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  1. I just love slowing down and offering a warm smile or a hug to someone who appears in a rush. It makes me thankful that I am able to share God’s love with other beautiful souls during this busy season. My children also light up my heart with gratitude because their spirits know no rush, no stranger, no stress… they can melt any fear or worry I might have with their simple perfect LOVE!

    • I love the extra special services at church both musical and live nativity. I love the smells and baking all my family’s favorite treats.

  2. I am thankful for a beautiful daughter who asked Santa for more time spent with her family. She didn’t want things. She just wants more of our time! I am thankful for her beautiful 10 year old heart. It made my heart happy!

  3. Good morning,
    I love unwrapping my Nativity set that is made out of carved olive wood from the Holy Land – a gift brought back from my parents. As I unwrap each figure I am filled with gratitude for what God chose to do when He saw our hopeless and helpless situation. Love gives love as Ann Voskamp would say….I’d love any of the gifts, but especially love Becky’s “Be Kind” choice 🙂
    Advent blessings,
    Bev xxx

  4. my family
    Letters from my son at boot camp
    Piano music around the Christmas tree
    There are so many reasons to be thankful as God is so good.

  5. In Courage,

    I am thankful for what Jesus did. He left the splendor of Heaven to come down to broken Earth. Mary & Joseph obeyed God amidst tough tough circumstances. Being pregnant at 13 while being betroved & in that culture would have meant death. Joseph still going through with the marriage. The tough camel ride. Thinking hard on all this makes me grateful. Would love to have family come around for Christmas, but not to be. Mine lives so far away. Hubby has to work Christmas day. OH well. I will be with friends enjoying a good time & eating great food. Merry Christmas!! P.S. I love Peanuts & The Peanuts Christmas Story. Will definitely watch it again this year!!

    Blessings – Feliz Navidad- Merry Christmas to all!!

    • Beth,
      We watch the Peanuts Christmas story every year….made back in the early 60’s – it’s still a classic and speaks to the real meaning of Christmas. So few shows these days actually do….
      Advent blessings sweet friend,
      Bev xo

      • Beth & Bev,
        I also have fond memories of the Peanuts and look forward to it each year. I happened to find the cutest little Charlie Brown Christmas tree for my husband complete with Lioness’s blue blanket and a red ball.
        I hope that you both have a Merry & blessed Christmas,

        • Penny,
          I LOVE it lol. We have a pathetic little pine tree seedling in our backyard. So we put one red ball on it and a blue towel around it’s base…it’s our “Charlie Brown Christmas tree” 🙂 Sometimes simple is better.
          Merry Christmas to you, Penny!
          Bev xo

          • Bev,
            How sweet, I love that idea. I agree with you about simple, it’s becoming more of my norm lately.
            Love & Merry Christmas,

  6. I teach preschool in a Christian environment (LOVE). We just has our Christmas concert last night…. do I need say more. Watching these little children smile and singing with loud joyful voices about Jesus birth.. THIS Is Christmas.. Jesus love shining through His children…. Merry Christmas

  7. Spending time with loved ones!! Holiday traditions that I did as a child and am now sharing with my children!! Trying to remain in a childlike state of mind at Christmas to see everything with wonder and awe!

  8. I love spending time w my daughters – they are 16 & 20 so getting them to slow down and spend time w us on the holidays makes this mama happy!

  9. God morning to you all.
    I have been reading the scriptures on Jesus’ birth and I’m so amazed that God has opened my eyes to His Word in a different way this Christmas.
    Thank you for all your beautiful stories & gifts

  10. My daughter and her husband moved across country six months ago and won’t make it home for Christmas because of their new jobs. So I’m thankful that my husband and I — and our youngest daughter — can make a quick trip out to visit them for a few days before the Christmas. We’ll fill the time with laughter and memories, and yes, lots of hugs and a few tears. But it will be so, so worth it.

  11. My heart is full of gratitude for our Savior, Jesus Christ, and for my family, friends, a home to live in, and food on our table. The simple things matter most. Merry Christmas.

  12. It’s all about family for me. So grateful & thankful they all live close so we can spend time together. Also vet grateful for memories of Christmas when my Dad was alive.

  13. Family getting together for our traditional tree decorating night…and me being alive to share in it!

  14. I am thankful for second chances. This time of the year always reminds me that God gave everyone a second chance through His Son. I am also thankful for my family.

  15. The thing I’m most grateful for this Christmas is that no matter what, Christmas still comes. Every year I promise myself I’m going to slow down and really soak in all the Christmas experiences, but then December comes around and I get crazy busy with church and the kid’s school activities, etc. I’m just thankful that no matter how chaotic my December becomes, I get to be reminded each Christmas that Jesus came (and still comes) to be with me. Whether I’ve been able to have the quiet time I’ve hoped to have or whether I’m feeling overwhelmed in a mess of wrapping paper! Every December I’m humbly reminded that Jesus will meet me, even in the mess.

  16. First, I’d just like to say thank you for making my mornings more kind and thoughtful, each and every day. My gratitude is with my grand- daughters and my daughter, who are always there for me, especially during this time of year. It will be 5 years December 22 since I lost my partner to suicide. He was so loved by all of us and my gratitude comes from God through them in all the wonderful ways possible during this most difficult yet joyous time of year.

  17. I am reminded in many ways, through church, scripture,and by friends,that we have a sovereign God. This has helped me to slow down, worry less,trust more. And realize,my most precious Gift is my Savior.

  18. I’m so thankful for my family. This will be the first Christmas without my grandma who passed away in September. I’m grateful that she’s now with Jesus and will be having the best Christmas ever!

  19. Visiting with Family and friends. The beautiful Christmas carols celebrating Jesus and the season.

  20. I love being with family!! Just slowing down, visiting and catching up on life’s happenings with each other. Remembering all the things we did when we were younger at Christmas time. Especially for me is the meaning of Christmas. Remembering that Jesus was born on this day and celebrating his birth.

  21. There is no doubt about it what makes me warm with gratitude is when I’m reading through my daily Advent reading, the reminder of God’s Love for me. Christmas story is not only about Him, in fact about all of us. The redemptive plan to save our souls. Then when I look around at my family I am once again reminded I have so much to be grateful for. Lastly, when I can spread some Christmas Spirit to my friends and neighbors. Sharing a meal with them, lending a helping hand, giving a gift because we in turn have been given the greatest gift! Merry Christmas

  22. I am thankful for some extra time with family. I am looking forward to seeing Christmas through the eyes of my 2 year old.

  23. My heart is warmed by gratitude when my family focuses on the true meaning of Christmas; Jesus’ birth. I enjoy this time of year when we can focus on Him, family, friends and giving. There’s nothing like giving to others and seeing their faces light up with such joy. Merry Christmas.

  24. We have 4 girls – 2 who are in college. We will all be home together for Christmas – first time we’ve all been together since August!

  25. I love to see the Christmas spirit come out in surprising little ways – an offer to cut ahead in line, a smile and a “Merry Christmas”, generosity abounds!! It’s in the little things… Christmas music, decorations, waaay too many delicious goodies and extra time spent with friends and family ❤️️

  26. Seeing everyone in my family slow down and disconnect with the rest of the world to enjoy the time together and share gifts of memories around the Christmas tree!

  27. I love the Christmas season and the time to slow down and reflect on the many blessings that God has bestowed on me.

  28. Soaking in moments with our children is my delight & goal over Christmas. They are all so busy with school, church, & work, plus one is away at college and our second child is a high school senior. Reading together, watching movies, talking & laughing late into the night, just listening to their hearts.

  29. Thank-you, all of your gifts look like lovely choices,
    I am most grateful for the gift of the Lord himself, and for His gift of the memories of time spent with loved ones from the past, and the ones yet to be made.
    I hope that you all have a blessed & Merry Christmas,

  30. I love the reflection of a lit candle off of a persons’ face as they sing praises to the King of Kings. Then, to see it spread and fill a room, it reminds me of how powerful just a little spark of hope can make a difference for all of us!! ❤️❤️✨it truly takes my breath away!

  31. It makes my heart warm with gratitude to give to others in need, to have family close by to bake with and share with, and to receive Christmas cards (and send them) to those near and far.

  32. My heart is so thankful and grateful for the goodness our Father has shown my husband this year. My husband was out of work for most of the year because he hurt his neck. Without the Lord’s provision and unexpected blessing through the year we wouldn’t have made it. Thank you,Father!

  33. My heart is warmed with gratitude this tough Christmas season with memories and reminder of my bestie. It will be our first without her and although I will be surrounded with hubby and kids and extended families, there will be an empty seat at our table. Zer Cha loved Christmas, it was her most favorite time of the year and every year she had celebrated with us, it never fails, she would bring a small cake for all of us to sing happy birthday to Jesus. I am so grateful and honored to have had 40 plus years with her. She will be terribly missed and I know she is celebrating her first Christmas with her momma again in Heaven…. Thank you Lord for giving me all these decades with such an amazing person… I will see her someday.. Save me a seat.

  34. The warm feeling of gratitude floods my soul this year as i prepare to celebrate with family and two new grandbabies-my first!!! I am so grateful and thankful for a Savior and people to just be around through the holidays. I am thankful for you all and your willingness to minister to us through your writings!

  35. I’m most grateful for family – it’s the most wonderful part of the holiday and also the most painful because many memories are wrapped with people no longer with us. I am so thankful for the people God has put me with!

  36. I’m grateful to have 4 healthy, beautiful children- even if it means my house is way beyond my acceptable decibel level more often than not.

  37. The wonderful friends that remember me during the holidays knowing that I am alone and without children and they include me in their celebrations. It warms my heart and fills me with gratitude.

  38. WOW! I love sitting down with a steaming cup of coffee and spend time with my family and friends … with Christmas music on in the background. It’s all about slowing down and listening to my Jesus speak to my heart.

    I also watch A Charlie Brown Christmas multiple times!!

    Merry Christmas, everyone!!

    Joy in Jesus,
    Lara Sadowski

  39. I love rare Christmases like this one when ALL of my siblings and their families will be under the same roof celebrating Jesus. (My Sister is flying in from across the globe!) It will be loud, it will be insane and it will be glorious! LOL.

    Nothing sweeter than being with those you love. Merry Christmas, Ladies!

  40. Christmas for me is having all my children under one roof. It doesn’t have to be perfect, we just need to be together!
    My heart is filled with gratitude when I realize how much my kids have to give up to come over 900 miles home. It is such a blessing and a treat to have them home.

  41. I am thankful my mother ( 85 yrs. old) is still with us this Christmas. We almost lost her a couple of months ago to Pneumonia, the Flu, Heart problems, Low Oxygen, etc. She is doing much better thankful to the Lord! His blessings to us are new each morning! Love the incourage ministry! Such a blessing to my soul!!!!

  42. I love gathering with my family and watching A Charlie Brown Christmas!! When Linus tells The Christmas Story, my heart warms! So thankful for Jesus!

    I would love any of those amazing gifts!!

    Merry Christmas, everyone!

    Joy in Jesus,
    Lara Sadowski <

  43. I get to help with the Christmas program at a preschool. I love seeing their big smiles and sparkling eyes as they sing, “Jesus, we remember it’s Your birthday”!

  44. So many things to be thankful for this Christmas. The beautiful celebration of Christ’s birth and all that means. My sweet family, who like Christ, loves me despite my failures. Other Christians who help me feel His love through physical hugs and audible words of encouragement. And, also, I am thankful for others who have challenged me this year through different relationship struggles because they have driven me closer to my Savior. We have been through moves, career changes, ministry changes, sicknesses, losses, etc. over the years and yet God continues to place people all along the way to help us, encourage us, challenge us, and also need us. He is patiently guiding and leading us through it all, just like He did Mary and Joseph 🙂 So thankful for that.

  45. I am thankful for all my friends & family. I thank God that he allowed me to be in my church’s Christmas program & helped me to understand that there are different ways to tell about your saving grace & gave me the courage to do what he wanted me to do. I am so blessed that even though our only daughter lives in Colorado with her husband & my grandson & granddaughter, my husband & I are able to Facetime Christmas morning & what them open the gifts that we sent them & they can watch us open our gifts that they sent us. As I get older, I feel drawn to move closer to them, I’m missed so much of their growing up. We don’t have the finances, but if it is in God’s plan, he will provide.

  46. I am greatfull to spend time with my first grandchild and I will get to do all the things I loved to do with my children during the holiday. I love making cookies and decorating and just spending time with my family.

  47. Reading through my advent devotional has helped me so much to slow down this Christmas season. I’m so thankful that God chose to send his only son for us!

  48. What makes my heart warm the time we get enjoy with family. We gather together and reflect on the greatest gift. Our salvation brought forth thru Jesus. His humble birth and short ministry that impacted a world. So grateful.

  49. I love watching my husband and son reveal the beauty of the Christmas lights around our home after they have worked so hard stringing each one. So beautiful. I’m so thankful for the light of the world!

  50. I love doing for others furong the season whether it be donating toys for a toy drive or giving someone cash on a street corner.

  51. What makes my heart warm this Christmas is hot chocolate and apple cider, our Christmas tree we got in the forest this year all lit up in our living room at night with presents underneath it wrapped by my kids, sitting in front of the fireplace all toasty with the hubs watching TV or reading Christmas stories as a family. Life is good!! XOXO
    Merry Christmas!!

  52. I love being “His”
    “In Him, With Him, Through Him”
    All things become possible.
    Especially changes in us all, that reflect His Amazing Love.
    When I learned what it really means to be made in His likeness, I found the rest He
    Promises. Christmas reminds me especially to live His way, Spirit led.

  53. I am so grateful for family–my mom battled breast cancer last year, and we are beyond blessed to have her with us this year. I’m also thankful for our church family and the dear friends who pour into the lives of my husband, our kids and myself. Merry Christmas, and thank you for this wonderful giveaway!!! 🙂

  54. Great shares and I love them all.
    This year my heart is full of Gratitude mainly because I am here and stronger and able to do more than last year , all from the Faith and Grace if God. Last year was too many hospital days and my doctors says I am 1000% better this year. Yes, I still live with several life altering diseases but God has proved to me that there’s a reason I’m still here.

    Also, my parents ( all 3 ) are coming as we celebrate Christmas with my sisters and our families. Very blessed and grateful.

    I’m also grateful for you women at Incourage for sharing your lives with us daily, Merry Christmas to all…

  55. I love the joy on grandkids’ faces! I love music that makes me stop whatever I’m doing to sing along! I love gentle reminders of Jesus in ornaments and decorations, but most of all in words and deeds! Oh to have that continue all year long!

  56. This will be our first Christmas here at home in a long time, since we usually travel to be with my in laws and we are all excited to be able to relax and enjoy each other.

  57. My family! They love and care for me beyond measure. They make me laugh, encourage me and always make me feel like I’m more than enough ❤️

  58. What makes my heart warm with gratitude this Christmas is my children. I am thankful to be able to enjoy them and celebrate our Lord’s birth with them. Two this side of heaven, and one already enjoying His presence. The fact that they each know Jesus and have an ever growing relationship with Him is what makes my heart happier than anything.

  59. My heart fills will love and gratitude during this Advent Season for the gift of Christ’s coming 2,000 years ago and look forward to His coming again. We have hope, family, warmth, and love in my home and I am eternally thankful!

  60. For more it’s simply Jesus that makes Christmas warm my heart. The worlet is broken, sick and overwhelmed. He is the One who gives us the hope that it will all be made right one day and in that I find peace, and joy! I love Christmas because I LOVE Jesus and what He’s done, is doing and will continue to do!! ❤️

  61. Wonderful to see what you enjoy! Hope you all have a blessed Christmas! I sit back and reflect, now that the the kids and grandchildren are all grown they are spread out all over the place. All busy with their own lives I’m thankful my daughter calls every once in awhile. However, I’m thankful for the time when they were around making memories. This time of year, I get out two books that I love to read along with the Bible, Max Lucado, In The Manager, and Adam Hamilton, 24 Hours That Changed the World. I start early December because to me, they are both very moving and I can only read a little at a time and I put them down and reflect and pray. I spend time praying all the time however, this time of year, as I’m sure you all do, the meaning of what our Savior and Father has done for us is so poignant and close that it’s difficult not to spend more time on bended knee. Blessings to you all and your families and remember that the best gift you can give is a forgiving, cheerful and loving heart! A smile can be given to everyone you see and almost always returned! Something my mom always said! Love in His Holy Name

  62. My heart is warm with gratitude to be able to enjoy Christmas this year. Last Christmas I had a mastectomy reconstruction on Dec 5th so wasn’t able to physically participate. In addition to battling cancer, my Father-In-Law passed away unexpectedly in November, so emotionally the Christmas season was difficult. This year I’m so grateful to participate in celebrating! I had my Grandkids over ages 2-10 and we baked cookies! A new tradition and a true celebration of light and hope!!!

  63. I love revisiting the wonder and child innocence of the season with my grand children and remembering how their parents were at their age. God providing hope and light in the children.

  64. It warms my heart to walk through this advent season with our children. To see the waiting and anticipation of Christ’s coming through their eyes and hearts. We are so grateful to be able to teach our children about God’s great love. Their excitement has made this year’s Christmas a whole new experience. I feel like I am getting to experience it with child like faith!

  65. I’m grateful each and every day to be blessed with the gift of another day since I had emergency open heart surgery on 4/15/16 just about a month after my 50th birthday.

  66. I’m grateful for the love of family and friends. Spending time with all of them celebrating this special Christmas season!! Merry Christmas to all!!

  67. In such a fast paced season, I can’t wait to slow down & curl up with my family around our Christmas Tree making memories and enjoying the little traditions we have throughout the Christmas holiday. I want to remind them of the true meaning of Christmas and how that one night changed the lives of every person in the world. Jesus Christ is by far the best gift ever!!

  68. Thanks for giving us a chance to win.what makes my heart warm at Christmas is spending time with family and celebrate the birth of Jesus who God sent because he loves us so much

  69. I love the memories (things we do every year no matter what) made with traditions. I also love a blanket, coffee and a favorite Christmas movie!!! I’m a sucker for slowing down!

  70. I love getting out the Christmas tree ornaments which hold many, many years of memories from when my three grown kids were little.
    They remind me how truly blessed I am and have always been. A wonderful way to start the Advent Season with a grateful heart.

  71. My mission this Christmas is to just LOVE all people the way Christ loves me.. to share the hope with others and pray for those who need it.

  72. I am great full that my mom and I can continue the tradition this year with making Christmas candy to share with family and friends. This tradition has been going on for my entire life and I am in my 30’s! I am hoping to keep it going with my kids through out their lives.

  73. Siting down with just the tree lights on watching a Christmas movie with the family. The perfect Christmas night swells the heart with gratitude

  74. God’s gift of his Son, my church, my family…in this season of empty nest, my husband and I are thrilled that our children and grandchildren love to stop by and hang out with us. We are so enjoying the babies and the slower pace of life now that the children are grown. Looking forward to having our sailor son and his family back home in the spring, bringing two more precious littles close to Mimzi and Popi.

  75. Taking the time to really notice all that God has given me, time to thank Him for these gifts. Its so easy to look at others and feel like I’m missing something, or to let the anxiety of everything that has to get done keep me from this, but when I really take stock of everything I have I remember that it all comes from God. He should get the glory and praise for it all.

  76. I’m grateful that I get to go back home and visit my family this Christmas. I haven’t seen them in a year and it will be so wonderful get to see their faces and give them all hugs this year!

  77. Most grateful the cancer my elderly father has is treatable and he is being healed of shingles.

  78. Thankful for each moment of peace and joy whether alone with Him or with family. My mom has Alzheimer’s and it’s a horrible personality changing disease. So when all is peaceful, I am grateful.

  79. I’m grateful that the sun is out, the temperature is mild (for Minnesota) and that I get to spend my days around kids who make me smile… and just maybe, I can be a blessing in their lives as well.

  80. I am especially grateful for my family being together this year. My daughter has been sober for “65” days and I am so thankful to God for her life!! I am looking forward to having the whole family together around the table on Christmas morning. Thanks be to God!!

  81. My heart is filled with gratitude for my husband and the wonderful gift he is to me as well as for the reminder of the true reason for Christmas, the birth of Jesus Christ.

  82. Very grateful my father is getting healed from shingles and they have a treatment for his cancer

  83. I am so very grateful that our God chose to become flesh and be “God with us.” So grateful for the salvation He brings. And if that were not enough, He is still with us everyday and gives strength and blessings.

  84. This Christmas I am filled with blessings, the most important of which is my relationship with Jesus; one that has grown and blossomed more than I ever dreamed possible. The grace of His glory is all around me and supported by both (in)courage and DaySpring. Since discovering both, my home is filled with beautiful reminders of what is truly important in this world, His love for us, and my bible study has changed dramatically thanks to my (in)courage women’s bible. It has the most amazing studies, is beautiful in every way and has truly enriched my faith life. (In)courage has powerful blogs to read, images to meditate on and is connected to my favorite podcast, Out Of The Ordinary, with Lisa-Jo Baker & Christie Purifoy.
    Thanks to all of this beauty and inspiration, I am able to serve others with His love, passion and devotion with more purpose than ever before. My family receives more from me, my mission-based work is stronger and my heart is filled. That is what I am most grateful for this Christmas season.

  85. Seeing the JOY on my children’s faces. Especially my 6 year old who is SOOO excited about all things Christmas.

  86. My family is everything to me. I can’t wait to celebrate Christmas with each family group.

  87. I am so thankful for my family, especially my kids, hearing them sing Christmas carols and act out the nativity story (3 & 5yrs) has just melted my mama heart!

  88. Seeing all my family together, looking through pictures of the ones that are in heaven, singing Christmas carols with hot chocolate in hand makes my heart overflow with gratitude!

  89. Focusing on memories with my four littles instead of trying to do it all and do it all perfectly fills my heart with gratitude. Opening our imperfectly cleaned house to a load of kids and their mommas leaves me so full!

  90. I’m getting my first Grandbaby for Christmas! I couldn’t be more grateful and blessed this Christmas season – I have so that and so much more to be thankful for!

  91. My grateful heart is satisfied first by God’s most precious gift to us of His son, Jesus and all He has done for men and women, boys and girls, you and me throughout all of time. My husband, children and grandies also top my list, and family and friends. Oh such joy to be found in all of this…my heart is full!!

  92. What a fun and helpful post!! 🙂 And thanks so much for the giveaway, too!! My favorite part is the JOY of Jesus and focusing on His coming to earth…and sharing time with family & friends!

  93. My heart is warmed with thankfulness when I feel my toddler voluntarily reach for my hand, or when he offers his squishy, upturned lips for a kiss. As tired as I am at the end of each day, I am so thankful to be his Mommy.

  94. My heart is warm with gratitude when I think on the many wonderful friends that the Lord has placed in my path through the years. Oh how blessed I am! Merry Christmas to all of you at (in)Courage!

  95. I’m grateful that my 22 yr old son will be with us on Christmas. There was a time earlier this year I wasn’t sure if that would be the case, so having him a part of our family on Thanksgiving and knowing we’ll see him on Christmas Is a true gift. It’s also a reminder to me at this time that there are families that are hurting and broken. Mama’s missing their wayward children…. we should be in prayer for them specifically during this time.

  96. I love getting to see family, but sometimes the “to-dos” and the “must gos” become overwhelming and this is when I need to step back and remember why we celebrate in the first place. Our candlelight Christmas eve service grounds me again and I’m filled with awe and wonder at love’s greatest gift.

  97. I am grateful for God’s grace and love, for my loving husband and family, for my spiritual family, for my dog and for my beautiful home in the country.

  98. My heart warms with gratitude whenever friends invite me to be included in their Christmas celebrations. As a widow with no children or family nearby, I am especially grateful to be included. My husband died the day after Christmas, so getting through all the holidays is not always easy for me.

  99. My heart is warm with gratitude for God’s abundant provision and steadfast love during a very difficult year. Merry Christmas (in)courage team!♥♥♥

  100. This Christmas I am especially thankful to meet our first grandchild. Grace will enter the world on Christmas Eve so we’ll get to celebrate her and Jesus!

  101. I am thankful for this holiday season because it brings a necessary pause into the busy (and sometimes mundane) norm of life. With the help of beautiful Christmas carols and hymns and bright Christmas lights, we turn our attention more specifically to Christ- his love for us, and the light he brings into the world. The holiday season creates a space to bask in his love and the love we have for our family and friends!

  102. This has been a difficult Christmas season for me. But the love of family and friends and their willingness to be there for me has touched my heart. I am blessed beyond words for the love they shower on my. God is good and I am grateful.

  103. I am grateful for my friends and how they share hospitality in their own ways each Christmas season. It is fun to be on the receiving end of such hospitality but it also inspiring to me to continue to reach high to be a good neighbor to all of those we come into contact with during the day.

  104. I am thankful for the birth of our second adopted son this year. Despite the hurdles that may seen in our way God is so faithful and trustworthy! What a joy to celebrate together the coming of our Savior into the world!

  105. I am grateful for the warmth and generosity of people at this time (wish it would last all year). I also am so blessed with family who enjoy getting together.

  106. I am grateful for God’s provision: From His provision of salvation through Jesus to His provision of every day needs and blessings.

  107. My gratitude comes when I get to be with family. I live alone and more than 3 hours from any of my family members. Serving in ministry can be isolating at times, so time with family is when I feel most blessed!

  108. My gratitude comes when I get to be with family. I live alone and more than 3 hours from any of my family members. Serving in ministry can be isolating at times, so time with family is when I feel most blessed!

  109. There are so many things that make my heart warm! I’m a teacher so my students definitely make my heart so full! I just had a few students come by as carolers and it made my night!

    As a side note: free shipping and giveaways make my heart warm as well thank you so much for your generosity!! ❤️

  110. I am thankful for my mother. She’s been battling cancer for 10 yrs. she’s in stage 4 and has 3 different cancers at this point and what she endures makes her a hero in my eyes. We were sure she wouldn’t be here this Christmas but by the pure grace of God she is. I will be devistated when she’s gone. We talk every day on the phone and I will miss that more than words can express, their are no words. She will be with the Lord that’s for sure. What warms my heart this Christmas is to still have my closest and longest friend here for another Christmas. I’m a Painter and a quilter and when I make her things and see her face light up like a Christmas tree, that warms my heart along with the quilts we make together. When she goes home to be with Jesus what will warm my heart is to know she will be there praising the Lord ready to greet me till I see her again.

  111. My mom had an unexpected heart attack leading to immediate open heart surgery this year. It was a complete shock to our family and we are so so very grateful God spared her life. This Christmas we are leaning closer to our family and spending more slow time with each other. God is so good.

  112. I’m thankful for my watm house with alllllllll this rain we’re having this month (no snow in the South, alas)

  113. I think the holidays can be hard but we can always be thankful for the grace and mercy we’ve been extended

  114. I am grateful for God coming to Earth as a human for the sole purpose of saving us! What a gift and sacrifice!

  115. Seeing the wonder of Christmas in my children’s faces. Reading the Christmas story and having my little ones act it out with their nativity sets. Giving good gifts to my kids knowing that’s a very small example of what God has done for us.

  116. My heart is warmed by seeing people smile and be kind to one another. During Christmas people are more conscious about the Spirit and their joy for the holidays spills over into their interactions. I wish everyday was Christmas. Merry Christmas and God Bless You!

  117. My family makes my heart full of gratitude. This Christmas all my family will be together. Merry Christmas!

  118. I love time with our family, especially the grandchildren. I’m so thankful for becoming engaged at Christmas four years ago, after being a widow for several years. And the greatest blessing of all is the time we all spend together in praise and worship as we celebrate the birth of Jesus.

  119. In the midst of the busyness that comes with this season, I am grateful for the quiet moments, sitting on the couch and looking at our Christmas tree. I’m grateful to be able to stay home with my daughter and enjoy more quiet moments than I would if I worked outside the home.

  120. I am grateful for time with family and especially with my mom this year. Due to a deadly brain virus from a medication, this time last year she was nearing the end of her 4-6 month prognosis. But, by God’s Grace she is still here and gone back to living at her own home. We don’t understand God’s plans to take some early or even without warning, or miracles in others, but I know that every day is a gift b/c no one is guaranteed tomorrow.

  121. My heart is warmed as I put on Amy Grant’s Christmas albums and memories of Christmases past come flooding back….of family, food, lights, the songs and general festive and generous spirit of the season. And then it inspires me to create meaningful memories with my kids.

  122. This Christmas I’m just so happy and feel blessed to have my husband, my two little girls and my mom all together. I just want to enjoy these moments and create lots of new memories!

  123. I love gathering with family and friends. Things seem to get busy with the preparations but it’s the busyness of togetherness that makes it wonderful. And I am grateful for the anticipation of Christmas morning. I just love the togetherness after the busy fire season is over.

  124. I’m grateful for God & His gifts, including His gift of grace, steadfast love, peace, salvation…

  125. When it seems there’s not enough time, not enough money, not enough stamina, and not enough patience, my mantra is “God provides, Jesus is enough” and I’m good to go.

  126. When it seems there’s not enough time, not enough money, not enough stamina, and not enough patience, my mantra is “God provides; Jesus is enough” and I’m good to go.

  127. One of the things that makes my heart happy is watching my grandchildren sing on stage at church during Christmas service. It brings back memories of the years when my children would sing. Another thing is having my children and grandchildren together for Christmas. We are minus one now whose void can never be filled but just keeping those memories alive warms my heart. Something else I look forward to is coming together a few days before Christmas to make tamales. A lot of work but a time to connect.

  128. My heart is warmed this Christmas reflecting on how much our God blesses us. He has given so much in Jesus, but it hasn’t stopped there. This year for Christmas, we are debt free! God is so good!

  129. My heart is so FULL of gratitude when:
    I get something completely new out of reading the same verses in the Bible

    I see loved ones be impacted by the Gospel

    I get to have gingerbread cookies

    I look at my sweet new husband (2 weeks-yay!)

    I think about how since we’ve gotten married my family has exponentially grown and my mom and sister have gotten to hear the gospel and see it be lived out each day

    I get to see my sweet students smile when they come into school. A lot of their families can’t afford heat or other necessities for wintertime so it is so wonderful to get to see them enjoy school for this reason.

  130. This is my second Christmas without my daughter and the first without my day. They both went to be with the Lord in Sept a year apart. The peace of God has been my rock. That peace is what I am so very thankful for.

  131. We became empty nesters this fall so the thing that fills me with gratitude this Christmas is that all three girls will be home for Christmas. It has really struck home these past three months how blessed I (we) are to have a family that loves to be together and enjoys each other’s company. I’m so grateful that being together is a priority for our girls. Now I’d best get into the kitchen and cook!

  132. I am filled with gratitude for my family, husband and kids. We’re entering the years of independence for our older two (10 yrs old) and that is, once again, making us adjust how we parent. Thankful to have a husband who is a partner, who listens to my opinion, and who loves our kids so much. Thankful to have three great kids and praying for the Holy Spirit to guide our parenting!

  133. I am grateful for new perspective this year on how we celebrate the season. We’ve taken a giant step back in showering each other with gifts and a giant step forward in learning what it means to be content in all things. That being said, that apron is just so adorable that it’s hard not to want to gift it to all my friends.

  134. As I am about to become an empty-nester, I am thankful that my family will all be together this Christmas. I am blessed to know my children walk in truth and own a genuine faith in our wonderful Savior as they embark on their own journeys. I am grateful for my husband who sees that my heart is afraid and sometimes lonely and who wants to be my friend as we step into this new phase of life together. Christmas is a time of great joy and it’s contagious. It’s a time when our family can truly enjoy life, love, freedom and salvation… together.

  135. I have such wonderful memories of Christmas with family. Everything about this season makes me smile. I want to pass that on to my kids.

  136. My heart is indeed filled this Christmas season. A lot let stress during 2018 due to a major change in my circumstances. Healing that is taking place in my physical body as well as my emotional and spiritual health. The opportunity to spend Thanksgiving with out-of-state family. I’m beyond grateful to have a job that I love and an amazing supervisor. If you all could pray for a job for my husband, however, that would be so very much appreciated. He’s been unemployed for seven years and it’s becoming increasingly difficult to carry the load by myself. Thank you….and Merry Christmas to all!

  137. I am so grateful for the time I can spend with my family. What a blessing to share the joy that a Savior was born and we share His love and hope. We all come together on Christmas day and share all the good things God has done during the year and pray together for what it is to come on the new year. We create beautiful memories on Christmas <3.

  138. I LOVE seeing Christmas through my kids eyes- the wonder, the joy, the excitement, even their questions about Jesus and angels and how in the world Santa got pulled into all of this?! It’s a sweet time of discussion, and I’m thankful for their exuberant joy to increase my own (which can sometimes become overshadowed by the stress of all of the season’s “to-do’s”!).

  139. I love spending quality time with family both near and far. Most of my extended family lives far away so I enjoy all of us being together.

  140. I am grateful for time to spend with my family this Christmas. I am a high school teacher and my life is very busy with teaching so I am grateful to have a few weeks off to spend with my husband, dog and two kids. I love the message on the T-shirt to remind us “To Be Kind.” This would be a great reminder for high school students to be kind to each other in a society where many students are anything but kind.

  141. I am grateful to spend Christmas with my family. I am a high school teacher and life can get busy. I am grateful to be able to spend 2 weeks with my husband, dog and two daughters. I am looking forward to sleeping in but also looking forward to going on walks with the family and recharging. I would love the “Be Kind” T-shirt. What a great message for high schoolers in a world that can be full of other things clamoring for their attention and a society that can be anything but kind.

  142. I am so thankful for the Gift of God’s Son, our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I am also humbled and thankful for mercy and grace God has extended to our family, especially throughout this year. We as a family have had one challenge after another this year but Almighty God saw us through everyone. Merry Christmas to my sisters in Christ at Incourage. May your homes and hearts be filled with Hope and Joy throughout this Sacred season.

  143. I love the spirit of kindness people show one another during Christmas. Personally I enjoy the memories of seasons gone by when the house was full !! And the singing at church,

  144. What really warms the cockles of my heart with gratitude this Christmas is spending time with my family, celebrating the birth of Christ with them, and remembering those who have gone before us.

  145. What warms my heart is remembering my mama who lives in heaven. Her passing on Christmas Day was hard but thankfully the Joy of the reason for Christmas has been the best comfort.

  146. I am so warmed with gratitude for all our family and friends. While making their Christmas cards I am so reminded by how rich in friends we are and what a blessing they all are!

  147. This year is a little harder as I’m in the middle of a transition but I’m very hopeful about my future for the first time in a very long time. I want to make some things happen with the Lord’s help, of course. I’ve had some very hard conversations recently and want to make out on my promise to myself and to the Lord. Thanks for the opportunity to win and for your daily encouragement to all of us. Sometimes receiving your email realigns my focus and gets me through another day!

  148. I’m thankful for my hardworking husband and four energetic children. They’re reminders to me of God’s grace and love.