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Rebecca Young writes about the intersection of faith and suffering. She is called to companion those who are walking with Jesus through dark nights and deep water. Rebecca loves exploring God's creation and lives in beautiful Colorado with her husband.

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(in)side DaySpring:
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  1. This message is a gift to me. He carries so many and i know of this journy pressing closer to Him in weary times. Thank you fir your courage and His love. AMEN AND AMEN

  2. Love your determination to stay strong for God and his plan. From experience I also know how hard this must have been for you. I lost my first baby, had a son then a second son, Thank God. But then I lost four more babies and always wondered what is going on, God you know I what to have six children, prefer boys but that was up to God. BUT He know what my future was and that I would raise my sons alone. Their father had a greater need and love of alcohol than he did for us, however, God being God got us through the tough times. I was able to feed, clothe, and send my sons to school. GOD KNEW I would never be able to take on six young lives and do the job I needed to raise them all. So, He has them with him and one day we will all be in Heaven. Your story greatly touched my heart and I thank you for sharing!

    • Lynna, what a beautiful testimony to how God has sustained you on some very hard roads. I am encouraged by your perspective even though you have seen such loss and hardship. Thank you for sharing part of your story with me!

  3. What a precious gift this message is to my soul this morning! Thank you for sharing your story and your thoughts with me today.

  4. Thank you for your encouraging post. God had a different road for me too. I always thought I would be married and have a couple of kids by 35. But God had different plans. I was single up until 40ish then God brought Mr right who was single up till 40 ish too. As for kids God said no. God has a ministry here for us and a dog named sam. Who is the cutest thing ever. We are starting to get to know our neighbors here. It is very international in our neighborhood and our Church. We are excited to see God working. Thanks again for your encouraging post.

    • Thea, I am so encouraged to hear you are embracing the road that God has set you and your husband on. I know He will help you press into Himself and into the ministry He has called you to. Sam is lucky to have you! 🙂

  5. This one hits close to home. My husband and I struggled with infertility and we adopted a little boy. But now we are struggling with do we adopt another and to be honest I don’t really have the desire to do so. I don’t know what God’s plan is. I’m also struggling with my job. I don’t know where God’s plan is in that either. I struggle with having an only child, but my husband made a good point… it maybe what Ethan needs because he came with some trauma. Im holding on to the fact that God is walking with me and will lead me.

    • Megan, it sounds like you are currently on a hard road with God as you navigate some of these decisions before you. It’s so hard when we don’t have a clear sense of His plan for our future, but I pray that you will continue to know that God is indeed walking beside you through it all.

  6. Rebecca,

    There are many many hard roads in life. No said living here between two Edens would be easy. I have traveled the long road of dementia/geriatric psych for 10 years. God saw me through it & allowed me to be there for my parents. Thankfully He has taken them home. Now I’m facing the long arduous road of prostate, bladder cancer, diabetes with FIL & vertigo with other health issues with MIL. Trying my best to help hubby with them. It’s not easy when you don’t get along that well with your dad. We are trudging through. I know God will get us through this journey & plant us where He wants us.

    Blessings 🙂

  7. Rebecca-
    I read your post this morning for the fourth time. I just don’t want it to be true. I’ve made many decisions in the last 6 years out of obedience. I have many, many things to be greatful for, but the singleness, corporate role and sole caregiver for parents is hard and not how I pictured or wanted my life to be. Thank you for sharing and speaking so honestly. I’m sure I’ll continue to come back to this post time and time again.

  8. God asked me to walk the hard road of standing for marriage after adultery destroyed my marriage. That was 14 years ago which have included 7 years of separation and 7 years of him returning home – more messed up than when he left. Many people have questioned my choice but when God asks you to do something you just do it. Just the other day I asked God again what He wanted me to do. He said, “Remain”. So I’ll keep praying, keep loving unconditionally, keep forgiving, & keep striving for healing. My husband’s soul is far more important than my happiness. God told me 14 years ago I could take one of 2 roads. One road was the path most people chose but the other was His path. That road was long and hard but the rewards would be great. I have seen Him in ways I never would have if I would have taken the other road. He has taught me more than I could ever imagine about intercessory prayer, forgiveness, laying down my rights, hearing His voice and so much more. Your words today were again just another confirmation from Him. Thank you for sharing.

  9. JSG I’ll be praying for you.

    My ex husband left when our youngest who is 12, was a baby. I have sensed God telling me to wait. It has been the hardest thing I have ever done. My ex husband was saved 3 years ago after he broke things off with the girlfriend. I continue to sense God telling me to wait. I have approached my ex about this 3 times & he says no. I believe it is Gods will, I don’t think my ex is surrendering to God. We hardly talk & he isn’t kind to me. He says he doesn’t have anything against me but he is distant bc he doesn’t want to lead me or the kids on. He has yet to apologize for anything w the affair or divorce or pain. I continue on this hard road.

  10. Thank you for this, Rebecca! I have been walking a pretty rough road lately, and these words really spoke to me. I love how you said our hard roads lead us right into the heart of God Himself. So good!

    Blessings to you, Sister!