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Stephanie Bryant is the co-founder of @incourage and a podcaster at the #JesusLedAdventurePodcast. She owns a Marketing & Business Coaching company. She is passionate about guiding you to your promised land and personal brand therapy. She enjoys spending her days with her husband and their miracle daughter, Gabrielle, on #BryantFamilyFarm....

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  1. Hello Stephanie! Your post was really God-sent for me… I pray one more time for the restoration of a relationship and also for children. I would appreciate someone joining in. Thank you for sharing this wonderful story! Blessings to you and your daughter and family, and to everyone in this community

    • Thank you for Anna’s faith, Lord–for her willingness to speak out loud the requests that you are placing on her heart. Please restore this relationship that is bringing heartache and bless Anna with the gift of children. May Anna be like her New Testament name sake, full of faith and speaking Your story to all who come her way.

    • Anna,

      Sweet sister – praying for your relationship to be restored in His timing. Asking God to send children to you if it is His will.
      Father God,
      I beseech you to restore the broken relationship. Help Anna & the other person to put aside all differences & forgive each other. If this is your will Lord send children to Anna. Allow her to be a momma. I pray her faith grows & she is strengthened.


      • Anna my relationship is very much broken with my daughters also. It’s hard waiting as I’m 56 . Gods will sometimes is hard to accept. I fight for peace about my situation daily. Strong in Christ . HAPPY EASTER

        • Happy Easter to you too, Maria! I pray for a restoration of the relationship with your daughters, and that He gives you peace and wisdom, and a whole bunch of feeling His love through this

      • Amen! Thank you so much Heather! So grateful to have sisters in prayer with me along the way!

  2. Stephanie,
    I feel like a broken record when y’all ask for prayer requests, and I am SO thankful for the friends, here, who have been praying for and with me. Some days I take the shortcut and simply say, “God, you know my prayer….” You are right, however, that I/we need to be faithful in continuing to pray and not give up. I ask for prayer, one more time, that the hearts of both of my adult children would be softened to hear God’s leading in their life and, as His ambassador, that their hearts would be softened toward me and my husband as well. Thank you and rejoicing with you in your daughter’s decision…that’s awesome and inspiring!
    Bev xx

    • Lord, hear this faithful mum’s prayer for her children. Please bring into their lives the people or the circumstances that would open their eyes to the Truth of your great love for them, and help them to respond with love to Bev and her husband. Too, I pray for Bev’s health and healing. Strengthen her, Lord, with resolve that perseveres, because perseverance leads to character and character leads to hope and HOPE does not disappoint!

    • Praying you will make a clear pathway for Bevs children and let them join the body of Christ, all in your good timing, Amen

    • Lord, I am continually inspired by Bev. I don’t know her but you do, and you know what stands in the way of her children wanting to be filled by you. I pray you remove and strike down whatever dares to stand in the way, between them and you. May they all be blessed by your love and mighty glory. In Jesus name, Amen.

    • Bev,

      Continued prayers for the lives of your children. May God awaken them to their need for Him. I ask God to change their hearts toward you & your hubby.


      Give Bev good health & no more surgeries this year. Heal her completely. Awaken her children’s need for you. Change their heart o God – make it ever true-change their hearts o God may they be like you. Make them want you & your word. Open their eyes to the lies they are believe. Change their attitudes toward Bev & her hubby. Bring joy & happiness into her life. In Jesus Name AMEN!

  3. May I ask for help writing my final report. For God to lead me in the direction jobwise that is in his plans and that I have discernment in understanding those plans. Can I ask for my relationship with God to become front and centre and for my husband and children to develop a relationship with God and become saved. Thank you!!

    • Lord, bless Jas & her family. As Jas continues to usher her husband & children into Your presence, allow them to hold tightly to You, develop a relationship with You, & give their lives to You. Why? Because You are their Savior & the lover of their souls. Also, help Jas with perfecting her final report & show her the plans that You have for her life. Amen.
      **Jeremiah 29:11

    • Lord, thank you for the opportunities you have given Jas to grow in her areas of gifting. Guide her through this final report and lead her clearly through the next steps she ought to take. We also ask boldly that you would bring her husband and children to a saving faith in you, Jesus Christ! Pursue their hearts. Let them see you through Jas. Break down any barriers that are keeping them from choosing You. We believe you for this. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

  4. My 12 year old niece is 97% non-verbal and not completely potty trained (#2). I prayed fervently for these things for many years and then gave up. It feels hopeless. She is my heart.

    • God please touch Julie’s niece and give Julie renewed hope in your goodness and that your ear does hear, always. Julie’s niece is deeply and completely loved by you, and may both their lives bring you glory. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

    • Julie,
      I pray for your 12 year old niece just as I pray these same things for my 12 year old nephew. He, too, is non-verbal and not potty trained. He (and his twin sister) were diagnosed with autism when they were much younger. His sister is thriving. He is smart; we can see that in his actions but he continues to resist being potty trained. He makes noises and has learned some sign language to let us know some things but it’s still so frustrating when he is crying and you have no clue why because he can’t tell us.
      Thank you also for the reminder to pray for my nephew each day, and now for your niece.

    • Julie, lifting up your niece to the Lord and asking God as I type this to bring relief to her parents. Lord please allow Julie’s niece to be potty trained to make it easier for her niece and for her nieces carers. As she grows lord and gets heavier it’s is harder to change diapers etc. Lord if it is your will please equip your beautiful child with the capability to learn sign language or even speak, surround her with your love and comfort help her to grow and develop as it is laid out in your plan for her life. I ask these things in Jesus’ name, Amen

  5. I pray for my teen son’s heart to turn towards God and to accept his love, mercy, and grace into his heart. I pray the Lord gives me the words to share with him about my faith and the ears to listen to his questions. I thank you for the reminder to pray without ceasing and that God hears us each and every time.

    • Stacey, lifting your son up in prayer. Lord please let the Holy Spirit intercede and give Stacey the right words at the right time when answering questions about you and may the holy spirit stir in her sons heart and may he know you as his saviour. Lord I am shouting me too in this request for my own tween son!!! In Jesus’ beloved name, Amen

  6. I need to pray probably more than one more time for my daughter’s father who was abusive when we were together. I need to pray for God to intervene and soften his heart as we try to come to agreement during the court proceedings.

    • Please soften the heart of Elizabeth’s ex husband to allow him to be fair when they go to court over custody for their child. Walk with Elizabeth every step of the way in this journey Father. In Jesus Name I ask these things, Amen.

  7. What an inspiring story! I’m so happy for your daughter. It’s funny, too, because it’s exactly the message I needed right now. Yes, I’ve stopped praying. Was God even listening? I didn’t think so. But I know so because he loves all his children and desires to hear from them. So, I’ll pray one more time and ask for your prayers as well. Lord, I pray for restoration and healing of a relationship and for your wisdom and guidance about the next phase in my life. I struggle so with my troubles and stubbornly refuse to let you carry my burden. I worry and fret instead of praying and releasing my tight grip of control. Lord, please infuse me with your peace and strength. I know with you everything is possible and that, despite my weak faith, you are always with me. Your love remains steadfast.

    • Amen! Father I pray that you reveal yourself to Lisa’s heart in a way that she feels more deeply that she really can let go of the control and let you carry her burdens, and that she can really trust you. I ask you to show her the ways you want for her, to heal and restore that relationship, and to give her wisdom and guidance for her next phase in life. Infuse her please with your peace above understanding, and give her strength. Thank you Father!
      God’s timing is very often quite different than ours, don’t give up praying!
      God bless you!
      Jeremiah 29:11

    • LISA YOUR PRAYER SOUNDS ALOT LIKE MINE.IAM SLOWLY STARTING TO FEEL WHY PRAYER ? BUT ILL PRAYER one more time. Lord help Lisa and Maria to hand our lives over to you help us not to stop praying its your timing not ours.you are in control let us be still and know you are god. One more prayer my puppy jewels has enlarged heart help the vet to find the best medical plan for her she is only 6 and she is all i have my children don’t care about me said they are ashamed of me cause i have depression.

  8. I pray for my husband, a first responder, who is struggling with many of the things he has seen and for God to soften his heart and lead him to Christ… and for our family – especially my four beautiful children – who deserve their father and not the angry, frustrated man he has become. I pray for their hearts, I pray that they grow closer to God and lean in.

    • Farrah, my heart aches for the complexity of your family’s situation. Standing here in prayer with you.

      Heavenly Father, thank you that you are the One who stands in the gap. Please be the great Gap Filler for what Farrah and her children need. Cover them with your mercy and grace. And as you are, we ask boldly that you would draw her husband to yourself. Heal His heart and mind and all the trauma he holds. Thank you for his service and sacrifice. But we ask that you would soften his heart, that he might see His great need and admit that you’re the only One who can fill it. Spirit, groan for the things I do not know how to pray for. We trust you. Amen.

      • Echoing Becky’s prayer this morning for you, your husband and your children. I pray for your safety and his complete healing. I thank him for his service and steadfastness in the midst of chaos and pain. I pray God will transform your family by the power of Jesus.

  9. It’s been four years since I have worked. I have had numerous job interviews over the years, without a job offer. Today, I have a second interview which will be 7 hours long, meeting with various groups as part of the interview process. In the past, I have become fearful and communicate the short or rambling responses. Today, I am feeling a lack of confidence I need but this position would help my family out tremulously as my adult college students have stepped up and have helped out these last several months.

  10. Thank you for such a beautiful post! It has stirred my heart in excitement of what the Lord is able to do as we offer our prayers to a Him. Knowing He is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all we can ever ask or think! Please pray for my unbelieving spouse and my sons salvation. That the Lord would soften their hearts and bring them to a knowledge of who He is.

    • Lord, Jesus, you came to save and not judge, I ask that you would save Darlene’s husband and son. Transform their hearts, lives and future by the power of your Holy Spirit. Encourage Darlene to shine your light in her daily life so they might see you.

  11. Thanks for the reminder to pray one more time. Sometimes its hard to pray when life gets overwhelming for me, and this topic is just in time – when I really need the prayers
    Please pray with me;
    – for children as I begin another round of treatment this week
    – for clarity of mind, wisdom and understanding
    – for a career in my chosen field
    – that my relationship with God will grow to a new level
    – for marital leading for siblings and in-laws

    Thank you

  12. Lord, thank you for who you are. Thank you for knowing us and loving us always. We pray for Jas today, we pray for wisdom for her as she writes her final paper. Give her the words and thoughts that you want her to have. We pray for wisdom for her as she seeks the next step in her career – give her discernment as she walks through this journey with You. Give Jas a longing for you and a desire to seek you first, everyday. We pray for her family. We pray for her husband and children, that they come to know you are their Lord and Savior. Touch their hearts today and give them the longing for you. Thank you Lord. Thank you for hearing us and knowing our hearts.

  13. I’ve pretty much given up on getting a job in another school or district. I’ve tried for years, and, this year, I tried the hardest (even getting a new certification). Nothing seems to be working out, and I’ll have to sign my contract for next year very soon which will leave me where I am. I’m thankful for the job I have, but I really need a change.

  14. This is a very timely blog! I’m praying “one more time” to be healed of thyroid issues and for my 15 year old son to give his heart to Jesus!

  15. Thank you for this post. It brought tears to my eyes to hear about your one more time prayer. God is good. So good.

    I pray one more time (and will pray one more time tomorrow if needed!) for my mom and dad to return to church.

    I pray for my family, my husband, daughter and I, for all of us to keep seeking Him first and that we all follow Him each day.

    Thank you!

  16. I ask for prayers for my family, we are all struggling with anxiety and depression and need restoration.

    • Dear R my family struggling with same issues let’s prayer ONE MORE TIME. Also prayers for my fur buddy not feeling well. Please reply back.

  17. Thank you. So timely. God-sent! Would love prayers for my children, my son in particular, for a Jesus-sent friend at school for them. Praying for my ex-husband and his family to know Jesus as their personal Savior. For my husband as he grows in his faith and leads our family by example. For guidance for our family as we try to discern what God wants for our family – to stay in our townhome (we are out of room!), or to move. For grace for me for myself, and for peace that passes all understanding as I deal with resurfacing of anxiety.

    Thank you so much!

  18. I humbly ask for healing for my 7 year-old son who has a rare disorder allowing him to only eat around 5 foods his entire life without an allergic reaction. I also pray for healing of his autism symptoms. I have also been pleading for the Lord to heal me from an injury to my body (caused by surgery) that keeps me in chronic pain day and night.

    • Kimberly, my heart goes out to you!! Dear Jesus, please carry Kimberly and her son gently in Your arms today. Please heal them both. Please touch Kimberly’s aching mama heart with gentle comfort as only You can and in a way she knows is You. Please strengthen her precious son’s body, heal him, and do the miracle of allowing him to eat more foods without any adverse reactions. Please supply the courage to keep going and please show up in amazing ways for Kimberly and her family. May they be gifted with feeling Your presence even though we know You’re always there. Just sometimes, Lord, we really want to feel You, too. In Jesus’ Name, amen. Hugs, Kimberly. Hurting with you.


  19. Please pray for my prodigal daughter who is on a quest and lives on another continent. She has goals and is pursuing them, but she is of the world and has no time for her mother and is emotionally as well as physically distant. I lost my husband recently and I feel like I’ve lost my daughter too. I pray for her every day. Does she even think about me? I am so tired and feel lonely. God has been good to me though and I thank Him all the time. I know He is doing a work in my daughter and I believe He is also doing a work in me. I need to wait for His time and patience is a fruit I could work on myself. Pray for her soul to be restored and her heart to be filled with the love of Jesus.

  20. Thank you for your article. It touched my heart so much. My prayer is for my son to come to know Christ and go for baptism.

  21. Hello Stephanie, I’m wondering why I’ve read this today. This morning, I decided to no longer pray for a husband as it just looks so bleak and I’ve prayed for so long and I’m diappointed.

    I pray one more time for a Christian husband and eventually children.

    So lovely to hear about your daughter and I am praying for the requests here.

  22. I pray for my son Travis to be free from addiction and totally turned onto God that he would put his children’s life before his own . That he would be the Christian father they need him to be

  23. Thank you for sharing that. It encourages me to keep praying for my adult daughter who is struggling emotionally and although she knows God she is not making time for Him in her life. She is filling the hole we all have inside that can only be filled with Jesus with distractions. She is filling it with overworking, poor self care and anger. Please God hear my prayer one more time for her to be healed. Praying for all of your requests. God bless all of you!

    • Maria my name is Maria my adult daughter is also struggling emotionally I pray for you and your daughter ❤️

  24. God I am asking for a husband. And I will never stop praying for you to touch my fathers heart so that he will come to know you as his savior. He needs to understand the gift of forgiveness and restoration. Thank you.

  25. Thank you Stephanie for this post. It really encouraged me. Please pray for my new friend Pauline who has just been diagnosed with stage-4 brain cancer. Please pray for God’s will to be done in her life and above all for her to see her need for Him and make a decision to follow Him. She knows lots of Christians are praying for her all over the world but has not had a personal relationship with Christ. Please pray for her son to also come to know Christ and that they will both feel the presence of our Lord through this difficult time. Please pray that for those of us who love her, we would not give up praying for Pauline and her healing both physically and spiritually. Our God is a God of miracles and there is nothing that He cannot do.


  26. Thank you for this message, the timing is perfect! Please pray for my marriage. I’d ask this of as many people who are willing to; I have never needed anything more.

    • Lord, please heal this marriage! (Kimberly, He healed my marriage – nothing is impossible with God!)

      • Thank you so much Elaine, it is encouraging to me that God healed your marriage and it gives me hope that He will heal mine!

  27. I needed to hear this today. I was losing faith that God was even hearing my prayers, I was about to just give up. Then this morning while going through emails I came across this one and read it. God spoke to me through this. I will pray always and remember that even though he isn’t answering me in my time he is hearing me. Thank you.

    • I so relate to this. May God comfort you and you feel His presence. I am sorry for what you are going through. He will never leave us or forsake us.

  28. I will commit to praying for my daughter and her husband and their choice of lifestyle.

  29. Please,ladies, pray for a financial miracle in my family’s life. …. it’s been 5 years since my husband last worked, and our hole just keeps getting deeper.

  30. For my husbands salvation and release from strongholds. For my daughter who is dealing with depression and anxiety

  31. God would reveal to me if He wants me to continue being on a worship team at this small chirch, because I don’t enjoy it like before and I don’t really feel a peace there anymore.

    • Father, thank you that you are always a light in our lives. I pray that you give MaryMargaret clear answers about this decision, and that you show her what is your next step for her. Thank you Father!
      Bless you!

  32. I read through and prayed through all of these comments. My heart goes out to each and every one of these requests. I am praying with you. My request is for several unsaved family members that just don’t get it. They think they are Christians but don’t live it. And I mean that in a non-judgmental way. They don’t live like they have hope. It is heartbreaking to watch. But if I say something I become the know-it-all goody-goody sister. So I just pray. Thank you for joining me.

  33. I pray that my sweet daughter Bonnie will be healed of MS and her health restored

  34. Thank you for the encouragement to pray “one more time”. I continue to pray for the salvation of my adult children and younger grandchildren. I pray for Christ’s intervention on their behalf. I do become fearful that God has other plans for them – although I know this kind of thinking is wrong. I will keep praying! Thank you for the message.

  35. Lord.. I pray for guidance for my husband’s job and the direction we need to take with our home. Also, I pray for both of my daughters salvation. That they would come to know you at a young age. I pray for good test results for my mother in the next few days. Allow me dear God to hear your voice in all the business of life. I also lift up everyone’s prayer request on this feed. What a wonderful story and lesson today. Praise God for the in(courage) community.


  36. I have a few things that I need to continue to pray for. I need to continue to pray that God will show me what to do about my marriage and my daughter with epilepsy. There is just so much! I have 1 child who doesn’t speak to me because of something that his sister said about us and the way his wife is. I have a brand new grandson whom I have only seen twice since he was born and he is now 4 months old. My oldest daughter is finally coming back around again and that is answer to my prayer. But they still don’t know the Lord. My oldest son’s life style is not acceptable in the sight of God or myself. My husband is an alcoholic and spends a lot of money on beer and dip. This is why I need to continue to pray for my marriage and whether I’m going to leave him or stay with him. My health is not good and I’m exhausted all the time from taking care of him and my daughter who is 28 and has epilepsy.

    • Maria my name is Maria my adult daughter is also struggling emotionally I pray for you and your daughter ❤️

    • Gina my story is a lot like yours my children don’t talk to me my husband is cold and uncaring we must keep praying one more time.its hard. But god hears our pain praying for you .1 peter 5:7

  37. Hi Stephanie,

    I absolutely needed this, this morning. I, unfortunately, was a mean girl to my husband over the weekend. I prayed this morning for guidance on what to do. I feel as though I’m so over everything but then I read this. What makes this sweeter is that I listen to your Jesus Led Adventure podcast and I just love your podcast. Thank you for your words, your faith and kindness. This has helped me this morning.

  38. Please pray for my for sons that they get saved and start going to church. They also struggle with substance abuse issues. I have been broken heartedly praying for years with no results. I have faced so many trials and feel so weary. Recently I have felt like giving up even though I know it is wrong. Your message spoke to my heart today. I am grateful for the blessing of your words. My name is Kristen. I just really need prayers for strength and provisions please. I am in the ministry and my husband is a pastor. We are definitely being spiritually attacked. Thank you so very much.

  39. I would like to ask the Lord one more time to heal my son on earth as it is in Heaven from the seizures he has every time he goes to sleep. My sister who was brutally attack last year and lost her home and car, and is now homeless where she lives. Also for emotionally healing from it and her past. Prayer for her son who’s incarcerated. My mom who’s battling breast cancer. My marriage.

  40. I would ask for prayer warriors to come along side as I pray for my parents, my former brother in law, my siblings, and my 2 daughters.
    My parents are struggling with their faith after the unexpected death of my youngest sisters few years ago, as is her husband. My siblings have never believed and I only see one of them. Both my daughter’s suffered sexual abuse from their father, he died and never acknowledged their pain. They accepted Jesus as their saviour and were both baptized, but have turned away now.
    I will be praying for them again, to allow Jesus into their lives.

  41. As I saw the title and the picture at the beginning of this article, my first thought was to pray more for my son, Terrell. He is 19 and not walking as close to God as I would like for him to be. Three weeks ago, I began to pray in a new and different way for him and my 21 year-old daughter, Brenna. I feel she is fairly strong in her faith, but I would also like to see more for her in her walk. As I began to read your article, a text came in–from my daughter!!! I began to pray for her. In my brain, I was thinking more of my son in that moment, but I feel God called me to pray for my daughter. He knows her heart and needs much better than I.

    I am so happy that you are a praying mom!!! Thanks for the call to prayer. Fruit is on the way!

  42. Oh Lord one more time…
    The issue of moving. My husband, kids and I are in need of a place to live. We have always lived with other family member for 10 years. An opportunity has come for us to become first time homebuyers. My husband has asked his parents to live with us. I’m not sure this is the best decision for us. Actually I feel anxious about living with family members again. I actually right before reading this, texted my husband how I feel and wrote that despite my feelings I will trust the Lord and say Lord your will be done not mine.

    • Father, thank you for Andrea’s home! I pray that you give a clear answer in her heart and in her husband’s heart as what is the choice you want them to make in this situation. And I pray that you bring the best solutions for everybody involved in the decision they will take. Thank you Father!

  43. Stephanie,

    Such a timely post. I have been praying for a friend’s son. Found out in December that he has turned his life around. He has a job & got a promotion. Never give up praying. I have another friend who needs prayers. Her son needs his heart changed dramatically. He is running with the world now. She needs a calmer home life. Her brother is living with them, but needs to move on with his life. Her job is super stressful & she needs peace.

    Blessings 🙂

  44. Thank you for this post today. It came at a time when it is so needed. I am praying one more time for many things. I know that God is listening but I get impatient and then I feel very shameful and guilty because I know that God is in control of everything. I pray that He will work His will in all the lives of those who have posted their needs here today. May they feel peace as never before and know that He has His hand on them. I need prayer to return to my first love, MY God and never take Him for granted, to feel His peace, blessings, and mercy in all that I face. THANK YOU, God, for your love.

    • LISA YOUR PRAYER SOUNDS ALOT LIKE MINE.IAM SLOWLY STARTING TO FEEL WHY PRAYER ? BUT ILL PRAYER one more time. Lord help Lisa and Maria to hand our lives over to you help us not to stop praying its your timing not ours.you are in control let us be still and know you are god. One more prayer my puppy jewels has enlarged heart help the vet to find the best medical plan for her she is only 6 and she is all i have my children don’t care about me said they are ashamed of me cause i have depression.

  45. Thank you Stephanie for your encouragement to ‘pray one more time’. Today’s title immediately caught my attention because last night I wanted to pray one last time about a ‘need’ our family has had for a few years, but since God has not answered in the way I expected I have began to ask myself why / is this really a need since we are not homeless and what is God trying to teach us. So instead of praying/begging God to help us move into our own home so we can move out of my in-laws house, I prayed over my sleeping 4 and 6 year old sons. I now believe it was the nudge of the Holy Spirit that I prayed over my sweet boys the same way you prayed over your sweet daughter so that I could fully grasp today’s message.

  46. One of the last sentences of this really spoke with me. “Maybe there’s an issue in your life that you grew tired of asking God about because He was silent.” I am trying to finish college and get a job for after graduation and I have been praying that God would show me something that says this is right for me. I have been struggling with knowing where I am supposed to go next and I stopped praying about it because I heard nothing. This has been so encouraging to read because I feel like I I gave up to soon for a God that is always working on His time not mine. I just really thank you for this and I ask for prayer from anyone willing in this topic that I find where God wants me to be and for an encounter with Him again.

  47. praying …. one more time …. for God to show up and grant me the desire of my heart for a husband and family…..I feel like I’ve been screaming into the wind now for more than 20 years…..waiting, crying, hoping….

  48. Stephanie, thank you for this beautiful devotional. It was right on time. My prayer today is for unconditional love. My husband’s love for me has faded, & I deserve so much more. I have petitioned to God for guidance. Now, I’m waiting for His divine guidance & the overflow. My bleeding heart is slowly healing.

  49. Please agree & pray with me, tomorrow is my 21st birthday in the Lord. This year will be our 53rd anniversary, praying my husband will make a commitment to follow Jesus Christ so we can serve the Lord together.
    My passion is for souls to connect to Jesus, praying for many of my wider family to be followers of Jesus & my suburb & nation.(Australia)
    Ps2v8 is my cry to the Lord!!! Praying for reconciliation among family members.

  50. My brother has been having severe back pain; today he had a ct scan. The results come tomorrow. I ask all of you who read this to please pray for Gods Healing Grace. For the scan to be clear & that He takes away my brothers pain.

  51. I have been praying for my two oldest to make the decision to be baptized. They have accepted Christ as their Savior but have yet to ask to be baptized. I also have been praying for my husband’s job situation and mine as well. I would greatly appreciate prayers for these prayers of mine to be answered. I work from home while homeschooling our kids and if I could just get an answer to one of these prayers it would be such a blessing. These things have been weighing heavily on me the past several years. Thank you all SO very much!

  52. Stephanie,
    Thank you for the encouragement and praise God for answering your prayers. Your message resonated with me as I’ve been praying for the same thing for years. I commit to praying one more time for my prodigal husband’s return to the Lord and restoration of my relationship with him. Praise God for the answers.

  53. Please join in praying with me for so many health issues in my family (including myself) and my husband’s (including my husband) family as well. Also safety and understanding God’s plan for our children’s future give us patience to recieve.
    Thank you so much.

  54. I pray every night before bed for full night’s sleep without pain. Today at 5:25am I was forced out of bed with severe pain throughout my right leg despite medication. I now what i s causing the pain, it is because of the muscle deterioration from FSH Muscular Dystrophy and there is nothing medically that can be done about it.

    • Praying for you Karla,
      Numbers 6:24-26. God hears your cries and will never abandon you. I pray for healing ,in His time and in His way. May you know his comfort and His great love for you in this journey.God knows the way through!❤️

  55. Hello Stephanie 🙂

    I need to go back to praying for my husband and our marriage. My heart grew cold with the situations and I stopped praying. I need to start again.

    Thank you for your post.

  56. Stephanie, this hits home for me. My daughter was 8 years old when she was baptized and this was on her own accord. I too had nothing to do with it. She is now 13 years old and loves the Lord greatly. She’s involved with the church and next year requested to join in helping the children’s ministry. I am so proud of her. I know I had mentioned this numerous time on the other comments I had made throughout my commenting on other topics. She had received reprimands when she was in 4th grade for passing out our church invite cards inviting others to church. the principle was not pleased at all. It is sad that this country was built on religious freedom and yet we had take religion completely out of everything now. Thank you for this message.