. That your special blessing to her son will yield increases and promotion. We agree that whatever his hands touch will prosper and your truth and shield will surround his life. Bless her family and provide in every way what is required to continue to represent you on this earth. In Jesus name.

    I need prayer as I start my MFT internship that there would be open doors to accomplish all that is required in time for my graduation in May 2020. I need prayer for a part-time online job as my husband and I prepare to take on the responsibility of caring for a nephew and niece whose mother is addicted to drugs. They are transitioning from another country so pray that they will have a smooth transition and all will go well with their documentation.

  16. Dear Father, I ask your blessings on each of the women who have shared their hearts here today. You are faithful. Where there is a need, you will provide exactly what is needed. Where there is hurt, you will heal. Mercy, peace, love are all your nature. You are our Lord, lover of our souls. Help us to trust you with our hearts, minds, and spirits…to make us whole and content in our circumstances, whatever they may be.

    I, too, have brokenness within my family. My son has been estranged for so many years. God knows the pain, hurt, and disappointments. My son returned when my mother passed away, but has distanced himself once again is living his life without God. Lies and misconceptions have him following his Dad’s footpath, a path he hated as he was growing up. He has found success in his career but, in doing so, he has nearly lost his family, his sobriety, himself. I ask for prayer that he may find his way back to God, back to wholeness, and in God’s time, back to me. I love him dearly but I want him to find his spirit, his soul in God’s love once again. I ask for your prayers, in Jesus’ name. Amen.

    • Bettye,
      There is so much brokenness out there. My son, from whom I am estranged, is also following in his father’s footsteps and I know where that leads. I pray that God would grab hold of our sons’ hearts and turn them from their destructive ways. Let them be transformed by your love and be drawn into the fear and obedience of YOU Lord. My mother’s heart hurts with you. Lifting our “kids” up before the Lord right now. Give us peace and patience…in Jesus’ name.
      Bev xx

  17. Dear God I pray for Bettye. She needs your help. Heal her son and bring joy into her life back. Amen
    Please pray with me for solving my financial situation and to have more trust in Jesus then in my own capacity. Thank you. With love from Italy.

  18. In Courage,

    A good friend & ex-co worker of mine had a finding on a mammogram. She goes in tomorrow (Monday 05/06) for a second diagnostic opinion. Praying it is not cancer. She has enough stress already in life with work, family & other health issues.

    Another friend (church) will be seeing an infectious disease doctor this week. She is preparing for yet another shoulder surgery. This time to repair the first one. She is in her 70s & has developed back pain lately. Pray all goes well & she can be relieved of all pain. Her shoulder has hurt since 2013 when she fell. I am asking God for complete healing.

    Blessings 🙂

    • Dear Gracious Heavenly Father, You God see the tears of your hurting daughters. Lay Your hands upon Beth’s friends so that may be healed for Your Glory. We stand in faith for those aching bodies . Let Your Mercy flow in abundance Jesus . Praising You for all your grace ,mercy and abundance received. Amen

      Please pray for my Mother in Law who was diagnosed with 3rd stage breast cancer and in undergoing chemo to receive complete and whole healing . It’s been 3years since I have been laid off from my job in insurance and I have been trying to get a job since then but not getting any. Prospective job offers look bleak and hoping against hope to see a miracle of providence from God .
      Thank You

      • Please faithful God watch over Lisa’s mother in law and heal her of her cancer. Give her and her family peace and hope while going through this battle and may she be victorious in this fight against cancer. Also Father please watch over Lisa and bless her with the job that is right for her in Your perfect timing. Please bless her with a job that is better than any job she has ever had and that blesses her financially. Please hear and answer all the prayers prayed today on incourage according to Your will. Thank You God for hearing our prayers and for being the giver of every good gift. Trusting in You Father. We pray in Your Son Jesus’ Name, Amen!

        God bless you and your family Lisa! Please pray for me to be filled with Jesus’ peace. Thank you! ❤️

      • Lisa,

        Sweet sister asking God to heal your mother. May God send His comfort to her & give her a sense of peace. Also asking God to send a great job your way.

        Father God,

        Please be with Lisa’s mother. Help her deal with the chemo & side effects. Send peace & hope to the family during this time. Make her a victor in this ugly battle. Gracious father bless the socks off Lisa with a great job-the one you have designed for her. Give her patience as she applies with nothing in sight. Give hope to her & help her to trust you more than ever. I am asking all this in the precious name of Jesus. AMEN!!

  19. I have been experiencing chest pains and have some tests coming up. Please pray that nothing is serious, and that I receive answers that lead to treatment and healing. Thank you.

  20. Father God, I pray for all these ladies and their heartfelt requests. Help them to remember how much You love them in the midst of their storms. Let them have hope in You, the anchor of their souls. In Jesus’ name.

    I recently learned that I have minor scoliosis (20% curvature in my spine) in the middle of my back and that several of the discs in my lower back are collapsing, the vertebra are pressing them back towards my spinal nerves. While I’m glad to finally have some answers for why I have so much back pain, it’s not exactly good news so pray for my physical health and my state of mind please.

    • I pray for Rachel, that You would please provide a way for her to get her scoliosis, etc. on the road to healing. Please give her wisdom and direction. Thank you for answers but please comfort Rachel, help her not to be anxious, but to trust You for help. Help her to have a quiet, trusting heart and lead her to the right physicians and treatment for her scoliosis and back pain.

  21. Hello Ms. Mary and the incourage team:
    Your posts are always so encouraging to weary hearts like mine. Especially today’s. When I can’t go another step in prayer, it’s comforting to know I have Sisters in Christ who are willing to stand in the gap with me and for me. I would like to ask prayer for my financial situation. For a little backstory, I recently moved to VA partly to be closer to family, partly because I needed a change. God I believe placed a fulltime job before me when I first moved here, but being faithless and less than courageous, I did not take it. It was a foolish move on my part, for I went from having almost $16,000 in my account to now only $8,000 in my acccount. I’m starting to get scared, for although I’ve been able to pay my rent on my first apartment every month and make my car payments, I still will not be able to live long-term in this area nor in my apartment if I don’t find a way to make more money. I was able to get a second job doing retail, but even they are not putting me on the schedule, and I’m kind of at a loss. Yes, I do have a job currently but it’s not fulltime. There is an opening for another teaching position at the school that I am at, but I do believe it’d be paying around the same rate that I’m currently getting paid, and I don’t necessarily think it would be wise to accept that position, as that could possibly mean five years from now…I’d STILL only be making such and such an hour, with no pay raise…I have a very open door to move back home to WA State: a place that I could rent for less than what I’m paying rent on now. I’m trying to discern what is the wisest move on my part: accepting the new position at around the same rate I’m getting paid now and having to work two more or at least one more job, and possibly having to miss community groups and church? Or go home to WA State in August, drive cross country, perhaps still miss some church, but yet people would actually call me for interviews? Could you please pray for clear wisdom, guidance, and discernment? I told God that His deadline was June 1st as I figure that’s at least 60 day notice to my apt leasing manager, because he said if I intend to move in August when my lease ends, he needs a 60 day notice. Thank you.

    • Gracious Father, even when we know you have plans for us, we cannot always see what those are… please help Jessica to discern your will do she will feel confident and secure and hopeful for the next step in her life…..

  22. My husband is 75 and has a heart condition, PAD, and Parkinson’s disease with dementia. He is having trouble eating, walking and is confused a lot of the time. He’s been falling a lot, which makes it even harder for him to walk. He’s lost about 12 pounds in two weeks time. He’s seems to be slipping away from me. We’ve been married over 50 years and he’s the love of my life. Could you please pray that God’s will be done in His life but that God not allow him to suffer? I need prayer to help me continue to have the strength to care for him. Thank you so much.

    • Barbara,
      Praying for your husband and for you. It is so often hardest on the caregivers. Please let their be no suffering on the part of Barbara’s husband. Bring her peace, strength, and the comfort only you can give as she watches the love of her life slip away. Bring their hearts together as in the days of their youth. Lord, hear my prayer.
      Bev xx

  23. Please pray for my son he needs a job. For me this season has been very overwhelming because I know this affects my son. Also I have been praying for a desire my daughter has. And also praying for the sale of our house. I have been praying for a long time and no answer. Sometimes is discouraging but even though I decided to trust the Lord. My son applied for a job at Philis Morris I’m praying they call him for an interview. Thank you for your support in prayer.

    • Father, I pray for your special provision, favor, and blessing to rain down on Marian and her family as they look to You to richly supply their needs in employment and housing. You are a God who places desires on our hearts and delight to give good gifts to Your children. Surely you are able and willing. In Jesus’ name, Amen!

  24. Please pray that God will honor my desire for marriage to a suitable spouse. I’ve petitioned God for His provision in His perfect timing, but the loneliness that comes with singleness is becoming increasingly more disheartening as time goes by and my faith is barely alive.

  25. I’ve been so distracted lately. I’m about to graduate from high school, so life is CRAZY, and I haven’t prioritized God. Can y’all pray that my eyes would be opened to what a true relationship with God looks like, what opportunities (prayer, conversations, just a smile, etc..) that God hands me during my day, that I’d remember to pray to God, and that I’d be convicted with a softened heart to spend time with Him. (Sorry that’s a lot ahah)

    • Lindsey,
      Know that God loves and respects the beautiful and earnest prayers from your heart. Keep seeking Him and asking Him to make Himself known in your life. When we ask…He will oblige. God bless you for seeking him and HIS will at such a young age!
      Bev xx

  26. Prayers for a couple family friends – one caring for his mom with dementia and the other’s health compromised brother is missing. Lord, I pray that you will bring strength, courage, and peace to both families. Thanks for the prayers.

    • Dear Lord, we ask for your continued guidance, wisdom, strength and peace for these families.

  27. My husband has severe depression and anxiety. It has been a severe strain on our marriage.

    • Lord, we pray that you help Katie’s husband. Lord allow him to turn to you during his anxiety and depression to ask you for HIS strength to get pat these moments and to believe that whatever is causing these moments you already have figured out his path. We also pray for Katie so she is able to see her husband through these episodes and her faith is able to carry her through. In your name, Amen!

    • Katie,
      I suffer from anxiety and depression and am so glad I sought professional help. I know men can be more stubborn about doing this. I pray that he would be willing to seek help as there truly is hope and healing. Here is a post I wrote on “Can Christians Truly Have Mental Illness”. In it I talk about overcoming the stigma and pride to get help. I don’t know your exact situation, but I know it is so hard for spouses and caregivers. Lifting you both in prayer right now. https://walkingwellwithgod.blogspot.com/2018/10/can-christians-truly-have-mental.html. I hope this can help, along with prayers, in some way…
      Bev xx

  28. My church will be having a prayer breakfast on Saturday and I was asked to pray. Please pray that the Holy Spirit will pray through me and that I myself will not. My church thinks I have a gift in prayer but I totally disagree. So pray that the Lord will reveal the gift He’s placed inside of me for the Kingdom!! Thank you!!

  29. So touched by your story, Mary. Thank you.

    Praying for all you (in)courage sisters today. Jesus, thank you for hearing us and being near.