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ALIZA LATTA is a writer, artist, and pastor who is a huge fan of telling stories. She creates content for Canada’s largest youth conference, Change Conference, and is a church planter in Ontario, Canada. Her artwork and writing have been featured in publications for LifeWay, Dayspring, and (in)courage. She is...

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  1. My dad will be transitioning to hospice care in the next few days. I have had to make some very difficult decisions for his care and my heart is hurting so much. Please remember us in prayer.

    • Lord, please uphold Kara, be her strength and her shield, her wisdom and her guide during these days of decisions when it seems as if nothing is really right and everything is wrong. Thank you that you are sovereign even over our enemy cancer, and you have defeated death and the grave.

      • Lord
        Please give Kara wisdom and clarity and heal her broken heart. I pray for pace for her and her family. Thank you for hearing our prayers. In Jesus Holy name, amen

    • Praying for you! Lord hold this family close, May your will be done but whilst the time is left before Kara’s father is to journey home to you make their time together special God wrap the whole family in your guidance, comfort and love. I ask that you will do what needs to be done and please be with the family at this time, take all their burdens away. In your precious name, Amen

    • Kara I am in the same place with my mother. I’m praying that you are able to see all the beautiful messages of love that God will send you throughout this time. Look snd listen for them. He is faithful. I’m also praying for you to feel His loving arms around you as you go through this difficult time.

      • Dear Kara.. my mom stepped into heaven two nights ago after a short time on hospice,3,000 miles away.. she couldn’t fly home, failing quickly from her 2 year cancer battle. But God… gave other siblings the chance to know Him thru her suffering there.
        His plan is perfect, today I rejoice knowing she’s alive in Jesus! She professed this 4 years ago.. sing & speak Jesus to your mom.. rest in Jesus, the giver of life.. blessings sweet daughter of the King \0/

    • Oh I understand and can promise God is with you and he will see you through. Psalm 23.

    • God – I pray for you to hold Kara tight over the next little while. I pray for You to be a felt Presence with her as she makes all the hard and difficult decisions around her dad’s admission to hospice. I pray she is able to give voice to You all the hurt and pain she is feeling and for You to grant her incredible peace and freedom from anxiety. I pray for the hospice staff to offer exceptional grace, love and care not only to her dad but also to her and her family.

    • My prayers are with you. Almost three years after my dad went on hospice care and quickly passed away, i will forever be thankful that God made a way for me to be there every step of the way. The woman who held his hand and talked to him and said goodbye – me ! – could not have done this in her own strength or will. Take care.

    • Praying for you and the pain your feeling. God will give you strength. Seeing my father died at home and when they wheel him out of him home, where he lived in for years with a flag draped over his body I cried with sobs. Memories of our dads love has sustained me. He loved his family so much, I can still feel him now. God bless I am alive to share his beautiful life.

    • Kara,

      I know the difficulty you are walking. Praying for a sense of peace & contentment as you make these decisions. May you feel God’s protective love surround you. I pray you feel my arms surrounding you sending a virtual hug your way. Losing a parent is never easy. ((((((((((Hugs))))))))))


      Please surround sweet Kara now. Help & guide her as she makes decisions regarding her father. Shower her with your love & peace. These are tough times for miss Kara & I want her to know & feel your presence through it all! Help Kara & family to have some quality time together in these last days.

  2. Prayer for healing and wholeness in my life from all past hurt, rejection, abandonment, betrayal: not only for me but for my sister, mother, and father. So that I’m becoming whole and healed we can become all that God wants us to be. Prayer also for a former teacher whose like a godmother to me to receive Christ as her Savior. She believes that all beliefs and religions will lead to the same God. Please pray for my son who has seizures every time he falls asleep, another son who has some delays and learning issues, and my daughter who’s in college. My nephew who’s incarcerated. Last but not least my husband whose such a hardworking provider for his family. Thank you!!

    • Thank you, God, that you are already aware of each of these circumstances that are on Arnesia’s heart. We join in agreement here today for your working in each of them in the way that will bring the most eternal good and the most glory to Your Name.

  3. Aliza
    Thank you for writing this. I’m having a hard time finding the beautiful in my broken right now. I moved to a new state (Virginia) from cross country (WA State) and it’s not been an easy transition. Let’s just say: I’m losing money at my current job, not making any. It’s really been tough financially and with the exception of a few poor decisions about employment I’m not sure whether I’m being punished for something I’m unaware of or what. Could you please pray for a permanent fulltime job that pays $14-$16 an hour for me here? Otherwise I cannot stay here. I honestly was making better money and was able to more quickly land employment back home than I have here. I’ve told God He has until June 1st for me to have landed a good job by then. (I need to give a 60 day notice to my leasing manager if I’m going to move out.) My apartment lease ends in August.
    Thank you.

    • Lord I’m lifting Jessica up in prayer to you. May you please give Jessica discernment so she can see your path for her life clearly. Make it blatantly obvious what you want her to do. Reassure her you are not punishing her Lord. If you want her to stay in this new city can you provide a job for her or a pay rise so she can make ends meet. Guide, protect and comfort her. In your precious name, Amen

    • Jessica, I pray that God gives you peace, understanding in this time of frustration. Moving to a get better job seems like a good idea but there’s always a bit of uncertainty. I pray that God will bring someone alongside to help you that knows His love. Find some thankful moments in every day. Hugs and blessings.

    • Jessica,

      Praying for you sweet one. God is still in the miracle business. He can & will give you the job He has in mind for you. He will guide your steps along the rocky path. Have faith & trust that God will bring all this to a good end. He will make beauty from ashes.


      Give Jessica discernment as to the job you want her to have. Guide her on this journey. Show her where to live & be happy. Help her to have faith & trust in your leading. Make it known clearly to her where she is to be-show her your will.

      Blessings 🙂

  4. Agree with you about how God is transforming the broken things! My head is spinning trying to understand how my beautiful Godfearing parents could be killed as pedestrians on Christmas Eve by a car that ought to have stopped at the red lights.

    I know they are with Jesus. I miss them so much and wish I could talk with them.

    • Lord bring peace and comfort to Sharon, make something beautiful out of such a deep loss. Amen

    • Sharon,
      Sometimes we just don’t get a good answer as to why. It’s hard to lose one parent at a time, but both in such a horrific way….praying for God’s arms of comfort to be around you as you walk through the days, weeks, and months ahead. I can only assure you that God is good, regardless of how unfair life seems on this earth. Extreme loss has helped me adopt a more eternal perspective. Praying that God would lead your heart there and to the day you will be reunited for eternity. Meanwhile, may He comfort you in your grief.
      Blessings, prayers, and hugs,
      Bev xx

      • Amen Bev. I am so sure they are happy with Jesus and that’s comforting! Bless you.

    • Sharon,
      I am deeply sorry for your loss, and hope and pray that each day the pain will be dimmer, and that your days become brighter.
      Blessings ,

  5. I am praying desperately for my family’s financial situation! What I thought to be a perfect job, wasn’t, so I’m waiting for God to redeem my career into something for His glory. We are really struggling in the wait, so I covet prayers.

  6. My prayer request is God first and foremost helps me accept losing my job after 21 years over a silly mistake. Then, I’d ask God to open the employment door so big that there is no doubt.

    • Lord please guide and comfort Sarah. Please find her another good job Lord that is in your plan for her. Dispell any doubts Sarah may have with your goodness, she is your masterpiece Lord please remind her of that at this time, Amen

  7. Can I ask for discernment for Gods plan for me, and for good health but most of all prayers for my son who is on the putter with his best friend and friends. His best friend threatened to punch him in a Instagram message. He has school tomorrow and can I ask that God protects him and that God will bring some good kids into his life. I don’t want him to hurt or feel bad. Also for guidance for my husband and I in talking with him, prayers our relationship remains open and gets closer as we enter these teenage years you cannot intervene like we did when they were younger. Thank you!

    • Dear Lord, please bless Jas, her son and husband. Please intervene in this situation and protect her son from harm. Please give Jas and her husband wisdom on how to speak with their son and on how to proceed. Keep the lines of communication open between these parents and their child. Please clothe Jas’ son with your armor. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

  8. Aliza,
    Thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing something so personal! And what a great initiative to encourage to pray for one another here in the comment section.
    I am a childhood abuse survivor in my mid-twenties, and am just now learning about self-esteem, value and respect. It has rattled me as a person and my actual physical health in more ways that I can count. I’ve built a wall around myself and pushed away anyone truly willing to help. As a conclusion I now realize I’ve hurt people around me as well. I’ve held on to the destructive thought-patterns for all my life and don’t really no any other way. I’ve known God since I was a little girl and just kept on pushing through the only way I knew how – capsuling it all up inside me, absolutely crippled with fear. I want to break free but I feel I’m completely clueless, not knowing where to start – I’ve been pretty good of ignoring it all until now. I’ve opened up parts of that wall around me, but am still terrified of letting go of the control completely and moving forward. Knowing that in order to do so I must let God’s love really in and drastically change every single one of my thoughts/habits and start to truly care about myself and be honest with myself. Yet, I honestly don’t know the first thing about self-respect or valuing myself. With my health and everything else, I realize I don’t have an option to postpone it anymore, and I don’t want to, either. I want to break free from it and move on with my life, accepting love and trusting God. Knowing who I am and overcoming the crippling fear. With God’s help I have forgiven to people involved and have never accused God of anything, but to move on it’s not enough. I’ve now also searched for counseling, but since I live in a pretty small country in Eastern Europe, there really aren’t many options. I know it’s a long comment, but it has been probably the most difficult thing for me to write and I just felt the process to freedom had to start from somewhere. Thank you for enabling me to pour out my heart in your comment section. If you made it to the end and find it in your heart to pray for me, I truly thank you, whomever you may be.

    • Oh Kadri I’m very sorry this has happened to you!! Lifting you up in prayer please know you are NOT alone and in Jesus we are all made new.
      God please be with your child right now, Kadri is asking for help please provide that for her. Bring a Christian counseling ir a good one that is equipped to really help Kadri deal with the ramifications of the abuse she endured. Give her strength and healing, pass understanding to those around her the genuine and important people that she has naturally pushed away. Let them understand her and her reasons why, let them stay with her to give her support. She is your child God. No child or person should have to endure what she has endured. Heal her Lord and make her whole again. She is your masterpiece, teach her how to see that, accept it and love herself. Wrap her in your arms and heal her broken heart. In Jesus name I ask these things, Amen

      • Jas,
        Thank you for praying for me and reminding that I’m not alone. I guess we all need that reminder at some point in our lives. Bless your heart and may the Lord provide for your needs, as well.

    • Kadri,
      Praying earnestly for you and how brave of you to admit the pain that you have endured. Be assured that God is angry that one of His beloved daughters was taken advantage of in this horrible way. I pray that you would lean into the Lord so as to find healing for your scars, and knowledge of your true identity of a child of the King. It is good that you are stopping the stuffing process and beginning to open up. This is NOT your fault and your abuser will have to face God’s justice. Praying that God would take your asking and make you whole again. I pray He will bring you a pastor or counselor (even though they are scarce) to walk beside you as you walk out of the dark and into the light. Know you are loved and your pain is seen and heard by a loving God. I ask all these things in the precious name of Jesus. Amen.
      Bev xx

      • Bev,
        From the bottom of my heart – thank you. I’m beyond grateful that you took the time to read, reply in such a reassuring way and also pray for me. I’ve read your words a few times over the past few days during the most difficult moments just to remind myself that I’ve done the right decision by ‘stopping the stuffing process’. Thank you for being a blessing to someone 5000+ miles away.

        • Kadri,
          You are welcome and I continue to lift you up in prayer. Keep pouring your heart out to the Lord and find scriptures that really speak to you on who you are in God’s eyes. Know that if a thought makes you anxious or fearful…it is NOT from the Lord. He only speaks to us in love and reassurance. If the thought doesn’t match up with the TRUTH found in scripture then identify it for what it is – a LIE from the enemy. He doesn’t want you to heal so he will do his best to keep you fearful. Fear is not from the Lord; neither is condemnation or guilt. Therefore, there is now NO condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus. Romans 8:1. Psalm 139 speaks of how you are fearfully (in awe) and wonderfully made by a God who lavishes His love on you. As you release the lies and fear, ASK God to pour into you, His love and truth. I will be praying this too.
          Blessings dear sister,
          Bev xo

    • Kadri
      Thank you for your honesty and sharing your heart and your pain. You are NOT alone. I went through a similar situation in my early 20s where I had to come to terms with the abuse of my past. I’m now in my 40s , happily married, have a beautiful son and have been truly freed from the grip of fear and the Enemy’s lies. There is no fear in love for perfect love casts out fear. The Lord will provide healing and others to come along side you on your journey toward health, freedom and recovery. I have several book resources I’m happy to share with you if you are interested. Feel free to contact me through my website or DM me on Instagram @heathersthompsonstudios
      I’m praying for you right now. I believe you have a FUTURE and a HOPE.

      • Heather,
        I can’t quite express just how thankful I am that you took the time to pray for me and answer my comment. It has been a challenging few days, and I understand that it’s just the beginning. However, it is truly encouraging reading that you have a loving family of your own and have been freed from fear. Thank you for allowing me to contact you – I will for sure.

  9. May I please ask for the following prayerI ask for discernment for Gods plan for me, and for good health but most of all prayers for my son who is on the putter with his best friend and friends. His best friend threatened to punch him in a Instagram message. He has school tomorrow and can I ask that God protects him and that God will bring some good kids into his life. I don’t want him to hurt or feel bad. Also for guidance for my husband and I in talking with him, prayers our relationship remains open and gets closer as we enter these teenage years you cannot intervene like we did when they were younger. Thank you!

    • Those teenage years are such a hard transition for the child and the parents. I’m praying for you all to feel His loving arms around you through these years. As my children went through their teens I hung on to the thought that He is faithful. I learned to look for his loving hand in the small actions and comments of people that lifted my spirits during the hardest days.

    • Dear Lord, I ask that you help Jas and her husband as they walk this journey of becoming closer to you and your will for their life together. Be with them Lord and direct their steps as partners in marriage and parents. Show them the best ways to help their son and may they keep you in the center of their marriage and their relationship with their son. I know how difficult it is to parent children, when You are not in the midst of the decisions that are made. Remind them to pray, remind them to read their bible, remind them to stay in church and to spend time in devotion as a family. Go before then and be the light that guides them. In Jesus name, amen.

    • Jas,
      Praying for discernment and wisdom for you as you handle the rough road of teenagerhood. I’m so sorry about the meanness that is lobbed out over social media. Cowards hide behind it. Keep the dialogue open and offer to pray with him that good friends and influences will come into his life. Keep asking of the Lord for wisdom and He will provide. Praying for your tender momma’s heart.
      Bev xx

    • Jas, praying for the Lord’s supernatural protection for your son. Prayers for you and your husband they the Lord will give you His words of comfort and wisdom to you son. Praying he will see your love for him and most of all God’s love and presence in his life.

  10. Please Pray for my friend to become emotionally healthy and make sound decisions. Also, please pray for my health to improve, the ability to eat healthy consistently, for me to be a good friend to my friend noted above and to find a new job when this job ends. .

    • Allison, lifting up you and your friend in prayer tonight. Give your friend a healthy emotional model to follow. As far as your health, I pray specifically for discernment in when and how to eat properly, doctor’s visits, exercise and taking any medications/ supplements. Don’t forget to get proper rest, drink water and manage stress! These things are just as key as a healthy diet and exercise. In Jesus’ name, amen.

  11. My youngest daughter needs prayer for her health. She is undergoing testing. The constant pain and other symptoms are deepening her depression.
    And my son is going to seek help for his depression for the first time. Since I seem to be the first I am praying for you all to feel His loving arms around you as he faithfully answers your prayers.

    • Depression is i;ve suffered many years with it getting help from a DR. And meds. Are helpful staying in the word is a lot of comfort.you and your family are in my prayers.❤️

  12. Please pray for my family. There are broken relationships that need to be mended and eyes that need to be open to the truth within themselves and the lies of the enemy.

    • Patti i know what you are going through my family is broken also due to lies that have been told. I pray your wait will not be long. DaySpring has a bible study for women ( in courage ) i just joined its not to late to join. What a blessing DaySpring is to us women . Feel free to leave me a comment

  13. This past year has been a very tough year for my husband and I. We moved last Summer away from our family, our friends our jobs, left everything behind for an opportunity that we felt would be good for us and our future, but turned into a disaster. My husband’s job was a scam from a family member who set out to destroy us for no reason but to prosper themselves, he was left jobless, now living on my income with me working 3 jobs to get by. He has not been able to find a job here and turned down by many because of his age, 58. In January, I lost my brother at 49, suddenly and unexpectedly. Now we have our house up for sale and trying to look for jobs for both of us back home. It has been so hard, praying all the time for God’s wisdom in why all of this happened to us. Praying that God will bring beauty from these ashes and help us to getback to our family. So hard not to get discouraged and believing God still has a good plan for us. Appreciate prayers for us. God bless.

    • Denise,
      Lifting you in prayer right now. I am so sorry for the betrayal by a family member no less. I am your same age and know that looking for employment is very difficult at this stage in the game. Praying for God to reward your faithfulness with opportunity. Praying for encouragement and trust for you as you wait on His timing. I know we grow closer to God as we walk through the crucibles of life…praying that He can and will bring beauty from the ashes for you. Asking for God’s arms of comfort to be around you at the loss of your brother. Know that God is near and that you are loved.
      Bev xx

      • Thank you so much for your kind words of comfort and your prayers! I appreciate them so much. I will continue to trust in Him and His timing. I have to Let go and Let God handle it and rest in the peace only He can bring. God Bless you.

  14. Aliza,
    God has met me in the deepest, darkest places to remind me of His love and faithfulness. I also have learned that my timing is not His timing and therefore, I must trust. It also sets my mind on eternity, like the scripture you quoted states….a homesickness of sorts. Meanwhile, I continue to ask for prayers for my adult children – for softening of their hearts and for a restored relationship with them.
    Thank you,
    Bev xx

    • Bev –
      I think that the Lord is connecting us. I’m always drawn to pray for you.

      I pray that the Lord will restore your relationship with your children.

      • Thanks Elizabeth,
        I really appreciate your prayers and I can relate to your situation in so many ways. Maybe this isn’t right to say, but I tried so hard to facilitate a relationship between my children and their father (even though he was an abuser as well). Maybe one thing I have learned is that when children – even adult children – are engulfed in a toxic system ie: being around their father, they begin to pick up his abusive ways. Some days, I wish, looking back that I hadn’t facilitated that relationship because it has caused a lot of heartache. Just a thought….praying for you.
        Bev xx

  15. At times, I feel extremely overwhelmed. I left an abusive relationship with my daughter’s father and the court issues have been challenging. (He is asking for a lot, but isn’t willing to do the work that the court requires. He continues to be deceptive not just to me but to the courts.). We have court on Friday about financial stuff. I also pray for wisdom on how to best facilitate a relationship between my daughter and her father. I want to protect her from the abuse that I experienced, but I also want to foster appropriate relationships. I’m also trying to build two businesses to help support us.

    • Praying for you and your daughter Elizabeth ❤️❤️

      “For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans to prosper you and not to harm you. Plans to give you hope and a future.” -Jeremiah 29:11

  16. Please pray for my young adult children to return to Jesus (Allie, Daniel, Emily and Sarah). They have turned their back on their faith and embraced the world and it grieves my heart. Pray also for my 3 young grandsons (Ashton, Landon and Greyson) to give their hearts to Jesus. I take them to church and talk to them about His love for them. But they don’t get it at home. I appreciate your prayers so much!

  17. Please pray for me during my time of waiting that I don’t lose my hope or faith and that I grow closer to Jesus during the waiting and trying times. May I always remember He is faithful. Thank you so much and God bless you!

    • Waiting is tough but god sees ever tear we cry i have a hard time staying positive and praying when god seem silent. The nights are long. But sending prayers out helps. Love in Christ. Please pray for me I’ve done the 23 in me hoping to find family my daughters have abandoned me at my old age very sad and cruel on their part. They have emotional issues. Stay strong 1- peter 5 : 7 ❤️

  18. I lost my mom a year ago to cancer. I cared for her through her end of life journey. It was such a difficult time but I was so grateful I could live with her and care for her. Coming back home after she went to heaven to be with my dad; however, my world fell apart. I slipped into a severe depression full of fear and anxiety. As the months passed I did slowly begin to see the beauty and goodness of the Lord. He has drawn me closer than ever before and I feel l know Him in a deeper way than ever before. Please pray for my husband and our small business. The last two years have taken a deep toll on both. As we have tried to rebuild our lives in this new normal, he keeps losing employees. He works fifty or sixth hours a week and I see depression setting in. We are in our 60’s and this is not how we pictured put lives. We are praying to trust His plan, His timing, and His way. We are just weary and need to see the next steps He wants us to take in our lives. Thank you for this reminder!

  19. Have been in a state of spiritual confusion that I can’t figure my way out of for many years. Prior to that I was walking with God and the happiest I’d ever been…

  20. My 4 month old has a congenital heart defect & has to have a heart catheterization in a few weeks to see if he will need surgery for several things that are going on with his heart. He was also diagnosed with William’s Syndrome this past week which is a congenital disorder & can carry numerous developmental delays & heart & kidney issues, amongst other things. I don’t know what the future holds for my youngest son but I’m asking for prayers for him that his heart will be healed by Father God & that we will be able to face each day with faith instead of fear & worry. Thank you.

  21. Please pray for my daughter to be freed from anxiety and depression and from her deep need for “acceptance” no maater the cost (sexually, emotionally, spiritually). Pray for her to uncover/discover the beauty God created in her. And for this mother to know how to love a daughter in her brokenness.

    • Lord God, please comfort Angeline. Remind her of your great love for her and for her daughter. Give her all the wisdom she needs in order to love her daughter well. Fill her with your joy and with your peace.

  22. For my husband’s health. For my vision, I have glaucoma. For salvation for family members. I praise God for love, grace, provision, salvation and each moment of life. For this site and it’s encouraging words. God bless you all

    • Dear Father in Heaven, thank You that You are the master Healer and Redeemer. I pray for Mary for full restoration /healing of her husband’s health. I also pray for healing of her glaucoma and for restoration of any vision she might have lost. Come fill her and her family with peace and joy as they trust in You, and may they experience new hope and continue to see Your glory in the everyday. I also pray that You will come shine Your light upon the hearts of her family members and may they hear the Gospel in a true, beautiful way and may they give their hearts to You fully. I pray against anything that is standing in the way of their salvation. Amen

  23. Hi. I just want that please pray for the both of us (husband Michael angelo ) as we are going through a rough time in our marriage. Restoration and reconciliation in our marriage

    • Dear Lord, please help Rita and her husband find their love again. Ignite their spirits with love for you and for each other.

  24. My brother is in the middle of a divorce; his wife is being very vindictive and not acting in a manner that will protect their children. Please pray for her heart to be broken for what break’s God’s heart. Pray for my niece and nephews to be protected from her negative and hurtful ways to them and the whole situation. Thank you. Believing God.

  25. Lord I pray for the broken marriages. I pray for Rita and Michael to be restored and be filled with hope. I pray that you help them to see one another ‘s perspectives as that is often hard to do. You are the God who moves mountains!

  26. This weekend marks some of those hurtful moments for me. With deep sadness, my husband of 33 years and oldest daughter are moving out. He wants a divorce. It is not only a marriage breakup but a family as well. It has been years of trying to fix it, and heal it, but it takes two willing people to change. We have gone through so many losses already. Please pray for me as I grieve and for my family as we find new normal and work through the hardships of divorce. I know God will work something beautiful out of my mess, but it’s hard to see it now.

  27. I have been avoiding dealing with childhood experiences for 35 years now, first with abusive relationships and then with drugs. I am in recovery now and struggling to feel my feelings. I have no idea how to feel without falling. Please pray for my mind, that I allow God to have control.

  28. My husband and I have struggled with infertility. We have 1 adopted son and are trying to figure out the next adoption. Please pray for us that God will show us what our next steps are.

  29. Please pray for my wife and three children and me as we are transitioning into divorce. I’m praying for a miracle for restoration.

  30. My boyfriend of three years just broke up with me. We both love the Lord and I loved him so much but he wasn’t willing to fight for me. Please pray that I will remain strong in the Lord and see His goodness in everything.

    • Heavenly Father, wrap your arms around Evelyn. Give her peace and comfort and calm her heart. Give her hope that her heart will open up again. Heal the pieces of her broken heart. Evelyn you are God‘s child and he wants nothing more than the best for you. Think about that saying, when God shuts the door ….he’s opening a window. Trust in Him….

  31. As I started to read this, it took me back to the very dark moment when I realized my husband had been living another life with his much younger secretary.
    What followed was a very difficult and painful divorce and to this day my heart truly breaks over all that was lost.
    But reading this today made me realize that God has something better for me, I am his child And he only wants the best for me.
    And so my prayer is that my broken heart and my son’s heart will continue to heal. I would love nothing more than restoration of my family but I accept God’s plan.
    Blessings to all on this site as they trust in you Lord.
    Deborah ❤️

    • Dear Heavenly Father, I ask that you please continue to wrap Deborah and her son in your unending love and bless them with the healing that only you can give. Lead them through the amazing plan you have for their lives and fill them with your joy.
      All this I ask in Christ’s most holy and precious name, amen.

    • Heavenly Father, You are the God of restoration and redemption. I pray that You’d continue Your healing work in the lives of Deborah and her son. I pray that You’d show them Your goodness in a very real way today. Thank You for being their Provision and Unfailing Love during this hard time. Amen

  32. I would love prayer for redemption, new faith and emptying of bitterness in the lives of my parents.
    Also, for me for healing and freedom from depression and a eating disorder, as well as a wrongly – placed desire for acceptance from people.

  33. I ask for prayers for my mom, my brother and me. My mom and I have tried to help my brother for many years now. He has problems with addiction and desperately needs help. Unfortunately, we’re starting to see that by trying to help him, we’ve only enabled him, and the problem is far worse than we realized. We, and my mom especially, are having to make very hard decisions that we know are ultimately what have to be done, but it’s heartbreaking. He has to see a need for change and for God’s help and love, and we can’t make him see that through our own power. I know God loves the prodigal, though, and can bring him home. Please pray for strength and peace for my mom, for salvation for my brother, and that God would make clear the way for me and my mom, with as little heartbreak and pain as possible. Thank you all.

    • I pray for Stacey, her brother and her mom. Show them the way. Give them the resources and wisdom. I pray I find a way out of my abusive relationship after immigrating to a new country with him and our children. I am lost and unsure of which direction to take. Please pray for my courage and wisdom.

  34. I’ve struggled with abandonment and neglect since a young child. These feelings have also made me doubt the love and care of my Heavenly Father. I doubt my worthiness in comparison to all His other children. Please pray for the Lord to break this sin and bondage in my life and bring healing. Thank you, Rebecca

  35. I pray very sincerely for release from my gripping social anxiety. Life events have left me afraid and insecure, however , I function daily with medication but I’m not near the person I used to be. Please pray for me that I am released from this ailment as I have to take care of myself. Sincerely thankful

    • I pray the Lord would reassure you of how wonderful you are and that there are people who will accept you for all that you are. I pray He would help you work through your anxiety and be able to live each day with health, joy and authenticity. Blessings for a new week ☺️

  36. I always thought I would have a fun, purpose-filled career, bringing value and joy to the world. Over the past 10 years, I feel like I’ve struggled to find my “place.” My expectations and my reality seem so different. I want to do what got has planned for me and want so badly to hear and feel his guidance. I ask for contentment for where He has me. I ask that whatever role (regardless of how basic or elaborate) focuses my heart on serving Him.

  37. It’s hard to go through dark moments in our lives. But we have to know that the Lord is besides us during those dark moments and won’t leave us. Would you pray please for my middle son. He has been in a long journey because he has been like the prodigal son. He has been changing and Im praying for freedom and victory for his life. Also he needs a job we have been praying for a job for my son for so long. I’m praying that the Lord gives him what’s best for his life. Praying for a miracle. God bless you!

  38. It’s difficult to go through dark moments. I think I have been there for a long time. Would you pray for my middle son. He has been in a long journey like the prodigal son. I’m praying for freedom and vìctory for his life. He also needs a job. Im praying for a job that it’s God’s will. Thank you for your support in prayer. I need a miracle.

  39. I’m pregnant with my 2nd child and am so excited yet scared. I’m also possibly changing jobs. Please pray for the new transitions and adjustments that will happen. Most importantly, a healthy pregnancy and post-prgnancy.

  40. My relationship that I made a mess out of.
    It had to happen, glad it happened, but I dont like how it feels. This has brought me closer to God and has turned me from the path I was headed.

  41. My husband and I have different beliefs. I’ve accepted Jesus Christ as my lord and savior for for years and finally recently got baptized. My husband hasn’t been more distant and theirs been a wedge between our marriage. I’m praying as hard as I can and trying to keep my faith away from my husband to not make him uncomfortable. I feel like he was more understanding before we got married. Of course I want nothing more than my husband to believe, but idk what to do anymore because there’s a huge wedge between us the last few months. We’ve only been married for 11 months and I just hope he can one day hear God’s word and experience his love. But that’ll take time… please pray for God to soften his heart and for us to continue to grow together! Thank you soooo much and God bless!!

    • Father God, you hear Taylor’s heart. We thank you for the trust she has placed in You. We thank you that she knows You and loves You. I pray for a deeper relationship with You, the author and perfecter of her faith. We also ask for her husband… you know his heart and his fears about committing himself to You. Lord, whisper to him your love and affection. We ask that you would give Taylor creative ideas in how to love her husband. We ask for honest and open conversation with each other about their fears, hopes and dreams. Father, we pray against this ‘wedge’ that exists. You are the one who breaks down walls and makes the impossible possible! You split the sea. You still work powerfully today. I pray that as Taylor focuses on her relationship with You, that you would transform her heart in ever more deeper ways that would inspire and intrigue her husband to find out who this Jesus really is! Amen!

  42. For years we have been praying for an end to my eldest son’s bedwetting. He is now 14. Every night is soaked. WE have tried every avenue, every alternative approach (chiro, naturopath, acupuncture, dietary, etc) and every alarm ‘program’ on the market. Literally. We have spent a lot of money on this issue as well. At this point, an alarm system is the best way for kids to get dry but we have suffered months of sleep deprivation with no results. It is incredibly discouraging and he has decided that he doesn’t want to use the alarm anymore. I know that is it not a life/death issue, but if you could understand the utter shame that he suffers about it, it is heartbreaking. At 14 he has had to miss out on many things that involve overnights. It’s just getting worse as he gets older. He has a school trip in a few months and he is terrified about getting ‘found out’. His main strategy for dealing with overnights is to stay up all night. But this won’t work for a 5 day trip. We feel discouraged in prayer so please lift your voice on our behalf. We want so badly to see him dry.

    • Lord, I lift up Kristen’s son to you – and the family as well. We know you have the answers Lord and ask you to please take away this thorn of his. We also know that you want him to live life to the full. My heart is saddened for him missing out on childhood things because of this fear and shame he carries. I pray that you provide answers for the family to walk through this trial, and for him to be able to freely enjoy all the things you would have for him with no fear. Let this time in his life become a distant memory, while instilling in him a closeness and gratitude for You – we trust you will use this for your glory. In Jesus’ name and power, Amen.

  43. Asking for prayers for healing of my marriage. My husband left last year after 30 years of marriage. Praise God he moved back – but we both still have many fears. I continue to pray that he repents to God of whatever it is that he is battling so he can be healed and so that his relationship with the Lord can be restored and improved. I ask for prayer for the restoration of past things (some things we still have separate) and for restoration of a new and better marriage where we can use these lessons to help others. Thank you.

    • Dear Father please would you bring healing and restoration to Kimberly’s marriage. Would you work in her heart and that of her husband so that together they may know your healing and forgiveness. Restore their marriage so that it would bring glory to you. Give her peace and may she feel your living arms around her. Amen

  44. I am battling with a deep overwhelming depression. I don’t know how to go forward and everything in my life seems grey and pointless. My marriage is in trouble and I am in a high stress job with little support. We are also battling financially. Life just feels very difficult and pointless.

    • Lauren,

      We all have those dark moments, but know that there is light at the end of the tunnel. I love this prayer and am praying for you.

      Lord, please answer Laurens prayers and stand by her through these dark and challenging times.

      O Christ Jesus,
      when all is darkness
      and we feel our weakness and helplessness,
      give us the sense of your presence,
      your love, and your strength.
      Help us to have perfect trust
      in your protecting love
      and strengthening power,
      so that nothing may frighten or worry us,
      for, living close to you,
      we shall see your hand,
      your purpose, your will through all things.

      -St. Ignatius of Loyola

  45. Aliza,

    God is still making beauty from ashes. When life throws us lemons He shows us how to make lemonade. Each trial I have faced has equipped me to trust Him more readily. I know He will bring an answer to my questions in His perfect timing.

    Please pray for my pastor’s wife’s mom. She is in her 90s & not doing well. Each child lives 4.5 hrs away & mom won’t move down here (TN from W VA). It’s hard for her to have to travel often to check on her. Give Kathy (pastor ‘s wife) a sense of peace & help her not to worry.

    Praying for all here. God knows the situations & He will guide each of you on your journey. Praying for peace & contentment. May you feel & know that God is working on your behalf.

    Blessings 🙂

  46. Asking for some prayers for my son as he has been put in a life altering circumstance. I pray for his freedom and peace of mind, and that he walk away from this circumstance changed for the better, with significant life lesson learned. He is only 19.

    • God, would You deliver Mary’s son out of the situation he’s in? Keep his mind in Your peace. May He learn something valuable from what happened. Amen

    • God, would You deliver Mary’s son out of the circumstance he’s in? Keep his mind in Your peace. May he learn something valuable. Amen.

    • Vanessa ~ I pray that the job that God wants for and you will connect very soon and in the meantime you will feel the peace of God and a have a knowing that your blessing is coming. I want you to know that you and I are in the same boat and that I understand all the complicated feelings the surround being unemployed or under employed and have a financial question mark in your life. Don’t forget to take care of yourself!

  47. My request is a double: I’ve been applying for an interviewing for jobs in my field for months and not having employment is affecting many aspects of my life and my husband told me recently that he believes our marriage maybe over; please pray that I am offered the job that God wants for me soon and that God heals our marriage. Thank you so much!!!

    • Daar God, provide Kimberly with proper employment and restore her marriage. Give her strength, courage, patience and joy. Amen.

  48. My husband is batteling addiction and this is so exhausting. We need God to come through and make new ways of thinking and followed actions.

    • Lord, please deliver Kate’s husband from addiction. Increase her strength so she may endure and renew their hearts and minds. Amen.