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Grace P. Cho is a Korean American writer, poet, and speaker. She believes telling our stories can change the world, and desires to elevate women of color’s voices in the publishing industry. Learn more at @gracepcho and gracepcho.com.

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(in)side DaySpring:
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  1. So beautiful ~ you are!! Your heart exposed here for many to see, the poignancy of your words!! Thank you, Grace, for allowing us to know you ~ &, therefore, ourselves a little better ~ through your eyes!!

  2. Grace, there is something about this piece that speaks to me all the way to my core. I am as white and Anglo as can be and yet I often wanted my appearance to be different. Thank you for this lovely reminder that ALL of me is wonderfully made. And for the record, I have always thought you were so pretty…ever since I first encountered you at GraceTable.

  3. What a beautiful story this morning from lovely you! My family moved around a lot, so I struggled with fitting in. Your ethnicity singled you out. I had my chubbiness and my shabby clothes. We all long to be loved for being ourselves. People aren’t great at this. But God is perfect.

  4. You know this is an excellent reading today. That kids song also comes to mind as I read todays reading. I still love it today. I am 48 years old
    It reminds me just how much Jesus loves us all. I can’t remember when I first heard it but it is so true we are his Children no matter what age we are. I use it still sometimes in prayer life. This is the song. I don’t know all the words. I looked it up on youtube play it often to myself. Here it the title and some of the words of it. Jesus Love All The Children Of The World.
    Red and Yellow Black and White. (We are all special to him) How true that kids song is to us as kids and as Adults. We no matter what age we are kids or Adults no matter what color we are we are all God Children and very special to him. I say Amen to that. Love Dawn xxx

  5. God is so great! In His greatness it shows in everything He created. I appreciate as well , as I look around all that He has made, from small things to big things. The Lover of my soul had me created in my mother’s womb just as I’am and much more as I will be. Am what I’am now is because of Him. My highest worship to the Lord Almighty the Maker of heaven and earth.To Him be the glory forever and ever.

  6. I love all of your writing, always, but I love everything about this particular post, and ALL of you, friend.

  7. Grace,
    These were sweet words to read this morning thank-you for sharing. As we all go about our day may we remember that, ‘We were wonderfully made’.
    I hope that you all have a blessed day,

  8. Thank you, Grace for reminding me to love myself more because God has created me “fearfully and wonderfully.” As a Filipino- American in this society, I also felt like I don’t belong, that I’m out of place. People constantly ask me where I’m from, what brought me here? Humans segregate and stereotype, but The Mighty Creator does not, and He loves us equally no matter what color or shape we are.

  9. Grace,

    This world has a skewed view of beauty. It says if you are tall, skinny with the right facial features & hair then you are considered glamorous. But God-He sees things differently. He looks to inner beauty that we all have. He loves us for who we are & who we can be through His molding us. 1 Samuel 16:7 states: But the Lord said to Samuel, “Do not consider his appearance or his height, for I have rejected him. The Lord does not look at the things people look at. People look at the outward appearance, but the Lord looks at the heart.” I was born with two punctured ear drums. For years I was shy & had little self confidence. Basically I didn’t like myself or my looks. God has done a work in me. He has refined me & changed my outlook of myself. Now years later with eardrums fully healed I am a more self confident & out going person. We as Christians have a duty to help the younger generation learn to love themselves as they are. They need to know they are fearfully & wonderfully made in the image of Christ. He doesn’t make mistakes. No matter what the world says. They are loved by almighty God. Let’s go out & show them how beautiful they really are inside & out.

    Blessings 🙂

  10. ” I wrestled with wanting to be seen and yet stay invisible.” Dear Grace, I love that line because it resonates with me, too. I love how you share vulnerably and how even in the tree trunk, you notice the details and are sensitive to what God is whispering to you. You are unique, not like any other, and your insightful words and what you notice is encouraging us to do the same in ourselves and each other! 🙂 I’m looking forward to finally meeting you – after working with you through so many emails 🙂 – and seeing you in just a little bit at the (in)courage retreat and enjoy your company and get to know you better on this week’s journey, friend! 🙂 love, Bonnie

  11. YES!!!! More of this please!!! When I look at you, I see the expansiveness of the Devine–to be all that has been embodied in you…and in me…and in someone else who presents completely differently than you and/or me. You are a custom-CREATED expression of the Devine. Thank you for sharing.