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Robin is the author of For All Who Wander, her relatable memoir about wrestling with doubt that reads much like a conversation with a friend. She's as Southern as sugar-shocked tea, married to her college sweetheart, and has three children. An empty nester with a full life, she's determined to...

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  1. One of my favorite Old Testament women is Huldah, the prophetess who sent King Josiah and his officials into revival overdrive and suddenly the fragment of Deuteronomy they found as they were cleaning out the mis-used and neglected Temple was on the best-seller list. I love her because she was so clear that her message was from the Lord and she was speaking HIS words, and then she stepped out of the spot light and into obscurity, never to be heard from again.

  2. Robin,
    Indeed, my middle name could be Thomas!! Like you, I had (still have) so many doubts and questions and for a long time I felt very guilty about this until I heard the same truth – that God isn’t bothered by our doubts and questions. He can use them to draw us closer unto Himself. I can testify that He has done that with so many of my questions. I’ve learned that God has broad shoulders and He can handle my thoughts, questions, and varying emotions toward Him, and use them to take me deeper. One of my favorite people in the Bible is Peter. How many times did Peter basically “screw up” yet Jesus said that this is the man on whom His church would be built?! The man who denied Christ three times would be the rock on which the church would find its foundation. If there’s hope for Peter, then there’s hope for me too. Love this post, Robin….right there with you!
    Bev xx

    • Bev, it may not be my favorite scripture but it’s my often prayer: Lord, I believe…help my unbelief. I think we’re kindreds in this. xo

  3. One of my all time favorites is Joseph – he faced so many things but trusted and knew God has a plan for him. I am encouraged in my walk so many times by him.

    Thank you for sharing your story. Incourage is a huge blessing for me and God uses it in my life on a daily basis.


  4. Jochabed, the mother of Moses. She may only be mentioned in a couple verses, but her faith and courage is inspiring….the mom I pray to be!!!

  5. Esther is one of my favorite characters in the Bible. Her story reminds me that God can use me and my life experiences to advance his kingdom, no matter how messed up things appear to me.

  6. I am def Martha. I’m so worried about what needs to be done, i forget to stop and sit at the feet of Jesus.

  7. One of my favorite people in the bible is Martha. I so identify with her service and devotion through acts. I too struggle with finding balance between the work and quiet time. I am not a “Mary” who could sit and be engrossed, gently listening to Jesus with a houseful of people who need to rest, was their hands and feet, and eat. I don’t always prioritize spiritual rest and nourishment.

  8. I want to be Mary, making sitting at the feet of Jesus my priority. Often, I am more like Martha, letting the daily to do list take over my time, although most days I start with my reading and prayer time. This InCourage community is a great encouragement to me. Love you gals!

  9. One of my favorite characters in the Bible is Job and his incredible faith though faced with so many difficulties.

  10. Peter… a painful picture of our own fickle hearts and a beautiful, hopeful picture of Jesus’ faithfulness ❤️

  11. There are so many, but I definitely like Ruth. She shows how through our devotion God gives us second chances.

  12. Mary – Her willingness to say Yes to God. The words of Gabriel to Mary – “Greetings, favored one!- The Lord is with You”. “Do not be afraid, Mary, for you have found favor with God. Wow!
    Mary was a young teenager. Another reminder of God can choose anyone.

  13. One of my most favorite people in the Bible is Hannah. Throughout her life, even though she was unable to have children and was tormented by others because of this, she never gave up her faith in God. She also made a promise to God that her son would be his and she kept this promise and God blessed her even more!! Her life is an example of devotion and faith!!

  14. A favorite person of mine from the Bible is Priscilla. Priscilla, who with her husband, Aquila, had a Godly marriage and together were determined to share God’s word. I pray that God will guide me to be more like Priscilla.

  15. I know it’s a little cliche but truly I love David. Mostly because even though he messes up so many times he still managed to be faithful and have a heart for God.

  16. Robin, I thank you for sharing about Thomas and this reminder of God being bigger than our doubts. While Thomas is one of my favorites, I also enjoy Ruth. She was a foreigner who saw firsthand the life of Naomi and wanted to follow Naomi’s God as well. Her trust in Naomi led to her trust in God.

  17. I’m loving Abigail this week! She thwarted her foolish husbands death by her love of the Lord, her poise, her heart was bent on being godly as she begged David to be instead of killing her entire family. She was beautiful inside and out:)
    God rewards her being David’s wife only a very short time later..
    She was an amazing woman, As were many in the Bible! Blessings

  18. Abraham….in Roman’s 4 Paul talks about Abraham’s faith…
    “Fully convinced that what God had promised He could also accomplish…”
    I want that kind of faith and if it takes me asking a billion questions, so be it.

    Robin, thank you for the reminder that,’God will exhaust any means to draw me to His side.
    God bless you today♡

  19. Deborah is one of my favorite people. She choose to love God. To serve people with the gifts He had given her even when things got hard. And to bodly trust God’s plans even when others were fearful. She stepped forward in obedience.

  20. It is so hard to choose, but currently as I go through a difficult time, I find myself turning to David’s words in the Psalms. He wasn’t perfect, but through it all sought God.

  21. My favorite woman is the nameless bleeding woman who touches Jesus’ robe. She had faith that just by touching his clothing she would be healed. Her faith in him healed her.

  22. The woman with the issue of blood. Her faith! She only wanted to touch the hem of Jesus garment. Love the picture I get of her reaching out to Him!

  23. I’ve always been impressed by the life of Joseph. He managed to maintain faith that God had his hand on him throughout a life full of ups and downs that would rival the plot of any Hollywood movie.

  24. Robin,

    This world makes it easy to question our faith. We believe sight unseen. That is contrary to what the world wants. They want proof positive-facts. I’ll show you my faith by telling stories of Ruth, Esther, Job, Joseph, Mary, David & many others. These people did incredible acts sometimes under hard circumstances. Moses even doubted He was qualified for the job. He didn’t think he could speak eloquently enough. God never got mad. You see God used “Screw ups” & regular people like us to accomplish His goals. He understands our limitations He welcomes our questions. He knows we will search scripture & pray about them. I have had questions & doubts also. It took a while, lots of sermons & trials to strengthen my faith. Now I can testify that God will do what He promises. Go ahead & question God. He will show you the answers.

    Blessings 🙂

  25. Like Robin’s pastor, this devotional spoke right to my heart today. I’ve been questioning. And I want to understand what it means to lean into God completely so I am not relying on my own understanding on what life should look like when you have faith. This makes me think of Ruth (one of my favourite characters) and her bravery to whole-heartedly accept Naomi’s faith and faithfully follow Naomi’s directions that were inspired by God.

  26. One of my favorite people in the Bible is Mary the mother of Jesus because she looked the unknown in the face and said, “Lord be it unto me as you have spoken”. My desire is to follow after God with this kind of boldness trusting Him even when I don’t have all the details.

  27. I would have to say Joseph as I can’t imagine sitting in prison all those years not knowing the incredible things that God would use him for. I’m praying that God uses my situation that I was placed in for His good. Sometimes when the nights are long, I think of Joseph.

  28. I love the woman that touched the hem of Jesus’ garment. She was so desperate that she pushed through any fear she felt and literally reached out to Jesus to save her through healing. As someone who would have been constantly “unclean” she took a huge risk to be out in public because she believed so much that Jesus could help her. I want to be that brave to approach Christ, in spite of my uncleanliness, and know his power and love.

  29. Simeon, he lived in faith waiting upon the Christ and when he had seen him – Let me die Lord now that I’ve seen and experienced Him. Wow! What great faith!

  30. I love to ask questions so I can relate to this story very well. I am looking for a bible right now and maybe this is the one for me

  31. I don’t want to win a Bible but my favorite person in the Bible is Job. I am answering the question to let you guys know why because Job no matter what he went through in life and what he had done to him or taken away from him he never sinned. Job tells us in Job1 verse 21 Naked I came from my mother’s womb and Naked shall I return. That goes for all of us. In verse 22 of chapter 22 Job never sinned or Charged God with Wrong. Plus in Chapter 19 verses 25 & 26 I say Amen to thia Job talks abouts Jesus his Redeemer that he will live and stand at last on the earth so he will. In verse 26 Job heart years within him about that so does mine. Job talks about that before Jesus was even born. God spoke to Job and told him some amazing things. This is why I love the book of Job and Job love Dawn God Bless xxx

  32. I love the story of Caleb, Joshua and the 10 others returning from spying in the Promised Land. The 10 were scared and could only think of the giants living there, but Caleb and Joshua were confident God would help them conquer. The verse where God says “my servant Caleb has a different spirit and follows me wholeheartedly” made me name my firstborn Caleb.

  33. I just recently retired. After many years of working every day, long hours as a nurse, I find myself running to my Lord for guidance and substenance. One of my favorite people in the Bible is Martha, because I have been a Martha all my life I totally identify with her action and feelings. When she felt overwhelmed, she went to the Lord and He gave her guidance. The Lord is calling me to rest, sit at His feet, and be content in Him.

  34. Lately, the Lord has been speaking to me gently and sweetly through the life of Rahab. He has been unearthing a prevalent and deep-seeded lie that I have believed for much of my life that I am somehow always on the outside looking in. Even when I don’t articulate it, I often feel like I don’t belong. Rahab is one of the most inspiring characters of the Bible for me because she protected the Israelite spies in faith that God had made a Way for her to be a part of His people, His family. She believed the goodness of God who would be true to His character and accept her even though she wasn’t an Israelite by birth. Although she didn’t understand this at the time, that Way was Jesus. He suffered rejection of the worst kind and allowed Himself to be driven outside of Jerusalem bearing a cross so that we could be brought inside the fold of God. Rahab reminds me that, because of Jesus, I already belong and I am free to live my life as a beloved daughter of God.

  35. One of my favorite people in the Bible is Moses. When God called him he, he threw out every reason why God shouldn’t use him. Still, God was able to use him to free and lead the Israelites. I’m very much like Moses at times, telling God he’s after the wrong woman for the job, but God never lets ME stand in HIS way.

  36. That is a hard question to answer. There are many people from the Bible that I can relate to in different seasons of my life. Whether that is Joseph being taken to an unknown land and prospering for God’s glory or David who was a mess at times but still ran to God. Mary is also one of those people who I admire. There is much to do but she just sits at the feet of Jesus because she knows what is most important.

  37. Sarah is my favorite. Her temptation to help God along, is a weakness of mine but her laughter draws me in. And I love that she named her son Isaac (meaning laughter) like an inside joke with God.

  38. Robin,
    I’d have to say Joseph, for his faithfulness, despite the challenges that he was faced with.

  39. I love the story of Ruth. Her faithfulness to Naomi, refusal to leave her side and trust that she placed in her was rewarded by God. She found the love of her life in Boaz and was included in the genealogy of the Messiah.

  40. One of my favorite people of the Bible is Esther. She stepped up and followed God’s plan for her life when she knew she was made “for such a time as this.” As women I hope we would all do the same in the places and circles of influence He has put in our own personal paths.

  41. I admire Hannah so much. Her faithfulness in prayer and her fulfillment to the promise she made awes me. I don’t know that I have the kind of steadfastness she did. I look at my own grandchildren and imagine how hard it would be to see them left at the doorstep of a temple, in the care of a prophet, at such a young age. How her arms and heart must have ached for that child. What trust! What faith! She was an amazing woman of God who loved Him with all she had, including her baby boy.

  42. When I read the Seamless Bible study by Angie Smith, I was floored by the story of Moses. Never before had I learned so much about how God used a very ordinary man to do important things, and God’s faithfulness to him for his obedience.

    I often feel so ill-equipped for tasks but know to just keep trusting and obeying.

  43. I love Mary’s heart (Martha’s sister). She has got to be be of my very favorite women in the Bible. She chose the better part, Jesus said. She chose being completely wrapped up in Jesus, sitting at His feet and learning from Him! On my best days, I am a Mary.

  44. One of my favorites is Peter. His exuberance is inspiring! I’m often so reserved and task oriented, so I feel like I’m totally opposite. But he inspires me to love Jesus without second guessing everything!

  45. One of my favorite people in the Bible is the woman with the bleeding issue who wasn’t allowed to be amongst others with her condition but risked it all to touch the hem of Jesus. The risk and the hope that she had speaks to my terrified, troubled heart. And Jesus rewards her not only with healing but recognizing her, calling her out before the crowd and recognizing her act of faith. I pray each day for strength and courage to live with that type of faith and belief and hope. And, obviously, I still fail quite a bit when I give in to worry, disappointment and discouragement. But I remember her and her story.

  46. Peter! His exuberance is a total contrast to my measured, careful babysteps. I want to be more like him!

  47. Wow! Look at all these comments! I think my favorite is Esther. She had so much courage! And she stayed true to get people, even though she led a privileged life.

  48. I’ve posted?? twice but not sure if it went through! Iffy internet at my house. Please delete one of them if 2 come through. And delete this too!! Sorry!!

  49. I think I like Ruth….her loyalty is inspiring and wonderful. And God is her provider in difficult circumstances.

  50. Yes, it’s very comforting to know that God can handle our doubts. I think it actually points to growth when we’re willing to ask questions and actually admit that we don’t have it all figured out. I’m a little burnt out on those “in my circles” having everything figured out. That’s another post for another day.:)

    I love Ruth. She loved her family and followed her mother-in-law, while encouraging Naomi to keep her faith. Of course, the beautiful love story that results from all of this is a wonderful ending. But I really appreciate her faithfulness. It’s not fun to hang out with bitter people, especially when they’re family. Her sweet spirit, her work ethic, and expecting nothing from Boaz. I very much appreciate the reminder of how God can still use women these days who are totally sold out to Christ.

  51. I also admire the strength of Deborah, my namesake. She went forward with a boldness to serve God and judged Israel as they sinned against God. She did not hold back, she spoke boldly the word of knowledge to the people. As I have stood and gazed over the Jezreel Valley in Israel I imagine a woman standing strong in a culture that did not typically honor women. Her strength was recognized and respected by those in command. May we all not cower, but stand strong when the enemy approaches and God gives us the wisdom and the strategy for victory!

  52. The guy who came to Jesus and said ‘if you are willing, make me clean’. It’s just the complete faith that Jesus could heal him, and the way he puts himself at Jesus’s mercy, yet with the faith that Jesus is going to respond in the right way.
    I’d love to be like that, but I’m so far from it!

    BTW, I’ve tried to sign up to get the sampler, but the page isn’t saving or sending me a notification that this has worked. Can you send me the sampler?

  53. I love David. He had such humble beginnings and God made him King. And even though he continued to make mistakes…and some major ones…God still considered him to be a man after his own heart. This gives hope to all of us that had humble beginnings and sometimes stumble through this thing called faith. Life throws so many ups and downs but God was always with David. I think David’s transparency in pouring out his heart to God continually (Psalms), through the ups and downs is a great example for me.

  54. Oh, how the Lord could do such transforming work in David. And David’s desire to walk hand in hand with the Lord, even when he knew he did not deserve it.

  55. I would have to say Jacob. Following his story from deceiver to a redeemed man of God gives me hope for my own sons. God doesn’t give up on us. Jacobs process may have been painful but so worth it all. My prayer for my boys is that they will grab ahold of God and say I’m not letting go until You bless me!

  56. Leah comes to mind for me. She was rejected and went through the process of trying to please her husband with children, only to turn towards God. The story of being given by her father to a man that didn’t want her, only to be in somewhat of a competition with her sister is a reminder for me, to FOCUS on God no matter what, no matter who.

  57. Ruth, her commitment to her God and what was left of her earthly family. How she stayed with Naomi in a less than desirable circumstance and trusted God with rebuilding her life. I love her story of courage and perseverance.

  58. I have so many favourites, but last month I really reflected on Mary, the Mother of Jesus, and what courage and faith she had for such a young girl.

  59. I can do identify with Peter. He is always opening his mouth and inserting his foot!!! Oh my, how many times do I fo that!! But thank goodness, Peter finally gets it and by God’s Grace, I will too!!!

  60. I agree with many. Martha is someone I most identify with. I worry with making sure everyone has everything they need, forgetting to take care of my own needs. I forget that I have to stop and take the time to meet Him to replenish my own cup.

  61. Ruth has been and stilln is my favorite character since childhood. Her vow to her mother-in-law became the foundation of my vow to God and later my husband.

  62. I like the little girl who served Naaman’s wife. She had the courage to tell her about the prophet Elisha, and had faith that God could heal Naaman.

  63. Thank you Robin for being so real in expressing your doubts/questions that I believe we all have at one time or another. I was saved and raised in a church that discouraged questions/doubts. If I had legitimate questions it was communicated that there was something wrong with me and my walk with God……just accept what you’re taught without question was the message. And very unfortunately, in the church I served and called home for over 20 years, it gradually became the same in so many ways as my childhood church, law, law, law (no freedom)…..to the point that I just finally had to leave (as many others had also). It broke my heart and devastated me. My heart and soul are still healing. I love David and his heart for God…..even though he failed and sinned greatly, he was really so honest and transparent before God and the people and didn’t hold back, so God called him “a man after God’s own heart”. I identify with him so much and I love the Psalms and his heart that is poured out in writing and song. I always turn to those psalms of David’s whenever I am walking through the valley. I can’t wait to, of course, first and foremost, meet my Lord Jesus face to face, but I also look forward to meeting David and sitting and talking with him!!! Glory!!!

    • Donna, I’m so thankful to hear you’re in a place of healing, and your story is the type that grieves me. Oh, how the enemy of our heart loves to create division and heartache among the body of believers. I’m hopeful and praying that your belief will be strengthened as you seek God and experience His abounding grace and relentless love. xo

      • Thank you very kindly Robin for your loving words and prayers! The Lord bless you over and abundantly more than you can imagine or dream!

  64. He’s not my favorite, but I pick Thomas. I just had twin boys that we named Thomas and Titus, so this post is especially special to me. Thanks for sharing, Robin!!

  65. Joseph & Esther teach us to trust God………BUT GOD never fails His people.


  66. My favorite character in the bible is Ruth. She’s an example of such noble character. Despite great loss, she clung to her mother in law and they healed together. God gave her a new husband of wealth, a son and a legacy. She was faithful and persistent.

  67. Beautiful message. I love Esther and her courage to step out, defend her people and live out God’s plan for her life for ‘such a time as this’.

  68. I have always liked the story of Esther. She didn’t have much say about the position she got placed in, but she was able to use her circumstances to help not only herself but all of her people. She was so strong and courageous and full of faith. She was able to use her skills and wisdom so well. Any panic she felt was given to God and she handled herself with such grace. I doubt I could have handled things as grace-filledly, but she is a model I can look to.

  69. David is my favorite character in the bible. He loved God whole-heartedly, had a simple devotion to Him as a shepherd, became King, sinned, repented and God considered him a man after God’s own heart.

  70. I love Jabez! Oh, that you would bless me indeed, and enlarge my territory – that you would keep your hand upon me and keep evil from me!! This prayer has done so, so much for me and for my life.

    I’m also a Deborah fan!

    Blessings, All!

  71. My favorite is Issac and his willingness to do just as Jacob said. I also love that Jacob told the servants that “we” will be back, he trusted God with Issac wholeheartedly.

  72. Such a good word for those of us with shifting faith, permission to bring this to God. One of my favorites in the Bible is doubter Peter, so strong in his statements even when they were a little too rash. His heart was always rushing ahead in faith though. I love the way Jesus honored him for it in the end, didn’t condemn him for his denial. Neither does he condemn us for our doubts or our running ahead.

  73. I am encouraged by David. From a young boy he was tender hearted to God’s calling in his life. He was human and sinned but always turned to God in a repented heart
    to change. Here I am Lord.
    He dealt with life & sorrow but I always see God right there with him. The Book of Psalms is a very encouraging and transparent.

  74. One of my favorite Bible characters is Elijah. He listened well enough to hear God & speak for Him the words God gave. I am grateful God included the human side of a spiritual person who could go from slaying all the prophets of Baal & leading Israel to rededicate themselves to God & then run from the threat of one woman, Jezebel. It reminds us the weariness of everyday life can blow things out of proportion & we need to rest & eat then get back up serving God by letting Him live out His life thru us His way.

  75. All the women that wrote comments yesterday. Everyone one of them and what they wrote were class. You know what they wrote was from their heart. Saying about who they loved in the Bible. It was just to lovely to reading what they wrote about the difference people in the Bible that meant so much to them and why. I learned so much from reading their stories. It was so lovely thank you all for sharing what you did and your hearts. Dawn Northern Ireland. God Bless to you lovely women. I might not meet you this side of earth but I will meet you one day in Glory. I say Amem to that xxxxxx

  76. I love Jonah, not because we see in him a beautiful example of obedience but a wise reminder of our less than awesome humanness. So often I find myself doubting God’s best for a situation believing I know better or
    Can predict how it might turn out. I land myself in a pickle the size of a whale. Then I often pout. Dramatically. Diva-style. Throw myself on the ground and roll around a bit. My favorite thing about Jonah’s story is that God doesn’t just give him what he wants or strike him down with a big old lightning bolt. He takes the time to try and help him understand, to come alongside and teach him. Jonah may not be a hero of the Bible but he sure reminds me what a patient, loving Father we have.

  77. David. I his raw real emotions. Always Praising God before or after. He shared how he felt. Yet he knew who God was in his life.

  78. The woman who touched Jesus’ hem….she believed He could heal her. I want to believe like that.

  79. I can’t say that I have any favourites. I am inspired by the stories of the women of the Bible who walked in faith, and they give me hope that a broken sinner such as I will find favour in my Lord’s eyes. I think of the woman who, though deemed unclean, reached out to touch Jesus because she had faith that she would be healed. I try to live with faith like this and am hard on myself when I have questions and doubts, but this has helped me see that God won’t turn away from me because of this. Thank you. ♥

  80. This year my favorite biblical people are: Naomi and David (each for same reasons)… they moved forward. They kept going and trusted God. Even though Naomi was hard on herself, she felt that God had dealt with her bitterly (even trying to change her name to Mara), she pressed on and God blessed her and Ruth. Naomi was very real. Very brave. Very kind. David was being chased by Saul and he kept going, too. Life is like that. It was important for David to do the next right thing, and I also love knowing David (personally) from the Psalms he wrote as he was being chased. He messed up as a human but would always repent. Always; never lost sight of God. He was definitely a man after God’s own heart. Good stuff in the Old Testament and New. Jesus is my favorite.

  81. I always liked Sarah and Abraham, but especially Sarah. She doubted when she was told she’d become pregnant in old age. “And Sarah Laughed.” Many times I doubted things, I’ve laughed, but I’ve known the blessings would come. I’m guessing Sarah did, too. I’m imaging her joyous laughter, not a mocking laugh.

  82. My favorite characters are Lois and Eunice. Such a wonderful reminder of the power of motherhood and the impact of Grandmothers. You are never to old to train up the generations after you. Love that those two instilled a deep faith into Timothy.