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Rachel Marie Kang is the author of Let There Be Art and the Social Media & Guest Post Manager for (in)courage. She is founder of The Fallow House and she lives in North Carolina with her husband and two children — connect with her at rachelmariekang.com.

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  1. Yes very good message. I believe that everything belongs to God. It is him who gave us the Job’s we have. So we should give back to him out of the money we earn. Give him the first tenth of all we earn. As it says in Phil 4 v 19 my God shall supply all my needs. So he will. We should only buy what we need when we need it. Your story is excellent. So true. We have to be if saved good Stuart’s of Gods Money. The Church don’t teach on tithing which is sad most of them. Because they have not been taught themselves. Xx

    • Dawn, thanks so much friend. I absolutely agree…this is one of those topics that seems to go untouched in most churches. And the crazy thing is…it’s something people actually want to talk about. Or, at least, that’s how I feel. I want to experience true guidance and freedom in this area. I know a lot of other people must want to, too. This was a hard one to write…personally, and because I know money and shopping and literally buying “all the things” is a touchy subject…but if it’s something that keeps touching hidden places in our hearts…it’s probably worth talking about. Thanks for sharing your thoughts…I’m encouraged.

  2. love this piece and the vulnerability and truth to it! no one likes to admit that maybe they’re over-spending, or spending for the wrong reasons that they know is piercing something deep inside. a good call to all of us to stop and ask, why am i getting this? is it a need or an un-met desire? ❤️

    • Lindsay <333 This post was a hard one to write out because it's a hard one to live out. It really is about looking deep inside to see what's going on. I constantly have to ask myself those questions. Constantly. I believe with all my heart that God guides our hearts even when shopping. Sometimes, I say a prayer before I even leave the car. It undoubtedly helps me to invite God's truth and His voice into the moments when I'm holding those objects and thinking, "Do I really need this?" Hoping God eases those same thoughts for you, friend. Thanks for your thoughts here <3333

  3. Rachel- your writing ALWAYS speaks directly to my soul. It’s like you know exactly where I am and what I need to hear! Thank you for speaking the truth that all people (especially women of God) need to hear! Keep writing!!!

    • You speak truth to MY soul. All the time. Thank you for this. I love hearing how your heart is…all the time, always. Love you so so much. Thank you for loving me well <3333

    • So…I posted a reply to this, but I’m not sure if it went through. So I’m jumping on here again to say THANK YOU. Thank you for making your way over here. And thank you for always sharing your heart. YOU always speak to my soul. Truly. Crazy thankful for you. There just are no words. Love you <333

  4. This is so good and something I’ve worked hard towards, why am I buying this? At one point when I gave up food to fill a void I allowed shopping to take it. Now I’m very intentional when I shop and especially this Christmas. Thank you Rachel for your words and reminder.

    • Colleen…I love you. Thank you for making your way over here and sharing your heart. It means the world to me. I get what you mean. And you’re right…I really do think that this can sneak its way into the voids left when we give up other habits. I also know for me that I have an “all or nothing” kind of personality. So, if I feel like I’m being deprived in one way, I tend to try to make up for it in other ways. The word that comes to me is—satisfied. Praying that God instills that deep within us both, this season and this coming year. Love you, friend.

  5. Amen! Such deep insight! God desires us to seek Him always- even in the isles if our favorite stores. It all boils down to the matter of the heart with our God. He wants honest, devoted, true worshipers. I loved how you paused to seek Him & search your heart- even if doing so possibly meant not getting what you wanted. What a great reminder where to keep our hearts rooted this season & to take a hard, honest look at our lives even if it’s hard/painful. Jesus can heal/restore unlike the material things we try to distract ourselves with. Very well written!!

    • I love you so so much…thank you for hearing my heart behind these words. The crazy hard part about this is that that moment of pause and ultimately not getting “the thing” happens a lot. That’s just where our finances are and that’s just where my heart is right now. I feel like trusting God’s provision is a two-fold thing. There’s trusting He will give us everything we need…but then, at times, there’s trusting that we already everything we need. I’ve been encouraged by your thoughts, too. Though. On renting and waiting and being content with the space you have, even if it’s not everything you want. Deep lessons that only take place when we yield to His spirit’s whispers. Praying He continues to do the same in you. Love you my friend. Thanks for popping by : )

  6. This spoke directly to my heart this morning. I sometimes feel like I am a compulsive shopper – I just do it to fill up – ? – something. I will print this out and refer back to it each time I start to order some item online that I DON’T need but do it anyway. Jesus is enough and I want to start living like He truly is.

    • Oh, Suzanne. To hear you say that you will print this out and refer back to it. I could cry right now. Thank you. That means more to me than you know. Jesus really IS enough. It’s more than an anthem…it’s a promise. A truth to hold on to. And I am holding on to it with you, friend. I know for me…it’s not compulsion…but it’s a pressure to fit in…a fear of missing out. Sometimes, I’ll swing to the way opposite just to prove I’m not giving in. Both ways—there’s never healing. I just have to let Him touch my heart where these roots sit deep. I’m praying God strengthens your heart and reminds you of the fullness that comes with knowing and loving Him. Be blessed, dear friend. Thanks for sharing <333

  7. I am not saying I’m miss high and mighty but I guess I never understood why people ran out and stood in lines/camped out for Black Friday sales….there are times that I buy “all the stuff” because I’m emotionally spending so this was a good reminder. I’m living on my own for the first time at 35 years old and I thought it was going to be all roses….not. It’s easy for me to look at how affluent everyone else is around me and wonder how one can spend $399 on a Balsam Hill Christmas tree when most of the time I need to decide whether to pay my rent or buy groceries..I know God’s a good provider. This was a refreshing devotion because it touches on the heart of the matter. Thank you.

    • I love (with ALL of my heart) your thoughts here. And I do think and feel the same. I often wonder…the same people in these crowds…do they rush as fast to give blood, to donate money when a need arises, to serve others when a cause comes their way. Without pointing fingers…I want so much for these words to point inwards…into the places where only Christ can lay his hands. Because…it’s literally that deep.

      I respect your honesty and you sharing about living on your own. You’re right. It’s not always as glamorous as everyone makes it out to be. And sometimes there’s this undercurrent that drives us to want to be in alignment with everyone else. And when we’re not…we feel like failures. We feel alone. Left out. It’s like middle school peer pressure all over again—only with expensive things. I know that I for one lack in the fashion realm these days. I can’t keep up with changing finances, a changing body, a growing baby, expanding expenses. It’s a lot. And maybe it was never meant to be for us to keep up with…

      I’m on WIC right now. So I absolutely hear you on how that decision is a real one—bills or groceries. Some weeks are good. Others are tight. Others we cut it dangerously close. The side show I can do without. As long as my family has all that they need…and as long as my heart continues to remain open to God’s miraculously and beautifully surprising ways of providing…with confidence, I can say—I am blessed beyond all measure.

      I am blessed that this touched your heart…and I hope that you were not only encouraged but that you were reminded that you are not alone and that you lack nothing. Hope you keep in touch. All my love to you <33

  8. Such a timely injection of intentionality to a season often marked by frantic doing. Thank you for this.

    • Soooo true, Laura. Reminding myself over here as well. Don’t have to do or have…or even be it all. Thanks for reading…and thanks for commenting. I LOVE YOU. <3333

  9. Rachel,

    I just heard a sermon on Relational Rehab series. He talked about applying the 10 Commandments to our marriage. He states “thou shalt not steal” & said that we should put our paychecks in this order: tithe, taxes, family, savings for future, & self last. Only after we have given God His tithe & offerings, paid our taxes, taken care of family, saved for the future then we can spend on ourselves. If this gets out of order we are stealing from God. God will reward you for ordering your priorities. This world says have it all. You deserve it & it’s on sale so buy it. After all that though, you end up deep in debt. That is certainly not God’s plan for us. Like you say do we really need 5 pairs of same shoes in different colors, lots of pretty pictures on the walls, the latest gadgets, etc. All it creates is debt & lots of stuff in your home. In the end you can’t take it with you. There is no U-Haul attached to a hearse. Not saying you shouldn’t splurge on things once in a while. Just make sure your priorities are in line with God’s. Go ahead & get some new clothes or shoes-just give some of the older ones away to someone who can use them.

    Blessings 🙂

    • Beth, I really love and appreciate your thoughts here. I think that it’s easy to ignore the nudges in our hearts (or from others…) when we don’t see the severity or the reality of our doings. But…when we break things down and call them what they really are, it’s hard to escape the conviction. I hate the idea of anything that I do (in secret or in plain sight) to essentially be that of robbing God. I want to give without limits, conditions, walls, boundaries…Give, even, without the expectation or promise that I will get everything that my beating heart wants. Your thoughts here bring me to a deeper pause…one that I pray remains with me. And you’re right, it’s not about not shopping and not getting…it’s about the heart behind it all. The picture, if you will, that our actions and thoughts are painting. Be blessed, dear friend. I hope you keep in touch <33333

  10. This is so thoughtful & hits straight to the heart! I was out shopping yesterday for a couple of “needed” items, but my heart kind of hurt seeing all the consumerism. I’m s firm believer in that money doesn’t buy happiness, and my heart echoes your thoughts here!

    • It hurts my heart too, friend. I can’t even go out when it’s like this…I used to. It was fun for a few years. But now it kills me. I love your honest heart here…and I’m thankful for you making your way over here to share it. Praying these truths continue to echo…continue to ring true. Carrying you through to a place of standing firm and strong. XOXOXO <33

  11. Beautifully written —- the discovery of the truth within and letting it come out is the secret to life at its fullest. Thank you Rachel Kang!

    • I am so grateful for your words here and for the way YOU taught me how to love to discover this truth…putting what matters most first. I love you so much, Mom. Thanks for sharing and jumping on here : ) hehehe

  12. rachel rachel rachel you seriously blow me away with your graceful, beautiful words and there is so much truth that is so so necessary (especially during this time of year),, endless gratitude and thanks for you and your heart!!! I love you <3

    • You are the sweetest heart I know…thank you for this. It means more to me than you know…that God might use me to speak to and speak into YOUR generation. I have to have hope for those coming behind…and you remind me that there IS hope. I love you so much. Thanks for making your way over here. <333

    • Amen … He does know, sees and loves you right where you are. Thank you for dropping a line here…trusting God will continue to hold your heart through this season.

  13. Seriously. This is so true of me… every day I work on filling my gaping, empty holes with Jesus instead of #allthethings so thank you for speaking so beautifully everything I feel.

    • I love your honesty. If I could pick a word that describes my holes — it would be “gaping” as well. Literally, where this post came from. I’m thankful He soothes us in those places, though. I’m learning (the hardest lesson in the world ever ) how to be satisfied. With what I have, what I do, and what I eat…and what I am. You’re beautiful. And I pray Jesus not only fills those holes…but satisfies you in spite of them.

  14. OK, so this one stings a little. I am guilty of online shopping when I am frustrated with my job, when I am depressed about my weight, when I want to smooth over an argument with my kids. When I am frustrated with my mother or feeling sorry for my dad … really, just any time I am uncomfortable sitting with difficult emotions.

    For me, it’s not about keeping up with style/fashion. It’s not even about having the things. It’s about avoiding deep self-work. I spend time online shopping instead of sitting in the Word. Instead of swiping screens, I need to soak up promises, claim victory and speak His truths into each challenging situation.

    Thank you for this reminder; I desperately needed someone to speak into my wounds today.



    • I read this over a couple of times and I just love your honesty and how real you are. I think that realizing the deeper heart wound that lies deeper is so powerful and for you…it’s realizing the discomfort that comes with sitting with difficult emotions—which is literally one of the hardest things to do. To just sit…and let it soak in how you’re really feeling about something or someone. For me, it’s a matter of style — which I know goes deeper down to insecurity. It’s always insecurity and an unsureness for me. And now it’s become something that I can’t escape or avoid…now that I know that root is there. I hope the same for you—that it doesn’t become easy to forget it…and that you have eyes to see God’s grace covering and filling you where these emotions dwell. I pray that you’re able to sit in His love as you make space to sit with and process and face those emotions.

      You’re brave and courageous and you are not alone…at all. Thanks for inviting us (me) in. I’m humbled. <333

  15. Wow wow wow. How timely is this?! We just bought a home and with it came a clean brand new slate. Ready for all the decor and *stuff*. Then God started saying exactly this post into my heart. You don’t need the stuff. It’s absolutely freeing when we choose to listen to His voice. When we realize that what makes us whole is His presence. So so true Rach, loved this post. So good.

    • So, the crazy thing about this post is that I had no idea that I would be moving to and living in one of the most expensive sides of town in the Charlotte area. When I wrote this, I came to a place of growth and understanding through looking back on an issue I once felt. Having moved, being in a big, empty, and unfurnished home and brushing shoulders with women in Target with handbags that probably cost more than my weekly groceries…has brought back all these thoughts and has brought me, once again, to a place of needing to constantly check my heart every time I go out, and EVEN as I sit in my home and stare at blank walls that “need” to be filled and “perfected” in the here and right now..So. I totally know what you mean and, girl. I’m CLINGING to the promise of His presence, right there with you. Know that you are surrounded. When silence bounces off of those empty walls. When dreams of decorating drag on because you have to choose paying for dinner over buying new drapes. He defines you. Sustains and fulfills you. You have and are all that you need. And His presence is more than enough. <333

  16. All too often I buy impulsively, as if it’s going to improve the quality of my life or my emotional state. My friend’s daughter will constantly tell me, “You don’t neeeeeed it!” and she is so so right!

    This is a great reminder of how the greatest gift of all is priceless, and it’s FREE if we choose to accept it… God’s love FAR MORE EXCEEDS improving the quality of my life and my emotional state than any shopping trip does.

    • This is beyond true…and something that I always forget. I think sometimes I try so hard to avoid all the commercialism of Christmas, that I tend to overlook the fact that Jesus actually was a gift to the world from God. He was a free and priceless gift…and in his coming he gave SO much. He didn’t cheat us or swap out to give us something worse (like a game of dirty white elephant hahaha)….but he gave. Freely AND fully. Thankful for your thoughts here and praying God fills your heart and mind with his truth as your give this season <3333

  17. Your statement about filling a void really resonated with me. It actually made me feel the void I didnt know was there.

    I have always welcomed God in my heart, but lately, even though I have been doing what I could, I havent felt that closeness I used to feel. I think I will try to slow down and give Him time to help me fill the void.

    • Cathy — thank you for being honest. Sometimes I wonder…if the voids are always there and it’s just a matter of us feeling them more times than others. I wonder, too, if instead of trying to fight having voids..we do just like you said — focus on filling them with Jesus. We will always want, hunger, desire. It’s just a matter of making sure we fill up on Jesus. And I mean that in the most un-cliche way. Because, I’m right there too. Hoping you feel close to and aware of Him more than ever before, this season <333