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Becky is an author, speaker, Bible teacher, mom of three loud boys, and the Community and Editorial Manager for (in)courage. She loves writing about anxiety, motherhood, and the kindness of God. Long naps, shady trails, and a good book make her really happy.

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  1. YES! I want to do better with praying in the moment! God hears us no matter where we are, and there’s something so amazing about lifting a friend heavenward when we’re standing between together on the holy ground between fridge and microwave.

  2. Becky,
    I too remember the first time someone did that for me and just how loved and cared about I felt. I try to take that forward – risking the awkward moment or praying regardless if others look on….it just might be a testimony that prayer is alive, well, and works. I could really use prayers for my health. I will be seeing an endocrinologist and a hematologist to try to see if anything can be done to help me overcome the severe periods of fatigue that I feel a lot of the time. Also, continued prayers for my two children – that God would lift the veil from their eyes.
    Thank you and God bless you all,
    Bev xo

    • Bev,
      I’m praying that all will be well for you and your children.
      I hope that you have a blessed day,

    • Bev –
      We have connected on here in the past through similar struggles. You are in my heart and, of course, my prayers. I’m going to stop right now and lift your concerns up to the Lord.

    • Bev,

      Continued prayers for you health. May 2019 be a year of no surgeries & better health for you. May God guide the doctors to diagnose your problem & find a quick solution. Also praying for your adult children to come back to Him. Praying for Redeemer Christian School & other things as well! Love reading your comments. You are a blessing to all here!

      Blessings 🙂

      • Thank you so much, Beth, for your faithful prayers for my health and for the school and the children!! We had an event in Michigan today and I am praying that people’s hearts will have been softened toward the plight of the children. This whole ministry and all the things I’ve been through, keep reminding me of God’s faithfulness. Thank you for your continued faithfulness….you point the way to Jesus!
        Bev xo

  3. I want to thank you for this post, it encouraged me greatly. I want to ask for prayer for the courage to be that type of person, the one that listens well and prays for those in need without fear of awkwardness, and always in great love. I also ask for prayer that fear of man/woman/people in general will not prevent me from obeying God, but that I will lay that fear at His feet.

    • Barbara, I’m so glad this post was encouraging to you. What beautiful prayer requests. May God give you boldness this week to love others well for His sake. xx

  4. Thank you, Becky, for your words of connection. That is something so sorely needed in this day and age of technology. I’m a 57 yrs young single woman, without children and living in a new state. I have a great church home but my challenging 4th shift work hours prevent me from connecting with the Bible studies available at this time and the family schedules the majority of folks there need. Would ask for prayer to be connected with a like minded person for a genuine friendship. Thank you.

    • Karen, praying God brings a special friend whom you can do life with, and that He will give you the courage to reach out, love well, and be vulnerable with new connections. We’re so glad you’re here!

  5. Loved your post! I have some online friends that I pray for, usually off screen though.
    Can you pray for one of my friends (I was in a college class with), she’s feeling down-hearted. She needs financial blessings and healing and a good job. Also a lady at church, her car broke down again. She’s my cleaning buddy (we clean the church together and just started again last month and she needs her car to be running). Pray also for our church to grow, it’s been a year since we had a new pastor and it doesn’t feel like we’re growing (in numbers), and for financial blessing too.
    Lastly, I just started a sports writing job, and I tend to feel overwhelmed, I have no journalism experience but I’m thankful to have this job and want to do well.
    Sorry this was so long! (I didn’t see any other comments yet but I pray for you that your book will minister to people and that God will keep using you in things, and for the ones that comment below or above me whatever their needs are, I know God will help them through things, and I pray for healing and whatever else they need.)

  6. Would you pray for my 30-year-old son, Stephen? He is in the home stretch of chiropractic school. His response to a text I sent him yesterday asking if his dad and I could stop by for a minute while in his area: “I’m sorry mom. 2 huge tests Tuesday, a mock law case to present to a class Tuesday, a paper due Wednesday, and boards next wknd so my phone has been on silent. Tmrw isn’t ideal.”

    Lots of stress and exhaustion and I would love for him to know and feel God’s perfect power, strength, and love this week.

    • Lord, I pray for Stephen that you reveal to him that he can rely on you and nothing else! That he will do well on all of his upcoming tasks that seem so overwhelming. I pray that he finds rest in you , Lord. I also pray that after the boards he will have a peace only from you and be able to spend some time with his parents.

      • Thank you so much, Nicole. I forwarded your prayer to my Stephen. I know it will strengthen him. ❤️ Again, thanks!!

    • Dawn,

      Lifting Stephen up in prayers. I know college is hard. God will give him the strength to endure his busy week.

      Give Stephen the stamina he needs to tackle the work load he has. Help him pass the two tests, give a good law review & write a great paper. Calm his nerves for boards the following week. I know he is stressed out. You are the great healer. Bring calm & steadfastness into his life now. Help his parents understand & be there for him when the timing is right.
      In Jesus Name AMEN!!

  7. Becky,
    I have a friend who has modeled being courageous in prayer. When our children were younger, we were at her house for a play date. The kids were watching a movie, Willie Wonka I think, and her daughter ran into the kitchen crying because she was afraid. Something in the movie scared her. As her son and my daughters ran into the kitchen to check on Lauren, her mother grabbed her in a bear hug and started praying for God to comfort her and take away her fear – right there in the kitchen with all of us standing there. I was in awe. I had been raised in a Christian home and we prayed over our meals and at bedtime and at church, but it amazed me to hear Lisa pray over a child’s fear right on the spot. Going forward I felt compelled to pray like that with my daughters over anything and everything. It was an amazing moment in my friend’s kitchen that day, a moment that changed how I parented. I thank God for my praying friend!
    Today you can pray for a strategic planning session I am attending this afternoon about reaching youth in my county with the message of Jesus.
    Thank you, Becky for your inspiring words!

  8. Wow! I needed this prompting. Just this week in my study group, we talked about praying in the moment. I want to not forget! I am praying that I will be aware of the Holy Spirit prompting instead of being self-focused and therefore missing the opportunity. Thanks for this reminder!

    • Father,
      Help Debbie to discern your prompting. Help her to be deliberate in her prayer life and to focus on you in the moment.
      In your name, Amen.

  9. My husband was told he job was eliminated and his last day will be on April 5th. Please pray he finds a job quickly.

    • Father God-
      We come in gratitude to you for all you do and all you will do. Surround Val and her husband as they face the loss of his job with your peace, strength, and provision. Allow them to draw close to you knowing that you are who you say you are and your promises are true. We praise and thank you in Jesus name. Amen.

    • Val,

      Lifting up you & your husband. I know God has something better in store for him. God will send him to the right job in His perfect timing. Praying God will send peace & calm to your troubled souls. God has plans for your husband-plans to prosper him & not to harm to give him a hope & a future. Keep the faith!


      Surround Val & her husband with your loving arms. Send them an abundance of peace, strength & provision during this time. Guide hubby to the job you have picked out for him. Help them to seek you & your guidance in all their daily lives. Thank you for being a loving, caring God who sees & knows our concerns before they happen. Thank you for being there for us in all situations.
      In Jesus Name I pray AMEN!

  10. There is nothing so precious as “in the moment” prayer for another. I’ve been blessed by this and am learning to bless others too.

  11. My twins are in college, their freshman year. I want to trust in Jesus that they will seek Him with all their heart, soul and mind! That He will protect them in all ways possible and they will know that He is their King!

    • Hey There.. I do not know where you live; however, most colleges do have several Christian ministries your sons can connect with. My son works at Baptist Campus Ministries at UF.. He loves working with the students. Actually, he has such a love for them that many want him to be their minister when they get married. May your sons grow in the Lord is my prayer.

  12. Hey, My name is Tom and I am obviously not a woman. However, that did not stop me from reading and accepting your advise. Seems to me it might very well be even more powerful if acted upon by a man in a suit and tie in the marketplace of life. Wow, just Wow ! ! ! Not of course because men have a stronger relationship with Jesus, but simply because men are less prone to revealing themselves as “RELIGIOUS”. At this writing my intent is to give public prayer a go when given the opportunity. Knowing my GOD, I’m sure the HOLY SPIRIT will present the chance fairly quickly. LORD, help me to be courageous. In JESUS name, amen.

    • Hey, Tom. Thanks for chiming in. I love what you’re saying. Praying the Spirit leads you to an opportunity this weeks and gives you courage to bless someone by praying, no matter who else may be watching.

  13. I am still on the journey of getting out of an abusive relationship with my daughter’s father. While I am blessed to now have physical space, I still feel that he is controlling and manipulating me through the legal process. I want to make decisions that are best for my daughter. Sometimes, I feel so overwhelmed trying to care for her and grow two businesses so that I can provide for us financially. Please pray that God will show me the way to organize my life and, most importantly, to begin healing.

    • Elizabeth,
      Lifting you up in prayer right now. Thankful that you now have physical space between you. My ex…like yours…dragged our divorce out for close to three years with manipulation and passive aggressive behavior. I am praying that this is NOT the case for you and that this would be moved along quickly. Being in stress inducing limbo drains you!! My advice, seek counseling for your daughter – she will need it. I know you are holding down two jobs, but seek counseling if you can. We all need a lifeline. Praying God’s balm of healing over you right now. He WILL see you through and you WILL come out the other side. Be good to yourself right now any way that you can….you are worthy, loved, and you deserve it.
      Blessings and ((Hugs)),
      Bev xo

  14. Praying Val and her husband will have all their needs met until his next job come through. And that they will experience God peace through it all. I am asking for prayer for a job, and shelter as I am not sure how I will have it at the end of April. I too would like to pray for people on the spot. I am so thankful for this community and the genuine love and care here. Everyone have a blessed and safe week.

  15. Becky,
    Thank-you for sharing your special story with us this morning. I hope that you have a blessed day,

  16. I am preparing to lead a retreat for 15 women and I am feeling overwhelmed with the responsibility of this project.

    • Kay, Lord I thank you so much for bringing Kay into this place of leadership. I ask that you would bring clear steps for her to follow that lead to the results you want. I pray Father, that she not only reaps the blessing of being utilized for your Glory but that you would leave soul imprints of your presence that continue to build her knowledge of you!

    • Lord fill Kay with your grace and peace as she prepares to touch the lives of other women. Let your thoughts and words be hers. Bless her through this service for You.

    • Kathy,
      One of the greatest verbs there is….ASK. Ask and it shall be given unto you. Ask for the Holy Spirit to draw close and to reveal His love, counsel, and guidance to you in tangible ways. Even if we don’t “feel” the Spirit….He is still at work in us. He will honor the desires of your heart. Praying that it will be so for you….
      Bev xx

    • Kathy, Lord bless Kathy with a tremendous sense of your presence- that she would feel in step with you through your Spirit. I ask that she would see your fingerprints on every situation surrounding her today. Thank you that you oh Lord are Faithful!

    • I pray for your presence in Kathy’s life. Let her know your are walking with her and that your love and strength surround her.

  17. I have battling anxiety for a while now. It can Overwhelm me, discourage me and rob me of joy. I know God will give me victory over this….it’s just staying strong in the waiting. Please pray for my healing and strength. Thank you!

    • Jami,
      Praying for healing and strength for you!! I have battled anxiety and depression for many years. Some do well with counseling alone, but I needed medicine. Don’t be afraid to seek medical help. Mental illness (anxiety) is just that – an illness. There are treatments and there is hope!! It’s not a cure, but can certainly help take the anxiety down a notch or two. You are not alone.
      Blessings and prayers,
      Bev xx

  18. I pray for my mother’s issue with her back,and me working hard in staying in God’s word.

  19. Kathy, I pray that you feel the Holy Spirit and you can discern his voice as He speaks to you now and the days ahead.

  20. Pray for me as I am entering a new season of life. Help me know that the past is past and I am forgiven for the sins I committed,knowingly and unknowingly.

    • Karen, I am praying for you as a sister who can understand. Praise God that the work of Jesus is complete and effective in paying the price for ALL of our sins past, present and future. His mercies are new every day. I have been meditating on what Paul said in Philippians 3:13-14, “Forgetting what lies behind, straining forward to what lies ahead, I press on toward the goal of the upward call of God in Christ Jesus.” You are a new creation in Christ. The old has passed away and the new has come – 2 Corinthians 5:27. I pray against the enemy’s attempts to distract you from all God has in store for you, that you are able to keep your eyes fixed on Jesus and experience the power of the Holy Spirit working in your life! In Jesus’s name. Amen!

    • Karen,
      Romans 8:1 Therefore, there is now NO condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus. I am claiming this truth for you. Claim this truth for yourself. God has removed your sins as far as the east is from the west and He remembers them no more. You are perfect and pure in His eyes. His Son took your sins to the grave and rose again so that you could walk in Freedom!! Walk in that freedom sweet sister.
      Bev xx

  21. Father I pray for each of these lovely people, You know their needs and their hearts! May each one of us learn to pray for each other and follow Jesus teaching and listen to the still small voice that speaks to each of us. As the Master Potter continues to mold us so we can serve Him best please let us open our ears to hear the Holy Spirit as He leads us along our path. I pray for each one of you and for each one that struggles as they go along in this life! May they feel the love of our Lord and be in peace.
    Blessings to you all.

  22. Becky,
    Thanks for the post and to all to who have commented, your words are encouraging. I love praying for others, often feeling called to pray for specific people, I don’t love asking for prayers for myself. Lately, I have felt that God is distant- He’s not, I know this. I feel that each prayer has become a wrestling exercise with Him. I have had some very serious health issues come up suddenly and I need prayer for healing and strength. I’d so much rather come boldly before the throne for others which is what I will do now. Becky, I pray that your writing continues to flow from what God is teaching you and that you get to see and bear much fruit for the kingdom of God. For the other sisters in Christ, I ask that God’s blessings and presence will be amazingly evident to you today!

    • Robyn, I’m grateful for your prayers and likewise honored to lift up your health challenges. Also asking God to make His presences known to you in a meaningful and personal way this week. Jesus, be near. xx

  23. Karen,
    I pray Lord for Karen in this new season, may she feel and know the freedom your forgiveness brings! May this season burst with the joy of it, so much that others recognize the amazing work that you do in each of us.

  24. My one word this year is Unity. The enemy is coming against some close relationships. I am also in the process of writing my first book focused on empowering women and delivering a talk on March 13th. Please pray that the enemy is bound from his activities in my life, for God’s peace and wisdom to take root in my heart so there is less of me and more of Him. And that all I do brings God glory. Also for physical healing as I am fighting flu-like symptoms. God bless you all!

  25. I am asking for prayer in my relationships. There is a Godly man that I am crazy about, but he moves very slowly and I’m having trouble releasing my anxiety and fears and control of it over to the Lord. I want God’s will no matter what, and I know His plan is best for me.

  26. Love the power in this post! May we step into the awkward…I ask for prayers on behalf of our 22 week old identical twin grandsons who are still in mummy’s tummy experiencing TTTS which is life threatening. Praying for 2 miracles and believing they are being held safely in God’s hands. Thank you! I will take time to pray for all of you.
    Debbie Kirk

    • Father I ask that you please heal Debbie’s grand babies so that when they enter the world they will be free from illness, disease, & complications & instead be healthy, whole, & complete. In Jesus’s precious name I pray. Amen.
      I ask for prayers for my youngest son, 3 month old Abram, who has narrowing in the arc & branches of his heart. He has another echocardiogram this week & I am hoping & praying that the narrowing hasn’t gotten worse but has widened. My little boy has been through so much in his short life (he spent his first 37 days of life in 2 different hospitals). He hasn’t been putting on weight like he should so I ask for prayers that he will grow & gain weight appropriately so that he will thrive. Thank you.

    • Debbie, Lord I lift up these two new lives- I ask that you would bring healing for the boys. I pray that already they are being marked for your miraculous touch that will bring you Glory as these boys grow and come to know you personally. Lord I pray for peace for the parents and grandparents, guard their hearts and minds in you.

  27. With age has come a certain boldness in my praying for people I come in contact with – the waiter who shares how he is working two jobs to help his aged father; the grocery clerk who says the day isn’t going so well because she has a headache; the librarian who tells me her son is having difficulties. So far, no one has refused as I take their hand and pray in their setting.

  28. Becky,

    Spontaneous prayer is powerful & uplifting to the recipiant. They feel loved & cared for. My pastor’s wife does this often. She will stop what she’s doing & give you a hug or hand on the back & whisper a prayer for you there. I need to start doing that more often. We need to stop worrying about how others will perceive us & be more vigilant about showing the world how to pray in the moment.

    God has blessed me with a good job recently. The month of February I was in training 3 days a week. Next week Tuesday 5th (My birthday) I will be going solo. There are times the job can be stressful with patient call lights going off , the telemetry (heart monitors) beeping & phone ringing. I’m a little nervous, but know God will be there for me. Just want prayers to make it through my first week (2 days).

    Prayers for my elderly neighbor (Jean). She is living alone as granddaughter & hubby moved to her dad’s house. Jean has lost both children, her husband & most of her relatives. She is bad diabetic, & has dementia. Family has gotten her a “life link”. Pray she doesn’t get to lonely or fall & hurt herself.

    My pastor’s wife’s mom isn’t doing well. She is getting dementia & forgetting to take meds. Pastor’s wife has put mom on hospice. The hard part is she & brother both live 4+ hours away & can’t be there all the time. Prayers for strength to endure & not worry all the time.

    Another friend lost her dad recently. Mom is going to have shoulder surgery Tuesday. In the meantime mom fell out of a truck & broke the other shoulder. This daughter doesn’t live close either. Hard to live far away & not be there for your parents.

    Blessings 🙂

    • Happy Early Birthday, Beth!! May it be a blessed day as you fly solo and I know you’ll soar. You are so faithful in looking after others. You truly are an awesome caretaker and such a blessing here to all of us….Especially me!!
      Love you,
      Bev xoxo

  29. Dearest Elsa and Becky,
    Yes, I understand that with age comes a certain boldness. Isn’t it wonderful. We are being watched by everyone who is hurting. If we only knew how so many people are in the trenches. I think it’s that reality that gives me courage. Imagine if it could become another way to pay it forward! Tons of love for you girls! XOXO You brighten up my days. My husband and I support a son with severe mental health issues. We have used up our retirement in helping him. We could sure use prayers for moving forward. We are both having to work full time until we can no longer. We are fueled and covered by Gods love day to day.

    • Dee your son is so blessed to have you both in his corner! Lifting you both and your son up in prayer to be help in Gods palm, May he protect you all, heal what needs to be healed and may he grant you all financial security into your retirement. In Jesus name I ask these things, Amen

  30. If it’s not too late can I ask for prayers for motivation and for God to be in my research and writing as I start my report of my practicum for my Masters. May I also ask for prayers for my youngest daughter in her behaviour and for my sons mystery illness that we can get answers and for us to be able to help him heal. Also for financial security in the form of a job that God wants me to step into as I follow his path. Thank you.

    Lord lifting up my sisters of the incourage community there are many prayer requests here, can I ask you to hear and work on each one according to your will. I love you. In Jesus name I ask these things, Amen

    • Never too late to ask for prayer, Jas. That is a lot on your plate. Asking God to guide you and provide for you and your family in tangible and unexpected ways this week.

  31. I am reading these and praying for all. Please pray for my 19 year old daughter who just turned prodigal. She is the oldest of 5 and I am completely lost about it. I trust God and know He is faithful. Thank you so much!

  32. Asking for prayer that I will be lead in a positive direction that is more Christ centered. That I will not feel so lonely as to find the wrong path.

  33. Thank you for this post! I’m not good at eloquently spoken prayer, so all too often my mouth stays silent when it should be lifting the person in my presence to the Father. Short, simple requests brought to the Father can be powerful. Pray I have the boldness to do so.

    Jas—as long as we have a breath to breathe, it’s not too late! Sometimes I read these posts days later, blessing me even more with the additional comments. Philippians 4:6-7

    Heavenly Father, energize Jas in her task at hand, that she may complete her education and use it for your glory and her financial security, knowing her true security is only found in Your hands. Heal her son and rein in her daughter. We love You, Lord! In Jesus’ precious and powerful name, Amen.

  34. I have an extra full plate this week with work, 2 doctor appts, a meeting, and then a pile of things that need done (like last week!) at home. I’m fried. I struggle with severe mental illness but have put in full days and just can’t catch up. Everyday’I get farther behind. Plus I need clarity of mind for my appointments.

    Heavenly Father, please hold Misty tight in your arms. Keep her daughter safe from harm and lead her back to You in the best way that she’ll understand. Give Misty peace in her heart to sleep well and continue with her days in strength.

    • Jules, I pray that God, the source of all hope, will infuse your life with an abundance of joy and peace in the midst of your faith so that your hope will overflow through the power of the Holy Spirit. (personalized from the voice version of Romans 15:13) A year ago our Mom was hospitalized for a month with a mental illness. We gave her this Bible verse too. She is experiencing God’s “shalom”. I will continue to pray for your strength for each day, wisdom for your doctors, and for you to know how to get the help you need, clarity of mind for your appointments, and that Christians in your life will come along side and be there for you. May you know you are loved and others care about you.

      • Thank you, Mary Ann for praying for me. I have a very good psychiatrist for my mental health and have been with him for the last 7 years. That appt is an update and check-in. Just there is so much other stuff going on, I need clarity of what is really happening. If that makes sense. I have a wonderful therapist (on break now) and also my substitute is great. Both faithful Christians and I want that. I have been praying that this year I will get a local friend that will walk beside me on good and bad times. I also see a different specialist this week for a new physical problem. 🙁 I’m trusting God to give me and the doctor wisdom in speaking and understanding. Thank you for praying as God spoke to you! ♥

      • Thank you Mary Ann for praying for me!

        One appointment this week is with my psychiatrist that I’ve been seeing for 7 years. He is very good and one of the top in the country. I’m thankful for him. I’ve had a lot of other things in my mind so clarity at that appointment is needed. I also have a great therapist and currently with a substitute through this month and is great as well. I have counseling every week.

        I also am seeing a new specialist this week for the first time for a new physical problem. 🙁 I’m not sure what all to say so praying that God will direct us both in saying and understanding the best way.

        My prayer this year is that a local friend will come into my life for the good and bad times. ♥ Thank you!

  35. Prayers ascending to our loving Savior on behalf of all you dear ladies and your requests. I am assured it is possible to expect to little from the Lord; but it is impossible to expect too much.

  36. Thank you very much Becky. It’s truly bold and courageous to lift our eyes and hearts in the moment – knowing that God is able.

    I’m glad I’m here in this community of praying and encouraging women.

    I was asked to leave my job just 6 months into it on 15th January. I’ve been searching for a new role ever since, but several applications and interviews have not yielded the desired outcome. I have another panel interview this Friday morning.

    Please pray with me. I believe God has a good plan, a specific place where He’s made room for me. I believe that it will be a place where my skills, talents and values will be celebrated, appreciated and truly add value to the organisation. I believe it will be a place where I will receive favour from those around me and I’ll also be able to be gracious to others and impact their lives for good with the glory of Jesus.

    I’m trusting God to please think through me and voice through my lips with eloquence, wisdom and grace as I speak at the panel interview. I’m trusting that I will get this job – I’m really excited about the prospects and projects on offer (whilst holding on for His will, if it’s not this one).

    I also urgently need suitable childcare arrangements to be in place to drop off and pick up my youngest every school day. I’ve equally been searching without any success since January. I’ll need this as soon as the new job is revealed.

    Thanks for your prayers.

    Love to such a warm hearted and loving group of ladies. God bless you.

    • AO, God’s got this! He has the perfect job for you. You are a child of God. This is not a surprise to Him. You can’t do it on your own strength, but you can let God take care of all the details. I’m praying that God will continue to bless you and to meet all your needs according to His riches in glory!

  37. Thank you, Becky for this awesome reminder. It IS awkward to pray for someone on the spot, but it is also SO awesome. I prayed for/with my friend on the phone last night. So cool, that we con pray at anytime, anywhere, and know that God is with us.
    I would covet your prayers for my husband. He is somewhat of a narcicist and I need grace to deal with regular, and nonstop criticism (in the Lord). He claims to be a Christian, but the fruit is not evident to me. God has been incredibly good to me. I would like prayer that he would allow God to change him/his heart. Nothing is impossible with God!

  38. Thank you for the wonderful reminder that prayers of a faithful few adds in hope and brings in miracles.

    Going through a hard season of health issues with loved ones.
    Mother in law has been diagnosed with invasive breast cancer this week. Hanging unto God for complete healing and recovery.
    A friend and sister has been suffering with epilepsy for years and is undergoing surgery to control the same. Praying for deliverance and miracles.
    Searching for a God ordained job for myself and hope to be planted and used by God in the right way.
    Thank You for the support

    • Dear Lisa – Lifting your requests up to our Lord. Jehovah-raphe, our great God who heals, please hear my prayer on behalf of Lisa. I ask you to intervene on behalf of Lisa’s Mother-in-law who is battling invasive breast cancer. You already know this Lord, and You have a perfect plan, even though we can’t see it or understand it. I ask You to put Your healing hands upon her, remove the cancer completely, and restore her health.
      For Lisa’s friend and sister suffering from epilepsy, Lord, I ask You to deliver her from this illness. Father, guide the surgeon’s hands and provide a way for complete healing. Restore her body to full functioning. Lord, I ask You for a miracle, as only You are able.
      For Lisa, Father, please open the door of opportunity to the exact right job for her. You are sovereign and have a perfect plan. Lisa longs to be planted and used by You, Lord, so please establish her in a position to do just that.
      Thank You, Heavenly Father, for listening to and hearing our prayers. Thank You in advance for Your answers. Amen.

  39. Thank you for the sweet reminder to stop & squeeze a sister’s shoulder & pray for her in-the-moment wherever we are!
    I need prayer for my prayer life! I had been in a daily habit of extended morning prayer following my devotional time, for years. Recently, however, I’ve found myself reading my devotionals & doing a “quickie” prayer, or worse – not praying at all. I’m not sure why, but I haven’t been able to get back into the prayer groove. I long to re-establish that special one-on-one time with God.

  40. I would love some prayer for wisdom for my husband and I as we continue to navigate how to interact with our young adult, college-age sons who live at home. It’s much less straightforward than I would have thought, trying to balance out our expectations and boundaries for our home with treating them with respect as adults and men.

    • Hi K Ann,

      I just prayed for you and I hope you and your family have a wonderful day!

      Proverbs 24:14
      Know also that wisdom is sweet to your soul; if you find it, there is a future hope for you, and your hope will not be cut off. (NIV)

  41. Hi! Thank you for praying for me! I have been looking for a job (applying and going on interviews) in my field for several months. I want God’s will not mind so I try not to get attached to the outcome of anyone particular job or interview (sometimes easier said than done). Since it’s been several months I’m starting to wonder about my purpose, starting to feel like I’m not doing enough in life in general, feeling like why would I have two bachelors degrees and a Masters degree if God did not intend for me to work in my field and feeling a little like I need a job offer now/sooner than later.

  42. I needed this. So many times and opportunities was given to me to pray for someone and I always hesitated, but in my heart I knew I should’ve just prayed. Thank you for this because this lifted me up and my spirit of discipleship.