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At (in)courage, we empower women to be like Jesus. Our writers share what’s going on in their life and how God’s right in the middle of it. They bring their joys & struggles so that you can feel less alone and be empowered by the hope Jesus gives.

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  1. Good morning ladies,
    I look forward to watching your videos this weekend, but for now I’ll say Kristen and Robin, you just feel like friends I’ve known for a long time and with whom I’ve journeyed. Though I’ve never met you face to face, I always get excited when you come up as the post for the day….
    Kristen, I love your down home, no pretentions, tell it like it is way of relating. You bring me a smile in everything you write. Like in your comments here you remind me to get “my hind end in the Word” today lol!! If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a million times, I believe military spouses and families are the backbone of this great Nation. You keep the home fires burning while your loved ones are many miles away fighting for our freedoms. I am right with you in leggings and tunics (hides the muffin top). I look forward to your newest offering coming out soon!! Love you Oklahoma gal xo

    Robin, you speak my love language – tiramisu and creme brulee…..yum! And what a year for Clemson!! As a southern girl myself, I love your southern charm and easy way of relating to people. Your posts always speak directly to my heart and like you…I’ve been around here a long time. So excited that you are coming out with your first solo book….Way to go!! In it, I’m sure you will share stories with the same honesty and candor that you offer in your posts. Your posts have truly kept me going through some tough times and I am truly grateful for you sweet southern magnolia xo

    Tasha, Already I see in you a heart that wants to connect with readers and is willing to put yourself out there and be vulnerable. That is brave…no BRAVE my friend. One can go just about anywhere to be preached to, but your approach is to come alongside the reader and say, “You’re not alone…I’m right there with you.” I look forward to what you will be sharing and I’ll be checking out your video this weekend. Welcome to the group…

    Blessings to you all and I look forward to watching your videos, but just had to say Hi!!
    Bev xo

    • Bev, among your many gifts, “words of affirmation” ranks high. Seeing your name in comments feels like an old friend visiting. Not to mention the way you thoughtfully share your wisdom and experience as it relates to the Word. I’m so thankful you’re a part of our (in) community, actively uplifting our body. xo

    • Bev,
      Thanks for those kind words, and for taking the time to encourage each one of us in such specific ways. I already love how you notice others and pay attention to hearts. Your faithfulness in this community and your generosity of words and courage have such a great impact!

  2. What a wonderful blessing is this introduction. No surprise, I love all 3 of you and look forward to hearing more about and from you all. We share many things in common, but I do not do the social media things, like Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, etc. But I would love to have you all as neighbors and friends.

  3. Good morning In (Courage)

    Kristen so good to get to know you better. You feel like a comfy friend as I follow your blog. You are my kind of gal-a down home blue jean wearing country. I, too, love country music-especially the older stuff. You have a big heart for our military & rightly so. They deserve our best. Thank you for writing Girl Meets Change. Everyone is going or has gone through some changes in their lives. Excited about your next book coming out soon. So sorry for the losses you experienced last fall. It’s tough losing one parent much less two. I pray God will send peace & comfort to you.

    Robin–Love your “Get To” attitude. There is a song by Jeff & Sheri Easter called “Get To”. Like you it says I’m happy to go to church, cook, etc because God has blessed me with the means to do that. I’ve been around In Courage for a long long time. I feel I already know you some as I follow your blog & enjoy reading your exploits. Appreciate all your posts as they come from the heart. Truly loved your post about your mama. Like you I love dark chocolate. Thrilled that you get to write a solo book. I know this has been a dream of yours.

    Welcome Tasha so great to really get to know you. Thank you for bringing bi-racial diversity to the spotlight & starting the discussion. You are representing Asian Americans well & that is Courageous of you. It is important for others to know they are not alone in this world. Like you I don’t always feel at home. Guess we are longing for a better place. Your encouragement is heartwarming. Good luck on the book. I pray God allows you to write this book He has planted in you.

    Blessings 🙂

    • Beth, you sprinkle love and kindness with every comment—thank you! You’re one of my online encouragers whose been around “forever,” and you always seem to find the positive :). That’s a superpower!

    • Beth, thank you for being an ever-present source of support and encouragement. Until the day comes when we can meet in person, I’m sure happy to share this online home with you. Sending love!

    • Beth,
      Thank you for those kind words and for your encouragement to each of us. What a gift it is to have you in this community and to be connected to you. I can tell that you have been such blessing to so many women here and I am grateful for the kindness you offer here and I am sure, everywhere you are.

  4. Kristen, Robin and Tasha,
    I’m sorry this is late but I really wanted to thank you all for being here, it truly means a lot.
    Blessings and gratitude to you all,