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Shanna is an artist who lives in Sonoma County, California, with her husband Jonathan and their two beautiful daughters. A long-time scrapbooking fan, Shanna found new meaning in what she was creating and capturing when she began using her journaling Bible.

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(in)side DaySpring:
things we love
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  1. What a wonderful story! I never tire of hearing about the different ways God chooses to connect with us as He honors and fills the uniqueness of each of his created vessels.
    Blessings to you!

  2. Shanna,
    For close to 30 years, I have used the same Bible…my old trusty NIV Study Bible. Its pages are well worn and there are scribbled notes in margins. Segments of scripture are highlighted. I thought it would be my “forever” Bible because it is like an old friend. Then, I received the new (in)courage Bible and some Illustrated Faith items as a gift. I thought, “What if I started fresh and looked at scripture with fresh eyes and blank margins?” I was beginning another journey of reading through the Bible and why not start with a “new friend”? I am no great artist, but I can use different colored markers to circle repeated verbs or phrases in the segment of scripture I’m reading. After several verses in the Psalms, you see the word “Selah” printed. This means pause, reflect, praise. I thought, what if after every segment of scripture I read that I would pause, reflect, and praise in color, and design, and creatively illustrating truth that jumped out at me. It has become a way of reinforcing what I just read (I need this since I am the queen of skimming lol). I am also a visual person, so this has been helping me to “see” God’s Word with fresh eyes and mine new insights. This Bible may look more like a child’s coloring book when I’m through, but if it helps to reinforce God’s precepts then what a colorful journey it will be.
    Bev xx

    • Hi Bev,

      Just what I needed to read and aspire me on in my journey today with Jesus. I too, have phrases and thoughts and spoken promises highlighted in yellow – my favourite colour – and my actually tattered bible is “yellow” – on NKJV version I adopted from my daughter. It is my treaSUREd possession. You are bold and brave to begin fresh with the Incourage Bible. I pray God will speak to you in my Divinely Dynamic ways – which is the way Only He can do it. Thank you for inspiring with your thoughts today.
      I am also gonna taste-test my journals and ask God what He wants me to do with everything He has said. For now, I will just Savour what has been written as a testimony of the precious gift to be able to sit, scribble and hear Him write upon my heart. Isn’t He incredible! Blessings abundant for fresh insight for you – – but mostly for gentleness in savouring who God is for us – in His Living Word. And hearing Him whisper to our soul. What a gift to journey with others at incourage, to be inspired and encouraged even in our journey that we journal. Peace in your week.

  3. Shanna,

    Everyone has different levels & ways of learning. There is no one right way to do it. All God asks of us is to read scripture & memorize some. He wants us to dig deep into His word to mine His treasures He has for us. My Bible is an NIV Women’s devotional that hubby got for me. It is filled with great devotions from wonderful authors. I love reading those devotions on scripture. It brings them to life. Being a visual learner myself I take notes in church all the time. It helps me concentrate on the sermons & helps my understanding of the Bible. Like Bev I have several notebooks with various scriptures & sermon notes in them. God has each of us on a journey to fully comprehend the Bible. He doesn’t care how we do it – just that we are in the word daily. We need to leave a legacy to our children & others of God’s goodness. Show them how He’s answered prayers.

    Blessings 🙂

  4. Shanna, your story though different than mine really resonates. Thank you for sharing it!!! I’m a very visual learner also and love art. Somehow I grew up believing marking in a Bible was wrong unless it was just an underline. While I don’t believe that anymore, I wonder where we get these ideas that worshipping God has to look just like someone else’s way. Thank you so much for sharing from your perspective as an artist. I greatly appreciate it.

  5. Shanna, & Ladies,
    This was enlightening, Thank-you ladies for all taking the time to share.
    Have a blessed day all,

  6. Your book sounds like a wonderful resource, Shanna. Sometimes I sigh with longing to see what some folks are able to create on a page, inspired by the scripture they read. I don’t feel ready for Bible journaling; the thought of putting something permanent on a page of scripture seems quite risky for a fledgling like me! But with the help of your book, I can see myself Bible rough drafting, experimenting and practicing! P.S. My husband was also a pastor until he retired four years ago. I, too, could not see myself in that role, and was certain God would call him to teach since I was so unqualified to serve as a pastor’s wife! WRONG! Instead, my gentle Heavenly Father brought alongside mentors and gave me a love for his Word and Bible study so that I could grow into the role he chose for me. Not that I reached perfection; far from it. But God did give me a heart for people, the ability to listen, and the desire to pray for others and offer encouragement to them. Looking back, I count it all joy (tough as it was sometimes)!

  7. Shanna, I love all the illustrated faith stuff that you have put there and your new book looks amazing! I was wondering in the picture at the top of this post – is that a spiral bound bible?? If so did you purchase it somewhere or did you have that done to one of your bibles?? That’s a great idea and it would always lay flat and leave more space to write on the inner margins!