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Jessica Turner is the author of Stretched Too Thin: How Working Moms Can Lose the Guilt, Work Smarter and Thrive, and blogs on The Mom Creative. Every day is a juggling act as she balances working full-time, making memories with her family, photographing the every day and trying to be...

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  1. Jessica,The

    Prayer is powerful. God hears ALL our prayers for everyone-children, family, etc. Praying for others is impactful. Our children/family can learn from our legacy of consistent prayers. The movie War Room got me to thinking about & praying for my husband. God hears our prayers & will answer them in His ways & timing. Once we pray for something we can have a sense of peace & calm in our lives.

    Blessings :

  2. So thankful for the pressure release valve of prayer for my kids! One specific request that I’ve prayed for my kids since they were babies is that they would live in such a way that when they come to the end of their lives they will have few regrets. It feels so good to put their future in God’s hands.

  3. I love this story. It is well-written and strong in faith. “I couldn’t put it down.” However, one thing that disturbed me but maybe it is just me, due to much heartache from my children (now 41 and 50) resulting in constant prayer for more than 50 years and continuing.
    Here is the sentence you started with, Jessica: “My second child was a little girl, and I joke that she was strong-willed and stubborn from her earliest days in my womb.” May I suggest you change the wording of that sentence to: “My second child IS a little girl, and I joke that she HAS BEEN strong-willed and stubborn from her earliest days in my womb.” I read this entire piece waiting for and steeling myself for the “other shoe” to drop that your “little girl” had died. I am so glad that is not the case and it is just a grammatical error we all often make in using the past tense in are remembrance about someone who is still living. We even erroneously ask people, “What was your name?” Guilty! It IS the same as it was. Lol. Love this story, though, Jessica.

  4. Jessica,
    Thank you so much for sharing this. I have always struggled to let anyone else be in control (even Jesus). I know for a fact they are so much better in his hands than mine. I pray he will help me let go too! They are 25,24 and 16 now and I pray for them and their hearts and decisions everyday. I mostly pray that he will give me the “right” words for them.Either through small talk in my head, on my knees or over them when they sleep and it is obvious to me that he hears us mom’s.

  5. I couldn’t agree more and actually your story today affirms how God answered prayers for a young to be mother of a dear friend of mine whose baby was in the breech position yesterday, and she was going to have that procedure. After they gave her the epidural and left the room wsiting for her to numb up, the baby turned. “I could just imagine God’s tender hand gently turning her.” “Or maybe He just called her name, and she turned.” However He answers our need we certainly rejoice in our loving Father that hears our prayers and is good, faithful and kind in helping us.

  6. Jessica, this is beautiful. I needed to read 1John5:15 because it’s been a very long road of very difficult. Thank you! Joanne Peterson

  7. Excellent article and sounds like a wonderful book! No, we NEVER stop praying for our kids! Ours are 46, 45 and 39 now, and still need our daily prayers. I was also very impacted by the movie “War Room”. At the time I watched the movie, our saved daughter was in a serious relationship with a man who is not a Christian. I claimed the verse, “Satan comes to steal, kill and destroy, but Jesus comes to give life more abundantly”. John 10:10. I prayed this for my daughter daily, in real earnest, and the Lord answered our prayers when, 5 months later, they broke up! God LOVES to answer prayer.

  8. This is a beautful story about how prayer CAN, & WILL make a difference in somebody’s life, even if it’s your own life. Sadly, when my children were small, I wasn’t serving God. But, since Dec 3rd of 1990 I haven’t stopped following Him. My boys are grown, but all 3 have seen the difference in my life. I’m not the person I used to be, nor the person that I want to be, but am working on becoming the person that God wants me to be. And, as my grandchilren have grown up, most of them are in church, & serving the Lord. But, I pray for them just as much as I pray for the ones that are out of church & living in sin. We can only teach them about God, but can’t make them follow Him, or live by His teachings. My aunts prayed for me when I was growing up, & although it took a lot of years for me to see the Light, I finally did. No matter what, one of the most IMPORTANT things we can teach our children is that prayer actually works. And, while we may not always receive what we asked for, we can trust that God sees our future so He knows what’s best for each of us. God bless you & your family!

  9. I love this post and this new book. I have seen the book via social media twice in two days. What a gift of writing you both have! There is no better gift we can give our children than to pray for them!

  10. My hearts desire is to marry and to have had children but at 57 years old Papa God has chosen not to answer that prayer, yet. So I may not have my own children to pray for or over but I have 2 nephews, 1 niece and a nephew in love that I pray for and over daily and they know I do. I have worked with kids at my church for over 30 years and have prayed for and over many of them also. Love watching Papa God work in and through the lives of the kids, young people and some now adults that I pray for and over.

  11. My book arrived over the weekend, and as a belated Valentine’s gift, I was able to snuggle and share it with each of my three girls, one at a time on the couch during a snow day yesterday. It was such a blessing, a beautiful gift, and a special reminder of the gift that God has given us to be able to pray for others, especially those we love. Thank you!

  12. As a step mama I am reminded to pray for my “bonus” kiddos. Praying for them releases my anxiety and tendency to compare myself and put the pressure on me “am I doing it right, do they like me, etc”. My husband is very supportive and it is a great blessing that hubby, his kiddos, and their mama know and love Jesus. Thank you for you word this morning.