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Jennifer is an artist living in rural Nebraska with her US Army veteran husband. She loves to create and seeks to reflect the beauty of Christ and encourage others in meaningful, beautiful ways. You can find her and see more of her art on Studio JRU.

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  1. Jennifer,
    I suppose the only line we will not have to wait in is when we pass away and go to be with Jesus. That will be instantaneous…oh what joy!! Meanwhile, here on earth we wait. Like you, I’ve waited years for things to come to pass. I am still waiting for circumstances to change and the truth is….they may not. There is no guarantee that every “waiting story” gets wrapped up with a tidy bow at the end. Sometimes, the climatic movie ending doesn’t happen, but it doesn’t mean that God isn’t at work in us. When the day is done, I have to rest in the truth that God is good and He knows what He is doing (even if it makes absolutely no sense to me). Ultimately, I know how the story ends and I am challenged…is my salvation enough? I am given the greatest gift, by grace, of eternal life in paradise. That is guaranteed if I accept Christ as my Savior. The other stuff is not. It doesn’t mean that I still don’t hope and I still don’t trust. But, I relinquish praying “My” will be done and take on Christ’s prayer of “Thy” will be done. Jesus DID pray that prayer and see what an awesome ending there was!! Praying for you, Jennifer, as you wait…
    Bev xx

    • Bev, whenever you leave a comment, I always read it. For some reason, this comment has me in tears. Many years of waiting for an answer and it just keeps going on and on. But your remark about God knows what he’s doing, just reminded me, once again, that He is safe to trust. Oh, what a day that will be when we don’t have to wait in line to see our Saviour! Blessings to you!

      • Robin,
        I am learning, albeit slowly, that I am called to trust that God is good and He is love, and that I need to trust Love’s heart no matter what the answer or lack of an answer turns out to be. Yes, indeed, He is safe to trust. He doesn’t tire of my/our pleading, “How long O Lord?” One day we will receive a complete answer that we understand….till that day, He gives us sufficient grace. Lifting you up this Sabbath.
        Bev xx

      • Praying for you, Robin, in your season of waiting. Praying in your heart you know you can trust Him and His timing even when it is most difficult! He love you so much!

  2. “That is where the growth comes from, where lessons are learned.”
    Yes. And I don’t like this truth, because waiting is messy and my patience is thin and wispy, but whenever I emerge on the other side of the process, I see that God has been using the waiting like sandpaper on all my rough edges.

  3. I have finally learned that life goes on even if I am a couple minutes late. At this point in my life, I have finally developed the ability to allow the impatient and the elderly go before me in a grocery lane. There is no longer any need for me to be upset or impatient over time. Now, I even stop and let people out of side roads if the traffic is heavy. Life is too precious and too short to let you impatience make you upset or angry, that only takes time away from you and your life in the long run. There is no need for us to add extra stress to ourselves when life does it for us.

  4. Jennifer, I live right outside of Atlanta and have made several trips to the VA Hospital with my dad. It’s a waiting like no other place it seems! Your waiting story drew me right up close and personal. You know what fascinates me when I’ve been down there, sitting in those plastic chairs on that cold, white tile floor? Watching the other people wait. I’m an observer by nature and there are so many who walk in with disabilities and restrictions on their physical bodies. Some they’ve carried since their time of serving our country, and some are new health issues. Either way, it’s an opportunity to watch how people make the necessary adjustments so that they can move around and get into the waiting room while they wait to be seen by a professional. I love watching people interact with one another. Some people are talkers, others, not so much. Oftentimes in the waiting, God is slowing us down to get our focus off of what we are waiting for and put it on those around us who are waiting with us. There are stories to share and listen to and learning that comes from simply being still and watching how others cope with their own set of challenges. We can all identify with being in a period of wait, especially in a doctor’s office. Thank you for drawing us in.

    • Thank you, Kellie! Couldn’t agree more that He is slowing us down to get our focus off of what we are waiting for! Yes! I don’t think I have even left the VA without hearing new stories. So many people waiting seem to like to chat! It is wonderful! lol

  5. I once was at Hospital appointment was the last person seen to that day. I hear myself saying why me to be last. I was tried sitting waiting and the Hospital seats where very uncomfortable. Then I kept saying that day how much longer I can’t sit on these hard seats anything more. I getting a sore bum and back. I then heard a voice I knew right away it was God. It said to me Be Still know that I am God. God was telling me that day to be still be Patient and wait no matter how hard it seemed. He is God he know what it is like to wait. He is God. He had to wait to become that baby who was born in Manger that went on to Calvery to die when the time was right for our sins. So I then said thank you God for reminding me of that and to remember Be still you are with me. Even when being Patient is not easy. Love Dawn xxx

      • Thank you Jennifer for thanking me for my comment. You made my day. I might not meet you ever this side of earth. I live in Northern Ireland in a place called Enniskilen. When I get to Glory we have a great time then getting to know either and seeing Jesus. What a wonderful time we will have. God Bless. Thank you again Love Dawn xxxxxxx

  6. So timely message for me, I was really crying while reading your beautiful story. This hits my heart so much bec I can relate to the testing of patience. I am in the season of waiting as single woman and also im starting to build my career. Sometimes I felt so disappointed for the things that I cannot achieve. I felt so left behind but trying to be positive that prayers will be answered in God’s time. However, there are times when I can’t help it feeling I lost that courage to continue pursuing my goals/dreams in life. I felt so weak and hopeless why it is taking too long for me to have my goals achieved such as my job, my future husband & family, and my dream for my parents. I prayed to God to help me trust Him all the time and be strong while im in the season of “WAITING”. I desperately need that courage everyday to continue pray everything that my heart desires and reminded myself to never give up on my dreams. I know God is teaching me to grow and learn in this season, and I know that He prepares me for what He prepared for me. I just need that reminder everyday that God does so much good work in the waiting. I still can’t help it but cry to Him when I feel so lonely in my current season. I dont want to lose my faith while im facing difficulties and trials in life..
    God has blessed my heart reading this blog.. Thank you for the encouragement. Hope you can pray for me too. God bless.



    • Kim, Praying for you to have a peaceful heart as you wait on God to fulfill your dreams. You never know, He probably has something for you better than you can begin to imagine! Look for ways to serve Him right in your current situation so as to take your mind off of the future. I am currently struggling with focusing and living in the present vs. worrying about the future. It’s a daily struggle but we can handle it with His strength!❤️

      • You got me, my faith is so little since I struggle much to put my trust on God everyday. I dont have that focus and im not also living in the present. I worry a lot about my future…I always desire to serve God in my current situation but worries in kife consumed me and make me weak..I need Him to lead me to the right circumstances and right people to help me grow. Thanks again Jen, will pray for continued growth esp in my relationship with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

    • Oh my heart sure goes out to you, Kim! I know how you feel. All this waiting is not easy. We are human after all. So grateful He is patient with us as we learn to be patient with His timing. I am standing beside you in prayer during this season of waiting! And just think… when the waiting is finally over… who knows what He has in store for us!!

  7. The time in the waiting room is where the deepest growth takes place. It’s hard to see while you are there but I know God is working. You captured this time of waiting so well. I will be repeating these words often ——>. Trust the work of God even when it’s slow.

  8. Oh, Jennifer, I can’t remember the last time I said, “no rush.” Have I ever said it? What a gift our patience can be to others — and to ourselves. And I love that verse in Psalm 25, though I don’t think I’ve read it in then ESV translation before. So good. Thank you for this. xx


    • Maria, My heart breaks for you. I will pray God brings you loving relationships while you are waiting for God to change the hearts of your girls.❤️

      • Hi Jen your message meant so much to me !!!!!!!! As i was adopted I’m going to see if i have family . Through 23 in me {only god can change my daughters } but it would be nice to find,a family member. I’am 56 so being without my girls is tough!!! Again thank you for your comment ❤️ Can i pray for you in any Way ? Love in Christ ‘ Maria

  10. Jennifer,

    For me waiting is super hard. I’m as impatient as they get. God sent trials my way that made me wait for long periods. Truth I have learned is that God is working in the messy middle. He is molding & making me more into His likeness. I come out through those trials better emotionally & spiritually. I find myself more readily able to trust God in other situations. I am also more able to empathize with others going through similar situations & offer advice from what I’ve learned. Psalm 23: “Yea thou I walk THROUGH the valley of the shadow of death I will fear no evil-for thou art with me thy rod & thy staff they comfort me. It doesn’t say in the middle or beginning of dark valleys. It simply states through to the other side. God never promised us a rose garden in this messy middle between two Edens. He told us that in this broken world we would have trials & tribulations. While waiting is hard for most-we should embrace it & use that time to be still & know that He is God working on our behalf.

    P.S. Praying for you in your situation. May God give you answers to your questions, ease the waiting & calm your weary soul.

    Blessings 🙂

    • I do believe He sends long trials to those of us that are impatient! He certainly has He ways to teach us, doesn’t He? I love what you shared it has taught you, Beth. Thank you! And thank you for your prayers, I appreciate them so very much! xo